Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Forked Tongue

Yesterday the Nation's Leading Liability was berating the Australian Foreign Minister for 'interfering in NZ politics during the run up to an election'

Today the Nation's most Boring Bullshit Artist brushes aside adverse opinion polls on the grounds that '...mid term polls always bounce around...'

Why on earth would anyone be stupid enough to buy a second hand election from these two faced liars?

Remember the old western movies? 'Kimo Sabe, this man speak with forked tongue!'


Shout Above The Noise said...

My take is this:

Labour will tread water until next years budget - they know that they often receive a boost in support immediately after. What they will do is open the chequebook and offer a lolly scramble of unprecedented proportions during said budget and call a snap election asap after that.

There will be no coup or bloodletting in the meantime - who in there could possible replace Clark ?

dad4justice said...

A wish a special army of forked tongue taipan's would slither in and bite these twisted lying Labour lying weirdos this year, as the election is soooooooooo far away . Oh well,,Klark's regime stinks, nice day and I feel better now , cheers big ears .