Monday, December 31, 2007

Now Kiddies, It's Time For Religious Instruction

One of the unfortunate dils who thinks the sun shines out of the PM's cloaca writes under the pseudonym of Rocket Boy and had this to say in respect of the Electoral Finance Act recently in a comment over at Farrar's place:-

".....this blog would be pretty boring if there weren’t a few people who didn’t think DPF walked on water......"

Rocket Boy unfortunately picked the wrong biblical analogy in desribing DPF. Let's have a look at the more appropriate story which can be found in the Old Testament, to whit, the Book of Exodus.

Passage Exodus 14:21-26:

21 Then Moses stretched out his hand over the sea, and all that night the LORD drove the sea back with a strong east wind and turned it into dry land. The waters were divided, 22 and the Israelites went through the sea on dry ground, with a wall of water on their right and on their left.

23 The Egyptians pursued them, and all Pharaoh's horses and chariots and horsemen followed them into the sea. 24 During the last watch of the night the LORD looked down from the pillar of fire and cloud at the Egyptian army and threw it into confusion. 25 He made the wheels of their chariots come off [a] so that they had difficulty driving. And the Egyptians said, "Let's get away from the Israelites! The LORD is fighting for them against Egypt."

26 Then the LORD said to Moses, "Stretch out your hand over the sea so that the waters may flow back over the Egyptians and their chariots and horsemen."

This passage might be rewritten slightly, as follows:-

NZ Herald Front Page Expose:

21 Then David Farrar stretched out his hand over the Electoral Finance Bill, and for week after week The Herald drove the tide of opinion back with a strong east wind and turned it into widespread public anger. The bills supporters were divided, 22 and the protest marchers went through the sea on moral high ground, with a wall of Labour inspired abuse on their right and on their left.

23 Labour pursued them, and all Clark's horses and chariots and horsemen followed them into the sea. 24 During the last opinion polls of the night the voters looked down at the Labour army and threw it into confusion. 25 The wheels of their chariots come off [a] so that they had difficulty driving. Dunny took a dive and Tim delivered a king hit. And the Labour hordes said, "Let's get away from the Gnats, Act and Maori voters! God is fighting for them against Labour."

26 Then the LORD said to David Farrar, "DPF, stretch out your hand over the sea so that the waters may flow back over the Labourites and their chariot and trolls."

And so it came to pass. He did. And it was good.

She Was Doing OK Until.....

How many times has an otherwise excellent piece of writing been spoiled by an absolute blooper like this?

"......holding a large rifle and several dead pheasants....."

Someone should tell the silly girl these fellows were carrying shotguns, not rifles. And her Daddy was a B grade serial cowboy!

As a matter of interest, Adolf once downed a pheasant in flight at a range of about forty yards, using a .22 rifle. Now that would have done Davey Crockett real proud!

Just When You Thought.............

Just when you thought Labour had reached the nadir of cynical political opportunism, just when you thought they might wake up to the adverse messages they have sent to voters, they pull a boner like this.

Owen Glenn. Photo / Greg Bowker

They have knighted their biggest donor, Owen Glenn - a rich prick who hasn't lived in New Zealand for how many decades?

Labour's political strategy book is being written for them by John Key.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Senseless and Sinister

A fifty year old father was beaten to death in Sydney this week. He was a Maori boy from Ngati Hine. Jim Tautari was likely a brother or nephew of Mathew Tautari with whom Adolf and Dezzie Cherrington, circa 1960, used to ride young steers up the road at Orauta - until that is, Matthew Tautari got bucked off onto a barbed wire fence. We figured then the risks might outweigh the thrills.

What an immensely sad and tragic episode for all the people concerned.

What intrigues Adolf is the failure of the PC Australian media to identify the racial charateristics of the perpetrators. Were they white Australians? Were they Musllims?

My bet would be white Ockers.

School Kids on Holiday

Bill Ralston has an excellent piece in this morning's Herald. The title might have been 'Labour Parties While National Works.'

It appears Labour thinks it has some dirt on a National Party MP and is set to release it shortly before the election - apparently they are referring to it as a 'neutron bomb.'

"Chortling Labour MPs refer to it as their "neutron bomb". It is a rather scandalous tale about a senior National MP timed to detonate when the election campaign begins."

Meanwhile National is hard at work exposing Labour's 'waste and stupidity.'

"Labour can try and dig up old scandals and hurl them at its opponents, but the Nats may prove the best way to discredit a party is by exposing its waste and stupidity."

Someone needs to tell the Labour's strategists a little about subliminal messages. If they adopt this tactic and IF the Gnats manage the accusation well, their mud slinging will bounce right back in their faces and finally give National the very edge it needs to govern on its own - proving the usually reliable Matt McCarten wrong. Adolf's instant reaction to the words 'neutron bomb' was 'this is a bunch of school kids - why would you allow them to run the country?'

I'm very pleased to see National working through the so-called break. Here is a clear point of difference between the Gnats and a tired, dispirited, worn out team of losers. (Maybe Labour should be lining up against the Bangladeshis and the Indians over the break.)

Adolf needs to repeat here his earlier admonition that under NO CIRCUMSTANCES must the National Party ever again have any 'dealings' with Winston Peters.

The Bolshevik Broadcasting Company - part 2

It must have been those darned Presbyterians again!!!!
I watched the BBC news several times concerning Benazir Bhutto's assasination.
We often heard talk of 'extremists' but never a word of them being muslim or Islamic, though Al Queda got the odd mention.
But what can we expect from the Bolshevik or Burka Broadcasting Corporation?
On Christmas Day, BBC1 broadcast a special of To The Manor Born, a fresh episode made some 25 years after the last.
Audrey Fforbes-Hamilton railed against the supermarkets for screwing the farmers and its resulatnt impact on country life.
But not a word on Liarbour UK's banning of fox hunting, which I'm sure such a supporter of traditional values would have commented upon.
Of course, we must not forget.
In the run up to Christmas, the Beeb's youth station Radio 1 censored the Kirsty McColl / Pogues classic, the Fairy Tale of New York. They thought the words 'slut' and 'faggot' were too offensive. But there was such a public outcry that the radio station backed down.
The resultant publicity however, failed to stop the re-release of the song after 20 years making the Christmas Number 1 again, which instead went to yet another winner of the X Factor, a young Scottish lad called Leon.

The Catholic Invasion of Britain

Something Lucyna at NZ Catholic, I mean Conservative, missed- Catholicism is now the number one religion for practicing Christians in Britain.
Most people still identify as CofE/Protestants, but thanks to an invasion of Poles and other East Europeans, the Catholics have the fuller churches.
However, the Pope did gain a notable new recruiit- former PM Tony Blair! Who it seems has long been under the influence of wife Cherie. Though as critics noted, Blair passed legislation like civil unions which contradict the teachings of Rome.
Tony Blair's ex media chief Alastair Campbell quipped that at least Blair had not gone muslim.
Talking of which, their numbers are apparantly 1.5 million and rising, rapidly.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

I Wouldn't Miss The Next Six Months For Quids

The 'Right Wing Blogger' is off for a well earned break but takes a well directed parting shot at the Cadarvorous Cow and her pet theme, climate change.

Ms O'Sullivan has a habit of putting into words opinions held by Adolf but not yet put into sufficient order to publish.

My favorite among her predictions is the demise of the appallingly destructive global warming conspiracy. Second is the prospect of Winston, Jeanette and Rodney looking for jobs. Of course, Rodney is eminently employable.

Update: The Dompost weighs in with its predictions - fairly insipid, I thought - among which is this wet dish cloth "A scandal bubbling away beneath the surface will erupt..." Yawn! Yawn! Have some courage, people. Tell us which one it is which is doing the bubbling. Is it to do with a certain court appearance in Los Angeles?

Friday, December 28, 2007

Oh Yes, Now I Remember....

Oh yes, now I remember the bunch of crooks we have in government gave this bunch of crooks one million dollars of my money.

"Navman said it had wanted smaller retailers to stop aggressive price-cutting to avoid complaints from its larger retail customers."

The silly thing is, Navman could have solved its problem legally, by giving the big retailers a better buying price for volume purchases. The silly buggers were trying to have two bob each way.

