Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Then Where To Next

So one bunch of 'crats' will prosecute another bunch of 'crats'  for  failing in their duty to protect.

When that nonsense has provideed two bunches of lawyers with an income stream, then what.

Maybe charges against Mental Health services who failed to sort the perp out.

Why stop there, surely Plod must have failed somewhere!

Who failed in allowing the perp access to the weapon?

All WINZ Offices, vehicles, workers residences will be fortified with 24/7 guards.

 All the while Peggy and Liegh are still dead and many others traumatised while idiots are obsessed with the rights of nutters who need to be in a safe place.
Safe for the nutters but more important safely away from those they might endanger when things go south.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Let's Have Some Air Strikes!

He of little brain has been lecturing the Australian PM on the usefulness of airstrikes in the battle against the Islamo-fascists.  Yes, tht's right.  Airstrikes.

I had to blink twice and go back for a second look.

Here is a Labour leader recommending airstrikes when we don't have an air force strike wing, thanks to unilateral destructive action by another Labour leader.

Do these people have no antennae for irony?

By hell, Audrey Young sure does.   Here's the money quote.

Mr Little spent 35 minutes with Mr Abbott at Eden Park - during which time Australia lost four wickets.

Absolutely Brilliant

Whaleoil has an absolutely brilliant cartoonist and his or her effort today is priceless.

There are countless nuances. 

The mobility scooter, the yapping followers, the play on words, the little short legs which can't reach the ground.

The only thing missing is the full lengh mirror on the handle bars.

Maybe It Was A Queensland Fruit Fly.

Vunderkind Glen Maxwell is reported in some media to have made a choking act after the inspired bowling of Mitchell Stark threatened to make a bushranger move to rain on the  Eden Park Saturday night fever.

Dont know if Kane Williamson saw it  but his belting Pat Cummings over the  rope very next ball was a very adequate answer.

The rather rash stroke Maxy delivered as his memorable contribution to a very ordinary Aussie batting effort might well have had him choking on his bat handle.

Then again the man from Victoria might just have had one of the  unwelcome Cane Toad  State's unwelcome pests from nearby New Lynn go down his rather illadvised gob.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

All Those Wasted Opportunities!

Old news now I know but the irascible old megalomaniac was quoted in the media today as standing in the now vacant  Northland seat to bring real change to the long neglected province.

That is just great you supercilious old has been.

After going into hibernation for two and a half years then awakening with a xenophobic rant against amorphous Asians in the  run up to the last four elections with an often much changed stable of acolytes, now it is "his time to do something for the north".

Where have you been you opportunist old fart,  you could have given the roading, mining, horticulture, dairying, water management, and investment in infrastructure your full support since you left Tauranga.
You know the place you  were so happy to just  be the MP for until a daft bugger with a hammer and a nail pouch gave you the true value electors accord you.

What is different in the far north c2015, oh that's right it could be an opportunity to advance the WRP Brand eh, and if it fails as I am sure it should, what then, back to your old sleepy byes until the next general election.

 Of course if all others quit the race and campaign for you it is possible , just !!!! Mathematically

Saturday, February 28, 2015

deja vue again

For the third time in four World Cup round robin games the NZ Cricket team bowl threir opposition out well short of the 50 overs then suffer the serious disadvantage of having their run chase broken by a scheduled meal break.

It makes bowling well a double edged sword and today the crafty yellow bastards made it count with a wicket either side of the scheduled break.

Sorry it is just not cricket IMHO.

At 80 for the loss of Finch it looke like 350 minimum to chase but it was Boult's turn this week and then Stark nearly made Abbott's quip almost a Nostradamus qualifier.

That is no Cheap Suit Warney

Maybe an expensive Armani made from NZ Merino wool.

And Jesus Wept

Convicted and about to be shot heroin dealer  Myuran Sukumaran has been awarded an associate degree in fine arts.

I wonder how many of the Curtin University faculty members' children have died from heroin addiction/overdose?

Managing The News.

Further to my views on yesterdays Pound Rd / McLeans Island Rd crash.

Why was the headline "Logging Truck Crash".

