Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Form filling: that'll end child abuse

I try not to swear on this blog. But I've had enough. Fuck I'm angry.

After eight fucking years in office the only thing the fucking useless twats that call themselves government (and a 'social justice' one at that) can do to solve the murder of defenceless, harmless, beautiful children is ask mothers to fill in a fucking form IF they go to a hospital.

That is not the worst of it. Suggestions from the hangers-on to the government, Dunne (prissy wanker), and the Greens are hopeless, and that is being kind:
United Future leader Peter Dunne said today all that had been achieved since the death of the Kahui twins last year was "a large amount of handwringing and navel gazing".

"It's time to stop pretending that the kind of child abuse suffered by Nia Glassie and the Kahui twins is not a Maori problem," he said.

"Within some families there is a culture of cover-up and collaboration that condones long-term child abuse."
Linked Article

Well get off your fat arse, get a hair cut and do something about it. You vote with the bloody government, dickhead. Maybe you could have withdrawn support for the shambles that is the Electoral Finance Bill instead of voting for it (no doubt as a trade off for something) as a sign of protest of lack of action on this issue. But oh no, that would require courage, something you have never had.

What do the Greens offer? More money of course. Yeah, let's pay the bludgers who kill their kids even more money to do it. At least they won't have to rob the dairy to pay for their 'P' habit. Dunne anything about the 'P' problem Labour, Dunne and Co? Thought not.

The only sensible comment came from Heather Roy, as expected.
Act MP Heather Roy said today another "plan" would be meaningless unless serious issues of family breakdown and welfare dependency were tackled head-on

"Enough is enough. The time for fiddling around the edges is over," Ms Roy said.

"Only tackling the root of the problem - no matter how hard this might be - will have any effect at all."
When are people going to wake up in this country and realise that THE GOVERNMENT IS THE FUCKING PROBLEM. IT IS NOT THE SOLUTION.

Rant over. Aspirin taken. Time to sleep.

Reuters (and The Herald) Fuck It Up Again

Having completely misrepresented the Iraq war for the past five years, now that Al Qaeda is facing defeat, Reuters turns its attention to poor little New Zealand. In line with their past performance, they choose to shill for the fascists and give Winston Peters credit for causing a drop in the currency which in fact did not occur. We can expect before long to see photoshopped pictures of Winston in which he appears to have a brain.

Unfortunately for Reuters, the reality somewhat belies the story. Winston opened his mouth and the dollar dropped, so they said. Well here's what really happened. The dollar moved around a little but remained stable. In fact it finished the day half a cent up against the green back.

Dickheads they are, shitwits, even.

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PIEs for the rich, but no crumbs or chewing gum for the rest

Another government blunder has opened a fresh tax loophole.
Known as PIEs, the loophole allows top rate taxpayers to be taxed on their savings at 30% rather than 39%.
For someone with $100,000 on deposit, the saving is $15 a week, much more than the 67c a week 'chewing gum' taxcut, cancelled by Mr Cullen in his budget of 2007.
Stuff explains how the policy operates here.
But isn't it just one of the many ironies from what is supposedly the worker's party- a tax break for the rich.
Of course, it just adds to the continuing tax relief for investment properties making Liarbour the Landlords Party, rather than that of homeowners or tenants.
But I guess this is what happens when you have a long in the tooth government who takes its constituency for granted.

The Ossified Turds of Te Rauparaha?

A long overdue and essential road upgrade is to be delayed for MONTHS because someone found a rubbish pit with a few pip shells and some chicken bones?

This is far more important news than the proposal by Labour to steal a further $100 + million for the next election campaign AND to ban any criticism of it or it's performance for a WHOLE YEAR before the election?

Come on journalists. Wake up and do the job you are paid for.

The Big Red Book of NZ Labour Sleaze

Two of my favourite bloggers are Iain Dale and Guido Fawkes, who do great jobs covering events in Britain.
The pair have co-operated to edit a book on New Labour Sleaze, with much imput from the UK blogging community.
I wonder if enough material exists for a New Zealand equivalent.
What might we put in it?
Could we get an Arts Council grant?
Or would such an expression of free speech fall foul of NZ Liarbour's Election Finance Bill?

Monday, July 30, 2007

"The Rise of the sexless marriage"

I was to liink to this feature, which filled a few pages of the Herald on Sunday, but Granny has not posted it on its website.
Perhaps we should ask Dear Leader for comment. She's always on the telly so why not? As she is always in Wellington and Auckland and Peter in Christchurch, I am show she can offer an enlightened perspective of people's jobs getting in the way of them getting on the job.
Unless there's other reasons you might know?

NCEA Strikes Again

Adolf and a colleague went out to lunch totay with two others. We decided to split the bill down the middle and pay half each. The bill was $43.00.

The young Maori lass at the till looked at me for a moment, thought hard and then said "Which one of youse is gonna pay a bit more, eh? It's $22 for one and $21 for the other."

We managed to keep our faces straight until we got outside. She would have received an NCEA achievement certificate for initiative.

Mars Bar Act- "fun" size or "fun" party?

ACT leader Rodney Hide says Dancing With the Stars has changed its life and now he plans to re-launch the party, emphasising “fun”.

True, politics is often dominated by crusty old fuddy-duddies which does turn off the young, but running the country is a serious game, as Rodney’s predecessor Richard Prebble amply and successfully demonstrated.
It pains me seeing what has become of ACT and I am sure its members feel pain too. They must be tearing their hair out with frustration making themselves as bald as their not-so Dear Leader.
New Zealand needs a free market principled party of the right, to articulate true minimal government liberal values, and to ‘keep National honest.’
But is ACT dead as Blair Mulholland baldly stated last week after ACTs two MPs failed to turn up and vote against anti-free speech Labour’s Election Campaigning bill?

We hope not and we can only hope and pray that Hide’s ‘fun’ initiative works.
For, at present all we have is a ‘fun’ size party, headed by a ‘fun’ size leader.
But ACT is not a Mars Bar. It should be about offering serious policy and a clear way forward for New Zealand.

It Couldn't Get Worse, Could It?

The Carcinogenic Crone had a bad week last week and this week has started badly.

While the nation reels from the barbaric and cowardly treatament of a three yearold by her insane whanau, this morning brings us the news of yet another atrocity against a child.

Now we find that the politicised Police Commissioner and his mates have been doctoring the data in order to give their political masters 'good news' with which to mislead parliament and the public.

I think Ian Wishart and Investigate are right about this police commissioner. He is a corrupt knave and a fool and he should be sacked.

If you think the word 'corrupt' is too strong a word, pause to consider the sorry history of police failure to investigate or prosecute where members of the Labour elite are concerned.

Helen Clark's gay wedding- EXCLUSIVE!

No, it's not to Winston and neither is he Best Man.
But one of Labour's leading lights is finally going to tie the knot - and we don't mean Benson-Pope - but one of Labour's top promoters of gay rights is having a civil union ceremony.
After keeping the matter a secret for so long, though many have gossiped and wondered, this leading queen our our realm, this flag bearing Friend of Dorothy is at long last to make this most important committment in public.
Yes, Tim Barnett is marrying his boyfriend Ramon Maniapoto later this year.
From the conservative liberals on this blog, not to mention its liberal conservatives, we're all incurable romantics at heart and wish the pair a long and happy time together.
We will raise a glass to you both. Bottoms up!
And in case you're wondering about Helen Clark.
We assume she'll have an invite and maybe Judith too.