Can't they just get stuffed

I'm beginning to sound like Peter Cresswell at Not PC.
Here's Trevor Mallard telling us all to 'go green' this Christmas.
But I am getting so sick and tired of the constant nagging and hectoring from government.
And judging by the polls, I think a lot of New Zealand is too.
Just before Christmas, Beatle Paul McCartney urged us all to go vegetarian for the sake of the planet.
After hearing more eco-nagging like this, I'm in the mood for a big steak.
Go on, tuck into lots of meat and fish this Yuletide.
Just to piss off the interfering busybodies!!!

Deck the halls with bread and lard

Festive Greetings from Wetherby town library again.

I'm still sorting out the internet. Seems my laptop's modem ain't working. so I cannot even get dial-up.
But hasn't Christmas changed over the past 60 or so years?

Here's a couple of tales about Christmas in post-war Britain, when just about everything was rationed. First, the Yorkshire Evening Post with this old memory.

Better still is this article from the Daily Telegraph, recalling 1947 when in Britain you were rationed to an ounce (28 grams) of bacon per WEEK.
And that was when the war was OVER!!!!.

It seems unfathomable today in an era of overflowing supermarkets that even in wartime, government could so control the supply of food. But surely the lesson of the past few decades is that you either ration by price or you ration by queue.

If food was in short supply, yes, it's price would rise, but this would encourage extra supply so the shortages would disappear faster and prices would fall back to a new equilibrium level. The poor could be helped with extra benefits to offset their greater costs.

Of course, a black market did appear but I'm sure wartime austerity would have ended quicker once state planning ended, as we see in post-communist countries.

Isn't the story of state planning and supply, wherever it rears its ugly head, one of shortages and inferior products. I'm sure our current high oil prices is sending the signal to oil companies to find more oil, so we'll be awash of the stuff in 5-10 years, assuming, of course, governments don't prevent the oil companies from finding it.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Sir Charles Court. RIP

One of Aldolf's heroes, Sir Charles Court died the other day, aged 96.

Sir Charles was Premier of Western Australia for nearly all the time Adolf lived there during the seventies and early eighties. While I was actively involved in the Liberal Party at that time my memory is that Sit Charles was respected by people across the political spectrum.

He was unashamedly 'for Western Australia.' In fact he made his political career by countless times reminding Western Australians that while they constituted just ten percent of the population of Australia, their state contributed forty percent of the national tax take and of course Sir Charles made sure that he was at the forefront of efforts to get the biggest whack possible back for the benefit of Western Australians.

His other hugely successful political foible was the way in which he always referred to his state as WESTern Australia, with the emphasis on the WEST syllable.

Adolf cannot recall any hint of scandal being associated with him or his political career.

Sir Charles was always the gentleman.

Dompost Cronicles Clark's Sporting Debacles

This morning's DomPost editorial is close to Adolf's heart. First, unwittingly it lays bare the jinx like qualities of the braying ass we have for a Prime Minister and secondly it wittingly echo's my own feeling on the misfortunes of our hapless national cricket team.

The list of lamentable losses includes the Kiwis piss poor league performance this year.

"The rotated and reconditioned, or should that be deconditioned, All Blacks finished a miserable seventh or eighth at the Rugby World Cup, the netballers lost to the old foe, Australia, the America's Cup yachties fell at the final hurdle in Valencia and the Kiwi rugby league team ran up the white flag against the Australians and the British."

To be fair to the PM, Adolf is unaware of her sending subliminally defeatist text messages to the league coach or of her turning up at the match to scare the players shitless. However, when all the analysis of tactics, strategy, coaching, captaincy, preparation and attitude is said and done, the one consistent characteristic of all our other sporting failure has been the presence and or influence of Helen Clark. Funny thing is, her midas like touch on our sporting assets has coincided with her failing political fortunes. (In case you're wondering, when Adolf has a 'midas week' it is one in which every bit of gold he touches turns to lead.)

Now for The Queer Slack Caps. Adolf has been a devotee of cricket all his life. From the age of seven or eight when his father put a cricket ball in an old nylon stocking hung from the clothes line on a piece of string for batting practice, through to captaining the school eleven and on to some thirty years of mediocre but enjoyable club cricket. Adolf even got to participate in a game on the WACA. (Shell Co v The North West Association.)

Today it's harder to be a Slack Cap supporter than it is to be a member of the Exclusive Brethren at a Labour Party conference. Why even on Christmas Day, the good people at Sky TV put on a replay of NZ v Pakistan and when someone asked me what the game was, I replied 'they must have gone back a while to find something we won.' We settled down to watch and lo and behold, the Pakis knocked us off.

You know your sport is buggered when the TV people sort through the archives to replay your team's most exciting DEFEAT! ! ! I have to say, I will not be at Eden Park today and I might not even dare watch the encounter on TV. The thought of being banged by the Bangers is just too much.

I can't help but reflect that the last time I recall our lads enjoying a modicum of consistent success was when they had an Ocker for a coach. I think it's time Bracewell found some other way to serve his sport.

However, the cricketing quote of the year goes to Paul Holmes who, after a trip to North Africa, was heard to remark - 'They've introduced cricket to The Yemen, you know. It's become an instant success, immensely popular. They've called it Yemeni Cricket."

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

A merry Christmas to all our readers

Gaah - was not banned from food, am now concentrating on moving as little as possible. Perhaps should also not have begun the fizzy wine/Cointreau/marinated cranberry cocktails before lunch. Have left a merry Xmas comment at NZConservative, as their message of what Xmas symbolises carries a little more gravitas than my personal one of stuff-yourself, get-shitfaced and buy-your-kids-outrageously-expensive-presents. Oh well - God blesses us all in his own way I guess (er, should he turn out to exist).

It's Too Much To Bear

The smell of the chook roasting, the bustle in the kitchen, the rustle of the wrapping paper, the sight of the glazed ham.

Adolf is banned from proximity to food for another 85 bloody minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Might have to sneak out the back door and head for Burger King.

Christmas Greeting

To all readers, friend and others, Adolf gives best wishes for a peaceful, safe and pleasant Christmas.

Over at Farrars place is one of the best pieces of satirical Christmas verse you will see for many a long year. (Scroll down in comments.) Well done, Rex Widerstrom. One is inspired now to dream up words for "Clark, The Herald Zeroes In."

Monday, December 24, 2007

Helen Clark Was Right.....

When she said we get a good inflow of Australian migrants to NZ in return for the tens of thousands of young, qualified, capable, keen people who scarper to Oz to better themselves.

Yep, we get some real big mothers, with bloody huge teeth and they hang around here for months at a time feeding on our beneficiary colonies. Woops, that's supposed to be seal colonies - the fat ones which don't move around much.

The Happy Face of Christmas

This is the bloke who threatened The Herald with tax penalties. Remember him? Here's his subliminal Christmas message to Herald readers. Straight from the Mallard lexicon - " ....fuck you.."

Michael Cullen. Photo / Richard Robinson

It pays not to annoy the biggest daily paper in the land because when you do they publish images you'd rather not remember.

Bloody funny.

Finlayson Nails Labour

Here's the piece Adolf couldn't find from Chris Finlayson's speech the other day because the Hansard was not yet on line.,%20Chris.jpeg

"Its motto is: “Accentuate the negative; ban; boycott; embargo; exclude; vilify; blacklist; close down; shut up; silence; censure; hate; sneer.” But these are the things that come so naturally to Helen Clark and the other Labour Party wreckers and haters. They are the only things they know."

Couldn't have put it better myself.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Our Hating and Wrecking PM

Helen Clark referred to the Maori people who descended on parliament to protest her Foreskins and Seaweed legislation as 'haters and wreckers.' She made these remarks from the safety of her office before she scuttled off to talk to a sheep in Central Otago. Not having the fortitude to face the music, she directed her then minion John Tamihere to hold the line.

Clark will live to regret this smart arse one liner which, probably, will be her epitaph.
'Here Lies Helen Elisabeth Clark Who Lived a Lie and Lied to Live Hater of Christians and Wrecker of Conventions'

It is useful to review the list of institutions she has wrecked:-

Television New Zealand

Our apolitical public service

New Zealand's electoral law and its associated conventions

The integrity of the police force

Labour's hold on the Maori vote

NZ Police

The New Zealand Labour Party

Readers are invited to add to the list via comments.

The Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation and other media

Once thing I enjoy about Britain is that its larger population (60 million and rising as UK Liarbour feebly protects our borders from immigrants) supports a much more diverse and better standard of media.
Of course, familar problems with bias still prevail, especially with the BBC.
A week or so ago, it was reported that the corporation had been ringing people around for a critical comment about the Queen. The station is planning some kind of programme on her life to be broadcast the day she dies and was seeking 'balance.' It had contacted left wing playright David Hare but he was unwilling to slag off Her Majesty for such a broadcast, and the BBC researchers said everyone else was saying likewise. All they wanted to do was offer praise. News of this created a right royal stir with the usually slagging off of 'Aunty'.
The regular news programmes on BBC1 are littie better. There certainly seems an obsession with the environment and global warming almost like the ABC's Tony Jones has over Iraq. One story last week was critical of the Americans for producing too much biofuel at the expense of the environment! Hang on? Aren't biofuels supposed to be green?
The highlight of that particular edition of the news, was after it started with a report on the Bali conference, several stories later on was the ice storms and blizzards of North America! So much for 'global warming.'
The BBC has recently been condemned for a somewhat bumlicky interview with PM Gordon Brown when he bottled out of the election, but over at the rival ITV station, the Labour government fares less well. Its news programmes regulalry use words like 'embarassment' and 'faulure' when talking about Brown and his shambolic government. I cannot ever imaging the BBC or TVNZ doing likewise even if both the Clark and Brown governments are a total shambles at the moment.
The national newspapers continue to impress and remain strong. The Sun, The Daily Mail and the Telegraph being my particulalr favourites. Sunday also wouldn't be Sunday without the Sunday Times. Richard Littlejohn, formerly of the Sun, but now at the Mail, remains my best columnist.
Imagine a youthful and over excited Adolf going professional!
Former Sun editor kelvin Mackenzie is also worth a read.
While the national papers are looking strong, with fat advertising supplements, things look bleak at the local level. The Yorkshire Post, a particulalr favourite of my dad has seen its horse classified advertising on Saturday sink from two pages to just half in recent years. The paper looks a little scrappy, with its sister, the Yorkshire Evening Post looking particularly feeble.
The UK media has undergone much merger activity and restructuring and it looks like the accountants have wreaked much havoc. With such pisspoor content in many of the local rags, you will often hear the cry 'there's now't in it.' This week's Wetherby News being a particulalr example. For a town of nearly 20,000, i am sure more has happened over the past week than a several school nativity plays (we are very white round here) and a series of carol concerts!
At least the Evening Post managed to find a terribly sick boy to grace last night's front page, though the local Calendar news programme on ITV went two better by trawling the children's wards of Leeds hospital and finding some cancer sufferers.
The UK media loves stories of sick and dying children to tug our heartstrings during the festive season.
Well, at least they take our mind off the UK economy, which apparantly is heading for a slump. Tales of global credit crunch, falling house prices to come (yipppee!!! I say as a potential first-time buyer), gloomy consumer confidence, the sales starting early, and the only silver lining being the UK Tories well ahead in the polls, with a leader a bit like our own John Key.
I'll try and post before Christmas, but if not, Merry Christmas everyone!!!

New York -- day two

Lovely dinner in a French style bistro. Huge portions, chicken stew and veges and the california blush washed it down nicely.
Then a varied selection of bars- a sports bar, a piano bar (where they played my request), a more 'historic' bar, a karaoke bar, and finally a nightclub before rolling back to the hotel at 3am.
Next morning, I had left it a little late for the Woodbury shopping centre, as recommended by Cactus Kate, but I expect to be visiting a couple of similar outlets here, like this one I visited yesterday and got some nice black leather shoes for £10, reduced from £85.
Anyway, back to New York. Delicious slice of pizza from an outlet just over the road from Adolf's favourite newspaper, the New York Times.
Then, I walked up other streets/avenues I missed the day before, calling in at Bloomingdale's , Tiffany's and a few other posh spots. I managed to find the Ecko fashion saleagain, so i came away with three coats for $50US and a jumper for $15US.
The Apple store was well worth the visit too, along with a final stroll through the edge of Central Park, before taking the subway to JFK airport.
Final reflections: the New Yorkers are very friendly, even the dodgy looking ones on the subway. The sights and food are great, well worth another visit. And even though there was no snow, some of the old buildings sited in tree-lined boulevardes reminded me of Paris!
New York has to be done at least once in your life, so go.

Don't knock Telecon NZ, too much

Greetings from Wetherby town library.
I have been back in Yorkshire for just over a week now and had been hoping to get back online pronto.
Alas, broadband in the UK is not what it is cracked up to be.
First of all, my retired parents have no computer, thus no broadband.
Thus I have had to come here and also visit a cybercafe in historic York, which is also 10kms away, and I have no car while here.
Ringing around the major ISPs , etc, you must sign up for a full year, costing well over £100, which is hardly worth it, especially as it takes 2 weeks to get connected!
Furthermore, with them living on a country lane, their phoneline is shared with a neighbour, something known as 'daxing' . Engineers would have to be called out, costing a further £50 to £200.
So I am having to look at dial-up. A company called tiscali does a pay-as-you-go option which looks promising, so lets see if the computer shop in town deals with them.
But i recall signing up with Xtra was much less hassle, even if their DLink routers are so bloody crap. I might have gone through six of their useless routers, with the latest, already broken as it came fresh out of the box (second time that has happened) but at least Xtra can have you online in a day or so.
All they have to do is flick a switch, but when the Royal Mail broadband department was asked why they cannot speed things up, they blamed their 'automated processes'. So much for progress!
So that explains my absences over the past week or so. Hopefully, I'll be back online soon, even if it is dial-up.
BTW Airport internet costs are horrendous. In the US brace yourself for 25cents a minute and 12 euros an hour at frankfurt. Makes to $2 or so for ten minutes at Auckland International, a positive bargain.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

How Labour Americanized The Public Service

Labour's catch cry over the years has been the 'evil American' system. Who can remember their claims of National or ACT 'Americanizing' the health system or 'Americanizing' schools or 'having their policies written in Washington'

Now, thanks to Fran O'Sullivan, we can see how Labour has Americanized the once independent NZ Public Service. Her piece is a devastating indictment of Labour, SSC Prebble and the Public Service.

I suspect this is the first time the real chicanery of Labour and its cronies has been laid bare for the public to see. See how Prebble conveniently ignored this gem from Rennie:-

"Rennie's report noted Curran's note focused heavily on the proposed tactics associated with a planned launch of climate change work.

"This included minimising the risk of negative comment from 'Greens' (by which Ms Curran meant the Green Party and Green NGOs) and timing the event to dominate the media agenda for that week. While departmental advice on communications can appropriately consider tactical issues, it should focus on the presentation of government policies and avoid the appearance of advice on the political management of government announcements."

As an aside, Adolf has learned over the past three years that every time Labour accuses an opponent of some heinous misdeed, one can be confident Labour already is heavily engaged in the particular activity.

The first task facing National, Act and the Maori Party when they take office next year is to restore the integrity of the public service and the police force. Dr Prebble should be called in for a detailed discussion on this particular report and a few others, after which discussion his resignation should be tendered on the grounds that the new administration and the public has no confidence in his integrity.

It's called 'having a clean out,' I understand. Commodore Bainimarama would be glad to offer consultancy services.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Burger King Sues Stuff

If they haven't, they should.

Adolf read a piece this evening in which Burger King was done over by some gormless prick complaining about being served coffee in a paper cup. Right next to this piece, the paper ran an advert asking people to name a burger. You could not see whose burger you were nameing so you would assume it was one from Burger King.

But no. It was from the masters of low nutritional value, MacDonalds.

Dum Stuff! ! ! ! !

Security Team Banned For Next Four Matches

Amid claims of 'spear tackles' and 'whacks in the ear' and 'headlocks' the judicial panel of the National Football League has been forced to ban the Lockeroos for a few matches after a brawl broke out during yesterday's fixture between the Security Scabs and the EPMU Thuggers. Bloodthirsty sports fans will have to wait until the Security Scabs and the EPMU Thuggers meet again in three month's time for the great Electoral Finance Act knock out competition to be held at the CakeTin.

