Monday, August 27, 2007

I agree with Hitchens - does that make me a twat too?

Oh my God, I agree with Christopher Hitchens! As a regular reader of Chase Me Ladies, I'm in the Cavalry, this is disturbing news.

It's indisputable though - Hitch is spot on with this piece in the Guardian. Not that I agree with him about the rightness of invading Iraq, mind - but he's certainly spot on with the inadvisability of comparing that invasion with the invasion of Viet Nam.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Well yes.

Try sticking to the fact Milt. Dubbya was correctly comparing the withdrawal from Vietnam with the defeatists proposed withdrawal from Iraq.

Psycho Milt said...

And Hitchens is pointing out why Dubya is stupid to do so, from an Iraq war supporter's point of view. The American involvement in Vietnam was criminal agression from day 1 and whenever they backed out was not before time, for all the reasons Hitchens points out. But there is at least a case to be made for the Americans' presence in Iraq, so Dubya is stupid for comparing his Iraq war to the Vietnam disaster rather than highlighting the differences.

dad4justice said...

Psycho Milt , look mate , take a deep deep breath and look at the positive influence the American Government is having on the humanitiarian crisis in Darfur . Why do you Liberal nutbars always try and paint the US as war mongers . You should be thankful that they saved the Western Worlds arse in WW2 . Grow up and take your eye patch off as we are sick and tired of the same old George Bush war monger tag .Play another tune Milt !!Funny how the commie Hitchens makes no menntion of six Russian operational bombers that are flying around the world at the moment ? Like you he is full of crap !!

Psycho Milt said...

Dad, I spent 2 of my years in Kuwait as civilian support staff for the US Army. I didn't agree with them going in, but once they were in I did my best to help get the result I thought would be most useful for Iraq - without success, as is obvious. Please don't attempt to classify me using your ignorant, cliched world view, it's insulting.

dad4justice said...

Well Milt I was ex soldier and I hope the rumours I hear about another American draft is rather worrying as I have twin sons ? For George to link Iraq and Vietman , I think the draft could be a reality sooner than we link ?

Anonymous said...

"Well Milt I was ex soldier..."

And you're not an ex anymore?


dad4justice said...

Grow up you twit .What intake were you Nick ? Yeah right , meanwhile the deluded liberal purists foam repulsive feeble mistakes. Thank you for correcting my mistake as I am very much still a soldier attacking the communist regime that is headed by supreme leader Hellgrad Klark bitch .

JC said...

Hitchens, and a good many other Vietnam war protestors in the media have received a punch in the guts from Dubya. Because for many years they have been able to direct the conciousness of the world to the perceived atrocities of the US in Vietnam, and away from their sneaking support of Communism and aversion to the Truman doctrine of containing the menace and horror of that religion, which is very similar to Islamic facism in that both are whole of life doctrines embracing religion and statism in one package. And in particular, they have been able to evade responsibility for the aftermath of Vietnam and Cambodia.

At the end of the day, the Communists succeeded in removing the US from the scene so that they could give full vent to their murderous instincts for killing the bodies and souls of men. And even today, men like Hitch, and Chomsky and John Kerry and the whole crew of them savage any attempt to raise the aftermath of Vietnam, because it was so frigging awful and set back the freedom of tens of millions throughout the world for another two decades. They have that on their consciences and they will not let anyone remind them of it, because they could not live with it.

Hitchens is a smart guy, and he would not have needed to reread parts of the Graham Greene novel alluded to by Bush (as I had to). He would have known instantly that Bush was referring to him and others as the Fowler in the novel who betrayed the young, partly dumb and idealist American to the Communist death squads.

Bush sent an arrow into the current media that reminded them that no matter how it views Iraq, it has no moral authority to visit another appalling aftermath on the Iraqis and perhaps many others by calling for an early withdrawal of US forces. Bush can draw the comparisons now because his generals are finally working with the Iraqi people to rid them of the Islamofacists and establish some sort of working governance.

People have made a million comparisons of Iraq to Vietnam in order to frighten the US out, and Hitchens is right to show the complete differences, but he and others will have to accept that the aftermath of a troop pullout could indeed be very similar, very deadly and set back the freedom of many millions for decades or forever.


Psycho Milt said...

"The media" might visit an appalling aftermath to this war on Iraqis? The way "the protestors" did the Vietnamese? That's a remarkable misattribution of blame.

KG said...

"That's a remarkable misattribution of blame."
Hardly--the media have done their best to undermine the Administration and the military every step of the way, from leaking details of surveillance programs necessary to prosecute the war to deliberately distorting their reporting from Iraq.
(remember CNN parotting exactly what Saddam told them to?)
And with their irresponsible reporting of the "Koran in the toilet" incident they helped inflame islamonut passions and caused the deaths of a lot of people.
If the leftist media is at the forefront of calls for a withdrawal, then they sure as hell will be complicit in the deaths of a whole lot of Iraqis.

Paul said...

There's one similarity between Vietnam and Iraq - supporters of the war blame its failure on the media.

The USA lost the Vietnam War because its object was to support a corrupt authoritarian regime; the enemy had the overwhelming support of the people. After years of fighting the US Army was on the point of collapse, so the US withdrew.

The USA won the Iraq war. However, it had no plan for what to do once it had won. The fact is that Iraq is a fiction: not one country but an area which contains many warring tribes. The USA and its allies have not been able to keep the peace in this area, which effectively is enduring a civil war.

Good post, Milt.

Andrei said...

Oh yea Paul the communists were paragons of virtue with their re-education camps and killing fields.

Have you ever wondered why when the two nations of Vietnam were set up over 1 million people moved South whilst hardly anyone went North?

Why don't you try North Korea or Cuba for size.

KG said...

"After years of fighting the US Army was on the point of collapse.."
Rubbish. Your evidence for that?
"the enemy had the overwhelming support of the people"
oh yeah--that's why the VC had to behead unco-operative villagers who tried to hide their crops from them. And press-ganged young men and women into service.
"which effectively is enduring a civil war."
Only partly true--it's also enduring a proxy war being run by Damascus and Tehran and financed by the Saudis.
And I'll be very interested to see your answer to Andrei's question.

Shout Above The Noise said...

And the good news ?

The Yanks are killing 1500 Islamofascists a month.

Personally, I'd like it to be more.

Paul said...

Andrei, calm down, I'm a Social Democrat. I said nothing in support of the Communists. If so many people went to the South, why did the South lose?

KG, it is all in offical records of the State Department and the Defense Department.