The George Galloway TVNZ does not want you to see

I thought Saddam Hussein was dead but maybe he’s writing the news copy for TVOne.
First, Sunday's 6pm News totally ignored Michael Cullen’s embarrassingly big banking blunder, as revealed in the Sunday Star-Times, http://www.stuff.co.nz/4145115a10.html, and commented upon by Adolf earlier today.
Instead, we were treated to a puff peace about ‘Gorgeous’ George Galloway, aka the Member Baghdad North.
Rather than quiz his links to Saddam Hussein's regime, meeting his family and his charity being found to have received money from the tyrant, instead reporter Billi Joe Hohepa treated him like some wise old sage.
Thus, we heard how he believes John Key will take us to war and his suspension from the UK Parliament was merely “a row over Iraq” rather than the result of him receiving a dictator’s bloodmoney.
At least Anthony Hubbard in the Sunday Star-Times raised the issues with Galloway http://www.stuff.co.nz/sundaystartimes/4144715a6442.html
, rather than produce a TV1-style whitewash.
So look above at the "Gorgeous" George Galloway TV1 kept hidden from us- he's the one on the left, wearing red; then click on the link below for his other notorious Big Brother snippet, where he infamously pretended to be a cat and 'lapped milk' from the hands of actress Rula Lenska.
Bad Kitty! But surely, rather than present Galloway as some wise old sage, journalistic balance and professionalism calls for showing the other side too.

Regulatory Responsibility Bill

Act's Regulatory Responsibility Bill is in Select Committee and submissions in support of it are badly needed.

You can make a submission online here. If nothing else just say "I support this Bill".

It will make a huge difference to lawmaking and bureaucracy and is immensely important. It is unlikely that neither the dog microchipping law nor the anti-smacking bill would have passed the tests required under this piece of legislation.

Go on. Do it. Now.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

As one of her victims, he should know

Former Labour PM Mike Moore had this delicious quote in the Weekend Herald when commenting on Helen Clark's ability to dump 'wounded' ministers, like David Benson-Pope and others on a list too long to mention.

"Helen Clark is brilliant at this. She lets them bleed, they become anaemic and can't fight back and then she puts the pillow over their heads.
"I think Helen has sacked or lost more ministers than any other prime minister in history."


Now, has Dear Leader lost all these ministers because she holds them to higher standards of integrity than anyone else, or is she running one of the most corrupt, incompetent, useless governments in recent history and has surrounded herself with such a dearth of talent?
Still, it helps keep her jobs safe, doesn't it? Despite how many blunders she makes hereself.
I mean, who in Liarbour could realisticly replace her?

Just Another Red Hurring?

It's not often Adolf agrees with Matt McCarten but today he does.

It will be interesting to see whether Mr McCarten continues to support his line of argument when a National led government decides to cull a few of the socialists in the upper reaches of the public service.

Bumbling, Bungling, Incompetent Amateurs

Just when the dollar comes off the boil, the Finance Minister's office does its best to help currency speculaters push it back to its recent heights by releasing to the media details of the Reserve Bank's intervetion strategy and limitations. Labour just keeps going from worse to execrable.

It is hard to imagine anything more sensitive than this information. Cullen should offer to resign but of course he won't, probably because he already senses that he's goint to be moved in the upcoming cabinet rescuffle.

Which raises the question - why is the Minister of Finance even in possession of such information if the Reserve Bank is truly independant of the Government?

Adolf can't help but observe in passing that had this been the USA, the New York Times would have gleefully printed the details and blown the county's major weapon against inflation and speculators, just as it with the US's most effective weapon against Islamic terrorists. The SST is to be congratulated for resisting the temptation to score a petty headline.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Yet Another Bullshit Survey?

At first you'd think there was a serious problem, until you look at the number of respondents to this survey.

'The responses of 67 principals, 150 teachers and 75 support staff were analysed.'

What is the total number of principals, teachers and support staff cuurently employed in NZ? Somewhere between 20,000 and 30,000 possibly?

You'd have to wonder why so few people completed this 'survey.' You'd also wonder if only those who have experienced or seen an assault on a colleague responded. Perhaps all the others were too busy marking exams or thinking up ways to make NCEA worse or looking at child porn on the school computer.

This reminds me of the Bradford inspired 'statistical evidence' for the claima couple of years ago that one in ten NZ children were subjected to family violence.

Don't Tell Porkies to Reporters

One of the best pieces I've seen for a while, with a wonderful finish which sums up this lame, lamentable, bullshitting bully:

'A week ago Mr Benson-Pope thought he had come up with a new way to solve an age-old problem. Finding a pesky Dominion Post reporter on the other end of his cellphone, he extemporised. "Hello, hello. I can't hear you, hello, hello, you're breaking up."

Unfortunately for the then minister, it was not his reception that was breaking up. It was his reputation.'

Jeremiah Strikes Back

Some weeks ago, Adolf advised readers of a comments thread over at Farrar's place that Adolf had bailed out of the stock market. That was the day after The Bollard intervened in the currency market in his fruitless attempt to cool the currency. (Funny how a couple of remarks this Thursday did the job which $60mil couldn't do. Will someone get a transcript of his speech and calculate the dollar value of each word?)

Only yesterday Adolf was in conversation with his co-trustee (a fundamentalist born again) who was whinging about being out of the market and was breaking his neck to get back in. Adolf said to him 'I would't be in too much of a hurry just yet. There's far too much political and monetary instability. Let's sit tight for three months and look at it then.'

Readers will understand why I am literally purring this morning at the news of the stock markets' shuddering drop overnight. Those trading bank term deposits at 8.2% are looking pretty good. I reckon we haven't seen the last of these euphemistically named 'corrections.'

Surging Like a Stone

Adolf congratulates The Bollard for taking the steam out of the dollar. Speculators bale out and push the currency down to US$0.766 from $0.81 only two or three days ago. It was the commentary to the effect that the prospect of further increases is remote which did the trick.

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Friday, July 27, 2007

And NZ Liarbour donors must be mad too!

You can see why Liarbour wants to rort the taxpayer as much as it can.
You'd have to be equally bonkers to fund Helengrad.


Job opportunity for Benson Pope

Just the idea for a poor, downtrodden former government minister in need of a few bucks.


If the Lib Dems of Britain can do it, why not David Benson Pope

Ring 0900-pantyslutboy

Joining Chris Trotter with his Benson Pope fantasies

Your’re a top Herald journalist and you want to stop National winning the next election. So what do you do? You become Press Secretary to its leader and you get your girlfriend to work for government and you can leak all the opposition’s secrets to the PM’s favourite minister!
Sounds bonkers yeh! But no more bonkers than what Chris Trotter says in this morning’s Dominion Post http://www.stuff.co.nz/4142903a1861.html
It is sad that this guy, who calls himself a socialist, won't say a word against a minister, Benson Pope, who is noted for bullying, be it in Parliament, or at school; and a bare-faced liar to boot.
Forget about the left’s support for women, this was also obviously lacking for those poor schoolgirls in their night dresses, as it was for the kid with the tennis ball in his mouth who was obviously a thug and also had it coming.
Chris Trotter can be one of the enlightened ones of the left who does not always follow the party line. Dear Leader must, on occasions, let him think for himself. But yesterday, when Trotter probably wrote the piece, the mind control emanating from the 9th Floor was obviously too much.
New Zealand’s press been far too soft on old BePop. The media hounds in Britain or Australia would not have let him survive the ‘tennis balls’ affair, or his still un-denied ‘extra curricular activities’ as exposed in Investigate.
Benson-Pope’s arrogance, lying and denial of wrong doing emphasize much that is bad about Clark’s regime. And it makes you wonder why the PM hung on to him for so long. He obviously knows where the bodies are buried, he has all the dirt.
Now, having taken Helen’s discipline for so long, and able to spend more time in his constituency, we can expect “Panty Slut Boy” to indulge in bondage of another kind.
Of course, it would be nice to read about it in the NZ Herald, the Sunday Star-Times, etc, or even the Truth. Or, as someone noted over at Ian Wishart’s The Briefing Room, have Benson Pope revealing all, as it were, in a 17 page interview in Investigate.
Oh, the irony of it all!

