Friday, August 31, 2007

ABC Staff Association Expects Howard Win

There will be some career changes happening at Aunty ABC, Australia's greatest repository of Lefties after Monash University.

A stripper, button holed KRUDD in a public car park and got all her gear off for him. The poor bastard couldn't get away! Quelle embarrassement!!

Turns out it was a prank by an ABC TV production team.

Dear, oh dear, oh dear. If you want to guarantee youself a short career at the state owned broadcaster, you cannot find a better way to do it than to take the piss out of that little bullshit artist so beloved by the self professed literary elite at the ABC.


Shout Above The Noise said...

Come in Ackers !


The Chaser's War on Everything pokes fun of Rudd here too in a mock tv commercial.
They also mocked Dear Leader some weeks back, trying to get her to say "six" which i posted a while back.
I look forward to seeing this latest skit on You Tube.

Yes,come in Ackers.

Ackers said...

I'm struggling to think of anything I can add here as I'm not at all sure what Adolf is banging on about. It seems like he's as clueless about Chaser and it's place in the cultural landscape over here as he is about Oz politics in general. Helen did handle herself with reasonable aplomb though. Even government MPs are wary as to how they respond to the Chaser boys god love em.

Ackers said...,25197,22358685-601,00.html

Hey Adolf. You'll be pleased with this!