Monday, July 30, 2007

"The Rise of the sexless marriage"

I was to liink to this feature, which filled a few pages of the Herald on Sunday, but Granny has not posted it on its website.
Perhaps we should ask Dear Leader for comment. She's always on the telly so why not? As she is always in Wellington and Auckland and Peter in Christchurch, I am show she can offer an enlightened perspective of people's jobs getting in the way of them getting on the job.
Unless there's other reasons you might know?


Wilbur said...

Is Peter back in Chch ? The Hagley Park toilets will be shakin' pretty good eh ?

DenMT said...

As a general comment, this Fairfacts Media character is really lowering the tone, ex-SH people.

Boring cheap shot. Grow up and argue some substance.



In accordance with ACT Policy Guidelines, we were trying to have a bit of 'fun.' :)

But thank you for your comment DenMT, it has been noted and as a newbie to this, I welcome feedback.

Barnsley Bill said...

A little light humour is very welcome IMO.

Craig Ranapia said...

Hum... interesting question. Perhaps we can also get the hot scoop on whether Mr. and Mrs. Burton Shipley were having much sex (unless it was of the telephonic masturbatory variety) while he was a bank executive working much of the week in Auckland, she was a Minister of the Crown in Wellywood and the Honourable Member for Rakaia.

BTW, you're a wee bit out of date. Peter Davis resigned from the Christchurch School of Medicine to take up a post at Auckland Uni over three years ago.


Thank You Craig

That's the trouble with some websites. They can get terribly out of date.
Yes, the Shipley's and both were quite strapping people.
I guess "the rise of the sexless marriage" is an issue that will affect any Prime Minister, senior politician, or business leader.
It is a credit to Jenny and Helen for staying loyal to their husbands.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

What will be fatal for Clark is the revelation (if true) that her marriage is in fact a marriage of convenience in which she entered specifically to project an image which belies the reality of her life.
Sadly, such a perception fits in quite nicely with the lies and deception she has adopted do willingly for so many other issues. She deserves all the inuendo she gets.

Psycho Milt said...

Do we have any evidence that Mrs Key's getting seen to on a regular basis? By her husband, I mean? The public deserves to know! Why have none of our lily-livered so-called journalists asked her straight?

Anonymous said...

Indeed it is curious to see that Helen Clark and Judith Tizard are regulars at the Big Gay Out.
Of course, John Key has been too and good on him.
However, listen carefully towards the end of this You Tube presentation and hear what Helen has to say.
I think I have the transcript right.
"That's what the Hero festival is all about. It's about pride in who we are."

Note the 'we'.
Are you thinking what I'm thinking?


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

PM, in this case , I think you are wrong. The issue is not Clark's sexuality. It is her capacity to lie about it if she thinks a few lies will win some votes. There is substantial rumour and strong 'circumstantial evidence' that both she and her husband are homosexual. I couldn't care less if they are homosexual but I do care if they deceitfully put across the notion they are not.


Adolf is entirely correct.
Tasty gossip aside, I too could not care less if Helen Clark is gay , the issue is one of deceiving the public to win votes.
I have heard it said that she won't come out because she'd fears it would lose her support in the religious Pacific communities in South Auckland.
The journalistic community has heard of and repeated such rumours for years.
Now, listen closely to the You Tube posting towards the end.

"It's about pride in who WE are."

Now, who is we? The Labour Party? The PM and the crowd, or what?

I note someone in the comments below has also raised the possibility that here was Helen Clark 'coming out' in front of a friendly gay audience.

Or was she just pretending to be 'one of them' as it were, to gain their votes.

Listen to the link everyone and make up your own minds.
Was she coming out? Was it just a slip of the tongue?
And if it was a slip of the tongue, which slip are we referring to?

dad4justice said...

A slip of the forked tongue as the the Vicious Viper Hell Clark has a rigid and overly aggressive style when relating to people who are not homosexuals !

Cactus Kate said...


I can report first hand that Mrs Shipley was a frequent visitor to the marae commonly known as Princes Wharf while I was in residence. The Crown car would hurl down the wharf at a great rate of knots as Jenny came to stay with her man. They would more often than not be holding hands walking in the vicinity of some fine drinking establishments.

Theirs was a flurry of not doubt entirely normal heterosexual behaviour.

The kids often were in residence as well.

Psycho Milt said...

"It's about pride in who WE are."

Now, who is we? The Labour Party? The PM and the crowd, or what?

"We" are the people of New Zealand, and the parade the PM was referring to is about pride in who "we" are in exactly the same way that ANZAC Day is about pride in who "we" are even though the vast majority of us aren't returned servicemen/women, and in exactly the same way that a test match is about pride in who "we" are even though plenty of us couldn't give a rat's ass who wins.

Adolf, I take your point, but I think the constant hate-filled speculation about Labour politicians' sex lives on right-wing blogs is worth objecting to. I've no idea how many closet poofters there are in the National Party caucus, and if there are any who are concealing the fact because they think voters wouldn't like it, that's a matter between them and their conscience. My own conscience certainly prevents me from identifying one or two whose behaviour doesn't accord with my personal prejudice, and starting or spreading rumours about them.

ackers said...

It's just bullshit Adolf, all this tripe about I don't care if she's gay I just care that she lies about it...........the reality of most marriages is they end up sexless and frankly it aint nobodies business but the 2 people in the relationship.

How they wish that relationship to be presented to the outside world is their business and not yours.