In the current climate Iwonder if the ethnicity of the "Tboned"  car, nearly said driver, so make that steerer, as not the more current aspect.

Did the scribe have an inbuilt bias against Trucks and HT drivers.

Cor Blimey A Reporter Investigating!

Yesterday we were  prevented from entering McLeans Island Rd because of an accident at the Pound Rd intersection.

This morning Stuff makes it into a story and actually asked a witness questions.

Now this was what once was a normal procedure but seldom happens anymore.

Instead of a  brief headline someone actually did some background and revealed some possible facts.

It is possible as follows.
A small car driven by  a Japanese visitor pulled out of Pound Rd through a giveway into  the path of a logging truck and was struck on the drivers door requiring emergency services to employ "jaws of life" to extract the car driver for hospital treatment.
All that resulted in a three hour road closure.

The only  confusion for me, and I know the corner well was the suggestion the truck was travelling south when in  fact it appears it was travelling west!.

How refreshing  to have the headline expanded by a couple  of  questions of a witness, did that  happen because the 'Press' reporters are adjacent in Johns Rd, was the  reporter just passing  by or did someone actually get off their arse and attempt to  discover some background to a latest accident involving a foreign driver?

Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday's Fulminations

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Far too early but one can but wonder if the breaking news of an explosion and fire in the Westfield Mall in Henderson might be a terrorist act given the advice a couple of days ago here that Al-Shebad, an Islamic terrorist group in Somalia had released a video advising its supporters to attack Westfield Malls around the world.

But it can't be because a certain late lamented person person opined just a few years ago that NZL was blessed from being in an incredibly benign strategic environment.

Update ... the Police now report the fire was not suspicious.

Thursday, February 26, 2015


I see here that Crimdotcon has told Justice Patrica Courtney in the High Court in Auckland today that he was 'broke, destitute and penniless'.   You can read the media report here

Particularly interesting was the evidence from his estranged wife that he told her his involvement with the Internet Mana Party would eventually relieve the family of his threat of extradition.   It begs the question as to what assurances he received from Labour, Winston First and the Greens, all of whom beat a path to his Coatesville Mansion to 'break bread with him'.

That aside, I wouldn't believe anything he said regarding his financial position ... best summed up by 'Oh dear, how sad, never mind, move on, extradition awaits'.

They will be freaking executions, you muppets

After weeks and weeks of useless idiot journalists calling murders, slaughterings and killings by Islamist nutjobs in Syria, Iraq and Libya, executions erroneously, today Stuff adds to the confusion by referring to the entirely legal executions of two convicted drug dealers who happen to be Australian citizens, as killings!!!

Dragging poor bastards in the wrong place at  the wrong time into  an improvised movie set to  create horror movies are just murders not sanctioned by  any  formal laws other than 1400 year old dogmatic philosophies with origins in the bloodthirsty yearnings of a selfproclaimed Prophet with a  murdrrous intent to create a personal depraved fiefdom perpetrated by equally  depraved followers awarded a cloak of justification by meaures completely foreign to educated peoples who  retain the rights to make decisions without an overbearing Imam telling them how to think.

Indonesia is acting with due process that  is an execution.
ISIS footsoldiers are just murderers, call their process anything you wish but there is precious little "due" about it.
Mind you the victims  will still be very dead, however the language manipulation by socalled trained wordsmiths always presses my buttons.

Mind you on any scale I might use the two drug dealers are more qualified to be put to death than those killed by ISIS footsoldiers for propaganda purposes.

Doesn't anyone study history today?

In 1923 Herr Hitler lead an abortive armed coup in Munich that was a total farce and poor old ptsded Adolf ended up in jail and with time to fill, dictated his plans for his adopted nation to rule the world, published as 'Mein Kampf',  My Struggle.

This currently banned book but under review in Germany to be republished, contained the blueprint for German expansion, the causes for Germany's disaster and the role the Jews had played.
it was a clear warning to the rest of the world what Herr Megalomaniac would do if and when he gained power.
He achieved that goal in 1933 by manipulation of a proportional electoral system under the ageing President Hindenburg who died the following year and the third Reich began with Hitler assuming the vacant presidency as Chancellor and dictator.

