Friday, August 31, 2007

ABC Staff Association Expects Howard Win

There will be some career changes happening at Aunty ABC, Australia's greatest repository of Lefties after Monash University.

A stripper, button holed KRUDD in a public car park and got all her gear off for him. The poor bastard couldn't get away! Quelle embarrassement!!

Turns out it was a prank by an ABC TV production team.

Dear, oh dear, oh dear. If you want to guarantee youself a short career at the state owned broadcaster, you cannot find a better way to do it than to take the piss out of that little bullshit artist so beloved by the self professed literary elite at the ABC.

Let The Killing Begin

The Police trial of tazer guns concludes today and a report with recommendations for the future is expected in November. (Just in time for a pre-Christmas snap election.)

Meanwhile the loopy anti-tazer brigade can rest easy now that their criminal friends have a few months respite during which they can face real live ammunition from Mr Glock instead of the evil 50,000 volts from Mr Tazer.

If the police want to ensure tazers are given the go ahead for permanent use, all they have to do is shoot and kill at least one crim each week from now until November.

But will it be Helen that has her chips as Goff sticks the knife in?

As a veteran of the UK political scene, I remain unconvinced by Phil Goff’s protestation of innocence today, which follows much speculation about him replacing Dear Leader in a bout of Liarbour regicide.
I recall senior Tory Michael ‘Tarzan’ Heseltine saying he “foresaw no circumstances” in which he would stand against Margaret Thatcher for the Tory Party leadership many years ago.
In time, he did, explaining he never “foresaw” things would get quite so bad.
Anyway, I am sure Goff and/or his allies will be doing the sums, whether it be whether Goff has the numbers to take the party, or the numbers to take the country.
Politicians of whatever stripe have few principals.
Once Liarbour MPs and ministers realise their only hope of survival is ditching Clark, they will do so, for so many have no other life outside politics.
Of course ditching the 'Bilious Bitch' may not be the answer. Polls still show she is popular, despite her regime being increasingly incompetent. There may well be no Goff boost in the polls. And if he does take over, a lengthy spell in opposition may await, as Insolent Prick explains.
Either way, the future looks grim for Liarbour, and all National has to do, is remain on top of the game.

Getting the Busway 'blues', the politics and added pollution of public transport.

Sitting in the stationary traffic on the Northern motorway yesterday, I eyed up the valuable waste of space that is the Northern Busway, due open next February.
Surely for $290 million it would have been much more cost-effective to widen the motorway to dual-four lanes, hopefully as far as Albany, particularly replacing that nasty congestion-causing dual-two bridge at Wairau Park / Northcote.
But of course, where 'Greenery' and the Great God Gaia is concerned, reason is always thrown out of the window.
Never mind the fact that the socialist/ communist countries were/are the biggest environment disasters ever to appear on the planet, it seems that in the fight against 'global warming' we must give up our freedoms and do what Nanny State says- as if socialism will work at 19 degrees celsius when it didn't at 17 degrees.
Hence, were are being forced/ encouraged to use public transport. We also cannot have people thinking they can freely move about themselves in case they think and might demand and expect such freedoms in other spheres.
I recall some years back working in Scotland that the local council installed a few bus lanes and hey presto, with the roadspace halved it now took twice as long to get to work from one Aberdeen suburb to another. Other motorists similarly suffered and complained to the Labour council, who promptly replied they should use the bus. Think about it, you then take the bus into the city centre and then a bus back out again to another suburb. Hardly seems efficient to me.
I see similar thinking here. Yesterday, driving around Auckland CBD, I noted several new bus lanes which just seemed to add to the congestion as well as my confusion and frustration.
I am definately going to avoid the Auckland CBD when I can, as the City Council seems to be making it such an unfriendly place. Tough titties to the shops and other businesses that might want my custom. I will stick to Orewa or the new Westfield Albany centre in future.
The city council might be making Queen Street more 'pedestrian friendly' but it seems their efforts will kill off businesses by the score. Queen Street should be the country's shopping capital with 5 or more-level malls and ample multi-story parking, but instead 'Jaffas' prefer the ease of suburban malls while the heart of Auckland struggles. And all because of council infatuations with public transport and making life as difficult as possible for motorists.
It might be justifiable if such car-hating was actually environmentally friendly but it appears this is not the case. In Britain, the Liberal Democrats have this week proposed various anti-car measures, which is getting a sympathetic hearing from their limp-wristed Tories.
However, as UK Blogger Guido Fawkes notes, studies show car use is sometimes actually greener . There is also, of course, the hypocracy of politicians running around in big gas guzzlers while expecting the peasants to downsize, even if some switch to Pruis hybrids.

Labour Caves In - Give's Exclusive Brethren Unlimited Spending

The drongos in the Labour Party didn't read their own Election Rorting Bill before it went to first reading in the house and now they are rushing to make changes. In a hilarious faux pas, they appear to have screwed up big time in their hasty and incompetent attempt to save their sorry arses from their next flogging at the polls. The dosey bunch of morons have amended the definition of a 'third party' to include anyone campaigning for or on behalf of one party or another.

Helloooooooo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Exclusive Brethren were not campaining FOR any party. They were campaigning AGAINST the Green Party. So long as they adopt the same strategy next time round they can spend as many millions as they like.

Why, oh why, do we continue to pay these useless incompetents their parliamentary salaries and allowances? They couldn't organise a decent crap on a tour of a sewerage farm.

The Wrinklies

For some fifteen years or more, Adolf has operated as a specialist sector mortgage broker.

Today's headline from The Herald demonstrates his wisdom in eschewing the fascinating and tempting 'reverse mortgage' market. That is, where the retired oldies with bugger all income and a mortgage-free home can trot along to the friendly lender and take out a loan. Interest accrues until their deaths at which time the property will be sold by the estate and the loan and interest repayed. The idea is that they stick the loan proceeds into a savings account and give themselves a few hundred dollars each month to supplement their incomes, gradually using up the capital and it's diminishing interest.

