Sunday, July 15, 2007

Greenpeace threatens legal action on climate change

I shook my head in disbelief when I read this. I don't know what to write I'm so stunned.

Lawyers for Greenpeace are today serving legal notice on 20 New Zealand companies over their contribution to climate change.

Maybe we should all personally make a concerted effort to increase our 'carbon footprint' (have you ever heard such a silly term?) just to annoy the hell out of these twerps.

I mean really, the whole climate change/global warming thing has gone totally bananas with action like this.

Try telling the people who live in Northern Europe that global warming is a bad thing.


Anonymous said...


those in northern europe will become well aware of global warming when the arctic melting reachs tipping-point..

(up to 25 metres increase in ocean levels according to some..

and the most powerful analogy i have heard for our kneck of the woods..

is that the antarctica ice melting would be the equivalent of tossing a boulder the size of australia into the pacific ocean....

something to think about..


Chefen said...

Northern Europeans like to assuage their guilt by recycling pedantically and not buying SUVs.

On the other hand they prove it is nothing more than a religion of affluence by where they stick their money.

Coastal property prices are still rising at double digit rates when in fact if they believed what they were told the properties ought to be impossible to shift.