Across Syria and Iraq we are witnessing the formation of The Islamic State under the Quaran which is the basis of the politico/religious  movement begun by a paedophile bloodthirsty desert dweller nearly 1400 years ago.
The Quaran is far more informative with its many explanations of everyday life of its manipulative dogmatic philosophy unchanged from the self proclaimed Prophet, and so very much more comprehensive than Hitlers crazed ramblings 1300 years later.

Following its beginnings Islam expanded East to India and Central Asia and west to encompass the entire Mediterranean, North Africa , and Europe south of the Alps and The Pyrenees.

Why can the leaders of democratic free nations not see where the Caliphate's claim to conquer Rome is not a viable threat.
Sure many followers of Islam are indeed peaceful but the Imams and the  depraved footsoldiers of ISIS have no such qualms, for them their time is now.

Why do so many refuse to learn the lessons of history as all the appeasers and blinkered slavishly managed through the 1930's until the invasion of Poland finally got their feeble brains to see what Hitler had proclaimed 16 years earlier.

Edmund Burke and Santayana, surely gave sufficient warnings.

Statistics fail of the day

"Tourists at fault in one in 12 South Island crashes," blares a Stuff headline.  Is that a lot?  We don't know, because they don't tell us.  If only one in a hundred South Island cars is driven by a tourist, yes that's pretty high. But maybe one in 12 South Island cars is driven by a tourist, in which case it's exactly the proportion you'd expect.  I guess they wouldn't want to find out which it is and risk spoiling the nice headline.

At Least The MSM Will Know What To Do

Carmel Sepoloni is in big trouble, her mother appears in a district court on multiple benefit fraud charges, Angry Andy makes Carmelstand aside from her spokesperson role.

Expect full disclosure of the demoted MP's phone records, including texts, to establish the timeline as to what she knew and when.

I mean to say, what was Ms Sepoloni thinking about not nipping this matter in the bud.

Has the rising (riseable) star of Labour got Carmel's mum under control or not.

Would Mr Key have let such behavior happen, hang on his mum is dead but bloody Max had a dodgy mate in recent times.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

It Only Took Thirty Hours.....

.... for the red raggers at TVNZ to find some Iraqis who disapproved.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Those of you who listened to the debate in the House this afternoon that followed the Prime Minister's announcement that we are to commit up to 142 military personnel to Iraq in a training and support role in the war against ISIL will have been hugely disappointed by the contributions of Andrew Little and Winston First.

To give credit to Little and at least he acknowledged that ISIL is a major threat to stability in the region and their terrorist outreach, sustained by their perversion of the Koran, means that no country is immune from attack.    But he and Labour are living in another world to suggest that the best contribution we could make was to offer Iraq civilian assistance in developing their agricultural potential. Simple question Mr Little ... just how long do you think an MPI field officer would last outside the wire before he was kidnapped to be seen next in an orange jumpsuit inside a cage?    The reality is that you and I both know that position is unsustainable and the only reason you are putting that forward as an option is an acceptance that NZL has to be seen to be doing something.

At least Little's analysis was head and shoulders better than the tirade of abuse directed at the PM by Winston First.   He offered nothing constructive in a disjointed speech notable only for his loss of the thread of his argument a couple of times.

Russell Norman was predictable with his anti-western rhetoric.   Were there to be a terrorist attack in NZL and the perpetrators caught I fully expect the Greens to be out on the street fund-raising for their defense.    That left Te Uroroa Flavell of the Maori Party who, while opposed to the deployment, at least made a thoughtful contribution.   That contribution was mirrored by the ACT Party leader David Seymour who supported the decision while expressing some reservations.    Peter Dunne was being Peter Dunne.   Entirely forgettable.

But at least those last three had the courtesy and manners to extend to those being deployed to Iraq their personal support and wishes for a safe return.    That support should transcend Party politics but nary a word from either Little or Peters.   For that they have my contempt.   As for the Greens, their silence was to be expected and so I'm not too disappointed.

One final point.   The PM acknowledged and Little picked up on the point that a 'Status of Forces' agreement with the Iraqi Government is work in progress.    It is a given that without such an agreement there can be no deployment.  



