Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Bola Revisited

Adolf and The Cook spent last evening waiting for the ranch sliders to implode. The last time they moved so much, lateraly that is, was during cyclone Bola.

At one stage, when the noise of the wind was akin to that of an aircraft jet engine, Adolf shouted "Eighty knots at least." Seems I was right. (Yes, it happens from time to time.) This morning we read of gusts at 150 kph.

Fortunately the glass withstood the pressure and the roof stayed on.

Not so lucky the residents of an Auckland apartment block. No doubt the architect this morning will be advising his Professional Indemnity insurer of a pending claim. Apparently the design of the roof created 'negative pressure' (that means 'lift' in aeronautical terms) and the roof was pulled off from above. Of course it was a cheap design.

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Pommiekiw said...

You should count yourself lucky Adolf, but as a Shore boy, didn't you lose your power for a while?
As for me, the fun started at 6pm driving home and a small log flew into the windscreen crackingn it.
At home, the tv aerial had blown over and I still have no tv reception.
Minutes later a power surge killed my moden and hence no internet.
Having nothing to do, I went into the thermally heated pool outside. Well, whatver the weather the pool is always warm.
Then, the power went out and I saw a green flash lighting up the skies towards Orewa and Auckland.
I then went inside and got dressed in the dark before going to bed at 10pm.
Yesterday, still no power, so i had to work in an orewa cybercafe.
Xtra sent me to Albany to pick up a moden and Bond and Bond gave me the wrong sort, so i wasted 2 hours trying to get online last night. It didn't have a modem.
So I returned it today and after calling at a couple of Telecom Leading Edge stores, I eventually got a modem at Dick Smiths.
So now I'm back online and probably a day behind with work.
But still no tv yet. Must see the property manager , again.

Of course, it could be worse. The log could have been a big one. I could have had a flooded house. The PM could have told me to move. At least living on the third floor means I am safe for a few years of sea level rise.