There were and are a few traps and we are about to see one of them. What happens if the lender goes broke and the receiver moves to call up the loans? Where will the then much older wrinklies go to refinance so that the receiver can pay out the debenture holders? Will the receiver be forced to sell up the oldies and tip them out onto the street? If the Wrinklies are lucky, their homes will be sold to investors who will allow them to stay on as tenants. Of course, the real howls of anguish will come from the money grubbing children of the wrinklies who will see their windfall profit from eventual sale of the home disappear.

One of the reasons responsible lenders do not engage in this reverse mortgage market is that they have too much to loose by way of brand damage should they ever be forced to sell up such a security property and be featured on Fair Go, 60 Minutes and every other bleeding heart media circus in the land.

Another trap for the 'olds' of course is that they might live too long and need to go back for another bite of the cherry to maintain their lifestyles, only to find that the accrued interest and plateauing property prices have conspired to render them in a state of negative equity.

That's a polite way of saying 'your debt is bigger than your asset.'

Michael Cullen seems to have absolutely no idea that he is shortly to be over whelmed by an economic tsunami. Professional commentators have predicted it for at least a year. They call it a 'financial storm.' First, the sub prime debacle in the US, then the collapse of the NZ finance company sector, now the pending disintegration of the high risk reverse mortgage market - so who will be next? I don't know but I'm sure there is much more to come. When it get's here this is what it will look like and it will happen very fast.

I'm starting to warm toward the probability of an early election following a lost vote of confidence in the house - probably early in 2008, after the sheeple have suffered a disastrous Christmas of little cheer and good will.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Helengrad's Hottest Wimmin

Well, if Zoo magazine can search for the “20 Sexiest New Zealand Babes”, No Minister can do the same.
We searched all over the Beehive for these Liarbour Lovelies.
And in best Panty Slut Boy Fashion fashion, will give you Six of the Best!
1- Dear Leader- Helen of Mt Albert, the face that Decommissioned a Thousand Ships. The flirty 50-something is so hot, her photos need ‘shopping’ and boy, do we pay for it as the Dominatrix disciplines members and dishes the dirt.
2- Heather Simpson- Dear Leader’s Chief of Staff. So hot is this butch, beefy babe, one needs a staff to give one added satisfaction in the places this chief cannot reach.
3- Judith Tizard- Dear Leader’s handbag and consort. Well despite her being no use at anything political, her continued positions in government suggest there must be some positions she is good at.
4- Marion Hobbs- Boo Boo or the Fifth teletubby will certainly make allowances and accommodate anyone outside Wellington Central. Boo Boo! Is the response of all those she serves.
5- Ruth Dyson- This Banks Peninsular Babe makes an arresting sight as she drives people to drink with her desire to perform as any other Liarbour member- sucking the public tit.
6- Nanaia Mahuta- This Tainui Temptress is big enough to satisfy the largest taniwha. Kia-Whooaarrra!
But do you agree. Or does Helengrad have even hotter babes?

Phillip makes a right John of himself

You simply have to read this thread over at Farrar's place. I swear I was in tears of laughter.

It starts with roger nome, aka philip john making an irrelevant and impertinent comment on a post about the Electoral Finance Bill. Then the fun begins when he accuses the Business RoundTable of writing the Employment Contracts Bill through two lawyers. Of course philip john gets this information from.........Winston Peters in Parliament.

I managed to chime in with a correcting piece he acknowledged and then Insolent Prick and DPF just make a total dick of him. He then says he 'has to go' just when he was shown up as the twit he is.

It's bloody funny, but also bloody sad. Philip John is a wannabe academic.

God help us.

What would happen after a "Fall of Baghdad?"

Finally, more good news seems to be coming out of Iraq.
One of the religious leaders has declared a ceasefire.
And the US army veterans seem more confidence of success too.
The latest push seems to be working and maybe Adolf’s patience will at last be rewarded.
But what gets me is why do the left seem so keen on American failure?
Just as they enjoyed the 'Fall of Saigon' (pictured).
Can they honestly believe that the world will be a safer place if Islamic terrorists and assorted third-parties succeed against a democratically elected government in Baghdad?
What will be the impact on other Middle East Countries?
How will this impact on the rights of women and gays in such places?
Aren’t the left supposed to support these ideals?
Or do they come second in their lust for a defeat of America, their hatred of George Bush?
How would the mullahs in Iran react? President Armed Jihad would certainly go nuclear. Do we want to see this despot with his finger on the button?
Do we really think Al Queda will give up its struggle? That Osama Bin Laden will return to the family construction firm in Saudi, or will he plan greater attacks knowing he has defeated The Great Satan?
And how will other despots react the world over knowing that America has been humiliated?
It could be Islamic terrorists in Thailand and the Philippines. Chavez in Venezuela, or places we do not yet even know about.
I am sure an increasingly belligerent Russia with its strongman Putin would also take advantage of the situation. Do we really want another Cold War that might even get warm or hot?
And what about Israel? What about Taiwan? Might China also take advantage there?
Just in case you are wondering, Mark Steyn looks back at the Vietnam War and how the defeat of America impacted on geo-politics in the 70s and 80s.
It was not a happy result. Millions died and many countries were in turmoil.
Once more, it seems the ‘lessons of Vietnam’ need to be learnt once more, but not the lessons the left have us believe.

False Advertising - Episode II

The Labour Party has suffered the indignity of having one of it's more blatant propoganda pieces knocked over by the Advertising Standards Authority. (Is that the right title?) It was the fatuous claim that KiwiSlaver and The Cullen Fund would 'guarantee' NZers' retirement.

Now it is time to launch another formal complaint. This time against the visual contrivance which purports to be a likeness of Her Majesty, The Prime Minister.

Helen Clark

Here is the real thing, brought to us yesterday by FairFacts Media.


