Thursday, August 30, 2007

False Advertising - Episode II

The Labour Party has suffered the indignity of having one of it's more blatant propoganda pieces knocked over by the Advertising Standards Authority. (Is that the right title?) It was the fatuous claim that KiwiSlaver and The Cullen Fund would 'guarantee' NZers' retirement.

Now it is time to launch another formal complaint. This time against the visual contrivance which purports to be a likeness of Her Majesty, The Prime Minister.

Helen Clark

Here is the real thing, brought to us yesterday by FairFacts Media.


Adolf calls on readers to compile a list of statutes and codes of conduct which this aberration contravenes. For starters, what about

Sale of Goods Act - unmerchantable goods

Advertising Code - deceptive advertising

Forgeries Act - no, that won't work. The fake bears no resemblance to the original - even when she's having a good day.

The question arises as to who should be charged with an offence. Adolf suggests the list might be long and might include Wikipedia, The Labour Party, Parliamentary Services (for approving the invoices) and any news media organisation which has published this crap, knowing it has been photoshopped to the extent it no longer even slightly resembles the haggard features of the Killer Queen.

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barry said...

Blame Adobe Photoshop for alterations to the smile and the teeth, for starters.