Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Ossified Turds of Te Rauparaha?

A long overdue and essential road upgrade is to be delayed for MONTHS because someone found a rubbish pit with a few pip shells and some chicken bones?

This is far more important news than the proposal by Labour to steal a further $100 + million for the next election campaign AND to ban any criticism of it or it's performance for a WHOLE YEAR before the election?

Come on journalists. Wake up and do the job you are paid for.

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At least they haven't found a taniwha, Adolf.
How long did that delay the Waikato Expressway , with the re-routing of the road also adding to its cost.
Wonder where the taniwha is hiding now?
There is far too much sensitivity to and from Maori and I'm sure this creates friction rather than helps reduce it.
Just this afternoon Stuff reported how some North Shore Maori were upset at gingerbread men performing the haka in a bakery commercial.
Much as I despise the haka as a primitive war dance that promotes violence - and we know what issues some Maori have with violence- especially towards their tamariki- the ad is very clever and people should lighten up.

The ad is on You Tube as listed here