At one stage the Thuggers invoked the video ref in a claim of dangerous playagainst the Scabs but the ref saw the real deal and charged the Thuggers.

The local Labour candidate was last seen running for his life, leaving behind only a charred copy of his practicing certificate and a demand for name suppression.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

GMH Gets Gummint Subsidy To Produce Holdens

Well, they probably would if they operated in NZ and could deliver bullet proof V8 Caprices which run on fart derived methane.

No, this time it's TVNZ which is using nearly $3 mil of taxpayers money to prop up it's flagging flagship current affairs programme, Sunday.

Naturally TV3 is calling foul but as in any cricket match, the rules don't' matter so much as the perception. It's kinda like the way a chucker can bowl all those wickets but when someone has the cheek to point out he's not actually bowling but throwing the ball, the someone gets banned.

So it doesn't matter if your business is going down the gurglar. Just run along to Frau Gruppenfurher and ask for a few bob. But did you get the Wellingtonspeak sleight of hand? '

"Broadcasting Minister Trevor Mallard said TVNZ had not sought approval to use the funds for Sunday because it was "critical that TVNZ be free from interference in its editorial, programming and day-to-day operational decisions".


Pull the other leg Trev. Your mates at TVNZ smooched up to you and said:- 'Hey Trev bro. You guys are getting a fucking flogging in the polls and we need some dough, eh? How about you look the other way when we pinch the dough - you know, like you fullas did for that pledge card in 05 - and we'll make sure you get to look good on the news and on Sunday too. Yeah man, you want us to change the set so everything is the right red colour as well? Choooice, man.'

TVNZ is long past it's sell by date. Another asset wrecked by the hater Clark.

Then They Banned The Children

If you want to see the manner in which prosecutions will be pursued under the electoral Finance Act, look no further than Labour's on / off ban on people connected with the Fiji military.

In a politically inept new nadir of mean spirited stupidity, ten children from Fiji have been banned from attending a Scout Jamboree in Christchurch. Why? Apparently it seems their parents have some connection with the Fiji military. Oh well, they're only kids so it doesn't matter.

Funny thing is, the manager of the Fiji netball team whose husband and son both serve in the military was grantd a viza. A cabinet minister in the Bainimarama interimg government was granted a viza. But by hell, we'll show em who's boss around here. Their bloody kids can stay home.

Another Peters / Clark own goal.

And Not Before Time

Mayor John Banks has put the boot into profligate council spending on Christmas bashes.

Aaron B will love the money quote:-

'Councillors Glenda Fryer and Cathy Casey did not detect much of a change in the food.'

With socialists, giving them good tucker is like feeding strawberries to pig.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Good Day's Sport

Adolf has greatly enjoyed the hysterical commentary from Leftist apologists over at Farrar's place today. The new bill board campaign has surely struck a nerve and when Russell Brown tells you it will backfire you know you are onto a winner.

The creme de la creme did not come until later in the afternoon when Adolf was driving and listening to Jim Mora's panel discussion on the EFB. The editor of The Herald came on and had 'an exhange' with pommy lefty Brian Edwards. It was hilarious and Edwards will take a day or two to dig the barbs out from his flesh. He really did make a fool of himself.

If you want to hear it, get the transcripts from RAdio Left Wing's website for the period from about 4.20 through to 4.45.

I'm still laughing.

Unlike you, we have no illusions

John Pilger has a rant about the current state of the UK in the Guardian. As usual, his determination that everything bad in the world is all our fault makes it hard to read his piece through to the end, but I found little to disagree with here:

Britain is now a centralised single-ideology state, as secure in the grip of a superpower as any former eastern bloc country. The Whitehall executive has prerogative powers as effective as politburo decrees. Unlike Venezuela, critical issues such as the EU constitution or treaty are denied a referendum, regardless of Blair's "solemn pledge". Thanks largely to a parliament in which a majority of the members cannot bring themselves to denounce the crime in Iraq or even vote for an inquiry, New Labour has added to the statutes a record 3,000 criminal offences: an apparatus of control that undermines the Human Rights Act. In 1977, at the height of the cold war, I interviewed the Charter 77 dissidents in Czechoslovakia. They warned that complacency and silence could destroy liberty and democracy as effectively as tanks. "We're actually better off than you in the west," said a writer, measuring his irony. "Unlike you, we have no illusions."

For those people who still celebrate the virtues and triumphs of liberalism - anti-slavery, women's suffrage, the defence of individual conscience and the right to express it and act upon it - the time for direct action is now. It is time to support those of courage who defy rotten laws to read out in Parliament Square the names of the current, mounting, war dead, and those who identify their government's complicity in "rendition" and its torture, and those who have followed the paper and blood trail of Britain's piratical arms companies. It is time to support the NHS workers who up and down the country are trying to alert us to the destruction of a Labour government's greatest achievement. The list of people stirring is reassuring. The awakening of the rest of us is urgent.

The bit about Czechoslovakia reminds me of Alexei Sayle's line about Albanians laughing at us when we quack on about our free press: "You suckers! At least we know our media's lying to us!"

So, how close are we to Britain's sorry state? Too close for my liking. The recent draconian amendments to the Suppression of Terrorism Act were supported by both main parties, without so much as a peep from right-wing blogs, most of which were far too busy ranting about National's impending inability to sell policies to the highest bidder. Plague, both houses, etc.

Unintended Consequences

Adolf wonders how many people in the Labour camp watched parliamentary debate yesterday and realised that their despicable Electoral Finance Bill gave the voting public their first real taste of the next government in action. National, Act and The Maori Party.

I commented in a couple of places yesterday that for the first time we have seen the next coalition government in action. Here's the team.

Prime Minister - John Key

Deputy PM - Bill English

Treasurer and Finance Minister - Rodney Hide

Minster for Maori Affairs

What a magnificently refreshing spectacle they made. A competent, cohesive, positive grouping, fighting for the good of all New Zealanders.

What a tawdry comparison the other losers made. A gaggle of backs to the wall, broke no hopers, fighting tooth and nail for their own selfish interests.

It was a remarkable juxtaposition, summed up by Chris Finlayson's adjectival closing description of the gang leader, Helen Clark.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Harawira Thrashes Labour

I don't usually have much that is good to say about Hone Harawira.

Today is an exception.

I caught a few minutes of his speech on behalf of the Maori Party in which he expressed his party's opposition to the EFB. He was superb.

Adolf would be obliged if someone could provide a transcript from Hansard of the whole speech.

Mallard Digs Deeper

Just heard Mallard in Parliament issue a condescending apology to Erin Leigh. The apology will do more damage than the original slander. He could have said he regretted his remarks. He could have said he was sorry for any damage or distress his remarks may have caused. But no. here's what he said. (from memory)

'Madame Speaker, on such and such a date I made two statements in the house about Erin Leigh. On reflection I think these statements were unwise. I apologise to Erin Leigh.'

It looks as though this was cobbled together by lawyers to try and defuse an action for damages.

However, the good news came a few minutes later in the 1600 radio Left Wing news. Mallard has pleaded guilty to a charge of fighting in public and has been convicted and fined.

Every day just gets worse forLabour

Monday, December 17, 2007

Field Appeal Dismissed

The umpire has shaken his head and said 'not out.' Philip Field will go to court and face charges for bribery and perversion of justice.


Will Clark find a way to suppress reporting of this case, using the Electoral Finance Act to somehow deem any reporage of the event to be 'political advertising.'

Life's Little Experiences - The Dump Next Door

After three score years and more, Adolf finds the world can still surprise.

Last Tuesday, at about 1100hrs, he retired to the office ablutions block to transfer breakfast to its final destination. All was tranquil as he contemplated the rest of the day's activities. The peripheral consciousness registered the 'click click click' of another human, pressing the code pad as he too sought the sanctuary of the dunny.

There was an audible groan from the next door cubicle and without warning the peace was shattered by an ear splitting klaxon as the Vagnarian arsehole therein thunderously passed wind. By now wide awake and slightly apprehensive, Adolf endured a second audible groan followed by a sort of short sharp 'Schloooop' sound with a muted 'kerthump' as a giant mach 2 turd crashed against the adjacent porcelain. There actually was a discernible vibration!!!!