Adolf calls on readers to compile a list of statutes and codes of conduct which this aberration contravenes. For starters, what about

Sale of Goods Act - unmerchantable goods

Advertising Code - deceptive advertising

Forgeries Act - no, that won't work. The fake bears no resemblance to the original - even when she's having a good day.

The question arises as to who should be charged with an offence. Adolf suggests the list might be long and might include Wikipedia, The Labour Party, Parliamentary Services (for approving the invoices) and any news media organisation which has published this crap, knowing it has been photoshopped to the extent it no longer even slightly resembles the haggard features of the Killer Queen.

Jamdertin Wants a Debate?

Adolf picked up on early morning Radio Left Wing News a piece alleging Jamdertin wants a debate with Mike Moore. What the hell does he want to debate? He's not even a member of the Labour Party. Or is he?

Never has it been so obvious that his so called political party is nothing more than a sham Labour front, set up to manipulate MMP for the benefit of Labour. Now is the time for a complaint to the electoral office.

I was amused to hear the extensive coverage given to Winston's winsome Gold Card for oldies. Some dozey old codger was complaining about the absence of any discounts for electricity, demanding that the gummint 'do something about it' and talk to the electricity companies. The silly old dope should have learnt by now that he won't get anything of value from Helen Clark or Winston Peters unless he can deliver at least an hour's prime time television coverage and front page photos in every national daily.

Even more amused to hear RLW News crowing about the discounts ranging from 5% to 50%. That got me to wonder which sort of business might offer a huge 50% discount? The answer, of course, is one with enormous profit margins and one which would expect minimal patronage from 'old bastards.'

You've got it. Must be a brothel.

A Blues Brothers babe , Cruella De Ville or the Black Widow of Death

Now this is almost as good as the Stuff pic yesterday that compared Dear Leader with Bob Muldoon.
Yesterday evening, NZPA released this photo to go with a story concerning how John Key sees Mike Moore's attack on Dear Leader as a sign of divisions within the Liarbour Party.
But what a gruesome pic from NZPA?
You would expect something as horrible to appear in Investigate or on Whale Oil's blog.
But from the New Zealand Press Association?
Obviously, Dear Leader has lost the support of the press pack, if we are seeing apparitions like this on top of yesterday's Stuff creation.
The look seems a cross between the Blue Brothers- well her government is a joke- and that of Cruella de Ville from 101 Dalmations.
Certainly Mike Moore yesterday noted Clark's ability to finish off both Liarbour and National leaders, but who else noted her ability to finish off her own minister's, like drowning kittens or suffocating puppies with a pillow? Chris Trotter perhaps? It was only recently.
Either way, Cruella De Ville it is.
But what was Clark thinking in dressing like some Black Widow of Death and allowing herself to be photographed like this?

Health Service Horror Stories- reality strikes when it happens to a close mate

There’s nothing to drive home the reality of a problem than seeing it for yourself.
A good friend of mine had a little too much to drink on Sunday night and fell off the third floor balcony of my apartment.
111 was dialled and St John's Ambulance managed a rapid response to my rural north of Auckland location.
But the service at North Shore Hospital was frankly, quite disgraceful.
On entering the hospital things seemed to go smoothly as he was x-rayed, etc.
However, my mate needed a “cat scan” just to make sure all was ok and that was promised for daybreak on Monday morning.
Come Monday morning, no cat scan. Ditto afternoon and evening as my friend just waited and waited.
For a so-called Emergency Care Centre, things did not seem to progress with any speed whatsoever.
So by Monday night, 24 hours or so after arrival, there was still no sign of any cat scan or any further ‘assessments.’
By this time, my friend was getting somewhat frustrated and keen to go home.
He had spent Monday afternoon waiting in a corridor, despite having his own cubicle earlier
Throughout both Sunday and Monday, many patients were cluttering up the corridors on their trolley beds and all the little cubicles were full too.
I also heard a doctor making a comment about all the beds being ‘full.”
Come Monday night, out of frustration, my friend discharged himself from hospital after the hospital somehow ‘forgot’ to assess him or give him his cat scan.
And while obtaining medicine at an Auckland GP yesterday, we discovered the hospital had also not allocated him an ACC number .
Now, for the next few weeks, my friend will be wearing a neck brace, though he should be back at work next week.
I am reluctant to blame the actual doctors and nurses as they all seem to be rushing around like blue arsed flies and it cannot be good for them if stressed out patients might take out some of their frustrations on the hospital staff.
My friend is not the most patient of patients and he did snap at one of them, though he later apologised.
But it all makes you wonder of the human cost of the current health service ‘crisis.’
First of all, patients are not getting the treatment they need, either missing out on services or procedures necessary for effective treatment; delayed treatments may be less effective, and the patients themselves may discharge themselves before they should out of frustration.
Staff are also getting unnecessary abuse, which can only add to their stress or unhappiness, and if they are tired then there is a greater risk of them making mistakes, or simply ‘forgetting’ people, as happened here.
Now, the problems at North Shore Hospital are not new. They have been well covered by the New Zealand Herald.
But as noted elsewhere, isn’t it heartening to know, that rather than looking at how the New Zealand health system might operate more effectively, that we have a health minister more bothered about where John Key sleeps than where hospital patients sleep.
And while Gollum Hodgson spends his time on digging dirt on John Key, at least the local National MPs, Wayne Mapp and Dr Jonathan Coleman, are doing their bit to help to tackle the problem

Speaking of hypocrites, what's the latest on Trevor Mallard!

No Minister is a pro-family values blog and we take no pleasure from the break down of any marriage.
We will however, note what a hypocrite of the highest order is Trevor Mallard, especially concerning his "speaking of affairs" and "How's Diane?" comments concerning Don Brash, almost a year ago.
Much has been said in my absence by Adolf, Whale Oil, Insolent Prick and Cactus Kate on the issue, that there is nothing I can add other than some captions to the pics I found on Google of the Duckman.
Top left- Trevor with his bag of belongings after the wife kicks him out of the house.
Top right- Trevor 'borrows' some children, in case he doesn't see his for quite some time.