Where Democracy As We Know It Doesn't Work

The ribs are hurting fit to kill.

Here is the best illustration yet of why DPF, Helen Clark, Winston Peters, Wayne Mapp, interfering diplomats and journalists et al should button up and let Commodore Bainimarama get on with sorting out Fiji's political future.

These guys are the intelligent and sophisticated part of society, clever enough to make a living by being self employed, smart enough to emigrate to the People's Republik of New Zild.

How many of our Wellington based intelligentsia could ever have dreamed up such a wonderful technique as scattering a bit of curry powder and rice around a miscreant? Would it work on the Ninth Floor?

Adolf hasn't seen anything as funny as this for a long long time. The sad thing is that our PC bloody courts went along with this nonsense!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

How Liarbour plans to buy media silence with our money

Over at Kiwiblog, David Farrar has done a fine job in explaining how the Electoral Finance Bill is a threat to free speech.
However, no-one has considered the potential impact on the media and similar worrying features apply.
Most newspapers and magazines rely on advertising revenue for the bulk of their revenue. For your typical daily, this might amount to 80%.
Now, some publications, especially the trade press, will bias their coverage towards advertisers. Some publications won’t write about anyone unless they take out an ad and so on.
Fortunately, the big boys like Fairfax and APN won’t allow their coverage to be bought. That is what editors tell me.
However, the Electoral Finance Bill will slash advertising revenue from campaign groups; while at the same time, the government will step up its “information” campaigns from ever burgeoning communications departments.
Working For Families had a $15 million budget and much will have gone into the coffers of Fairfax, APN and other publishers. We can be sure future ‘information’ campaigns on global warming will push further advertising dollars their way.
Look in any paper or magazine, the government is a big client, perhaps the biggest, be it the IRD telling us to fill in tax returns or even Transit advising of alternate routes on a public holiday weekend.
Now, battling for survival, the government just might try to flex its media muscles, even if just a casual word in an editor’s ear. You know, like how Helen Clark likes to tip off the Sunday Star-Times with a tale about the Police Commissioner: Or even Michael Cullen reminding Granny Herald about its tax status.
In the run up to an election, who knows what threats media bosses might expect from Labour, explicit or implicit. And with millions of advertising dollars at stake, with editors’ profit-related pay, bonuses, or even their own jobs at risk, how many editors might crumble, either following a call from Dear Leader herself or the company chairman.
In Election 2005, much of the MSM were attacked as “Liarbour Party lapdogs.”
But come Election 2008, if the bill is passed and the restrictions applied, while the government is free to spend taxpayer dollars on its own ‘messages’; will the government succeed in buying the aquiessence and silence of our media, the supposed “eyes and ears” of the voting public?

Bollard Sinks, Cullen Laughs

As New Zealand, with head held proudly high, lurches towards a major economic disaster of its own making, commentators seem oblivious to anything other than press releases from trading bank economists, Reserve Bank governors and failed finance ministers. Bollard is in a murderous whirlpool of monetarist madness from which he cannot escape as he desperately uses his two stroke outboard motor (interest rates) in his futile and vain attempts to reign in inflation while Cullen stands on the bank, watching him sink while he (Cullen) refuses to go to his aid.

Cullen stands beside a shining and immensely powerful 200hp V8 motor which he leaves in it's greased paper wrapping.

All we hear about is how the dairy industry is our Saviour and therefore the economy is fine. Even Bollard himself said that this morning. The man has swallowed too much flood water. The economy is far from fine as the number of public servants increases in direct proportion to the number of real jobs which are sacrificed on the alter of our rising dollar.

Here are some of the truths which few economic pundits seem to have recognized.

Interest rates.

Increasing interest rates does not reduce the demand for residential investment properties. In fact, the opposite is the case because as interest rates increase, wealthy salary earners - mainly public servants - can avoid more tax as they tax deduct the interest payments on their TOTAL mortgages by deeming all their debt to be applied to investment properties. The law currently allows them to offset the tax they pay on their salaries by the expenses they pay on their investment properties. So, as interest rates increase, they just cover the increase by putting rents up and the poor pay more while the bloatocrats reduce their tax contributions.

Increasing interest rates very soon put genuine working families out of their own homes, Mr Cullen.

Dairy Prices

Cullen, Bollard et al are preening themselves and telling us how well off we are because there is a sudden shortage of dairy products worldwide leading to windfall profits next year. (As if Cullen had anything to do with this good fortune!) Bollard hopes these profits will be used to repay debt. They will not.

Cockies, when faced with the choice of retiring debt and paying even more tax on one hand and increasing debt and paying less tax on the other hand, will always borrow more money. What will they do with the extra debt? Well, they buy more farms and bid up the price of land so that it's even tougher still for a young feller to get started and then they look to diversify into non farm investments. What will they buy? Commercial and RESIDENTIAL PROPERTIES in Auckland. Why Auckland? Because that's where they will get the most tax free capital gain within a few short years.

Cullen's 200HP V8 which he refuses to use to save Bollard is the simple and long overdue overhaul of ridiculously lavish tax concessions available to salary earners through LAQC property investment and an equally long overdue crack down by IRD on tax free capital gains, each of which is a major driver of Auckland's booming housing market.

Talk of there being insufficient land for housing is nonsense. Is there insufficient land in Singapore? It seems most apartment blocks in Auckland city (and there are dozens of them) appear to be well occupied.

Cullen will not tame his own profligate spending; he will not take action to curb demand for residential property and he refuses to make the most fundamental change of all which is to reduce tax rates so that people no longer see tax avoidance and evasion as the only way left in New Zealand for a citizen to better him or herself.

Labour has produced a nation which finds it is so heavily taxed that it's people are forced into buying back their own tax money by bidding up the prices of their neighbour's homes.

No amount of interest rate hikes will fix that problem. Bollard is the fall guy for Cullen's cynical political chicanery.

Clark Caught Evading Income Tax

The only redeemable feature of liars is that you can be sure nothing they say is true.

Labour has been sprung bilking the Inland Revenue but having already bilked the taxpayer for millions and now planning to steal further scores of millions by way of politicised departmental communications facilities, it remains to be seen whether that bastion of rectitude the IRD is immune from the evil influence of the cadarvorous cow and her tax evading cronies who cling to her like rocksnot to a slimey boulder.

Tailor .....................Fraudster
Soldier ...................Forger
Sailor .....................Tax Cheat

Will there be a tax audit of selected Labour Party electorate offices? How much steel is there in the spine of the Commissioner?

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Like A Stone

Over the last hour, the Kiwi dollar has dropped half a cent against the greenback. (graph stolen from National Bank)

Exchange Rate Graphs

NZD/USD (US Dollar)

Intraday Data

Could it be that Bollard is going to leave rates where they are? Or even reduce them?

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Lick it up, bitch

Update, 24 July 2007:
She's still licking. I can hardly believe it. Do any Labour supporters want to drop by and tell me they really don't believe Benson Pope was engaging in the most pathetic and transparent lying last night when he claimed his senior staff acted without his knowledge? And if it wasn't a transparent lie, any explanation for how such an incompetent retains a cabinet position?

I can't believe there are suckers out there willing to vote for this.

