Monday, July 30, 2007

Mars Bar Act- "fun" size or "fun" party?

ACT leader Rodney Hide says Dancing With the Stars has changed its life and now he plans to re-launch the party, emphasising “fun”.

True, politics is often dominated by crusty old fuddy-duddies which does turn off the young, but running the country is a serious game, as Rodney’s predecessor Richard Prebble amply and successfully demonstrated.
It pains me seeing what has become of ACT and I am sure its members feel pain too. They must be tearing their hair out with frustration making themselves as bald as their not-so Dear Leader.
New Zealand needs a free market principled party of the right, to articulate true minimal government liberal values, and to ‘keep National honest.’
But is ACT dead as Blair Mulholland baldly stated last week after ACTs two MPs failed to turn up and vote against anti-free speech Labour’s Election Campaigning bill?

We hope not and we can only hope and pray that Hide’s ‘fun’ initiative works.
For, at present all we have is a ‘fun’ size party, headed by a ‘fun’ size leader.
But ACT is not a Mars Bar. It should be about offering serious policy and a clear way forward for New Zealand.


James said...

Its been doing that and Kiwis care not a jot it seems.The po faced serious stuff doesn't work and if ACT keep doing they will only get what they have for their efforts...zilch.

A new upbeat approach might just stir things up....whats to lose?

Anonymous said...

Rodney has lost the plot - if he ever had one.

Barnsley Bill said...

Rodney the Pitbull is sorely missed in this country and I bet the top men in National are shitting themselves over his transformation into newrodney. Who are they going to team up with?

Anonymous said...

Funny. Wasn't one of your writers just hailing a Rodney Hide bill recently?

It seems to me he is doing well in getting a piece of legislation to select committee. If he wants to have fun while he does it, who cares?

Are the two really mutually exclusive?

Gooner said...

Rodney does not get enough credit for his astonishing transformation. Personally I don't think he talks anywhere enough economics, or policy at all, which he is very good at.

On the other hand the media hardly publicise it anyway and minor parties never poll well between elections.

If he doesn't win Epsom Act is finished because I can't see it getting 5%.

I hear his book has loads of Act philosophy in it and is not much about Rodney personally so I'm looking forward to that. It's game on now because we are only a year out from the election and time to stop stuffing around.