Bottom right- Trevor gets the message from the missus- on your bike!
Come on, can you do any better?
While the Herald on Sunday's story was tame, kudos to them for bringing Trevor's marriage out into the open.
Now, let us hear the full story.
Is there another woman involved, as seems to be the case?
Was horseplay happening as Mallard was making his attacks against Don Brash in parliament a year ago?
What is this about a woman joining Mallard in Valencia?
Was it at taxpayers' expense?
I am sure there is much potential for a follow-up, not just in the big papers but the women's magazines too.
Let's expose this hypocracy for all that it is worth.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Bimbo Knocked Off By Veteran

Adolf just listened to a brainless bimbo from RadioLive interviewing former PM Mike Moore. Her name is Jemma Dempsey.

She was prattling on about how things are different now and she was stupid enought to assert '...and we have a much more robust media now...'

Mike Moore stopped her in her tracks with "I don't know about that!"


Where do these TV stations get such children from only to dress them up as reporters?

Great Stuff !

Is it Churchill and Thatcher?

Naaaahhhhh. Thatcher has style.

Hattip Whaleoil and hoisted from 'Stuff.'

Prima Facie Case For Press Gallery

Someone unkindly said that the Electoral Rorting Bill gives the press a free ride because 'you don't need to muzzle sheep.'

Of course the inference is that the ladies and gentlemen of the press gallery 'go easy' on the gummint of the day in order to ensure they continue to receive 'inside information' on the stories du jour. There may be some truth in that, I don't know because I'm not close to the action.

However there is an emerging story which should have the journalistic nostrils of an ambitious young political scribe twitching. It is the story of political spying and breaking and entering which has simmered for the past two years or so.

When one looks back over events of the last two years, one sees a pattern of covert surveilance and criminal activity emerging, which pattern does not seem to have existed before. It looks something like this:

We have the Foreman burglaries carried out by men in suits; the Brash e-mails stolen; Key's rubbish bins ratted by men in suits, Key's house burgled; a particular PI asked to spy on John Key; and now strong indications from the industry that Labour is using PIs to dig dirt on John Key. It seems to Adolf to be more than coincidence that the latest in this interesting litany became known just as Labour launched it's carefully co-ordinated public attacks on the character of John Key.

It is in the public interest for the people of New Zealand to know whether the party and its leadership which aspires to sit in opposition for the next twenty years is worthy of the priviledge or is just a gang of mobsters led by a shifty back room Al Caponesque buffoon and fronted by a glib band of publicity savvy liars.

John Key's Speech Writer

Only yesterday Adolf wondered to himself about just who might be John Key's speech writer. Today, it is revealed in The Herald. None other than The Honorable Mike Moore who has produces a veritable tour de force for National, rivalled only by John Tamihere's Labour Stategy Manual published by Investigate Magazine.

David Farrar has hi-lighted Moore's skewering of Winston Peters as 'the foreign minister who hates foreigners' but for me the pieces de resistance were:

'Exactly what does the "consort" Judith Tizard and the legion of Ministers outside Cabinet actually do?

Perhaps it's good they don't do much. They manage the remarkable feat of being self-important, expensive, trivial and irrelevant at the same time.'


'The attacks on possible, probable enemies of the state has even gone overseas to attacks on Australian Foreign Minister Downer....'

It's no wonder they want to shut down critical polital commentary for a whole year before an election.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Even The Press Gallery Knows Labour Burgled Key's House

The Adolfian eyebrows shot up as he read this snippet in a DomPost opinion piece.

'This desperation for any scrap of information, any document that can be flourished against him, seems to put into context the burglary of Mr Key's home while he was on a well-publicized overseas holiday, and the mysterious raids on his home garbage bins, detected by neighbours on several occasions. These were not homeless people, looking for discarded Parnell food portions. They were well-dressed operatives who took off swiftly when their activities were detected.'

Watergate Hotel

Who wrote this? Some faceless and unattributable editorial junior hack?

No, one of country's senior political scribes, Richard Long

Those Faceless Men

Readers might not know the origin og the phrase 'those faceless men.' It was coined in Australia during the 1970s (I think) to describe the apparatchiks of the Australian Labor PArty who met is secret smokey rooms to 'preselect' candidates for election and to plan the stacking of branch meetings in order to achieve the pre-ordained result.

We seem to have our own version of 'faceless men' or possibly 'faceless women.'

These are the people who write some of the crap which is foisted upon us in the form of daily newspaper editorials. Every day we can see in the same newspapers which have ranted about the evil anonimity of bloggers, unattributed opiniion put up without so much as even a pseudonym by which people can judge the consistency and political leanings of the writer.

Fortunately for New Zealand, it is likely 98% or more of the population doesn't bother reading them.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Bad Bad News

For the Democrats, phil u and The Left, that is.

The Iraqi government at last is getting it's shit together and appears to have reached an internal political accommodation now that the Yanks have woken up that they are fighting an insurgency, not a war.

Perhaps George Dubbya is just so much smarter than his many detractors say he is.

Adolf can hear the widespread muttering of 'oh shits' and 'goddamnits' from the halls, vaults, corridors and shabby squalid dens of the Defeatists as their anti American dreams continue to evaporate.

The irony of it all is that it has taken eight months of ineffectual posturing and empty threats from the Democrats and their one or two republican fellow travellers to push Malarky into getting alongside his own enemies to work out a compromise.

You see, these Iraqis know all about MMP.

I agree with Hitchens - does that make me a twat too?

Oh my God, I agree with Christopher Hitchens! As a regular reader of Chase Me Ladies, I'm in the Cavalry, this is disturbing news.

It's indisputable though - Hitch is spot on with this piece in the Guardian. Not that I agree with him about the rightness of invading Iraq, mind - but he's certainly spot on with the inadvisability of comparing that invasion with the invasion of Viet Nam.