My Darling Husband

Before you return from your trip I just wanted to let you know about the small accident I had with the Ute when I turned into our driveway.

Fortunately it's not too bad and I really didn't get hurt so you don't need to worry about me.

I was coming home from shopping and when I turned into the driveway I accidentally put my foot down on the accelerator instead of the brake.

The garage door was slightly bent but the Ute came to a halt when it bumped into your new car.

I'm really sorry but I know your kind heartiness will shine through and you will forgive me.   You know how much I love and care for you my sweetheart.

I am enclosing a photograph for you.   I can't wait to see you again..

Your loving wife.

p.s.   Your girlfriend rang

Monday, February 23, 2015


Lydia Ko (not yet old enough to vote) does us proud.   Numero uno in Ladies World Golf and now her win in the Australian LPGA Open is something we can all rejoice in (although I wasn't 'rejoicing' too much when I missed at 15 inch put for par on the 9th at Waitangi this morning).

And it's a wry 'smile' at those who are want to dish out the vitriol at the so called Chinese invasion of NZL but who are happy to bask in her success (OK, Kydia's Korean but most of the neanderthals I'm talking about wouldn't know the difference)     Reminds me of the old 'some of my best friends are Maori' thing but .......

And talking about things Maori and I can understand the frustration by Ngati Whatua at the angst directed at them for closing off Okahu Bay last Saturday for an Iwi event .... no matter that the land is part of the 48 acre Ngati Whatua Block which includes the reserve behind the beach, owned by the Iwi and administered by the tribe and the Auckland Council through the Ngati Whatua Orakei Reserves Board.   One day out of 365 for their land and rednecks go Ape Shit .... sad.

There is a balance in all things and today we received in the mail voting papers from the Far North District Council asking us to vote yea or nay on a proposal to establish separate Maori wards for next years local body elections.    I am voting NO.   We should be electing Councillors on merit rather then the colour of their skins.   It is wrong and it's patronising to Maori.   FNDC has had a Maori Deputy Mayor and currently has at least two Maori Councillors (including one standing for Labour in the Northland bi-election - even though she prefers to remain on the Te Tai Tokerau roll).   They got there because they were good enough to get there supported by Maori and Pakeha alike.   The introduction of separate Maori wards is a backwards step and I, for one, am totally opposed to it happening.


So a Little Union Control Goes a Little Way up

Latest  polls have the two main parties both  up and according to Little Andy's mates in the union it is a surge of 6% for NZLP and only a rise of 4% for National.
Sorry brothers and sisters, oh and  Little Andy's mum, it is no change as the deck chairs are rearranged.

How ever you spin it with Little Andy no higher than any  other Labour leader since the heady days when Shearer hit 35% party support, Mr Key is still in charge and unless Little Andy can turn his cowardly attitude towards ISIS into a movement that mirrors the  disastrous appeasement policies of the 1930s into political support, Union controlled Labour aint going nowhere nearer the Treasury.

Cant happen soon enough

Abbott is about to announce a Federal Government reassessment of laws around bail in  the light of the disaster in the Martin Plce Islam inspired slaughter.

It is beyond my comprehension that  in a country, so focused on workplace and recreational safety where personal responsibility is overtaken by state legislated rules and requirements, often to the point of outright stupidity, we are in matters of community safety from known scroats with well documented propensity for gratuitous violence, often resulting in conviction and sentence,   left totally exposed to further  danger.

Perpetrator of the lindt Cafe slaughter of two, Man Haron Monis
Was free on bail on serious violence charges.
Papatoe RSA killer Bell was also free to conduct his murderous rampage while on bail.
Killer of Jade Bayliss in Christchurch suburb of  Sydenham was a convicted killer in West Australia who had gained freedom after  serving a sentence but the Law prevented local police from informing his defacto family of his vicious past.

How many softcock judges and justice crats would be so keen to allow walking timebombs to roam free if they thought such scum were going  to live next door to their  house in a leafy suburb?

