Saturday, June 30, 2007


Caucus Meeting

On the last day of the financial year was held the first caucus meeting of the 'No Minister Party.' Both left and right factions were equally represented. Nothing was agreed.

Hey Milt, I feel all funny - using the keyboard again! Many thanks for all your effort. How many hours and how much money did it take to get set up thus far?

I'll try to give you a call on Monday.


Psycho Milt said...

It took a few minutes and an outlay of $0 - blogger's good like that. Basic, but also gratis.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, guys!!!

G7 said...

can you explain what happened to SH?

Anonymous said...

welcome back..

(i've missed having you to 'play with'..) tell us the tale of the (petulant?/sulky?) boy who picked up his ball and went home..


but..but..what on earth will you find to talk about..?

did you hear that while you were away..

things have changed..

your favoirite war has gone totally pear-shaped..

(so war-pimping/boosting is out..)

climate-change/global warming have become part of the accepted dialogue..

(so climate-change denial is out..)

did you hear that brash has gone..?

..and key has taken national back to the centre..?

(more 'centre' fact than clark/labour..)

so dreaming/musing on 'what/brash/national will do' also out..)

the (attempted) rightwing revolution has pretty much run it's the verdict is it's been a resounding failure..

your neo-christian-fundamentalists have hived off to set up their own 'rapture-watch'..

so..what to talk about..?

(got any good recipies..?..)


Psycho Milt said...

Such triumphalism, Phil! Sure such confidence is warranted?

I will say:
1. I don't think what Iraq's going through is anything to get particularly chuffed about.

2. Climate-change scaremongering has certainly become part of the accepted dialogue. Unfortunately it does more to generate skeptics than actually achieve anything. Given that India and China write off anything we can achieve a few hundred times over, how good do you seriously think you can feel about the acceptance by our media of that scaremongering?

3. Our "neo-Christian Fundamentalists" seem to be doing pretty damn good for themselves, thanks.

4. Unfortunately, I have to agree re Key positioning National more 'centre' than Labour. The left's likely to take a thorough hammering in 2008 - think Key will still be Mr Centre after the election? I'm not expecting so...