Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Traumatized Victims Get Lecture

Instead of sympathy and a helping hand from the visiting PM whose salary and use of the PM's fund collectively exceed the annual GDP of their township, the embattled people of Kaeo were told by the PM. "You'll just have to go and live somewhere else, you know."

If ever you needed evidence that Clark has lost her political marbles, this would be it.

Of course, if Clark actually got off her scrawny arse and got about the country a bit more, she would have known that floods of this kind in Kaeo and the rest of Northland are relatively common place. Someone should tell her about the 1928 floods and the 1962 floods and the 1969 floods in Northland and a few more in between times.

'She said the problem was that many settlements had been established on the basis of old weather patterns, which had changed in the erratic world climate.'

What utterly baseless fatuous bullshit.

Perhaps she will offer the same advice to the neighbors of the Salt family in her own electorate.


Chefen said...

Is that what she is going to say when Wellington splits in half in the next earthquake? Go live somewhere else you built in an area based on previous seismological activity and now that's changed?

Psycho Milt said...

Once upon a time, NZ civil engineers would be set to work on such problems. I've lived in two towns where flooding has been sorted by civil engineering - Blenheim and Palmerston North. Seems like a grotesque admission of failure to decide that from now on, citizens of such places will just have to fuck off somewhere else.

Inventory2 said...

Chefen - didn't you know - a major disaster in Wellington will be a different story - it will be a beltway issue!

But yes, there are certainly some signs that Clark is losing the plot, and fast. I rather suspect that knives are being sharpened, even as we blog!

Pommiekiw said...

Well, I'm just back online after being without internet for nearly 2 days thanks to a power surge killing the modem.
And I had a day without power too.

Anyway, Dargaville has been flooded before. It was one saturday when I lived there in 1999 and a seal was reportedly seen on a nearby main road.

When i lived in Thames the year prior to that, the town was flooded twice.

Shit, we cannot even blame George Bush for that weather. He wasn't US president then!

But yes, PM is right. Whre is the vision now for Kiwis to tame the wild excesses of Mother Nature?


Anonymous said...

yes adolf..

one in 1928..

one in 62..

one in 69..

and two in 07..

remember adolf..increasingly erratic/unpredictable weather patterns are one of the forecasted outcomes of climate change..

and hey..!

yesterday i posted a thorough scientific rubbishing of yr sunspots/sun temperature theory/story/excuse/red herring..

(what is being viewed as the last desperate stance/excuse of the unreformed denialist..


is that you adolf..?

are you still officialy 'in denial'..?

(wanna put yr money where yr mouth is..?

and buy some houses in kaeo..?..)


Pommiekiw said...

Fair comment, Phil.

But what is more productive?

Cold, heartless words from Dear Leader?

Or pledges to tackle flooding issues in future, such as better defences?

Clark could have rallied the locals with stirring talk of kiwi ingenuity working for the good of Northland residents.
Instead, she shafted them.

Chicken Little said...

Hey phule hows your 3,000,000 hits a day/week going?

Surprised you're even talking to us peasants with all the ad money that must be rolling in.

'thorough scientific rubbishing' might be a little..ah..exaggeration don't you think?