Ham Fisted Hodgkin

Goaded by the inestimably persistent Tony Ryall, the ham fisted Labour strategist let slip the best confirmation one could have wished, for the widely held perception that Labour has hired private investigators to dig dirt on John Key. When challenged on his time wasting dirt digging activites while hospital services collapse around our ears, the hapless fool had this to say.

'Mr Hodgson said he had spent about 30 minutes preparing the speech on Mr Key last week and two hours talking to the media about it.'

Last week he was boasting in parliament that 'he had been 'digging around..'

So why, oh why, did not Ms Trevatt follow up with the obvious question - "Mr Hodgkin, so who actually did the digging? Did your information come from a private investigater?"

No Minister is reliably informed Labour asked a PI to tail John Key before the last election. Fortunately the PI was a National supporter and refused the assignment.

The only character Hodgkin is about to assassinate is his own.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

New Blog

May I commend to readers a new blog run by a mob of economists. Of neither the left nor the right, so it seems, they offer an interesting insight into the thought processes of those trained in economics. You will have seen one of two comments here at No Minster from one Matt Nolan, a contributing author.

Adolf has always had a fascination for economics, having engaged in some foundational university study of the subject, albeit limited and a very long time ago. (Many of the technicalities are over my head but I have never let a deficiency in understanding of the finer points inhibit the outpouring of opinion on any subject.)

The pinnacle of my career in the discipline was a remark made to Rodney Hide at a pre-election function. I opined that economists were invented to make weather forecasters look good. Someone took me aside and let me know he is a trained economist. We both seem to have survived the incident.

And hey, I went out and bought Rodney's book today on the strength of Cactus Kate's review. I hope it will keep me going for at least half the journey to Europe next week.

We'll All be Rooned, Said Hanrahan........

Ain't it just wunnerful when you have 'consensus science' on your side?


Since the late 1960s, much of the North Atlantic Ocean has become less salty, in part due to increases in fresh water runoff induced by global warming, scientists say.

--Michael Schirber, LiveScience, 29 June 2005

The surface waters of the North Atlantic are getting saltier, suggests a new study of records spanning over 50 years. They found that during this time, the layer of water that makes up the top 400 metres has gradually become saltier. The seawater is probably becoming saltier due to global warming, Boyer says.

--Catherine Brahic, New Scientist, 23 August 2007

These gems courtesy of Andrew Bolt

Saturday, August 25, 2007

G'day Trev. Where's Yer Big Mouth Been Lately?

The Honorouble Trevor Mallard has beeen strangely quiet lately as the Labour Party's attack pussies have savaged their own party's electoral prospects in their pathetic and vain attempts to smear John Key.

No Minister suspects there is a very good reason the failed stadium salesman has been banished from the war room. He's become a serious liabilty because of his inability to keep his zipper up.

This is the man who shouted across the floor of the house to then National Party leader Don Brash '...speaking of affairs, how's Diane?'

No Minister has been aware for some time that at the very same time these taunts were being thrown, the Mallardorous pecker was leading the Minister for Heineken Bottles into nether regions far removed from the fidelity of marital responsibility to which he sought to hold the leader of the opposition.

Watch tomorrow's Sunday newspapers.

All adolf can say is:

What a prick this man has turned out to be. Why does Hodgkin spend so much time trying to dig dirt on John Key when there is so much dirt he could find so much closer to home?

Will the real 'Horris Edwards Clark' stand up please!

Granny Herald today reports on "online jokesters" having a go at the PM by adding comments to her official portrait as found on Wikipedia.
Apparantly, before it was removed, changes from New Zealand-based computers said Dear Leader was "once called 'Horris Edwards Clark' but had a sex change after being teased at school most of her life."
Other comments, now removed, noted that the image on the left bore no resemblence to the real PM.
Apparantly, the image is now 'protected' according to the Herald story.
Perhaps, this is the only occassion in her life when Dear Leader uses 'protection' , eh?

Kamikaze Pete and The Big Prang

Adolf so enjoys a good one liner and today, John Armstrong has the best yet. A priceless gem leading into his demolition of Labour.
'.....Pete Hodgson, the kamikaze pilot who forgot to pack his aircraft with explosives?'

Not to be outdone, Fran O'Sullivan weighs in with this as she analyses John Key's superior tactics and strategy.

'........Key set the bar higher for the Government's attack dogs.'

It's not often Franno gets it so badly wrong. Hodgkin is no attack dog - he's just a toothless old pussy who couldn't catch a dead mackeral washed up on the beach. So, it's to be expected that he is being left for dead by a smooth, sleek and powerful 'blue marlin' like John Key.

Labour's problem is that for the first time, they are up against someone who is brighter and smarter than they are. And how it showed this week.

Friday, August 24, 2007

$6.40 per Kilo

Good news for dairy cockies. Good news for rural New Zealand. Good for all New Zealanders in two years' time.

But for Cullen's incompetence which drove up the exchange rate on the back of userous interest rates, the pay out might have been closer to $8.00 per kilo.

You see, dear readers, every one cent movement in the exchange rate changes the dairy pay out by ten cents per kilo, either way. It's a fair bet that a good chunk of this years sales will have been hedged at over 75 cents. Just imagine how well off we might all be if we were back at 60 pr 65 cents, with interest rates at 6 or 7 percent. That's the real price we have paid for Cullens uncontrolled increases in gummint spending and his outrageous election bribes which he intends to repeat in his next budget - if he lasts that long.

TVNZ Finds Answer To Sagging Ratings

All they have to do is offer hot programmes and free vodka.

Come on Helen, I dare you! Follow your political soulmate

The pics have become the talk of Russia.
Who cares about free speech, if you have a hulk of a man running the country.
Instead of muckraking desperation, Labour might consider going down this route.
I am sure some 'raunchy' shots of Dear Leader would work wonders.After all, she's about the same age and a regular gym goer herself.
It also appears the pictures have turned Putin into a gay icon.
Just like Dear Leader!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Miss Slackistan and the Burka Beauties V the PC Plods

I worry about my old country, I really do.