Who the hell could it be?

Putting discretion to one side, Adolf quickly concluded his visit, washed hands and returned to the office to do a male head count. Nobody was absent.

Now, every time I step into the lift and see one of the fellows from the business next door, I wonder. Is that the Vagnarian Arsehole?

Guests who crap on your carpet

It's ironic, really: I write a(nother) post extolling freedom of speech in comments threads, and soon a bunch of right-wing trolls turns up to spew pointless abuse all over it, thus providing for any lefty readers a compelling example of exactly why they take steps to prevent stupid fucks like this coming along to stink up their blogs with poisonous hate. And in another ironic twist, the same three morons managed to get a comments thread closed on NZ Conservative the other day. Are they lefties too, you dumbasses?

Well, OK, fine - doesn't make me any less committed to the view that everybody hates somebody and keeping them from saying so just brushes it under the carpet. If you trolls really are right-wingers though, you should maybe look up "counter-productive" in the dictionary...

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Bilious Bitch Gets Boot

David Farrar has commentary on this evening's two opinion polls, TV1 and TV3.

We are almost at the stage when no amount of electoral bribery, faux departmental electioneering or legalistic restrictions on opposition campaigning will save the scrawny PM and her band of gangsters.

If the Gnats are really smart, when they win the next election with enough seats to govern alone they will approach the Maori Party and offer a coalition deal with at least one seat at the cabinet table. Labour needs to be buried for at least twenty years and its as well to start planning for the next three elections rather than just 2008.

Where The Headline Bears No Resemblance To The Piece

It was an eye catching headline.

Huckabee Could Hand the GOP to Giuliani

Adolf kept on reading and reading and reading, hoping to find out how Huckabee's sudden rise in popularity could 'hand the GOP to Giuliani.' All was in vain because the opinion piece simply listed all the reasons why Huckabee has risen suddenly in the pre-primary polls.

As an aside, my eyebrows rose at the notion that at least half of America's republican voters are either 'evangelicals or born again' Christians. Does that mean that half of America's Democrat voters are gay/lesbian, drug addicted atheists?

So, dear readers, can someone put me right on this matter? How is Mr Huckabee handing the GOP nomination to my hero, Mayor Giuliani?

Hillary Peters

In the space of one week, Hillary Clinton has consigned herself to the political scrapheap and Winston Peters is rushing to join her.

The Tailor's Dummy says there are hundreds of charities lining up to take our money.

Of course Winston is lying through his teeth because every trustee of every charity knows that acceptance of Winston's stolen money will bring down upon a charity the wrath of public opinion and the closing of public wallets. I, for one, will note carefully any charity which goes near this stinking pot of gold and I will never contribute to it again.

Ironically, Peters is getting what he wants, continuing publicity and profile. Adolf wonders when The Herald will have the courage of it's convictions and desist from publishing every outlandish statement made by this sartorial buffoon whose party's votes will inflict upon us the soviet styles Electoral Finance Bill.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Pearls before swine

I'm sure most of the readers of this blog, being right-wingers, will have missed the discussions about Public Address: System taking place on some lefty blogs over the last week or so. Ironic really, since most of you (Kimble, you out there?) would probably enjoy the sight of PA System being declared not left enough, not feminist enough, not ethnic enough - in short, too full of White, Middle-aged (ya cheeky c*nts) Men.

Executive summary: Tze Ming Mok left recently, and left a few parting shots at the WMM commenters who populate the PA System comment threads. This was taken up by Deborah at In a Strange Land, disputed by Che Tibby at Object Dart and endorsed by Shea at New Freeland.

It all highlights a depressing radicaler-than-thou tendency on the left, not to mention the liberal leftist tendency to look at any creative activity that doesn't fit their personal prejudices regarding how the world should be, and start wondering how it could be forced into a box of dull, bureaucratic conformity. This depressing tendency had its apotheosis in the current discussion with Jolisa Gracewood suggesting a quota (tongue-in-cheek? Christ, I can only hope so...)

Fairly easy to see where I'm coming from on this - I'm white, male, around the same age as Russell Brown and have the same fond memories of bands of yesteryear, so the kind of online community existing at Public Address isn't one I'm likely to have a problem with. Younger, lefter, feministier people however, clearly do have a problem with it. Here's Deborah:

Tze Ming doesn’t feel welcome at Public Address. The crowd there can’t cope with difference, with views that provoke and challenge them to change their own thinking and behaviour. They are accustomed to thinking of themselves as the good guys, the liberals, the ones who are on the morally right side of issues. When Tze Ming comes along and jolts them out of their liberal complacency, the typical reaction is to howl complaint, and to refuse to recognize when their own behaviour embodies the very attitudes and behaviours they are decrying.

Well, that's one opinion. Mine would phrase it more like "When Tze Ming posts something they disagree with, they write in and say so, and say why." Life's tough, huh bud? I can't get to grips with this concept that radicals with a view held by a tiny minority of the population must be nurtured like a delicate flower, rather than told exactly why their ideas are minority ones. Over the long term, people who make you learn how to form an argument for your position and defend it are doing you a favour, not hurting you.

Deborah inadvertently explains exactly why the PA System threads mainly consist of WMM commenters:

I would love to get in there and be provocative, but I have been slapped down a couple of times, and I’m just not up for it again. A couple of weeks ago one regular commenter made a gratuitously sexist reference to women politicians… and I longed to post something pointing out exactly what the problem was with the phrasing, but I do not have the energy to do it, nor the emotional wherewithal to withstand the rebukes that would come my way.

In other words, "I disagreed but couldn't be arsed saying so, and anyway I got sick of people writing back arguing with me." If feminists can only comment when everyone else can be relied on to avoid disputing their opinions, is it any wonder they're in short supply on blog comments threads?

My impression of PA System is that the reason left-wing and right-wing extremists avoid commenting there is that their arguments would quickly be shredded by some very sharp intellects. I flatter myself I can put a reasonably good argument together, but I'm still damn careful about what I post on PA System. That may be very annoying for radicals, but there's only one real solution:

hone your writing skills on lesser blogs by actually debating people who disagree with you, rather than simply whinging about how unpleasant they are, and take your arguments to PA System when you've got the confidence you can defend them.

And for those who think a team blog has to be forced into some kind of United Nations representative model for it to have any credibility: go and make your own instead of trying to blather some other poor sod into providing it, why don't you?

Friday, December 14, 2007

The Old Hapuka Sinks....

Starship Hospital has pricked the the silly old windbag's bubble and sent him plummeting back to the murky depths where he belongs. They have returned his so-called 'donation,' correctly identifying it for what it is, a cynical political gimmick.

"It's most unfortunate that the money wasn't given in the spirit of genuine philanthropy, but rather it appears to gain political capital and media leverage," he said.

"We have decided it's in the best interest of the Starship Foundation and the sick children of New Zealand to return the money to NZ First."

Watch for the public denigration of board chairman Mogridge by Peters, Clark and the rest of the South Pacific neo-nazis who call themselves a government.

But Here's One Who Should Be In Jail

This high profile noise bag has been running a claytons finance company which has been promoted as a tax free managed fund.

Doug Somers-Edgar
Doug Somers-Edgar

Notice the similarity with most of the other failed finance companies. A raft of 'related party' transactions, all eventually coming to roost at the feet of the man himself. A high proportion of commercial loans with questionable security and vetting. A whopping 32% of the book described either as losses or being of doubtful value.

The country won't be able to build prisons fast enough to house all these rat bags.

The Hapuka's Wind Bag

Like a bloated overweight Hapuks floating on the surface of the political sea, Windbag Winston tries to keep his face at the forefront of the media.

Winston Peters has claimed Bob Clarkson overspent during the 2005 election. Photo / Mark Mitchell

Unfortunately for the old fish, Bob Clarkson is no push over and now we see the greatest ever practitioner of parliamentary slander getting a bit of his own back.

Apparently Winston is an authority superior not only to the Auditor General but also the High Court.

Yes, this is the same coot who lectures Fiji on how it should conduct its affairs.