Original post, 21 July:
Based on the story this morning that Helen Clark is backing Benson Pope over his latest successful foray into dipping Labour in shit, you can only wonder:

How did Clark get to be his bitch?

He really must know where the bodies are buried, so Clark can't touch him - it's the only possible explanation for how this arrogant useless dumbass, who's brought nothing to Labour beyond a succession of outrageous, vote-losing, self-inflicted scandals, can not only still be in Cabinet but actually getting Clark's support.

I mean, does anyone else have an even remotely plausible explanation?

Sunday, July 22, 2007

What a Great Idea.

The food nazis have 'provided funding' (but they don't tell you how much) to cary out a three year study on the nutritional value of chips.

In fact, what they are really up to is setting about sabotaging that glorious taste of cripsy hot chips with lashings of salt and tomato sauce. You can guarantee that if anything, ANYTHING, tastes good, these meddling busybodies will bugger it up on the grounds that they know best what is good for us. Did you see the fatous (ha ha ha) remark that if they succeed in their quest they'll remove 2,500 tonnes of fat from our annual diet? Hey people, haven't you heard the news? You actually NEED fat in your diet. They've denied us the pleasure of chippies cooked in beef fat and now they want to take away even the 'good healthy' fat as well.

I'm gonna go back to the bush and live on toast laden with dripping and the crunchy bits from the roasting dish for breakfast, along with bacon and eggs; cold mutton sandwiches with tomato sause and onion for lunch; and crunchy roast pork, roast spuds, roast kumara, roast pumpkin (done in lard) green peas and sweet corn for dinner followed by lashings of ice cream, whipped cream, jelly and tinned peaches. For variety we'll have a bit of roast beef and roast hogget now and again as well as the odd roast turkey and roast chook. And to look after the arteries we'll hoe into a bit of hapuka and snapper on Fridays, just to keep the Mick Doolans up the road happy.

That's what we used to live on when we led ACTIVE lives with plenty of EXERCISE.

And if I smell one of them food nazis within five miles I'll get out the 308.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Three Wickets Lost in First Over

If today were a cricket match then Labour just lost three wickets for no runs in the first over. The 'first over' is a skim though the headlines and opinion pieces of The Herald. For an action replay of the deliveries - go here, here and here.

It's never a pretty sight , is it?

Such a pity John Roughan can't see that dairy farmers should not be required to prop up the mess that is Labour's economic destruction. John, if the currency and inflation had been properly managed, the dairy industry would be contributing another $2 billion to our prosperity. But no, Cullen has thrown away another bonanza.

So add that, and the multiplier effect on it, to the real cost of Cullen's gross mismanagement. We are paying the harsh price now for Cullen's hyper government spending and wastage and his election bribes.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Bitch Fight

Its gossip columnists at dawn! I wonder what Cactus will have to say?

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Blinded by His Own Delusion

There is nothing quite so embarrassing as a Leftie, caught with his pants down around his ankles. (I'm searching for the right allergy -thanks Craig R)

The BBC is so riddled with left wing bias and dirty tricks that even it's own boss hasn't got a clue as to what is right or wrong. Here's the giveaway line:-

"I know the idea of deceiving the public would simply never occur to most people in the BBC."

Yeah, right!

Like their reporting from Iraq, like their reporting of terrorism, like their reporting of Islamist activities in Britain, like their ideas of 'balance and objectivity.'

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Senior Lecherers Killed in Rush

You know your country is buggered when this sort of thing is floated seriously.

A number of interesting questions arise.

1 What is the first thing a young or not so young lady needs to learn to be an effective prostitute?

2 What form will these lessons take?

3 Will there be weekly field trips?

4 Will there be 'class participation' events?

5 How can I get the job of Senior Lecherer?

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

North Shore storm report

I received this today. Entirely accurate of course. All donations gladly accepted. Cheques can be sent to the Northcote Branch of Act - the party of North Shore millionaires according to Winston a few years back.

The major storm that hit the North Shore this week left residents
reeling in its wake.

Strong winds cut power to a number of areas, leaving householders
baffled. One man was seen carrying his plasma screen up the street
looking for somewhere to plug it in.

Others suffered horrific losses. "I've driven from Milford to Rothesey
Bay and I can't find a soy latte anywhere," sobbed a distraught woman.

Phone lines to landscape gardeners were clogged by anxious callers
needing immediate assistance. "My Pacific fusion courtyard has been filled with my neighbour's Californian succulents - what should I do?"

Property owners are being advised to stay calm and read landscaping magazines until help arrives.

The storm damage has left some residents philosophical.

"It was about time I changed my garden art," said one Devonport man.
"With my insurance payout I'll be able to get the very latest in
limestone geometric figures while my neighbours are still stuck with
their out-dated stainless steel sculptures. It's an ill wind, eh?"

Many drivers are finding their 4 wheel drive vehicles invaluable in
the trying conditions. One man admitted he had driven right over
workers clearing fallen trees from the road and had hardly felt a

Rescue organisations have been quick to respond to the disaster. A
Starbucks tanker is calling on housebound residents, and catering
companies are rushing spit-roasting equipment to the area to provide hot venison paninis for those in need. Mobile cell-phone charging trucks will be on hand over the next few days until full power is restored.

Those outside Auckland who wish to help are encouraged to send gift vouchers for Hermes or Louis Vuitton, to speed the healing process through retail therapy. Or you can phone 0900 SHORETORISE to make a tax-deductible $500 donation.

Please - these people need help.


Question for the day

How much is the Reserve Bank's loss from its foreign currency interventions?

Anyone care to guess.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Iraq War

Question: When do you know the 'war' in Iraq is a shambles and is a lost cause?

Answer: When Republicans start saying so and when the former head of the Bin Laden unit in the CIA says so.

Foreign policy under Bush has made the world a more unstable place. They need to get the foxtrot out of Iraq now.

And no, I'm not drunk or on drugs. I initially thought invading a country to impose your beliefs on them by force is and was wrong, plain and simple. Then when some good things started occurring in Iraq I changed my tune a little. Now I have reverted to my initial position and one I should have stuck with because it is the correct one.

I am no fan of Robert Fisk but he encapsulated the position quite clearly for me when asked what might bring about some semblance of peace in the Middle East. He responded by saying when the West stop telling them how to live their lives. Now it appears Michael Scheuer agrees with that.

If you are truly a liberal you will be against the imposition of compulsion in any form to change behaviour. True liberals acknowledge that the first priority of the State is to protect its citizens, both internally and externally. Yet America is not threatened by Iraq externally. It is threatened by an enemy that cannot be identified: it is threatened by an ideology.

And you cannot fight an ideology by force and expect to win. You will only encourage dissenters. And dissenters are now spreading like a spiders web. London, Brisbane, Sydney...

I believe Helen Clark played the right cards when refusing to become involved in Iraq other than rebuilding etc. And I believe we should thank her for that.

I don't expect to say that again on any other issue.

Greenpeace threatens legal action on climate change

I shook my head in disbelief when I read this. I don't know what to write I'm so stunned.

Lawyers for Greenpeace are today serving legal notice on 20 New Zealand companies over their contribution to climate change.

Maybe we should all personally make a concerted effort to increase our 'carbon footprint' (have you ever heard such a silly term?) just to annoy the hell out of these twerps.

I mean really, the whole climate change/global warming thing has gone totally bananas with action like this.

Try telling the people who live in Northern Europe that global warming is a bad thing.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Blogger Arrested - Defamation Charge


Six weeks in the slammer

In a first for new Zealand a blogger has been arrested for blogging.

