Friday, July 13, 2007

Blogger Arrested - Defamation Charge


Six weeks in the slammer

In a first for new Zealand a blogger has been arrested for blogging.

Adolf has never heard of Mr Seimer who apparently has raised the ire of authorities for allegedly defaming members of the judiciary. He was arrested this morning and charged with contempt of court and defamation.

I'm quite surprised such action has not happened before this. Some of the comments one sees on blogs are nothing short of outrageous.

Go and take a look at the gentleman's site. It's pretty hot stuff and I expect it will be taken down before too long.
Maybe Farrar and Co will open a book on the verdict and the length of the ensuing sentence.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

He'll be pretty safe if he has personally slagged off enough judges. When he comes to trial they won't be able to find a judge who is not compromised by way of prior opinion.

Porcupine said...

He will be done like a dogs breakfast - he has taken on the establishment and he will pay for it bigtime. What guts.

Graeme Edgeler said...

It's already been to trial. The only question remaining is sentence. And he hasn't been found in contempt for slagging off a judge (although he has done so) - he was found in contempt for deliberately disregarding court orders.

Anonymous said...

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dad4justice said...

In solidarity Vince, as when one challenges the semi -chaotic world of judicial corruption you open yourself up for the strong arm of the law whack in the head . My head still hurts ! Dam the sinister judges when they talk piously of their legal system !