Friday, August 31, 2007

But will it be Helen that has her chips as Goff sticks the knife in?

As a veteran of the UK political scene, I remain unconvinced by Phil Goff’s protestation of innocence today, which follows much speculation about him replacing Dear Leader in a bout of Liarbour regicide.
I recall senior Tory Michael ‘Tarzan’ Heseltine saying he “foresaw no circumstances” in which he would stand against Margaret Thatcher for the Tory Party leadership many years ago.
In time, he did, explaining he never “foresaw” things would get quite so bad.
Anyway, I am sure Goff and/or his allies will be doing the sums, whether it be whether Goff has the numbers to take the party, or the numbers to take the country.
Politicians of whatever stripe have few principals.
Once Liarbour MPs and ministers realise their only hope of survival is ditching Clark, they will do so, for so many have no other life outside politics.
Of course ditching the 'Bilious Bitch' may not be the answer. Polls still show she is popular, despite her regime being increasingly incompetent. There may well be no Goff boost in the polls. And if he does take over, a lengthy spell in opposition may await, as Insolent Prick explains.
Either way, the future looks grim for Liarbour, and all National has to do, is remain on top of the game.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Is that Filk Off squeezing tomato sauce out of a pledge card onto a plate of greasies? What happened to the war on obesity?

Shout Above The Noise said...

What would that entail ?

Promising many of the newer MPs cabinet positions and giving assurances to all of the deadwood that they won't be culled out ?

Anonymous said...

"..Politicians of whatever stripe have few principals."(sic)




Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Yes phil. Benson-pope did though, didn't he?


I though Filk Off might be squeezing blood out of a stone- like what Dear Leader has for a heart.

This is an old pic, as you can trell, so no messages on obesity here. Fush and chups were fine then.

I was listening to Newztalk ZB around 5pm and barry Soper was reveiwing the political scene.
First story Phil Goff attends some even with Hans Blix, the UN weapons inspector.
Second story, the failed Auckland airports deal, nixed by Phil Goff.
And then the speculation about Goff replacing Clark, which he says won't happen until when clark quits following an election defeat and Goff would be the first to raise is hand for the leadership.
Curious how Goff dominated this Soper performance.
Are Dear Leader's days already nearing the end. Is she history already and it's just a matter of time before she goes. A lame duck prime minister?

Inventory2 said...

Aha - you know when the fish and chips pictures come out that a Labour Party leadership challenge is underway. Who could ever forget the shot of pre-stapled Lange, Basset, Douglas & Moore feasting on greasies all those years ago? No-one talked about an obesity epidemic when they saw Lange!!