Instead of populous calls for prisoner's rights such as voting, how about tightening the stupid laws we who are endangered are forced to endure when the scum  are set free.
If such wanton endangerment was perpetrated on say a building site then the sky would crash down on managers but set a killer free is just preserving their human rights, give me strength.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

ya missed ya dopey bastard

Bankside SH1,  18 59 hrs Feb 21, traveling north @90 kph with trailer home behind Discovery, right at end of passing lane, cleared mirrors, turned on rt indicater and started to re-enter single Lane.

Nek minute with double yellows a motor home rental, rego
FQJ783 is overtaking straddling double yellows with oncoming traffic.
There was no more than a closed fist between our van and the rental as I fought to regain Control from the bow wave effect.

Of course *555 was overloaded and there was no way to run the bastard  down so we diverted to our Club grounds at Weedons to get over the oh so close disaster.

Can only assume the idiot was late getting to CHC to dump the rental.
I seriously hope  I never cross the path of that bastard who had zero ability to be on the roads in any vehicle.
Don't think for one minute you were clever or skillful, you were very lucky the driver of the Discovery was a seriously well trained and experienced emergency services driver and was aware and concentrating or you might have never have got around to returning that rental.

Oh and worse I might not have been able to create this post, that would have seriously passed me right off.
Ya dopey c#*t.

A Dog Called Ronnie

Barka copy

Saturday, February 21, 2015


In a few days time two Australians, Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran, along eight other foreign and Indonesian nationals will be put to death, shot by firing squad, on the Indonesian Island of Nusakambangan.

I have previously stated that, while I am personally opposed to the death penalty, I respect the right of a sovereign country to make and enforce their own laws.    It does concern me however (assuming the reports are correct) that Indonesia has previously intervened to save their nationals on death row in other jurisdictions.   That would suggest a certain double standard.

That aside, I think that Tony Abbott's ham-fisted attempt to link Australia's foreign aid programme to the plea for clemency is a dangerous move.   It will be seen by Indonesia as nothing more than crude economic blackmail.   No country likes to be threatened.   If anything, Abbott's comments will serve only to strengthen Indonesian resolve.    The 'quiet diplomacy' practiced by Foreign Minister Julie Bishop was the best and only way to progress the matter.

p.s   To my old mate 'The Realist' ... if being opposed to the death penalty makes me a bleeding heart liberal then I plead guilty.

Friday, February 20, 2015

That Is incredibly stupid!

The other day in Dunedin NZ bowled Scotland out in around 40 overs so you think that might be an advantage.
Well not quite you see because the NZ bowlers did well the NZ batsmen were forced by ridiculous rules to make two innings starts because they had to take a "LUNCH" break at mid afternoon, around 2 30 pm, from memory.
Notwithstanding NZ wanted to make a significant advance in their "net run rate" and lost wickets in pursuit of that objective.

Today Southee and co demolished England in 33 overs and then set about dismantling their bowlers scoring 112 before the Ridiculous inane rules dictated a "TEA BREAK" with NZ 12 runs short of an annihilation of the founder nation  of cricket.

FFS what a fiasco.
Why is there no advantage in bowling the opposition out in under the 50 overs being translated into a between innings break at the end of the first teams effort, whenever that occurs.


Every so often a List MP comes galloping out of the sunset to remind voters why it seems a disproportionate number of that cohort appear to be dumber than a sackful of hammers.

So, just when you thought that Winston First had managed to cleanse the stable by dumping Anaati Lola Taylor down to an unwinnable position on their List, along comes Richard Prosser with the quite bizarre suggestion that NZ Customs should dump SmartGate for New Zealand, Australian, UK and USA passport holders entering NZL as a further level of protection against the Queensland Fruit fly.

No matter to Prosser that Smartgate has nothing to do with bio-security.   You pass through Smartgate before you collect your luggage and before you pass through MAF bio-security,

As I said ... dumber than a sackful of hammers.  Welcome to the Club Dick.  Methinks the pensioner from St Marys Bay won't be too impressed.  Remind me just where you sit on the Winston First List. Watch that space. 

Friday's Fulminations

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Thursday, February 19, 2015


Would it be unkind to suggest that the 'nice' Mr Little and his Chief of Staff, Matt McCarten, are joined at the hip?

Andrew forgets to pay his bills ... Matt fails to pay his tax.

Just askin.