Adolf has never heard of Mr Seimer who apparently has raised the ire of authorities for allegedly defaming members of the judiciary. He was arrested this morning and charged with contempt of court and defamation.

I'm quite surprised such action has not happened before this. Some of the comments one sees on blogs are nothing short of outrageous.

Go and take a look at the gentleman's site. It's pretty hot stuff and I expect it will be taken down before too long.
Maybe Farrar and Co will open a book on the verdict and the length of the ensuing sentence.

A Bridge Too Far (Updated)

Updated again:
Old fast bowlers never die, they just keep on bowling wides.

It appears now the hopes of all the Kiwi Mums and Dads who put their hard earned into Bridgecorp are pinned on the repayment of some $18 mil by Ocker ex fast bowler Craig McDermott.

It's not looking too flash though. Note first, his record as a serial defaulter and second ,the receivers' comment to the effect that once he is identified, the chances of his projects going to the wall are greatly increased.

It looks as though in this sorry saga, play will be called off.

How many readers remember the larricking eighties when any company worth anything had 'corp' tacked onto its name? There was Equitycorp, Bankcorp, Landcorp, Uncle Tom Cobleycorp and All.

During the respectable nineties they all went broke. Well, Landcorp didn't. It was headed by an old friend of mine, Bernard Card - and a mighty fine job he did.

This week the last of the 'corps' became a corpse - high risk property development financier Bridgecorp. What a sorry tale it has turned out to be. Look at some of the issues which thus far don't seem to have penetrated the minds of the Antique Media.

How was a prudent board of directors able to invest a whopping twelve percent of the company's finance book in just one project in an offshore unstable economy beset by political turmoil? What does the Companies Act have to say about such conduct which breaches every common sense rule of financial risk management?

Where was the Securities Commission when this outfit was advertising for Mum's and Dad's investment dollars as recently as a few months ago?

Why were so called ratings agencies giving Bridgecorp high grades when it was clear to those with eyes and ears that all was not well?

What will be the knock on effect of this latest debacle? How much exposure do high flying property investment sales organisations like BlueChip, NZInvest, Merlot and others have to Bridgecorp? How readily will they be able to move their debt to other lenders? How many of their 'sales' will fail because they do not have title yet to the property they have promised to their investors?

What is the real value of projects caught up in the receivership? It is reported that Bridgecorp has 30% of its funds out on first mortgage and 52% on second with a further 18% on third and fourth mortgages.

Adolf has put together the odd property development finance package in his time and the above figures reveal the enormity of the damage. The Bridgecorps of this world provide what is called 'mezzanine funding.' That means they go in behind the banks and pick up the marginal high risk end of a deal which the banks will not wear. Generally one can expect a trading bank to fund 80% of the total cost of a project. That is - land purchase, construction, sales and marketing and anything wlse you can think of and document. The developer might have five percent cash up front and good old Briidgecorp pops up with the remaining fifteen percent.

The reported figures would indicate therefore that Bridgecorp, by way of its second and third mortgages, is propping up some three billion dollars worth of development projects, all of which will now be temporarilly on hold until the receiver is able to assess each loan and figure out whether to allow the project to continue, to foreclose and sell up the project, to refuse to inject further funding previously agreed by Bridgecorp or to throw his hands up in horror.

Three billion is a hell of a big chunk of current property development in New Zealand. Yep, thet's three thousand million dollars.

Adolf thinks the effect of this collapse may well be cataclysmic. Bollard will not need to lift interest rates for some time. Petricevic has just cured the nation's inflation worry for him.

It appears the spider at the centre of the web has been pinged, along with a number of lesser spiders and a number of financial advisers will be speaking intensely with their professional negligence insurers.

Thursday, July 12, 2007


I originally posted this on Sir Humphreys back at the beginning of May. I don't want the work I did on the translations to go to waste, so I'm posting it again here. Apologies to those who've already read it:

Long post warning. The arguments I had with other bloggers over my view of ANZAC Day got me thinking, and a couple of other things prodded me towards a post on what it actually means to lose a war, something the English-speaking world doesn’t have a lot of experience with.

I spent the Sunday following ANZAC day in Auckland on the way to Melbourne, and went for a visit to the War Memorial Museum, seeing as I’ve never been there before. One of the exhibits covering the NZ forces in Italy included a soldier’s comment that it was easy to buy women for cigarettes or food. That struck me, because coincidentally I’d just started reading “Eine Frau in Berlin: Tagebuchaufzeichnungen vom 20. April bis 22. Juni 1945” (A Woman in Berlin: Diary Entries from 20 April to 22 June 1945) by “Anonyma” (for reasons which will become clear if you read the exerpts I’m going to paste below), and it was interesting to be confronted by both takes on the subject at the same time. The edition I’m going to quote from is the paperback from BTB Verlag, 2005 – apparently there is an English translation, but I’ve never seen it, so the translations below are by me.

Some may find it offensive that I draw their attention to German suffering in WW2. I’m well aware that plenty of other places suffered similar fates in the war, sometimes at German hands. That’s not the point. It’s true that I happen to have lived in Germany, speak German and generally love the place, so I care about Berlin in a way that I couldn’t possibly about Warsaw or Volgagrad - but if it that really gets on your wick, just read the quotes with your own preferred contenders replacing mine – the experience wasn’t greatly different elsewhere.

The diary begins as the Red Army approaches Berlin. “For all this we have the Fuehrer to thank!” has changed from a propaganda boast to dry wit. The writer is a professional woman, an editor for a publishing house, who now has no job, no idea where her boyfriend is (last letter 9 weeks ago from the Western front), has been bombed out of her apartment with the loss of pretty much everything, but can live on the fourth floor of a surviving building because that’s where the bombs go off and no-one wants to live there. Everyone knows what’s coming, but waddayagunnado?


As we came out of the shop, a truck drove by; German troops on it, red shield, ie Flak. They were driving towards the city, away from us towards the CBD. Sat silent there and stared into the distance. A woman called after them: “You doing a runner?” She got no answer. We looked at each other, shrugging our shoulders. The woman summed up: “Just poor bastards anyway.”

Again and again I notice in these days that my feeling, the feeling of all the women towards the men, is changing. We feel sorry for them, they look so decrepit and powerless. The Weaker Sex. Below the surface, a kind of collective disappointment spreads among the women. The male-dominated Nazi world, worshipper of the Strong Man, is falling – and with it the very concept of “Man. In earlier wars the men could boast that the privilege of killing and being killed for the Fatherland was their duty. Today, we women get our share. That is changing us, making us contemptuous. At the end of this war, among many other defeats will be the defeat of men as a sex.

The Russians arrive, and you don’t need the details of what happens, I’m sure.


What is the word “rape” anyway? As I said the word aloud the first time, Friday evening in the cellar (27 April, raped for the first time by two Red Army soldiers - PM), it sent shivers down my back. Now I can think it, even write it down with a cold, steady hand. I say it out loud, to get used to the sound of it. It sounds like the final and worst thing, but it isn’t.

All that stuff about the veneer of civilisation being thin? You bet – here’s what it can come to when your leaders decide to throw their country down as the stake in a crap shoot:


Otherwise we’re constantly filled with the sense of being completely at the mercy of others. If we’re alone, every sound, every step scares us. (…) We crouch for hours in the dark, ice-cold room. Ivan has us very low. To some extent, literally: because there are in our block still-undiscovered households, families that live in the cellar since Friday and only send their water-carriers out in the early morning. It seems to me that our men must feel even dirtier than we defiled women. In the queue for the water pump a woman told me how, as the Ivans were trying to drag her from the cellar, a male neighbour had shouted at her “For Christ’s sake just go with them, you’re endangering us all!” A small footnote to the downfall of the West.