Money, Money, Money




At all.

Gold is at $800 per ounce and will get to $2,000.00 per ounce by end of next year.

Wake up World. You can't 'make' money. It needs to be earned.

On Any Given Day.......

'On any given day you will find in the the country's jails more lawyers than insurance salesmen' is an old adage from the life insurance industry.

Today's news of Five Star Finance confirms the adage.

Alcatraz Prison Picture

Readers will see that three lawyers have been helping themselves to investors' funds whilst deceitfully advertising that all the funds are properly secured and most of the funds are lent on small consumer loans.

Adolf wonders what the Law Society will have to say about these fellows?

When will we see the first ever unwinding of family trusts to retrieve other people's stolen funds, for stolen they have been, albeit legally.

Then, once the precedent for unwinding family trusts has been established, who long will it be before IRD goes to work on some of the more blatantly obvious trusts set up for tax evasion/avoidance?

Thursday, December 13, 2007

What Is There To Settle?

I had to pinch myself when I heard the 1600 Radio Left Wing news.

QC Peter Williams is beating his chest and bleating that police commissioner Broad has ignored a SETTLEMENT OFFER from Tuhoe. These arrogant pricks are trying to convince themselves that somehow, because the police arrested a gang of terrorists who were hiding within their community, they are an aggrieved party and need to be COMPENSATED?

The Law Society should be asked to strike Williams off. The man is a disgrace.

Winston's Troops Are Revolting

Is Winston peters going to be the first real victim of the EFB? Looks a bit like it.

When your electorate committee urges you to oppose the EFB but you desperately need taxpayer funds because your party is broke, life gets complicated.

Aolf will larrff his arse off if NZ First in Tauranga selects a candidate who promises to repeal the EFB.

But, like as not, the NZ First party rules will be whatever Winston wants them to be from time to time.

This one's for Phil U

The Guardian reports on a study finding not only that human evolution is still occurring, but has speeded up rather than slowed down since the rise of civilisation.

I must say I'm dubious about this bit:

"The widespread assumption that human evolution has slowed down because it's easier to live and we've conquered nature is absolutely not true. We didn't conquer nature, we changed it in ways that created new selection pressures on us," said anthropologist Dr John Hawks, who led the study.

It does seem likely to me that natural selection is hardly affecting modern Westerners, who have a low risk of not surviving to adulthood and reproducing, no matter how defective they are. But that's a feature of only one part of the world's population over only the last 100 years or two, so the fact that there have been a lot of genetic changes over the last 5000 years don't render the theory any less credible.

But anyway, why's this one for Phil U? Well, Phil's a staunch hater of dairy products - not even the fact that Paul McCartney's loony one-legged ex shares his hatred seems to disconcert him. So I have to point out this bit:

Some of the changes were tracked back to just 5,000 years ago, and "today they are in 30 or 40% of people because they [are] such an advantage," said Hawks.

Many Chinese and African adults cannot digest lactose in milk, but across Europe a lactose-tolerance gene is now widespread. One reason is thought to be that at northern latitudes sunlight is weaker, so people make less vitamin D in their skin. Vitamin D is crucial for absorbing calcium, so being able to digest milk throughout life made people in colder climes healthier.

So, it turns out that milk is good for whitey - helps make up for the inherent gimpiness of being white. Don't worry though, milk-haters - the sunlight ain't exactly weak around here...

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Most Expensive Junk Ever

Remember the triumphant pre-election 2005 announcement of the RNZAF Skyhawk sale?
Was it Filk Off who made all the noise?

'They'll never fly again.' said the Squadron Leader. 'They're just scrap now.'

How mush have these damned things cost to keep in storage while the most inept salesmen in the land tried to hock them off?

Labour is still trying to blame the Yanks for their non-sale. Of course nobody could expect Labour to know that the US government doesn't permit private companies to buy military aircraft.
Now these expensive pieces of junk are being stored out in the open because they have insufficient value to justify the expense of indoor storage.

Come the next election, New Zealand voters will be able to apply the same treatment to Labour. Turf them out to be stored in the open air. They no longer have sufficient value to justify feeding and clothing the pricks.

Dear Leader needs to know the media must do it's job

Being away, I missed much of what Dear Leader said about the media.
But it seems she is unhappy with Granny Herald.
How dare the media do what is an essential role of the Fourth Estate?
How dare it act as a public watchdog?
How dare it criticse the government?
How dare it! How dare it! How dare it!
Dear Leader has been blessed with the most psychophantic and supine media imaginable.
Years ago, she reportedly passed on her cellphone number to many hacks and they were so awed.
Has she got so used to seeing New Zealand's media licking her bum, that she cannot bare the hacks kicking it.
The media has an essential role in acting as the public's watchdog of government.
Such a role is essential in a democracy. It is part of the freedoms we expect in a Western Democracy, though it seems a freedom many take for granted.
What we see from Dear Leader is that she seems unhapy with such democratic freedoms.
Does she have further designs on regulating the media after the Electoral Finance Bill?
Her atacks on the nation's media seem to sugest she might.
But Dear Leader needs to know that she herself and her government have suffered because until now, the country's media was too much in her pocket. It was too much Helen's lapdog, Helen's little helpers. Though of course some papers, especially one particular Sunday, still seems to have that role.
But the media exist to warn too. To help stop a government making mistakes.
Indeed, I would argue that the media being so spineless for so long has made the government cocky, has made Dear Leader think she is invincible. Thus, by accident or design, the Liarbour led government has come up with disastrous polices like the Electoral Finance Bil.
Had the New Zealand media been more robust and critical earlier, Clark might have forseen problems with the bill. The media might have signposted more acceptable alternatives in time. The media might have helped Liarbour keep on its toes, rather than let party overconfidence lead to its fallability and failure. Dear Leader, thus, might have realised that she could not be so out of tune with public opinion.
And now, with a Prime Minister acting like a Chavez more than a Mulddon, we see a government floundering on all fronts.
Dear Leader thus should argue for more media criticism, not less. Her very own survival might well depend on it.
Of course the media also suffers from lack of resources and a shortage of anlysis. This new blog says it better than I can from the business room of a hotel. Puneke seems a worthy read too.

UPDATE: Just what is it with the left. Totalitarian bastards. Over in Oz they have called for The Australian newspaper to purge its conservative commentators folowing the Rudd victory.
Hat tip The Midnight Sun.

New York Day One- Unexpected tears at 'Ground Zero'

