Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Helen Banana Clark -The Bent PM

Dalton's greatest mistake was allowing the Bilious Bitch to play as twelvth man. It's been down hill ever since the scrawny PM slouched her way onto the stern one day in Valencia.

Since then he has been forced to endure here endless texts which now have been hacked and put up for tender by such people as McCully, Whaleoil and Fiinkensein and anyone else who might write a book. Can anyone imagine her text to the hapless Dalton this morning? '4get the tickr tape losr u just cost me mi job'

It's hard to pick a title but there's no doubt that for this past year or so everything the PM has touched has 'turned to shit' as they are wont to say over theTasman. Not only does the PM pick losers but she rewards them by slinging another ten mil their way within minutes of defeat.

Winners are rewarded with high interest rates and a currency which is guaranteed to kill off their businesses.


Barnsley Bill said...

It has been fantastic to watch the gargoyle develop a little known medical condition over the last year. She has what my dear old dad used to call "cock fingers". She fucks everything she touches.

Anonymous said...

Adolf et al - it is great to have you back. You have been

Pommiekiw said...

Remember NZ Liarbour is a 'workers party.'
That's why it is happy to subsidise rich man's games like yachting races, while refusing operations to sick folk.
And screwing the lower paid with much higher taxes than in 'conservative' Australia.

As Not PC and Liberty Scott note today, at least we are now spared Dear Leader using the boat race to glorify her National Socialism.


Inventory2 said...

Any chance that Dear Leader might leave Lame Duck Trevor in Valencia?ppgzrct

mojo said...

Well ... if she can stop the wind blowing ...