Seventeen men and women carried placards with made-up names such as "Miss Hairyarmpitsbad", "Miss Slackistan", "Miss Notbadinbedabad" and "Miss Reallyamanistan."

They were praised by villagers, councillors, the mayor and were shortlisted to win a prize.

But wait for it........

Some out-of-town students complained to police of 'racism' so the PC Plods arrived and sent the troupe home!

"Everybody was having fun, but in the end the police got involved and moved them on. It was a fun day and no one was offended."
Pat Harvey, mayor of the borough of Restormel and one of the judges, said: "I felt that the community enjoyed their act. The group was excellent."
Never mind how we should be able to laugh at ourselves, but don't the students and the PC Plods realise that Islam is not a race, just an evil ideology, and anyone can be a muslim if they wish. Hat Tip LGF

Two Inches withdraws but retirement gives him a very big package

'Jabba the Hutt',‘Two Jags’, ‘Two Jabs’, ‘Two Shags’ and finally Two Inches’ is finally quitting the Mother of Parliaments.
UK blogger Guido Fawkes delivered the news that has Britons celebrating- John Prescott, deputy PM to the departed Tony Blair, will soon leave Westminster.
“Prezza will get a pension valued at well over a million pounds and paying him over £1,000 a week. He of course has no declared interest in his son's property dealing - largely involving politically sensitive planning applications or public sector land.”

But it is nice to know the family has prospered so well while he was fighting so eloquently on behalf of the poor,” Guido observes.
The Hull MP, also known as 'The Mouth Of the Humber', can look back on a remarkable career of sex and sleaze, which has obviously been so well rewarding.
His Wikipedia entry highlights “contentious events” that would make him so well at home in New Zealand Labour.
There’s violence, from when he punched a protestor. There’s sex, such as shagging his secretary (and he has a small dick, apparantly); plus a whole raft of dodgy business deals.
He even tried political smears, with the respected Sunday Times reporting claims he had a ‘sex dossier’ proving Tony Blair had a gay fling with Gordon Brown- Tricia McDaid dossier. It's news about Tony but we always wondered about Gordon!
Not surprisingly, New Zealand Labour had Prezza over to speak at their 2001 conference. He is so one of them and they obviously learnt from each other.
Now, Prescott looks set to spend more time with the Hoover, though he has apparantly secured a top job in Brussels. It could be worse for long suffering wife Pauline. ‘Jabba The Hut’ might use some of his pension and 300,000 pound autobiography payment on a penis enlargement!

Why Did The Dems Cave In?

Adolf has noticed of late the Dems in the US seem to be coming out in support of THE SURGE.

This, following eight months of empty rhetoric in which The Dems failed to make any impact on Bush's conduct of the war and in fact gave him all the funding he needed. At heart they are gutless wind bags.

A couple of days ago there were reports in the WaPo that Hillary Clinton and assorted other Democrat senators and congressmen were recognising some successes in Iraq. It seems the vapid defeatists Pelosi and Reid are becoming isolated, along with the hysterical leftist nutroot blogosphere. Now it is possible to see why.

The Islamofascist victory, for which the Democratic Party, most US media organisations and the Australian and New Zealand Left have worked so hard, appears about togo up in smoke. If this report is correct and there is little reason to doubt it is, then the insurgency (there is no war, just a vicious, murderous insurgency) is about to go up in smoke.

The American Democrats, Australian Kruddites and New Zealand's spineless appeasers' worst fears are about to come true. Maliki has made the necessary political moves to end the slaughter, thanks in large part to the muscle provided by General Petraeus' surge. Why, even that idiot Obama is talking about sending 30,000 MORE troops to Iraq.

Even Charles Chauvelle Thinks So

John Armstrong has warned them, Fran O'Sullivan has warned them, Audrey Young has warmed them, Uncle Tom Cobley has warned them and today, this afternoon on Radio Left Wing's afternoon pinkie's show, even Charles Chauvelle said he didn't think it was productive and he wished they would not do it. He just didn't want to even talk about it.

Update: And now Colin Espiner thinks so too.

But Socialists know best and they continue their attempts to find some dirt on John Key.
Hodgkins just doesn't get it. People now are actually asking out loud "Why the hell are you grovelling around trying to besmirch a fine man's character while people are dying on hospital waiting lists?" I heard exactly that question asked today.

Helen Clark will regret her smart arsed jibe about body bags coming home from Iraq.

She's sending hundreds of New Zealnders home in body bags from the nation's hospitals while her useless health minister and even more useless strategist Hodgkin flounders about trying to smear and denigrate this National Party leader who just keeps smiling as Labour cuts its own throat.

Hodgkins' latest effort is an obtuse reference today to leaky homes. Labour will need all the body bags they can get because after the next election there will be a mass burial of the worst, most corrupt, cancerous and corrosive administration in this tiny nation's history.

But Was it a Pork Sausage?

Fortunately we have not yet descended to this level of stupidity in New Zealand.

Was a pork sausage thrown at a 74 year old Imam outside the local mosque?

Pete Hodgson & Garbage

We all know John Key caught someone going through his rubbish bin looking for.....garbage. Well, it looks like the Labour Party have found garbage because they are filtering it through the media now. As a follow up to FM's post, here are some pathetic, weasel quotes from Hodgson trying to justify the digging:
Mr Hodgson later told the Herald that he was not sure whether Mr Key had broken any law, and in fact it was "entirely possible he hasn't".

Asked why the issue had been raised now, Mr Hodgson referred to a recent Herald article which discussed how many MPs lived outside their electorates.

He said that had triggered some interest, the Labour Party had already done some "digging", and he collated it and took it to the House for the general debate.

Mr Hodgson's attack met with immediate derision from National Party deputy leader Bill English, who said that on a day when New Zealanders were thinking about high interest rates, events in the global economy and the state of the health system, the most important thing was apparently where Mr Key lived in 2002.
Absolutely Bill.

