Friday, July 6, 2007

Noose Tightens on Mangere Slug

So much for the bravado of Philip Field's lawyer.

Remind me never to hire a lawyer called Satiu Perese. He's all perese and wind.

The Mangere Slug moves another step closer to the political gallows.

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Calculus said...

It would be wise to consider carefully the finer background details that MSM dont yet seem to want to know about.

Taito was suddenly police investigated only when he stated that he was not going to continue belonging to Herr Helens club.

I am sympathetic with the way the Nats attacked him with a view to getting at Herr Helen but they now need to look a bit deeper at the real issues.In particular Lockwood continued to attack him but he Lockwood was sucked in by a disaffected person. We must not lose sight of the trouble that she went to keep the issue off the table then dumped all over him as soon as it appeared the issue wasn't going her way -Classic maneuver's of Herr Helens when they no longer Hail [Hitler]Helen they must be exterminated.
Been there doone(sic)that!!
And we must also exterminate or at least legislate to prevent anyone daring to advertise against our Great Leader Helen like those brethrin chaps did.