Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Senior Lecherers Killed in Rush

You know your country is buggered when this sort of thing is floated seriously.

A number of interesting questions arise.

1 What is the first thing a young or not so young lady needs to learn to be an effective prostitute?

2 What form will these lessons take?

3 Will there be weekly field trips?

4 Will there be 'class participation' events?

5 How can I get the job of Senior Lecherer?


Shout Above The Noise said...

Yep. The place is fucked - terminal decline.

Shout Above The Noise said...

To backup what I said in the previous comment, I did get propositioned by a girl at an ATM in West Auckland a couple of months ago - at 2:30pm, by someone who was barely 16. I'm however buzzing on the multiculturalism aspect that a young Polynesian girl is now comfortable to offer a white NZ'er a BJ for $30.

Enlightening & Charming.

James Dean said...

Talk about a beat up. Now let's all get upset and drivel on about 'terminal decline' when a 5 year old could decipher this as a purely hypothetical, not something being seriously suggested let alone considered, but hey some people need to get angry about something.....may as well be this, it does push all the buttons of the sad and pathetic.....

Socrates said...

I have to say Adolf that I would have thought this would be one for your fisks of the media, where the headlines and content differ remarkably from reality.

So what is this report actually about?

In select committee Katherine Rich asked a hypothetical question of the TEC, that if someone proposed a course on prostitution what they would do. The TEC answered, hypothetically, that they would have to consider it as they consider all proposed courses. At no point has anyone seriously proposed such a course.

Is there a problem worthy of debate? Yes, and that is around the guidelines the government has set the TEC from which they must review all proposed tertiary courses.

At this time they must go through the same process for all courses. It could be argued that the TEC should be allowed to reject, on application without review, courses they deem inappropriate for our tertiary sector.

There are problems with this approach, in that if the TEC became stacked with a particular political leaning they may reject courses from that basis, which would curtail academic freedom.

DenMT said...

Yes, Adolf, for one who delights in pointing out the disingenuity of others, it would do you well to comment on exactly who is floating this idea 'seriously'.

It looks to me, from the nature of your post, that you have given more thought to the potential content of any putative course in prostitution than anyone else! Perhaps you should write it up a bit further and submit it to the TEC...


Shout Above The Noise said...

As Teddy Dalrymple said;

There are two things none of us can stare in the face for too long, the first being the Sun, the second being death. Liberal lefties have a third thing they can't face, a real social problem. Denial or giving up is the order of the day, eh jimmy.