Friday, July 27, 2007

Joining Chris Trotter with his Benson Pope fantasies

Your’re a top Herald journalist and you want to stop National winning the next election. So what do you do? You become Press Secretary to its leader and you get your girlfriend to work for government and you can leak all the opposition’s secrets to the PM’s favourite minister!
Sounds bonkers yeh! But no more bonkers than what Chris Trotter says in this morning’s Dominion Post
It is sad that this guy, who calls himself a socialist, won't say a word against a minister, Benson Pope, who is noted for bullying, be it in Parliament, or at school; and a bare-faced liar to boot.
Forget about the left’s support for women, this was also obviously lacking for those poor schoolgirls in their night dresses, as it was for the kid with the tennis ball in his mouth who was obviously a thug and also had it coming.
Chris Trotter can be one of the enlightened ones of the left who does not always follow the party line. Dear Leader must, on occasions, let him think for himself. But yesterday, when Trotter probably wrote the piece, the mind control emanating from the 9th Floor was obviously too much.
New Zealand’s press been far too soft on old BePop. The media hounds in Britain or Australia would not have let him survive the ‘tennis balls’ affair, or his still un-denied ‘extra curricular activities’ as exposed in Investigate.
Benson-Pope’s arrogance, lying and denial of wrong doing emphasize much that is bad about Clark’s regime. And it makes you wonder why the PM hung on to him for so long. He obviously knows where the bodies are buried, he has all the dirt.
Now, having taken Helen’s discipline for so long, and able to spend more time in his constituency, we can expect “Panty Slut Boy” to indulge in bondage of another kind.
Of course, it would be nice to read about it in the NZ Herald, the Sunday Star-Times, etc, or even the Truth. Or, as someone noted over at Ian Wishart’s The Briefing Room, have Benson Pope revealing all, as it were, in a 17 page interview in Investigate.
Oh, the irony of it all!


Gooner said...

Welcome FFM. Great start!

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I think you mean "extra testicular activities"