Monday, July 30, 2007

The George Galloway TVNZ does not want you to see

I thought Saddam Hussein was dead but maybe he’s writing the news copy for TVOne.
First, Sunday's 6pm News totally ignored Michael Cullen’s embarrassingly big banking blunder, as revealed in the Sunday Star-Times,, and commented upon by Adolf earlier today.
Instead, we were treated to a puff peace about ‘Gorgeous’ George Galloway, aka the Member Baghdad North.
Rather than quiz his links to Saddam Hussein's regime, meeting his family and his charity being found to have received money from the tyrant, instead reporter Billi Joe Hohepa treated him like some wise old sage.
Thus, we heard how he believes John Key will take us to war and his suspension from the UK Parliament was merely “a row over Iraq” rather than the result of him receiving a dictator’s bloodmoney.
At least Anthony Hubbard in the Sunday Star-Times raised the issues with Galloway
, rather than produce a TV1-style whitewash.
So look above at the "Gorgeous" George Galloway TV1 kept hidden from us- he's the one on the left, wearing red; then click on the link below for his other notorious Big Brother snippet, where he infamously pretended to be a cat and 'lapped milk' from the hands of actress Rula Lenska.
Bad Kitty! But surely, rather than present Galloway as some wise old sage, journalistic balance and professionalism calls for showing the other side too.


Sittingbull said...

Yes, my dear wife caught my verbal outpouring as we watched the 6:00 news coverage. She took it in her stride, I however am still recovering. Unbeleivable.

Seamonkey Madness said...

I too am surprised they did not show his milk-lapping and lyrca-wearing antics from Celebrity BB.
Being over there at the time, the media showed him up for what he really is - a mad buffoon.

Sitting Bull: it was more my chortling at the menagerie of people sitting there soaking all his bullshit in. And to top it off, Key laughing off his paranoid accusations which tickled my ribs.