Saturday, July 21, 2007

Three Wickets Lost in First Over

If today were a cricket match then Labour just lost three wickets for no runs in the first over. The 'first over' is a skim though the headlines and opinion pieces of The Herald. For an action replay of the deliveries - go here, here and here.

It's never a pretty sight , is it?

Such a pity John Roughan can't see that dairy farmers should not be required to prop up the mess that is Labour's economic destruction. John, if the currency and inflation had been properly managed, the dairy industry would be contributing another $2 billion to our prosperity. But no, Cullen has thrown away another bonanza.

So add that, and the multiplier effect on it, to the real cost of Cullen's gross mismanagement. We are paying the harsh price now for Cullen's hyper government spending and wastage and his election bribes.


Mike Graham said...

Any comment on Fran's piece in the same paper?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Yes. She's wrong.