Well, I was in two minds about 'Ground Zero.'
It's just a hole in the ground , isn't it?
Not much to see, move along, now.
However, it was near to a discount designer outlet recommended by Cactus Kate, so I headed that way.
But first, I was up around 8-30 and out by 9-30 greeted by a cold, crisp morning.
I walked down Broadway, past the Lincoln Centre and soon reached Central Park.
The little market there was pretty good.
Then down Broadway once more, passing through Times Square.
That was impressive but lacked something I remember in that old film of that name with a young Jodie Foster.
In the fashion quarter I stopped off at a few sales, but while waiting for one, found Bryant? Park, with the ice skating rink.
What with Frank Sinatra blaring out in the background this made me feel that this is the real New York.
I almost expected to see Carrie with Mr Big passing nearby.
Moments later I had a delicious hot apple cider from a stall and then i headed down Broadway and Avenue of the Americas towards Macys.
What a great department store. I loved the handbags shaped like sausage dogs but at $150 they were too expensive for presents.
But I did buy a souvenir teddy on a sledge for $12-50(half price) and a DNKY Jeans top for $15 (65% off). A great store and another fantastic recommendation from Cactus Kate.
Then i headed towards the Empire State building and went to the top and enjoyed the view. Pity it was misty. So I have yet to see the Statue of Liberty.
A long walk followed towards Greenwich Village, where I stopped for pizza, after having looked at a store clearing off Ecko clothes, which I quite like.
I am kicking myself for not buying the thick coat for $40, especially as the proper price is over $100 and more in NZ.
So, yes, I walked all the way to the big hole in the ground. I took some photos and then went to the Century 21 store , as recommended by Cactus Kate , and bought some underwear and socks. I can afford Calvin Klein now at US prices! Always thought ten quid at UK designer outlets was too much for knickers, but ten bucks is fair.
But heading towards the subway, the World Trade Centre station, I thought I would look at the Ground Zero display after all.
I don't know what came over me. I felt a tear coming, a lump to the throat and I shed some more tears. Was I having a Princes Diana moment? I'm usually a hard hearted bastard but was somewhat overcome by the emotion of the place. Other vistors were too.
I did not look at the names of the 'heroes' or victims' on display but it did not seem right to take more photos. It might even have been disrespectful.
But memories of the evil event came flooding back. Where I was that day? And how 9-11 has significantly changed the course of history. And yes, you think of all those who died. It was a huge number.
911 certainly played a major role in generating my awareness of Islamofacism and the evil the world faces from many of the followers of the pedophile prophet. The world wil never be the same again. We live in dangerous times.
For anyone going to New York, I certainly recommend a visit, even if not for long. Even the hardest and most heartless souls will be touched by the significance and emotion of Ground Zero.
Now back at the hotel, I'm washed and changed and ready to go out for dinner. There seemed some nice places down Greenwich Village so I think I'm off there.
It's gone 9pm but I'm sure there will be places open. After all, I went out for a wander at 2am this morning and was still able to find hotdogs and beer.
Two final observations: I don't like US money as it is all the same colour (so unlike the colourful notes we have in Australia and New Zealand) and they still have $1 notes so you get few coins and many notes of little value.
Fortunately, almost all New Yorkers, both black and white, have been very friendly and helpful.
Though I don't know what it is about the Italians here. One Italian taxi driver tried to charge me $79 for the taxi fare from the airport when the official rate is $49-50. So I did not use him. The Italians running the desk at the hotel seem grumpy, as was the guy in Tony's Pizza in 'the Village.' But this is a nice hotel and 'Tony' made some of the best pizza I have eaten in ages.
So , as Italian food seems to be something New Yorkers do very well- New Zealand does not seem to- I think I wil go out and find an Italian restaurant and put up with whatever grumpiness might follow.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Travelers pay price of Muslim menace

I've just arrived at my hotel in New York and thanks to the time difference , it is still Monday.
And let me say thanks to our muslim friends for making international travel such a pain in the arse, especially to America.
First of all, if you haven't booked your accomodation for the USA, you cannot check-in at Auckland airport.
Thus, i had to seek out internet and make an online booking before rejoining the queue, which had grown considerably longer. Fortunately, I had arrived in plenty of time.
I saw some muslims queing for the flights to Los Angelese on Monday afternoon. Some of the bushy bearded bastards in their white flowing robes were complianing about something and I thought, 'thanks to people of your faith, we have to go through so much hassle now.'
I said as much to a Canadian lady, adding when i went to the States in 95 there was none of this. She replied we lived 'in different times then.'
Soon after, it was the security checks but luckily I had no liquids with me, but it didn't stop some Indian guy giving me a frisking over.
After all this, I thought taking a few bottles of Wither Hills sauvignon blanc with me would make me feel better.
But as I was changing planes at LA, rather than flying direct to New York, i was told I could not board any plane with liquids- not even Wither Hils. As I grumbled under my breath, some passer-by mentioned at least I had't bought the wine and faced its confiscation.
And then we have the joys of LAX. Amid the usual security checks, is a stronger take off your jumpers and shoes. Remeber the Shoe Bomber, I suppose.
Fortunately having landed at JFK New York at 10ish local time in the evening there were no more checks.
So here I am in New York foir the next two nights, staying just off Broadway in Manhattan.
Not sure If i will visit ground Zero. Shopping and eating is on the cards instead. but we'll see.
And much as i might complain of all the extra security hassles, it does serve a purpose.
While London, Madrid and other places have had major bombings since September 11, the United States has been spared.
No more planes have ben flown into buildings. So these security policies must be working.
If only we could defeat the muslim menace instead!
In the meantime, travelers take not of the hassles ahead.

Thieves Always Strike Twice

First they stole $800k and now they are pack again looking to steal $8 million or more likely $80 million.

It's a very old adage in the insurance business that burglars always come back for a second dig at the same house. You see, they wait for the insurers to pay out so that the victim can replace all the stolen goodies with new stuff and then they come back and pinch that as well. Of course it is worth much more than the original contraband.

Helen Clark and her band of Labour thieves are doing exactly the same thing to New Zealanders except that they are going through an extraordinary charade by legislating to make what is wrong legal.

One of the few defences we have available is to use their chicanery against them during the election campaign. To this end Adolf urges the operators of 'You Paid For It' to set up a rolling subtotal of illicit spending for all to see. Every item should be individually priced. Don't worry about absolute accuracy, just give it your best estimate. After all, that's all the people who published the "Iraq Body Count' ever did and the anti Bush leftists lapped it up as though it were gospel. Oh, and make sure to include government departmental promotion of 'sustainability' and 'working for families' and any other so called 'initiative.'

Currently we have listed the Labour website ($50k) and the forthcoming pledge card.($1.0 mil).

Just keep your eyes open for the parliamentary crest.

Thus we might be able to see the total enormity of the the con job perpetrated on us by this cancerous, corrosive and fascist gang of scoundrels.

Shallow, Error Prone PM Hits at Media

The Bilious Bitch is the last person who should complain about the media.

She was very happy with the way the media failed to properly pursue her malicious vendetta against police commissioner Doone. She was very happy with the way the media conspired to misreport almost every aspect of Dr Brash's Orewa speech. She was extremely happy with the way the media, during the last week of the 2005 election campaign, skewed poll questions to damage Rodney Hide's chances in Epsom. She was happy when the media hounded Dr Brash from office. She was happy when the media sensationalised every lie told about National by Mallard.

Now she's whinging about the Herald which, quite rightly, is campaigning against her shallow and hollow attempt to steal the 2008 election.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

If only she'd met him weeks ago!!!

Dear Leader has jumped over 'the Ditch' to hobnob with one of the very few successful Lefty politicians around- newly-elected Aussie PM Kevin Rudd.
One can only guess what cropped up as they ate an 'informal' lunch at Kevni's Brisbane home.
Perhaps the importance of interest and mortgage rates, as Bill Ralston mentions in his Herald on Sunday column today. Rudd did an excellent job of demolishing predecessor John Howard over the issue, when Helen's record is far worse.
As noted yesterday on this blog, interest rates in New Zealand are among the highest in the developed world and may rise further. Yet, Liarbour has escaped much opprobrium for this, when her policies of high government spending are largely to blame.
Bill Ralston notes Austrlia's wealth is often credited on mining, but correctly notes that on a per capita basis, New Zealand makes far more from its farms, so it should be the richer of the two. We have failed through mismanagement, and Ralston then sheets home a string of Liarbour government cock-ups.
Anyway, Dear Leader looks to be enjoying herself and TV3 and ABC has coverage here and here.
Now, I wonder how meeting his first foreign PM will have on the popularity of the newly elected Australian PM.
After Dear Leader visited UK PM Gordon Brown, his popularity went into freefall and slumped behind the opposition Tories.
And we know what her presence does at games of All Blacks, netballers, yachting, etc, etc.
If only she'd visited Rudd weeks agao, little Johhnie Howard might still be in power!!

"home" for Christmas. But to what?

I've been busy these last few days preparing for my annual Christmas trip back to the UK.
But what will I find when I get there?
Will the place of my birth, and where my parents and brother live, still feel like home.
Or has it abandonned Britishness for some 'alien' cultures?
This Daily Telegraph story notes the demise of traditional Christmas nativity plays. Schools are so scared of upsetting other faiths that they abandon that of the majority. But where muslims are a majority, as this story also notes, then there is no 'offensive' singing and dancing.
I'm not at all religious, but even I realise there must be some 'Christ' in Christmas. Isn't HE the reason for the season?
Of course, we know the true reason for this. The new racism of the 21st century, the racism of the left, the bigotry of the left, political correctness.
Jeremy Clarkson of TV's Top Gear show explains at length in the UK Sunday Times how "We've been Robbed of our Englishness."
When I was at school, teachers spoke with pride about how a little island in the north Atlantic turned a quarter of the world pink, but now all teachers talk about is the slave trade and how we must hang our heads in shame.
Right. So we must forgive Germany for invading Poland. But I must beat myself to death every night because my great-great-great-grandad moved some chap from a hellhole in Ghana to Barbados.
Clarkson continues:
all we ever hear now is that we in England have nothing to be proud about. In a world of righteousness we are the child molesters and rapists.
Our soldiers were murderers. Our empire builders were thieves. Our class system was ridiculous and our industrial revolution set in motion a chain of events that, eventually, will kill every polar bear in the Arctic.
And it gets so much worse. Because if you say you are a patriot, men with beards and sandals will come round to your house in the night and daub BNP slogans on your front door. This is the only country in the world where the national flag is deemed offensive
A very funny way of putting it, but so sad all the same...

