Monday, July 30, 2007

It Couldn't Get Worse, Could It?

The Carcinogenic Crone had a bad week last week and this week has started badly.

While the nation reels from the barbaric and cowardly treatament of a three yearold by her insane whanau, this morning brings us the news of yet another atrocity against a child.

Now we find that the politicised Police Commissioner and his mates have been doctoring the data in order to give their political masters 'good news' with which to mislead parliament and the public.

I think Ian Wishart and Investigate are right about this police commissioner. He is a corrupt knave and a fool and he should be sacked.

If you think the word 'corrupt' is too strong a word, pause to consider the sorry history of police failure to investigate or prosecute where members of the Labour elite are concerned.

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