Thursday, August 30, 2007

Helengrad's Hottest Wimmin

Well, if Zoo magazine can search for the “20 Sexiest New Zealand Babes”, No Minister can do the same.
We searched all over the Beehive for these Liarbour Lovelies.
And in best Panty Slut Boy Fashion fashion, will give you Six of the Best!
1- Dear Leader- Helen of Mt Albert, the face that Decommissioned a Thousand Ships. The flirty 50-something is so hot, her photos need ‘shopping’ and boy, do we pay for it as the Dominatrix disciplines members and dishes the dirt.
2- Heather Simpson- Dear Leader’s Chief of Staff. So hot is this butch, beefy babe, one needs a staff to give one added satisfaction in the places this chief cannot reach.
3- Judith Tizard- Dear Leader’s handbag and consort. Well despite her being no use at anything political, her continued positions in government suggest there must be some positions she is good at.
4- Marion Hobbs- Boo Boo or the Fifth teletubby will certainly make allowances and accommodate anyone outside Wellington Central. Boo Boo! Is the response of all those she serves.
5- Ruth Dyson- This Banks Peninsular Babe makes an arresting sight as she drives people to drink with her desire to perform as any other Liarbour member- sucking the public tit.
6- Nanaia Mahuta- This Tainui Temptress is big enough to satisfy the largest taniwha. Kia-Whooaarrra!
But do you agree. Or does Helengrad have even hotter babes?


Psycho Milt said...

Perhaps you could post a picture of yourself so readers can heap ridicule on your appearance? My sense of humour doesn't stretch this far.

dad4justice said...

Hey psycho milt , one question please , do you sell this motley crew of horrendous hogs all the double AA batteries for the plastic play toys they use ??? I would imagine it would be a very profitable business for you .

Anonymous said...

PM - Grey and Pasty sums up DarrenG ^H^H^H^H^H^H^HFairfacts

DenMT said...

This is not remotely funny. It seems that this post has been written purely for the amusement of Dad4Justice, whose gurgly chortles I can well imagine.

Way to lower the tone, 'Fairfacts Media'.


Danyl said...

Seems to me you've hitched your wagon to some pretty feeble stars, Milt.


Lighten up PM and DenMT,
its Friday.
But OK point taken.

In the interests of sexual equality, I was thinking of a Helengrad's Hottest Hunks as a follow-up.
Don't think I'll bother now.

BTW anonymous,
I'm not grey and pasty.
Especially when i get a cut and colour this afternoon :)

dad4justice said...

denmt - my 14 year old and her school friends thought my comment so funny .They laughed all the way to the school. I'm sorry it offended you, but Helen Clark did call my myself and my family " feral inbreds ." Do have a good Friday and enjoy your sour whinge wine ...burp ....pardon me ladies.

DenMT said...

Dad4Justice - I am flabbergasted.

You complain endlessly about the unfairness of the Family Court system, and trumpet your incredible parenting skills to anyone willing to listen, but:

...You openly admit, in fact proudly proclaim, that you showed your 14 year old daughter AND HER MATES a dirty comment on a blog whereby you suggest that senior politicians use sex toys on each other?

You, sir, are hilarious and intensely worrying by the same turn.


dad4justice said...

denmt - If only you knew the truth dear lady . You try and paint a picture of grey sordid colours about my character , good stuff . One day you will know the truth . Have a good weekend and go buy your dad a present for fathers day .

Shout Above The Noise said...

Dyson would have to be at the top of the list, yes?

dad4justice said...

Yes Dyson's days in the hippy city in the back blocks of Buller are a great yarn .

Anonymous said...

Looks like Fairfax was having a tabloid moment.
By taking the blog downmarket, Truth-style, for a mo, he was only following the example of Michael Cullent who used the Truth as a source for a bit of muck raking.
Anyway, I think a Helengrad's Hottest Hunks would be quite a wheeze.
Now, is that Judith holding her and Helen's 'baby.' :)

Heine said...

Good post. Pity you have a lot of idiots who read this blog who can't see the humour in it, or don't have the cunning to do a "hot women of the right" edition.....

Psycho Milt said...

Yes, clearly DenMT and I lack the wit and cunning needed to ridicule fat and ugly women for their appearance. I'm pretty sure we also lack the intellectual prowess required to throw stones at cripples, and are without the moral rectitude necessary to stick firecrackers down frog's throats...