Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Lick it up, bitch

Update, 24 July 2007:
She's still licking. I can hardly believe it. Do any Labour supporters want to drop by and tell me they really don't believe Benson Pope was engaging in the most pathetic and transparent lying last night when he claimed his senior staff acted without his knowledge? And if it wasn't a transparent lie, any explanation for how such an incompetent retains a cabinet position?

I can't believe there are suckers out there willing to vote for this.

Original post, 21 July:
Based on the story this morning that Helen Clark is backing Benson Pope over his latest successful foray into dipping Labour in shit, you can only wonder:

How did Clark get to be his bitch?

He really must know where the bodies are buried, so Clark can't touch him - it's the only possible explanation for how this arrogant useless dumbass, who's brought nothing to Labour beyond a succession of outrageous, vote-losing, self-inflicted scandals, can not only still be in Cabinet but actually getting Clark's support.

I mean, does anyone else have an even remotely plausible explanation?


Inventory2 said...

Surely Benson-Pope can't survive this. Then again, if Clark lets this roll on until Tuesday, the Opposition will have a field day in the House - and we've seen how messy it gets when Benson-Pope loses his rag.

It was pretty apparent from his demeanour in the TV3 piece that he was, as Duncan Garner put it "at best being economical with the truth". Add this to his misleading the House over the tennis ball incidents/investigations at Bayfield HS and his bully-boy stuff in releasing police files, then hanging his press secretary out to dry, and there is some serious history - a serial bullshit artist!

JC said...

Three reasons:

She needs him inside the tent pissing out.

DBP was following policy.

It was a minor matter.


Psycho Milt said...

I disagree on it being a minor matter - things like what he might have done when he was a teacher, or whether he's a kinky fucker, those were minor matters. Interfering with public service appointments is a well serious matter. Labour's going to get thoroughly trashed in the media for this, and deservedly so, because the loons have backed him up.

The idea that he was following policy doesn't hold water - unless you're an extreme right-wing partisan, the idea that the entire Labour cabinet is that stupid just isn't credible.

Not wanting him outside the tent pissing in is more credible, but how desperate would you have to be to keep someone like this around? For several years now his only successes have been the serial incidences of awesome damage inflicted on his own party's public image. If this latest one wasn't the last straw, you can only boggle at Helen Clark's capacity for sucking it up and pretending nothing's happened.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Well said, PM. What do you think she will do when Taito gets into the stand and starts to sing?

Imagine the spectacle of a conservative Christian getting everything off his chest in order to stick it to the gay lesbian idiots in Labour who taunted him about his personal Christian beliefs. And this is the party that has set about establishing a 'religious wing.'

A bit like my namesake setting up a Jewish regiment in the Waffen SS.

Barnsley Bill said...

Short answer... No. He must have cabinet family snaps including fun activities such as felching to keep his job. She may struggle to whitewash this one as i believe they shipped the last million gallons of paint to tony blair for his cash for peerages whitewash

JC said...


A minor matter in this case means that Clark and co think it's a minor matter. Their ethics at this stage are so degraded and blunted that this is a logical outcome from their POV.

The "matter of policy" has been well mentioned even by the MSM who assure us that's why they call Wgton "Helengrad". They, or Helen, really are a vindictive mob.
And stupidity only becomes apparent when popularity is lost. Before that point, a popular govt. can do stupid without penalty.

As for DBP's previous transgressions.. look at the history.. Labour closed them down sucessfully and got away with them with some shonky footwork. They probably think he's bulletproof.

Clark has run a very successful govt. that closed down failings with ruthlessness, fast footwork and dodgy dealings. Initially she punished her own people but in the last several years she did it with lousy ethics but often effective strategies.

Right now, the fascinating question is whether she perceives she can ride it out with further sleeze or it's time to throw another Mercury Energy type grand stand.


Anonymous said...

Lick it up bitch
"Move on" says the witch
Watch Panty Slut Boy twitch
Boy, that scratching is making me itch
Wonder when PSB will be ditched?

Anonymous said...

Mrs Davis has lost her moral compass. She can't even see the problem.

Her real gripe is that Panty Boy's antics have crowded out her SE Asia junket.

Andrei said...

The left (for he most part) and the right are united on this.

But the Otago Daily Times goes into bat for the man

dad4justice said...

Indeed, the history of Klark's regime is nothing more than a tableau of crimes and whitewash cover ups and cop outs . The panty slut boy and child tennis ball stuffer would be better employed in organised crime , or maybe he already is ?

Oswald Bastable said...

He has serious dirt on somebody at the lofty hights.

AS has been alluded to by others.

Only plausable explaination!