Monday, July 30, 2007

Helen Clark's gay wedding- EXCLUSIVE!

No, it's not to Winston and neither is he Best Man.
But one of Labour's leading lights is finally going to tie the knot - and we don't mean Benson-Pope - but one of Labour's top promoters of gay rights is having a civil union ceremony.
After keeping the matter a secret for so long, though many have gossiped and wondered, this leading queen our our realm, this flag bearing Friend of Dorothy is at long last to make this most important committment in public.
Yes, Tim Barnett is marrying his boyfriend Ramon Maniapoto later this year.
From the conservative liberals on this blog, not to mention its liberal conservatives, we're all incurable romantics at heart and wish the pair a long and happy time together.
We will raise a glass to you both. Bottoms up!
And in case you're wondering about Helen Clark.
We assume she'll have an invite and maybe Judith too.

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