The Bigger They Are ....(bumped)

Adolf hears a whisper that in about two weeks a very high profile finance company will fold.

On September 3rd 1725, British King George 1st signed the Treaty of Hanover which allied Britain, France, Prussia, Denmark and the Netherlands against the perceived threat of an aggressive duo comprising Austria and Spain.

No such treaty will save the hapless and naive debenture holders of New Zealand's 21st century finance companies which have borrowed short and lent long.

Update: '..unable to develop the business in the current climate...' usually is code for'...this outfit is a pile of shit.'

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

I wonder if the little sawn off short arsed news reader who used to spruik about 'trust and reliability' will be sued by some of Winston First's followers who lose their shirts.

Further Update:

Here's the balance sheet a year ago. The next one should be interesting. Look for the $100m cash and cash equivalent to see if it is still there.

The "profoundly anti-democratic" Kill The Bill Movement

I was reading the Sunday Star-Times profile of John Boscowen
and noted the latest Chris Trotter column, published in Friday's Dominion-Post and it is somewhat amazing for its breathtaking arrogance and bullshit.
The way he brands the Kill the Bill movement and those who marched in Auckland last Saturday as "profoundly anti-democratic" is amazing in the extreme.
Like many on the parade, this was a first time march for me.
What made me do it?
It was about freedom. The freedom to speak out. I do not want any government silencing me, especially when that government is able to use MY money as it sees fit.
The leftist support for the Electoral Finance Bill always refer to 'big money' from 'big business' and the Exclusive Bretheren.
But remember, 'big money' finds its own way into the Liarbour party through its own friends in big business, like Aussie-based Ex-pat Owen Glenn who gave Dear Leader's party $500,000.
And the Exclusive Bretheren, far from it's support helping National, probably cost it the last election.
So Dear Leader wants to stop the EB's from actually hurting National and helping Liarbour?
We must remember the unions fund Labour. I have no problem with that, as I have no problems with 'big business' funding whichever party it too fancies.
The leftists consistently fail to mention how Liarbour stole the election with its overspending and the use of taxpayer funds for its pledgecards.
Now, David Farrar says he has been unable to find pro-Electoral Finance Bills, but while Trotter is not representative of any of our media, his comments give an idea of how the Left is 'thinking.'
Here are some choice phrases from Chris Trotter to chew over this cold, wet, Sunday.
Though the overwhelming majority of the 5000-6000 participants in last Saturday's demonstration would indignantly reject the idea, they were not marching in defence of any recognisably democratic principle at all, but to defend the aristocratic principle: the right of a small, self-perpetuating minority to use the power conferred upon it by the possession of great wealth to negate the rights and aspirations of the majority.

The conservative ideology, which inspired the "Kill the Bill" movement, is profoundly anti- democratic. Historically, it has resisted every attempt to expand the realm of freedom. It opposed the abolition of slavery and rejected the extension of the franchise – up to and including women's suffrage. It never accepted the right of workers to combine in trade unions, and fought the creation of the welfare state. Conservatives have argued strongly against both racial and sexual equality. Their ideal society is characterised by privilege, hierarchy, discrimination and deference: rule by the few – not by the many
The Electoral Finance Bill, by threatening to starve the conservative elites of the funds they need to ensure that popular deference to wealth and privilege remains ingrained in the electorate, constitutes a direct threat – not to democracy, but to its polar opposite, Economic Royalism – the aristocratic ambitions of those whom President Theodore Roosevelt described as "malefactors of great wealth".
In place of reasoned debate, they offer inflammatory slogans. Rather than sift a multitude of truths, they have mobilised a legion of lies. No longer trusting in the calm deliberation of Westminster, they seek to unleash the tumult and violence of Venezuela.
And herein lies the threat to constitutional democracy.
But who is acting like Chavez, but Dear Leader? Who is the real threat to constitutional democracy? Liarbour and Dear Leader!
Who is offering 'inflammatory slogans' rather than reasoned debate? but Dear Leader and her Liarbour party.
And what is more anti-democratic than a government raiding taxpayer wallets to fund its own re-election campaigns, while depriving those very same taxpayers the right to do the same?
But of course we cannot expect lefties like Chris Trotter to see sense on this issue. For he is the one who backed Labour's 'acceptable' corruption in Election 2005, because it simply kept National out of power. The ends justified the means.

Dear Leader dumped by voice of pinko, wet white middle-class liberalism

As significant as Oprah Winfrey joining the Republican Party, is Herald on Sunday columnist and talkback host Kerre Woodham now becoming "agnostic" about the Liarbour Party.
Why on Earth is Labour making it so difficult for even their most ardent supporters to love them right now? Is this some sort of test of fealty? You have to stick with us even though we're behaving appallingly?
Helen Clark is big on loyalty - which is vital if one is to have longevity in the political world - but some senior Government members are acting up so badly, they've descended from puerile to infantile.
And there's more
Michael Cullen's fury over John Key's jibes in the house seems out of all proportion to the actual offence. And every time John Boscowan's name is mentioned, the Prime Minister and her number two start frothing at the mouth and inferring everyone who marched against the Electoral Finance Bill is a mindless Act supporter being manipulated by a rich puppeteer.
Personally, if I had truckloads of money, I could think of better things to spend it on than half-page ads in daily newspapers exhorting New Zealanders to rise up against the Bill, but it's not my money and Boscowan can spend it how he will.
And while some of the marchers were undoubtedly rabid Labour loathers, not all of them were, and it diminishes the Prime Minister to imply that's the case. Labour's in grave danger of imploding and depriving all the political junkies the sport of a close election next year.
And more
I'm becoming a political agnostic. Intuitively, I believe well- meaning left-leaning policies and state intervention are the answers to helping the disaffected, but in the absence of any proof after nine years in that direction, I'm suspending my belief. Instead of expending so much energy on politics, I'd love to see this Government spend some time on policies.
We can argue over her former faith in state interventionism but when Dear leader is losing the support of voice like this, she is in BIG TROUBLE. What next? Radio Left Wing saying nice things about John Key?

To Age a Cow, Look at its Teeth (bumped)

Congratulations to Ian Wishart who has discovered the real value of all those little balls.

With apologies to the RSPCA.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Best Comment For Months

From Kiwiblog:-

  1. the deity formerly known as nigel6888 Says:


    Key’s comment was about that pinko turd darren hughes who has lodged himself so far up the PMs bum that she may as well have given birth to him.

    Key also used a phrase that appeared in a major puff piece clearly placed by Labour’s PR wing in either the herald or the SST article about the “hard working etc etc Darren etc who is so close to the PM he is often referred to as “the son she never had” blah blah blah.

    Whereas Cullen’s “riposte” demonstrated what a nasty mean minded little prick he is - its a perfectly legitimate question to wonder why the worst form of abuse he could think of to throw was to accuse key of being “rich”.

    nice. and this is our Finance Minister, committed to returning NZ to the top half of the OECD - in all stats except GDP per capita it seems.

    Of course little jimmy sleep - who fondly imagines himself following in darren’s footsteps and being the grandson Clark never had, springs to the rescue of his beloved leaders deemed insult. He is young and can be forgiven.

    “Paul” of course is simply the latest manifestation of the labour activist troll stationed on kiwiblog to “manage” the debate - now that the angry hostile trolls have been found to be ineffectove. Shame you had to draw the weekend shift eh “Paul”?

    [DPF: 10 demerits for pinko turd.]

I like the ten demerit points. Very much akin to Trevor Mallard's promotion which was dressed up to look like a demotion for the intellectually vacant supporters of Labour.