The thing is, although you can tell yourself that rape isn’t the final and worst thing, that doesn’t make constantly enduring it any easier:


As I stood up, dizziness, nausea. The torn underwear fell around my feet. I staggered through the lobby, past the sobbing widow into the bathroom. Threw up. The green face in the mirror, the vomit in the toilet. I sat on the edge of the bath, didn’t dare flush, still retching and with so little water in the flush bucket.

Said then out loud: Verdammt! and came to a decision.

Absolutely clear: I needed a wolf to keep the other wolves from my body. An officer, as high as possible, Commander, General, whatever I can get. Why else do I have my savvy and my little knowledge of the enemy’s language?

She gets her wolf. Of course, that doesn’t alter the fact that the losers in a war are the property of the victors:


I sit next to Anatol on the edge of the bed (...) when suddenly the door opens, even though the chair is up against it as usual. Anatol looks up, annoyed at being disturbed. It’s the widow, very red in the face, with disarrayed hair. Behind her a Russian pushes his way in, I recognise him, and remember: it’s the handsome Pole from Lemberg, him with the head wound from Stalingrad that left him with a particular talent for fits of rage. It looks like he’s well on the way to one of those fits of rage right now. He immediately starts shouting, directing his attention at both Anatol and me, calling us to sit in judgement: He’s a young man, he doesn’t care what others think, he hasn’t had a woman for ages… hell, it would be over in no time! And he stares wildly, balls his fists, tears at his hair – obviously full of his absolute right to the widow, whose ability to speak a few words of broken Polish had obviously stuck in his memory. He even tries it now, throws Polish words at her – all in the greatest agitation, while the widow wipes the flowing tears from her face.

Anatol looks at me, looks at the widow, clearly wants nothing to do with it. He turns to me and says it’s really no big deal, I should talk the widow into it, it’d be all over pretty quickly and she really wouldn’t want to cause trouble for herself. Then to the Pole, waving him off: he’d prefer this to be taken somewhere else, he’s in a hurry, needs to get back… and he makes to put the chair back under the door. I quickly whisper a few words to the widow, remind her of the Pole’s head wound and resulting fits of rage. The guy is nuts and goes crazy when he doesn’t get his way… And Anatol is about to leave, then he won’t be able to help any… (…) And she cries. The Pole, already calmer, strokes her. They both disappear.


The whole afternoon the widow didn’t speak to me. She was angry. Only towards evening did she give in, told me… Afterwards the young rage-devil was tame and peaceful, in fact tiringly boring, before he let the widow go. He also left her with a compliment, at first she didn’t want to say what it was, but finally gave in and told us: “Ukrainian woman – so. You – so.” He illustrated this with a circle made out of two thumbs and index fingers at the first “so,” and at the second a little circle made out of one thumb and index finger.

Eventually she snares a Major. And starts to blame herself. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that so many bloggers try and explain rape away – hell, the victims do it too:


This is a new situation. It would be impossible to claim that the Major rapes me. I believe that a single cold word from me would be enough to make him leave and not come again. So I’m voluntarily at his service. Do I do it out of sympathy, out of the need to be loved? God no. By now I’ve had it up to here with the entire world population of blokes and their manly urges, can’t even imagine that I’ll ever again in life feel a desire for such things. Do I do it for bacon, butter, sugar, candles, tinned meat? A little, sure. It was bringing me down, having to eat up the widow’s meagre stores (her 4th floor apartment was destroyed just before the Russians arrived – PM). I’m glad that now, at the Major’s hands, I can bring something to the table. I feel more free that way, eat with a clearer conscience. (…) With all that I still haven’t answered the question of whether I now have to consider myself a prostitute, as I am in essence living from my body and giving it for food.

Which brings me back to the War Memorial Museum in Auckland, and a NZ soldier’s jovial news that women can be bought for cigarettes or food. No doubt the Russian soldiers considered their own rapes the same way. I’ve written elsewhere in one of the threads in SH that starting a war is a sacrifice on the altar of unforeseen consequences. Bush and Blair at least will only get to experience that through depressing poll results and disdainful treatment by historians – others get to feel it directly, on a very personal level.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Traumatized Victims Get Lecture

Instead of sympathy and a helping hand from the visiting PM whose salary and use of the PM's fund collectively exceed the annual GDP of their township, the embattled people of Kaeo were told by the PM. "You'll just have to go and live somewhere else, you know."

If ever you needed evidence that Clark has lost her political marbles, this would be it.

Of course, if Clark actually got off her scrawny arse and got about the country a bit more, she would have known that floods of this kind in Kaeo and the rest of Northland are relatively common place. Someone should tell her about the 1928 floods and the 1962 floods and the 1969 floods in Northland and a few more in between times.

'She said the problem was that many settlements had been established on the basis of old weather patterns, which had changed in the erratic world climate.'

What utterly baseless fatuous bullshit.

Perhaps she will offer the same advice to the neighbors of the Salt family in her own electorate.

Bola Revisited

Adolf and The Cook spent last evening waiting for the ranch sliders to implode. The last time they moved so much, lateraly that is, was during cyclone Bola.

At one stage, when the noise of the wind was akin to that of an aircraft jet engine, Adolf shouted "Eighty knots at least." Seems I was right. (Yes, it happens from time to time.) This morning we read of gusts at 150 kph.

Fortunately the glass withstood the pressure and the roof stayed on.

Not so lucky the residents of an Auckland apartment block. No doubt the architect this morning will be advising his Professional Indemnity insurer of a pending claim. Apparently the design of the roof created 'negative pressure' (that means 'lift' in aeronautical terms) and the roof was pulled off from above. Of course it was a cheap design.

Monday, July 9, 2007

The Goebbelian Prose Style of TVNZ

Adolf just happened to skim the online TVNZ news today. You'd think it was written by Helen Clatk's press secretary. Some samples:

From a report on political developments in Fiji -

'Bainimarama makes the claims in his first sit-down interview since kicking out New Zealand's High Commissioner Michael Green nearly three weeks ago.'

A rational person might have written

'Commodore Bainimarama makes the claims in his first sit-down interview since expelling New Zealand's High Commissioner Michael Green nearly three weeks ago.'

There's also the small matter of getting a few facts wrong.

'The self-imposed military leader of Fiji, ....' Some one should tell the idiot who wrote this that while he might be called a self appointed interim prime minister he is the duly appointed commander of Fiji's military.

Then there's the report of the latest Colmar Brunton poll. Look at these gems of objectivity.
'Labour's outlook will be a little brighter after this poll but it is still behind National so feet will remain firmly on the ground.' Now they are even predicting better poll results for Labour in the future.

'Prime Minister Helen Clark desperately needed a lift in the polls and lately the view has been getting brighter for Labour.' Hell will freeze over before TVNZ stops being a shill for Labour.

The worst feature of this opinion masquerading as news is the fact that they don't even bother to tell you who wrote the junk.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Whatever happened to individual responsibility?

Another heartwarming story of post-Rogernomics NZ society in today's SST: the case of Esera Visesio, killed when a faulty crane operated by Stresscrete (Fletcher Construction) came to bits while lifting a concrete slab. The Stresscrete Operations Manager, a poster boy for "individual responsibility" redefined to mean "me first and devil take the hindmost," spends much of the article attempting to convince us that his role as Operations Manager implied no obligation on his part to actually manage the operation. He was just an employee, same as the others. He was never told the crane was faulty (the judge didn't believe him, and neither do I.) He knew nothing of cranes. He had to make money for the company.The Dept of Labour was on a witchhunt. The worker shouldn't have been standing under the crane's load (presumably he was meant to guide the concrete slab into position by developing powers of telekinesis.)

