Thursday, August 23, 2007

Even Charles Chauvelle Thinks So

John Armstrong has warned them, Fran O'Sullivan has warned them, Audrey Young has warmed them, Uncle Tom Cobley has warned them and today, this afternoon on Radio Left Wing's afternoon pinkie's show, even Charles Chauvelle said he didn't think it was productive and he wished they would not do it. He just didn't want to even talk about it.

Update: And now Colin Espiner thinks so too.

But Socialists know best and they continue their attempts to find some dirt on John Key.
Hodgkins just doesn't get it. People now are actually asking out loud "Why the hell are you grovelling around trying to besmirch a fine man's character while people are dying on hospital waiting lists?" I heard exactly that question asked today.

Helen Clark will regret her smart arsed jibe about body bags coming home from Iraq.

She's sending hundreds of New Zealnders home in body bags from the nation's hospitals while her useless health minister and even more useless strategist Hodgkin flounders about trying to smear and denigrate this National Party leader who just keeps smiling as Labour cuts its own throat.

Hodgkins' latest effort is an obtuse reference today to leaky homes. Labour will need all the body bags they can get because after the next election there will be a mass burial of the worst, most corrupt, cancerous and corrosive administration in this tiny nation's history.


gander said...

Adolf, the Minister of Health is Hodgson. Hodgkin ('s) is a disease, actually a form of cancer.

Ah. I see the reason for your confusion. ;<}

Anonymous said...

Let's get this straight. John Key is in business with someone who is related to a leaky building case but the business Key has with the guy has absolutely nothing to do with the leaky houses.

Gee, that's damning.

I once farted back in 1998. Will that come back to haunt me?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Anonymous, it depends what you ate in 1998.

Psycho Milt said...

"She's sending hundreds of New Zealnders home in body bags from the nation's hospitals..."

Whereas Key will somehow magically prevent this from happening under a govt he leads? Don't make me laugh - the only noticable difference is that Key would have had NZers coming home in body bags from Iraq as well as from the hospitals. Not a big improvement, I'd have thought.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

I don't know about that, Milt. Even one of your kids could do it. Just sack half the 'managers,' pay the doctors more, hire more doctors and buy more beds. Not too hard, is it?

Anonymous said...

y' thing i see from live-commenting questiontime..

is how time after time..national try to attack labour..

but all it takes is a couple of minutes for nationals' record while in power to become apparant..

and they are left standing there..naked hollow-men..

this happened to ryall today..and yesterday..

he starts off doing a winge..

then nationals' record is thrown back in his face..

and he can just look 'sick'..

cos' national can't get away from the historical facts that they ran down infrastructure and services all thru their reign..

and privatised the rest..

they fucked over workers/pensioners/students/benificiaries..

i mean..who/what didn't they fuck over..?

our mission..should we chose to accept it..

is to make sure they don't



When Liarbour spread their dirt, they cannot even lie properly.
There was Michael Cullen in the house saying they trusted The Truth story because an owner of the paper was Matthew Hooton.
Cullen cannot even get these facts right.
Matthew Hooton has nothing to do with the Truth, but Matthew Horton, son of Michael Horton of Wilson & Horton fame, does.
Over at the Briefing Room, Ian Wishart thought that was ever so funny, especially when Liarbour don't believe what is in Investigate.
Phil, it's all well and good for you to worry about what National might do, but I think Liarbour would do better if it kept its head out of the gutter.
If, as someone tartly pointed out on kiwiblog, if Hodgson was more concerned about finding a bed for hospital patients than finding which bed John Key was sleeping in.

Psycho Milt said...

"Not too hard, is it?"

And yet somehow the Health Ministry was just as much of a poisoned chalice under the last National govt. As I recall, the bitching about their management of the health system in the 90s was at least as bad as it is under Labour now.

dad4justice said...

What does Charles dear think of the 200 homosexual men who are riddled with syphillis in Wellington Central ? At least the turd tappers are doing their vile best to up the body count . What a cess -pit country fill of two faced lying PC politicians !!!Why can't we get back to basics, embrace the family . Why encourage homo's and anal sex !!

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Dad, I didn't know that. Are those figures reliable and verifiable? I hear Wellington is looking for a new slogan - you know, smething snappy like Auckland's 'City of Sails.'

'Syphillus City' does have a certain ring about it.

dad4justice said...

Dear Adolf , news item on National Radio 0600hours quoted the 200 figure this morning , however, I suggest that it is six times that ?
Meanwhile hookers work on the street in Christchurch while the baby sits in the pram beside them . Well done Tim Barnett!!!!!!

Psycho Milt said...

"At least the turd tappers are doing their vile best to up the body count."

You're such a charmer...

Yes, kill all the homos - after all, you never hear about good heteros who don't go in for that homo anal sex catching syphillis, do you? Twat. Seriously - do you actually read this drivel before you post it, or are you just exorcising some personal demons?

Shout Above The Noise said...

"As I recall, the bitching about their management of the health system in the 90s was at least as bad as it is under Labour now"

Yeah. It's just now 40% more expensive and even more of a clusterfuck.

KG said...

"Yeah. It's just now 40% more expensive and even more of a clusterfuck."
Exactly.I just finished a 12hr shift in our local hospital and that description is perfect.