Thursday, August 30, 2007

A Blues Brothers babe , Cruella De Ville or the Black Widow of Death

Now this is almost as good as the Stuff pic yesterday that compared Dear Leader with Bob Muldoon.
Yesterday evening, NZPA released this photo to go with a story concerning how John Key sees Mike Moore's attack on Dear Leader as a sign of divisions within the Liarbour Party.
But what a gruesome pic from NZPA?
You would expect something as horrible to appear in Investigate or on Whale Oil's blog.
But from the New Zealand Press Association?
Obviously, Dear Leader has lost the support of the press pack, if we are seeing apparitions like this on top of yesterday's Stuff creation.
The look seems a cross between the Blue Brothers- well her government is a joke- and that of Cruella de Ville from 101 Dalmations.
Certainly Mike Moore yesterday noted Clark's ability to finish off both Liarbour and National leaders, but who else noted her ability to finish off her own minister's, like drowning kittens or suffocating puppies with a pillow? Chris Trotter perhaps? It was only recently.
Either way, Cruella De Ville it is.
But what was Clark thinking in dressing like some Black Widow of Death and allowing herself to be photographed like this?


Inventory2 said...

She's "on a mission from God"! Mind you, look at where Jake and Elwood ended up!!

Anonymous said...

She looks like a mafia boss, which of course she is.