The last claim tells us where this hero of post-Rogernomics directs the blame. "People need to take responsibility for themselves," he cries, presumably having had an irony by-pass. As a man who patently doesn't give a shit for anyone but himself, he struggles with the concept that his society might hold him responsible for the safety of the people he was managing. Surely their safety was their own individual responsibility? Having ordered his workers to use a crane he knew was faulty, surely the onus was now on them to be ready to run real quick if it broke while they were using it? Ah, the wonders of management in the individual-responsibility environment, eh? Too bad for him nobody told the Dept of Labour.

Labour's State Police

So busy are police headquarters (I mean The Office of The Commissioner) fending off Investigate Magazine and the PCA enquiries into Mr Broad and his mates in Dunedin that they forgot to sort out the small matter of the 111 emergency phone system. Read this story and worry.

The real sting is in the tail. The company which contracts to run the service (Telecom) was not contacted by police for two days. These blokes make Inspector Clouseau look like a genius.

We are reaping the results of a politicised police force where gathering revenue and looking after the interests of politicians take precedence over protecting citizens.

No, No, No! Minister

This story could be called "The Minister, The Unionist and The Trough."

It's a complex web of intrigue, lies, harrassment and greed. A rerun of the Auckland regions blood letting services fiasco.

At the heart of the plot is the good old Labour Party view that when it comes to laws, conventions and ethics, they are for other people. People like small business owners, National Party members, accountants, golf club members and Rotarians.

You will need to read the piece carefully to see what is going on. It is not pretty.

The most sordid detail is glossed over. Annette King's husband (ex unionist) is now employed by the fellow his wife appointed to the board of the DHB and who then attempted to 'swing' the $50 mil contract in the direction of his own company.

Labour people don't have conflicts of interest, they just have their mates.

Green apples and oranges

It's been a long time since I had a go at an old pasttime... reading Green press releases and wondering if they are really toking when they write some of them. Here is one from last month where Jeanette reprimands the G8, actually the US, for its commitment to the cause.
“Bush constantly attempts to paint China as the climate change villain, yet America emits six times more carbon per person than China. China has made has made a commitment to a 10 percent reduction of carbon emissions per unit of GDP over the next five years and is the world’s largest producer of photovoltaic cells for solar power generation,” Ms Fitzsimons says.

The Chinese emit around 4 tonnes of greenhouse gases per person, while Americans are each responsible for 24.1 tonnes.
It is an interesting way of comparing the US and China. China is "committed" to reducing emissions per unit GDP by 10% over five years. Yet the US emits six times more per person (this is a highly variable value, depending on source it can be a factor of 4 to 6 or so). If you find a recent table of emissions per unit GDP then you see that China is close to four times worse than the US. Funny that. The same table will also show that large modernising countries have terrible emissions per unit GDP compared to large modern countries. Small modern countries are the best, for obvious reasons. I'd guess that there is a natural progression for countries to exchange emissions per unit GDP for emissions per person as they modernise, with allowance for size and environment, that keeps the total product around 1.

Jeanette is playing a nice game of apples & oranges here in order to be able to create a demon of the US, ironically after castigating the US for demonising China. That is the art of politics I suppose.

On the other hand China can "easily" lower its emissions per unit GDP by growing fast and modernising. The combination of both, a natural drive to modernise with only minor efficiency gains coupled with sustained high GDP growth (10% per year), means that they can relatively easily achieve an improvement in emissions per unit GDP. But the emissions still go up, so their emissions per person will get worse, since the population isn't growing nearly as fast as GDP (1% vs 10% per year roughly).

So reducing emission per unit GDP by 2% per year is relatively painless and probably to be expected without much effort, when GDP is growing at 10% per year and many people are being driven into the cities and becoming more efficient. It can't drop the emissions per person however, since emissions would then have to drop to a rate near the population growth rate which would devastate the country in the space of five years.
“By refusing to agree to any commitment to stay below two degrees Celsius warming, he is committing the world to the potential of runaway climate change.
Actually, I'd say that that is exactly the position the Chinese have "committed" themselves to!

Comparably the US can't improve its emissions per unit GDP by such means. It is already far more efficient than China, just like Europe, Australia and NZ. Emissions per person however. Well that is a trickier point.

“This is very frustrating for Europe and the nations who have accepted binding commitments.
The Europeans don't care. At least not the ones in charge. The economy in Europe is starting to go quite nicely now, for instance it is virtually impossible to hire any sort of engineer. Watch those bindings slip as the tax coffers begin to fill.

The US is worse than most European countries due to the evolution of cities and the sheer size of the countries. Although with the EU opening up borders they will close in, last week I was on the motorway to Oslo and in the space of 90 minutes passed trucks from Germany, Poland, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Denmark, France, Estonia, Russia, the Czech Republic and even Turkey. It was something of a sight on the edge of the continent. Europe will close in on the US.

But the US is also the wealthiest nation on Earth and emissions are almost linearly tied to GDP. It is more the fact that the US modernised early and generated vast wealth without starting with a huge subject population that gives it this relative "disadvantage" in emissions per person. China has about four times as many people as the US and the US has about four times the emissions per person as China. Yet another natural balance I suspect.

The thing to worry about, if you are a Greenie and take these numbers seriously, is what happens when China becomes rich and modern without decimating its population. Because in the end it is total emission that is your greenhouse bogeyman, not emissions per bogeyman. China has about one quarter of all the bogeymen on Earth and is becoming richer faster than almost anyone else. Worrying about the bushes (until next year) is literally to miss the forest.

The basic fact is that if China's GDP is growing at 10% per year, over five years it will have grown 60%. Emissions basically follow GDP, so after five years with a total 10% drop in emissions per unit GDP the total output will still have grown by over 44%! That is if the make this target which reportedly isn't even in the current five year plan.

Anyhow, hasn't China just overtaken the US in total emissions? So in 5 years time China will be emitting 44% more than the US rather than a likely 60%. They've committed to a huge tsunami of carbon rather than a fucking enormous tsunami. And THAT ladies and gents is better than Bush's non-commitments. But the important thing is to remember that it is the image, not the substance, that matters.

China is the leading producer of photovoltaic cells. Heh heh, the irony. Do you know how much energy they require to make? Do you know who is buying most of them? It's a bit like computer chips and appliances, not many rural Chinese are getting them. By the same token no one in NZ drives a car because buggar all are manufactured there.

Oh before I forget the moral righteousness...
“By refusing to agree to any commitment to stay below two degrees Celsius warming, he is committing the world to the potential of runaway climate change.
Neither George W Bush, Jeanette Fitzsimons, Mahatma Ghandi, Jesus or Muhammed Ali can commit to staying below a 2 degree C warming. Even if you accept everything about climate change that is peddled there is absolutely no way you can commit to saying that your action will guaranteed limit something like that. OK, maybe Jesus could. But not George W.

Somewhere I've got an email I sent to the Greens last year about their profligate use of crap science and statistics which I never got a good answer to. I should dig it out.

We also need to install that javascript thing that created page breaks in posts like these!

Saturday, July 7, 2007

The Cost of Copulation

Yep, there really is something about Palmerston North.

It is the home of Psycho Milt.

It possesses a University which in itself could be seen as an indicator of unsavoury leanings. Now we are told it is a city which apparently has 'leading brothels' so one is left to wonder about how many 'also ran' brothels litter the neighbourhood.