There are some seriously nasty and evil people in that Labour Party. Instead of focusing on the country's problems they are wallowing in the cesspit. Mallard, Hodgson, Cosgrove. They're nothing but playground bullies.

Ministers of the Crown? No way.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Chinese in town as Red Empress defends a Bill "the Gang of Four would have been proud."

The Red Empress was once again lashing out at her critics yesterday (wed) .
It follows the irony of Chinese government officials visiting Wellington as John Key spoke out over what the New Zealand Herald’s Audrey Young brands as “the repressive, anti-democratic Electoral Finance Bill - that of which the Gang of Four would have been proud.”

Key’s speech was a cracker,” Young also blogged.

Both Key and deputy Bill English have successfuly and constantly attacked the Electoral Finance Bill, while Justice Minister, Mark Burton, “flounders day after day when asked about the detail.”

“The bill is a gift to National. Each day English takes just one barmy aspect of it to expose to a little attention,”
Young continues.

I don't recall seeing a Government so defeated on a bill before it has begun.”

Young speculates National might be called in to help, just as Key did over the anti-smacking bill.
Meanwhile, the NZ Law Journal yesterday added its opposition to the bill, noting it does nothing to help people take part in politics.
However, The Hollow Woman, branded the journal editor a right-winger who can be relied on to oppose Labour, and citing Nicky Hagar’s book, declared Key ‘a bagman.’
Obviously, the pressure is getting to the Diabolical Despot as she lashes out like this.
But the Evil Empress has only herself to blame, as she passed the Bill at one of her cabinet meetings.
Now, she sees the Bill sealing her fate and that of her corrupt and incompetent regime, with Key’s National 'Blue' Army ever more certain to liberate Helengrad from the Red's repressive rule.

Key Derangement Syndrome strikes again

Confirmation of Liarbour's desperation comes from Pete "Gollum" Hodgson's latest ruse to defeat National.
If you cannot use fair and reasoned argument, lets try and find a technicality.
Thus, Pete Hodgson accused John Key of making false declarations on where he lived, which if proven, could force the National Party Leader to step down from Parliament.

"Tell the truth!" declared Gollum in his party press release, saying Key's style is to "slip and slide" in what he says.
Now, remember when New Plymouth MP Harry Duyhnhoven breached electoral law by claiming Dutch citizenship, which would have forced him to quit his seat, but Labour changed the law retrospectively so he could keep it?
And though she was later cleared, remember Marion Hobbs having to stand down while inquiries were made into her collection of parliamentary living allowances, along with former Alliance MP Phillida Bunkle- which led to reports recommending changes in how such payments are made?
"Slip and Slide?" That's the Liarbour way.
"Tell the truth?" Liarbour doesn't know what it means.

Boobs on Bikes - we have frontal shots!

Well if Auckland can have its own "Boobs on Bikes parade", so can we.

So here we have Chris Carter, Helen Clark (on the back seat for a change), Trevor Mallard and Annette King.
Our message to these tits and their fellow ministers is

Forked Tongue

Yesterday the Nation's Leading Liability was berating the Australian Foreign Minister for 'interfering in NZ politics during the run up to an election'

Today the Nation's most Boring Bullshit Artist brushes aside adverse opinion polls on the grounds that '...mid term polls always bounce around...'

Why on earth would anyone be stupid enough to buy a second hand election from these two faced liars?

Remember the old western movies? 'Kimo Sabe, this man speak with forked tongue!'

Unpopular And Incompetent

It is unusual to find two major metropolitan papers like The DomP and The Press singing the same hymn. Adolf finds the mental image of a small child ineffectually flailing about in a corner from which it cannot escape, while it's big brother looks on in mild bemusement verging on anger to be entirely apposite.

In today's Herald we now find Air New Zealand considers its engineering maintenance contracts with the Australian Defense Forces also at risk. This is grown up stuff - seriously damaging, not just a few ad hoc charters here and there. If these contracts are lost then, as has been suggested by David Farrar, shareholders indeed will take class action against Cullen under rarely used provisions of the Companies Act.

All this because their focus groups gove them an early inkiling of what is coming in public opinion polls.The most alarming aspect of the whole debacle and one which the media have not picked up is that it is becoming clear that Clerk, Cullen and Goff are so obsessed with poll ratings that they are prepared to sacrifice not only the future profitability of any public company which gets too close to them but also the future good relations of our country with our neighbours.

This is what we get for having fools and amateurs running the country.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Ruddy hell! Fairfax fires blogger over Kevin's cock-up as Australia laughs at the wannabe wanker.

Irony upon irony is setting the scene in Australia following controversy over Kevin Rudd's visit to a New York Strip club- an event he was apparantly too pissed to remember.
First of all, where are the feminists attacking such a blatant sexist act, of Rudd exploiting those poor working girls, as he visited Scores on a taxpayer funded junket?
Apparantly for ALP members, it's all right, no matter how much they talk about their Christian family values.
Then, late yesterday came news of that great Aussie defender of worker's rights against the evil Howard regime- Fairfax Media- has sacked a blogger- the award-winning Jack Marx of the Sydney Morning Herald- for a satirical post imagining what might have happened on that fateful club visit.
All this is great fun for Aussie blogger Tim Blair and his many readers, relishing such controversy, as much as we are at No Minister.
Somone even digs up a speech from Fairfax Media CEO David Kirk talking about free speech to emphasise the ironies and hypocracies over the issue.
At least Fairfax Media in New Zealand can see the funny side, unless Stuff features a new cartoonist today.
Of course, it's all great fun, with Rudd appearing with Kerry O'Brien on the 7.30 report to explain himself, and he has also been linked to another sexclub, this time in Melbourne.
In the meantime, Tim Blair's commenters have dug up a selection of You Tube videos to take the piss out of dear old Kevni.
We have the Chaser's War on Everything with a spoof election advert ( , a bizarre debate in parliament where Rudd is called "a naughty boy" ( ) and an appropriate song- The Bad Touch from The Bloodhound Gang (
"You and me baby ain't nothing but mammals, so let's do it like they do on the discovery channel..."
Finally, we mustn't forget New Zealand.
Dear Leader has expressed her displeasure, saying that visiting strip clubs is "inappropriate behaviour."
Remember, Labour don't like people making the most of their natural talents, even if they did legalise prostitution.
It is so unfair that some ladies and gentlement can make big bucks from having stunning bodies.
Labour believes in equality, right, so below shows a stripshow for the right on- the Chippendales. Even the Puss-faced Puritanical Princess might approve.

