Thursday, July 5, 2007

That's Mah Boy ! !

As you read this Herald opinion piece you can almost hear Helen Clark purring.

'The nationalist propaganda under such racist affirmative action ensures that votes can easily be bought at taxpayers' expense from impoverished, simple villagers. In the last election some $23 million of taxpayers' money was abused in this way.'

The similarities are striking. A corrupt administration where the police are in the pockets of the administration, taxpayers' money is used shamelessly to bribe dimwitted sheople into voting for the Dear Leader, constitutional law, precedent and convention are brushed aside when expedient, citizens die in custody, the good of the nation is subordinate to the welfare of the party and the cronies of the party prosper at the expense of the general populace.

It is actually difficult to distinguish between New Zealand and Fiji without the help of the author who informs us he is writing about Fiji.

This author talks sense. (the wimpish leftists in NZ who call themselves human rights activists should take note of this fellow.)

It is instructive to note that in this instance it is an ethnic Fijian who has used the army to overthrow a corrupt government in order to stop one group of ethnic Fijians from dominating Indo Fijians and poor indigenous Fijians.

Also useful to remember that Queer Arse's election was unlawful and unconstituional, in spite of BooBoo Hobb's fatuous seal of approval. No fair election can be held until a reliable census has been carried out. Do we hear Clark and Peters offering assistance to help in this complex and difficult task? No, they are interested only in shouting to help their crooked freind Queer Arse get his snout back into the trough.

It's high time we in New Zealand had our very own 'clean up.'

Now there's a campaign slogan for the Gnats.

"It's Time For a Clean Out"


Anonymous said...

Do you actually have any evidence to support your allegations of corruption in Fiji under Qarase?

Get a life, this Indian is obviously one of the cheerleaders of the coup which is really going to do a lot for Fiji NOT!.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Anonymous, have you ever heard of the Department of Agriculture? Don't come onto my blog, telling me to get a life.

You obviously have no first hand practical knowledge of Fiji. I'm told by Indos and thnics that if there were an election tomorrow in which Qarase and his party ran for office, the currrent interin gummint ran for office and the Army ran a slate of candidates, the Army would win hands down. You want to know why?

Because the ordinary people trust the Army.

I hope you don't damage your neck when you drag your head out of your arse.

pdm said...

Adolf - having lived and worked in Fiji for 3 years in the mid 70's I understand what you are getting at.

Clark, Peters and their cohorts have no comprehension of the protocols and history of Fiji.

It is a pity that there does not seem to be anyone with the status of Ratu Sir George Ganilau or even Rata Mara to get things back on track, notwithstanding that Mara may have blotted his copy book in the latter stages of his life.

As you say most New Zealanders do not understand the status the Army has in Fiji.