Does brother Bollard take into account the price of a bang when he deliberates on headline inflation? Clearly market forces are at work and prices are falling rapidly. Don't touch the OCR or you'll have overseas investers flooding nto the county for cheap sex.

(Someone should have told the idiot in Hawkes Bay who paid $3.5 mil and a jail sentence for a few bonks with a transitory gold digger.)

The real zinger though is the observation that the professionals are being put out of business by amateurs who do it all for free.

'Prostitution had a rival in internet dating and the availability of "free sex", adding to the decline, Mr Bennachie said.'

Adolf is reminded of the remarks of an American GI posted to Noo Zild in 1942.

'Goddamnit, you caint run a brothel in this country, there're just too many God damned ammerchewers.'

What a bastard. All the little fuckers will have to go back to being check out girls.

When Trust Fails

This week has seen disaster piled upon disaster. First was the Bridgcorp collapse which has plunged 18,000 trusting Kiwis into fiancial dispair.

Now we see a reputable Hawkes Bay insurance broker has been taken for $3.5 million by its high flying manager and his even higher flying wife.

(The man is question seems to think his wife won't be around for long. So why the hell did he marry the gold digger in the first place?)

Adolf finds the excuse offered by the business's owners to be almost bizarre. They 'trusted him' ! !
Have they not heard of management and reporting systems designed to prevent fraudsters from stealing them blind? Where was their chartered accountant when he was really needed?

One wonders how the short arsed ex TVNZ news reader who spruiks for Hanover Finance is sleeping these days. Will he be sued by investors if Hanover topples over? Adolf can't quite remember the spiel but it was pretty syrupy and very much an enticement for people to invest because Richard Long (whose only financial experience is reading from an autocue) says everything will be fine.

Time for a very big shake up. Everybody has been focussing on life insurance and managed fund operators while finance companies have been getting away with murder under the noses of the very regulators who tout themselves as white knights.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Noose Tightens on Mangere Slug

So much for the bravado of Philip Field's lawyer.

Remind me never to hire a lawyer called Satiu Perese. He's all perese and wind.

The Mangere Slug moves another step closer to the political gallows.


I'm in Austraia on a well deserved break. North Queensland to be precise.

Two things strike me about Aussies and Austraia.

First, they talk funny. Like leaving out the 'l' in the name of their country. And they're so, um, frank about things. A spade is a bloody spade. Fair dunkum. And they ones up where I am don't like migrants too much.

Second, the weather is fantastic. No Tornadoes here folks.

I will be back on board in about a week. Great to see this up and running. Thanks PM & WhaleOil. It really is appreciated.

There Goes Another Old Boiler

One or two readers will remember the late Sir Reginald Ansett who , embroiled in a bitter industrial dispute with his airline stewards, referred to them as a 'bunch of old boilers.'

Qantas doesn't seem to have learned from his experience as this story indicates.

Did I see an excited titter ran through the court as the accused took unto herself the characteristic of being 'rather large breasted?'

Heinrich Carter

After completely botching the evicition of the awful Salt family, housing minister Chris Carter is calling on neighbours of state housing tenants to 'dob in' bad neighbours and to gain and record evidence to support their dobbing in. How remarkably stupid.

It is not a crime to be a bad neighbour, just as it was not a crime to be a Jew in Germany in 1939.

There will need to be a special new agency to deal with 'bad neighbours.' The last one was called The Gestapo.

It too, was run by a homosexual - one called Himler

Return to sender

We get a lot of couriered deliveries here at work since we are in the business of designing and delivering high performance technical systems.

But it isn't every day that we get a large FedEx parcel from the American base of a US super-carrier containing an interesting item addressed to rendezvous with said carrier when it arrives in the Gulf soon. Bahrain, Sweden, what's the difference really? Since they FedExed it, it obviously isn't of too sensitive a nature but it is still a surprise to receive and worth a pretty penny.

But not as much of a surprise as the carrier technicians will get when they receive a broken battery being returned for mundane servicing.

Must go now and await the black helicopters.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

A Faint Trace of Sanity

Christchurch City Council gives the flick to the PC wowsers who want to control everyone else's lives but their own.

And the bells pealed out again.

What would have happened if young Tony had been on Council?

Dumb Stuff

From a fellow who not too long ago claimed to be a pretender to the National Party leadership, here's a free hit for embattled Labour. Where, oh where did he leave his brains? I'd like to be a fly on the wall when John Key gets to speak to him.

That's Mah Boy ! !

As you read this Herald opinion piece you can almost hear Helen Clark purring.

'The nationalist propaganda under such racist affirmative action ensures that votes can easily be bought at taxpayers' expense from impoverished, simple villagers. In the last election some $23 million of taxpayers' money was abused in this way.'

The similarities are striking. A corrupt administration where the police are in the pockets of the administration, taxpayers' money is used shamelessly to bribe dimwitted sheople into voting for the Dear Leader, constitutional law, precedent and convention are brushed aside when expedient, citizens die in custody, the good of the nation is subordinate to the welfare of the party and the cronies of the party prosper at the expense of the general populace.

It is actually difficult to distinguish between New Zealand and Fiji without the help of the author who informs us he is writing about Fiji.

This author talks sense. (the wimpish leftists in NZ who call themselves human rights activists should take note of this fellow.)

It is instructive to note that in this instance it is an ethnic Fijian who has used the army to overthrow a corrupt government in order to stop one group of ethnic Fijians from dominating Indo Fijians and poor indigenous Fijians.

Also useful to remember that Queer Arse's election was unlawful and unconstituional, in spite of BooBoo Hobb's fatuous seal of approval. No fair election can be held until a reliable census has been carried out. Do we hear Clark and Peters offering assistance to help in this complex and difficult task? No, they are interested only in shouting to help their crooked freind Queer Arse get his snout back into the trough.

It's high time we in New Zealand had our very own 'clean up.'

Now there's a campaign slogan for the Gnats.

"It's Time For a Clean Out"

I'm well off - bribe me some more!

Interesting exchange over at Just Left re Labour's new big 3 - Kiwisaver, cheaper doctors' visits and subsidised childcare - over at Just Left.

This from Burt:
"I was talking to my brother today, asking him if he's into Kiwisaver. He isn't earning a lot and he currently can't afford to put 4% aside. We laughed about how the tax he pays on every dollar he earns will be contributing toward my Kiwisaver account. Naturally I thanked him for voting Labour and giving me some of his money."

This from SPC:
"Labour could well have an answer for that in 2008.

A tax cut focused on the lower tax rates (10 cents on the first 10 or 20 thousand) - so those who cannot afford to save their "4%" get it in a tax cut so they can.

Thus low income earners and high income earners then would get the same tax cut amount."

This from me:
"Yes, Labour *could* have an answer in 2008 - but won't. The low-paid already vote Labour and don't really have any other option (National sure ain't their friend), so they'll be ignored. Anything Labour hands out will be free gifts to people like me and Burt and middle-class students at the *expense* of the low-paid."

I remember being astounded to get back to NZ from Kuwait, rolling in cash and with a decent salary coming in from my new job, and find that because I had kids I was entitled to welfare! They can call it "Working For Families" all they like, it's still fucking social welfare as far as I'm concerned. Like the interest-free student loans bribe before the 2005 election, it's basically an election bribe to people who already aren't short of a bob or two, paid for by people struggling to make ends meet.

Show some bollocks, Labour - stop trying to bribe well-off middle class voters like me, and do something for the people your party's named for. You could start by making the first $10,000 of earnings tax-free.

NB: Normally I figure Labour gets enough stick from my fellow authors without me adding to it, but I'm feeling particularly grumpy with them right now because of the mailout. Russell Brown's got it well covered.