Monday, July 30, 2007

NCEA Strikes Again

Adolf and a colleague went out to lunch totay with two others. We decided to split the bill down the middle and pay half each. The bill was $43.00.

The young Maori lass at the till looked at me for a moment, thought hard and then said "Which one of youse is gonna pay a bit more, eh? It's $22 for one and $21 for the other."

We managed to keep our faces straight until we got outside. She would have received an NCEA achievement certificate for initiative.


Barnsley Bill said...

"Youse" The verbal moku of guaranteed stupidity.

Anonymous said...

Four of you went out for lunch and decided to pay half each?

The girl was either very clever or your grasp of english needs some attention.

Dave said...

so you split the bill down the middle. That means youse fullas would be paying a quarter each, not half each.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

dave and anon

Youse fuckwits better learn to read, eh?