After Helen, now Michael Cullen looks ever more naked

After Helen, now Michael Cullen looks ever more naked with a financial tsunami about to wash away what little credibility he has
Fairfax blogger/ columnist Bernard Hickey again shows intelligence never seen before in Rod Oram with a fine article looking at how the kiwi housing boom has been funded from overseas.
Now those Japanese housewives are looking a little nervous and some are wanting their money back.
The markets really gave Cullen a true vote of confidence last week, when the dollar slumped 14 cents from its recent high, now settling below 70c.
Well, when times are uncertain, you dump your risky ventures, and that obviously means New Zealand, showing the world has little faith in Liarbour's economic record and the claimed kiwi prosperity is built another lie , one of castles built on sand, ready to be engulfed by an incoming financial "tsunami.
Hickey uses Treasury figures to show what Uradashi and similar bonds are due to mature and sees bleak times ahead- well, bleak if you are an importer, or a householder.
Exporters, meanwhile, like our dairy farmers, will be the only ones the cream it from the dollars impending likely collapse.

A plea to our commenters

Over the years I've come to accept that right-wingers often hate gays, so for the most part I try to ignore their sodomy obsessions, their insistence on equating homosexuality with pedophilia and so on. Lately though I'm getting well sick of seeing commenters in our site's threads going on about "carpet-munching," "clam munchers" etc when expressing their hatred of the PM.

We know you hate lezzos, you dumbasses - we take that as read. Pricks like you hate just about everyone that isn't a fellow right-wing mouth-frother. You don't have to prove anything. Every time I read a comment from one of you rabbiting on about "carpet-munchers," all I can think is that if you hate "carpet-munching" that much, I can only feel really, really sorry for your long-suffering girlfriend.

In short - please spare us the merry quips about the PM's alleged cunnilingual preferences, not to mention the well-observed gags about her husband's supposed public toilet antics. You're only making yourselves look like twats.

Key laps it up as poll-dancer Helen strips off support

Looks like John Key has pissed off Dear Leader again.

No, it's not National being nearly 20 points ahead in the latest Roy Morgan Poll, which Adolf blogged about earlier, but the naughty multi-millionaire has been to a New York strip joint.

Dear Leader won't comment on Key's visit directly, but in reference to Kevin Rudd yesterday, she said such shows are not "appropriate entertainment."

Now, as controversy over Kevin's cavortings escalates over the Tasman, Australian ministers are admitting to visiting such shows themselves.

As John Key admits to his own visit, how many ministers have been to them here? Which Labour member has been to Mermaids? Showgirls, or Showboys! Dare they admit it now, especially as it will incur Prime Ministerial displeasure?

Of course, much is harmless fun. But for Kevin Rudd it does tarnish the goody two shoes image he has cultivated. John Key has been pretty clean-cut too, but I don't think he has gone out of his way to be holier than thou, like Rudd has.
I guess strip shows are part of the social scene for New York financiers. Rudd, however, did it on a taxpayer funded trip. John's visit was purely private.
And according to The Briefing Room, Score was actually a brothel. Rudd is also accused of handling the merchandise, whereas Key just drunk and watched. Conservatives do not cry 'sexism' and 'exploitation' like lefties do, so no hypocracy here. And that's the issue- lies, double standards and hypocracy.
In the meantime, it seems Dear Leader would make a good pole dancer herself. She is stripping off support, poll by poll, policy by policy, blunder by blunder. Soon, Clark will be totally naked.
It may be an ugly sight to watch, especially as she will get down and dirty and fling mud everywhere, but it's a show Key and the rest of us can lap up. Great entertainment, eh!
Disclosure: Fairfacts Media confesses to visiting Amsterdam as a student and walking down certain streets where the ladies would sit in the window, but I never went inside. On a Brussels trip however, I and friends did enter such a house of ill-repute but did not stay long and neither did we buy 'champagne' for the 'ladies' present.
More recently, as a backpacker, Fairfacts Media visited Bangkok's infamous Patpong Road area, where I attended a show where the girls did unmentionable things with ping pong balls and razor blades, and nearby you could select which ever teenage boy you wanted, asking for the number he was carrying on stage around his neck. In all cases, Fairfacts Media remained sober throughout and never purchased any of the services on offer. I just enjoyed the spectacle of it all- being something you do not see back home.

Where Is All The Money Going?

'Free to air' television advertising revenue is down by $3 mil for the past six months, we are told.

Surely an enterprising cub reporter might have asked a few questions? Such as:-

Has there been a corresponding spending increase in other media sectors?

Is there more being spent on subscription TV advertising? (Which, BTW, annoys the hell out of me when I have to sit through these bloody ads after I've already paid for Sky)

Is there in fact a general decline in overall advertising expenditure as business leaders anticipate the forthcoming Labour induced recession which has been triggered by a general collapse of the finance company sector?

Now You Know Why

The Bilious Bitch has gone ballistic over the last few days. First came her sly underhanded jibe about John Key's wealth and then her extraordinary and outrageously unprincipled criticism of Alexander Downer, the latter of which will inevitably find her pinioned by the media for lying about advance notice of his speech. She is lashing our like a mad dog with rabies and now I can see why.

She's taken a hiding in the latest opinion poll.

Not just a hiding but a veritable thrashing.

God knows how much further she will go down when the next lot of polls reflect her latest rabid ravings.