Sunday, July 8, 2007

No, No, No! Minister

This story could be called "The Minister, The Unionist and The Trough."

It's a complex web of intrigue, lies, harrassment and greed. A rerun of the Auckland regions blood letting services fiasco.

At the heart of the plot is the good old Labour Party view that when it comes to laws, conventions and ethics, they are for other people. People like small business owners, National Party members, accountants, golf club members and Rotarians.

You will need to read the piece carefully to see what is going on. It is not pretty.

The most sordid detail is glossed over. Annette King's husband (ex unionist) is now employed by the fellow his wife appointed to the board of the DHB and who then attempted to 'swing' the $50 mil contract in the direction of his own company.

Labour people don't have conflicts of interest, they just have their mates.


pdm said...

This is not the first time Lind's name has been in the local HB Today re conflict of interest. It may be the same case but HB Today ran something about Linds role in a conflict of interest previously.

Pommiekiw said...

Good lord Adolf.
Why are you posting about this?
You know that Liarbour corruption or incompetence is of no interest to anyone.
That's why this story did not feature on the tv news last night, so has been posted over at kiwiblog.
I've just looked at the TVNZ website and you know they have the stories that truly concern us.
Like that poor oppressed Ahmed Zoui and the endless terrible weather afflicting this land of ours.
Pray, can someone find us some water skiing squirrels!
Of course, anything dodgy about National, then make it the lead, chase after them day after day, leaving no stone unturned.
Likewise, I've just been reading about the floods in Britain. The worse affected seems to be Hull in East Yorkshire. The BBC has been somewhat late in picking up on the tragedy as Hull is a mere several hours by train or motorway from London.
The situation has even been likened by some to New Orleans as thousands of homes have been flooded, apparantly.
So where is the BBC in this? You may recall that their journalist Matt Frei was happy to lambast George Bush over the Hurricane Katrina floods, when New Orleans at both a city and state level was run by the Democrats.
So who runs Hull, Labour. And who has run the UK government for the past tean years, but Labour! And who are two of Hull's finest MPs but minister Alan Milburn and former deputy-PM John Prescott.
Imagine having a minister and former deputy-PM representing your city and getting stuff all help from central government.
At least Prince Charles has paid a visit so I am sure that will make the flooded locals feel better.
But still nary a word from the BBC against Gordon Brown and New Labour concerning these floods, and the responses to them.
Of course, I guess it's all to do with global warming and we know who is to blame for that, along with Katrina- George Bush.
UK Blogger Iain Dale covers this in great detail along with issues like building on flood plains.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if Hk husband was in the It industry when she was Min of Police.