Thursday, August 30, 2007

Jamdertin Wants a Debate?

Adolf picked up on early morning Radio Left Wing News a piece alleging Jamdertin wants a debate with Mike Moore. What the hell does he want to debate? He's not even a member of the Labour Party. Or is he?

Never has it been so obvious that his so called political party is nothing more than a sham Labour front, set up to manipulate MMP for the benefit of Labour. Now is the time for a complaint to the electoral office.

I was amused to hear the extensive coverage given to Winston's winsome Gold Card for oldies. Some dozey old codger was complaining about the absence of any discounts for electricity, demanding that the gummint 'do something about it' and talk to the electricity companies. The silly old dope should have learnt by now that he won't get anything of value from Helen Clark or Winston Peters unless he can deliver at least an hour's prime time television coverage and front page photos in every national daily.

Even more amused to hear RLW News crowing about the discounts ranging from 5% to 50%. That got me to wonder which sort of business might offer a huge 50% discount? The answer, of course, is one with enormous profit margins and one which would expect minimal patronage from 'old bastards.'

You've got it. Must be a brothel.


Matt Nolan said...

The old Gold card. I'm sure that businesses would of been happy to help out with it. After all its a government funded scheme that allows firms to price discriminate between those with elastic and inelastic demand.

What every good is 50% off will likely rise in price for the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

Exactly Matt
If one group of consumers receive genuine subsidy, another group has to pay.
While I accept there will be some poor elderly, am I right in understanding that even official government figures show the elderly tend to be richer than the young.
Even if they might be asset rich and cash poor.
It is the younger ones that do not have the money, the younger ones that have student loans to pay, or struggle with high rents and mortgages and career paths that aren't as clear cut as they were.
The older generation did not have it too bad, growing up in a New Zealand that was a world leader. They had the benefits of cheap housing, free tertiary education and near full employment.
I am sure they will say they had it rough, but as one myself, I would say Generation X possibly had it tougher.
I would love to accumulate as much wealth as my parents, but somehow doubt it and the best boost to my living standards will be what they leave behind, though hopefully not for a long time.

As for brothels offering discounts. You would expect the hookers to charge the oldies double, and let the young studs go for less.

pdq said...

Moore on Anderton in today:

"when was the last time Jim Anderton had an idea that wasn't forgotten in 1950? ... there is one thing I do envy him and that's his hair."


‘He had "teased" other political leaders in the article as well, Mr Moore said, but he forgot about Mr Anderton because "I thought he was dead".’


Anonymous said...

Colin Espiner wasn't impressed either.