Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Reuters (and The Herald) Fuck It Up Again

Having completely misrepresented the Iraq war for the past five years, now that Al Qaeda is facing defeat, Reuters turns its attention to poor little New Zealand. In line with their past performance, they choose to shill for the fascists and give Winston Peters credit for causing a drop in the currency which in fact did not occur. We can expect before long to see photoshopped pictures of Winston in which he appears to have a brain.

Unfortunately for Reuters, the reality somewhat belies the story. Winston opened his mouth and the dollar dropped, so they said. Well here's what really happened. The dollar moved around a little but remained stable. In fact it finished the day half a cent up against the green back.

Dickheads they are, shitwits, even.

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1 comment:

Kiwi Trader said...


In fact we had a good laugh when he made the comments. Problem is, someone somewhere might think he is important.