Friday, August 24, 2007

Come on Helen, I dare you! Follow your political soulmate

The pics have become the talk of Russia.
Who cares about free speech, if you have a hulk of a man running the country.
Instead of muckraking desperation, Labour might consider going down this route.
I am sure some 'raunchy' shots of Dear Leader would work wonders.After all, she's about the same age and a regular gym goer herself.
It also appears the pictures have turned Putin into a gay icon.
Just like Dear Leader!


Craig Ranapia said...

Not with this fricking gay, she isn't...

Andrei said...

Soulmate Fairfax?

Vladimir is far far more democratic than Helen.

He is also male, heterosexual and Christian.

There is little commonality at all.

Andrei said...

a supreme irony the word verification for my previous comment was ORCHID

Testicle which one of the subjects of your post has two of and the other doesn't.