Saturday, July 7, 2007

The Cost of Copulation

Yep, there really is something about Palmerston North.

It is the home of Psycho Milt.

It possesses a University which in itself could be seen as an indicator of unsavoury leanings. Now we are told it is a city which apparently has 'leading brothels' so one is left to wonder about how many 'also ran' brothels litter the neighbourhood.

Does brother Bollard take into account the price of a bang when he deliberates on headline inflation? Clearly market forces are at work and prices are falling rapidly. Don't touch the OCR or you'll have overseas investers flooding nto the county for cheap sex.

(Someone should have told the idiot in Hawkes Bay who paid $3.5 mil and a jail sentence for a few bonks with a transitory gold digger.)

The real zinger though is the observation that the professionals are being put out of business by amateurs who do it all for free.

'Prostitution had a rival in internet dating and the availability of "free sex", adding to the decline, Mr Bennachie said.'

Adolf is reminded of the remarks of an American GI posted to Noo Zild in 1942.

'Goddamnit, you caint run a brothel in this country, there're just too many God damned ammerchewers.'

What a bastard. All the little fuckers will have to go back to being check out girls.


mojo said...

The 'few bonks transitory goldigging' Melanie??
Aesthetics and oratory are important & if you've been into the shoppe and in close proximity and savoured the olfactry ... sensual ... Three out of four aint bad.
What do you know about this apparently abandoned lassie that I do not??

Psycho Milt said...

I request of our readers that no conclusions should be drawn connecting "it is the home of Psycho Milt" with "it is a city which apparently has 'leading brothels'." Even less so, the matter of 'also ran' brothels...

I must also add that little sign of this brothel-undermining "free sex" has been evident in the town the last year or so, to the best of my knowledge. (Perhaps other, more fortunate residents can contradict this?)