Sunday, July 29, 2007

As one of her victims, he should know

Former Labour PM Mike Moore had this delicious quote in the Weekend Herald when commenting on Helen Clark's ability to dump 'wounded' ministers, like David Benson-Pope and others on a list too long to mention.

"Helen Clark is brilliant at this. She lets them bleed, they become anaemic and can't fight back and then she puts the pillow over their heads.
"I think Helen has sacked or lost more ministers than any other prime minister in history."

Now, has Dear Leader lost all these ministers because she holds them to higher standards of integrity than anyone else, or is she running one of the most corrupt, incompetent, useless governments in recent history and has surrounded herself with such a dearth of talent?
Still, it helps keep her jobs safe, doesn't it? Despite how many blunders she makes hereself.
I mean, who in Liarbour could realisticly replace her?


Anonymous said...

I bet Dear Leader practiced as a youngster down on the farm, drowning kittens!


Whaleoil said...

don't forget the puppy-dogs as well

Gooner said...

It's taken National 8 years to rebuild after 1999. Let's hope it takes Labour 80.

They have no talent at all really. But elections are rarely won on talent, rather the other side getting voted out. Let's hope National don't get voted out too soon, when they get voted in that is.