Tuesday, June 30, 2015

No Surprise There.

but possibly a hint to the traffic police how they could divert some resources to a serious frustration for drivers that can lead to subsequent rash decisions.

Who has never been annoyed when after following a vehicle at say 85 kph on an open road only to enter a dual lane set up for overtaking and find they are required to exceed the open road limit to complete an overtaking manoeuvre.
Of course that annoyance is really ramped up when a ticket arrives by mail from a speed detection camera set up at the end of that opportunity to pass  bit of road design.

Now research is being published that finds an increase of road layout width  by two meters will reduce a drivers perception of speed  on the narrow winding road leading to the Dual lane as they enter the open straighter road,  by more than 10%.  Hell isn't that recently published fact around what so many knew already with the construction of "squeeze layouts" placed at the entrance to urban areas consisting of a narrowing laneway with a centre median often planted out.
Ever driver alive knew that, even the daft bugger who was staying safe at 85kph, however it is great to have it proved and laid out by science.
Now how good would it be to have some official recognition by plod and an ending of the revenue gathering set ups at the bottom of hills on straight roads, at the end of passing lanes and on rare overtaking opportunities where a safe driver in a safe vehicle can effect an overtaking manoeuvre albeit by exceeding the posted limit for a brief time.

I guess I am suggesting some proactive monitoring by mufti car and or motor cycle officers at least bringing the frustrating actions of overcautious drivers that can  be so aggravating to otherwise  law abiding drivers to notice. It would be just a little satisfying to see a dawdling sightseer having a chat with plod as a minimum.

Monday, June 29, 2015

How To Be Successful In Business

And live longer.

Don't employ Muslims

The Islamist arrested for Friday’s terror attack on a factory in France has told police that he beheaded his boss in a car park after the victim had reprimanded him for dropping a box of valuable electronic equipment two days earlier.

Not Quite Kosher TVNZ

TVNZ is reporting on the seizure by Israel of a rickety old boat and two stupid Maoris off the coast of Gaza.

This paragraph fell out and clattered onto the floor:-

Participants in previous flotillas trying to get to the Gaza Strip have been arrested, detained, deported and even killed by Israeli forces.
No explanation as to why they might have been killed?  I remember this incident and sure enough, the so called activists were killed because they attacked the Israeli boarding party with knives.   They were dumber even than our two Maoris.  Took bloody knives to a gunfight.

But TVNZ would never tell you that.  Rather smear Israel by way of innuendo.  That's their style.

What Bit About A Security Breach Doesn't Matter.

Four males breached the security of our Parliament carrying solar panels,  climbing gear, communication equipment a banner and the luvvies are either cheering or making supportive noises.

A nice young man enters a mosque in Kuwait and no one notices he is in possession of anything  of concern,  another young man in beach clothes carrying a beach umbrella  walks onto a Tunisian Beach resort, an employee travels with his boss to a gas facility in France as he has done on previous occasions and all is well.

Not exactly because the three incidents in the second paragraph result in over 50 innocents dead and hundreds more injured and mutilated.
The four perps in the first para could have in some jurisdictions been shot dead as an unknown threat to our National Security.

When will our leaders wake up, we are being incredibly naïve in thinking it could not happen here, how difficult for the four to have had concealed weapons and opened fire on the gathering crowd.
What better opportunity for four "Lone Wolves" to have enjoyed a remarkable ability to do what is becoming so common in places previously thought secure and enjoyed their place in history with a slaughter of innocents.

Islamist nutters do not think as we do, do not have any sense of the law or its consequences and their lives and the lives of their victims have nothing near the sanctity and value we ascribe to all humans friend and foe.

A drunk rolls up to a security gate and claims to have a bomb and disorder and chaos erupt. two stupid schoolboys breach security at a luggage carousel and apologist appear to protect their stupid act.

Our naivety and complacency will bite us badly and apparently it is nothing to worry about.

We are at war and like it or not it will arrive here on our peaceful shores,  only thing still unknown is when.

 Man Monis killed his two victims in the middle of downtown Sydney in broad daylight.


others won't, some may think it kitsch.    Whatever, I find this Ballard written by a Canadian ex-serviceman very powerful indeed. 

Those who serve deserve our support.

How Much Was Mr Stupidistupidwas Required To Contribute By Worksafe.

Yes the idiot who misused equipment lost a leg and was awarded $35 000 in compensation for the loss of a limb.
An employee of Tree Scape Ltd,  an Auckland arborist contractor used his foot to push remnant branches into a roadside chipper slipped with the other foot on loose gravel and had the hopelessly  inappropriate leg being used as a "pusher" drawn into the chipper leading to a later  amputation.

Was the insane act by the worker that was the primary cause of the "accident",  that was in no way a bleeding (pun intended)  accident,  only an act of gross negligence,  calculated as to his contribution to the rather messy outcome  in arriving at the penalties and recompense decided.

The judgement ruled the company failed to take all steps to prevent the act of gross stupidity and has been fined under worksafe law,  for failing to prevent a worker using his foot to push branches into a chipper, the sum of  $24 750 in the Manakau Court.

I will assume the retard was wearing a Hi Viz Jerkin, Ear Muffs, gloves, goggles and a hard hat all supplied by the company.
The pity is they didn't check if he had a functioning brain under the hard hat.

We will never know if the company had fully briefed the somewhat deficient in brain cells  idiot on what exactly a chipper does to bits of tree limbs that it devours and blows into a waiting truck and it is rather difficult to believe  the worker could not work out that tree limbs and human limbs are rather similar in shape and structure and the machine would be intent on treating his foot and leg as just more to be chipped.

Never mind the $59 750  will just be included in future budgeting as  a contribution to the cost of doing business and future users of Tree Scape's  services will just pay more.
The chute that was blocked will be lengthened to beyond what one leg might require to be trapped in the feed rollers and the next stupid fool will lose both feet, probably his life and the company will be fined an even greater sum possibly enough to bankrupt it when he uses both feet to push the remaining branches into the machine.

Not Cats, Not Kids and Not the Budgie

However,  dogs, well that incurs an annual fee, that brings no benefit to a responsible owner, no costs to  a  bludging council and has no controlling effect on the supposed menace to society.

Two little retards enter a dairy armed with a knife and kill the proprietor, no murder, merely one guilty of manslaughter.
In round figures what did all that cost society?

We have three  dogs and evidently society demands an annual fee to keep tabs on them.
They are neutered, peaceful, cause no problems for  anyone else and the council needs to know by affirmation they are alive, micro chipped, and housed in approved accommodation still at the same address.

Those two murderous little scrotes will never be neutered, will never be micro chipped, the council wont give a rats rear where they are housed and what quality that housing might be and it is an absolute certainty that the killing of Mr Kumar was not the first time they caused mayhem and it is even more certain it will not be their last effort.

The origins of dog registration lay with a need to control and eliminate Hydatids, a parasite that lives in the gut of dogs that became infected from eating cysts in raw offal and when eggs were excreted by infected dogs they could be ingested by humans and cause health issues in the human host.
Following a long and intensive program the disease is eliminated from NZ canines and as we do not have foxes or wolves that is the end of the matter.
However, then bright educated things in local government were not about to end their little gravy train so they moved to an Identification and Tracking model as a control measure for animals that can attack humans. Forget that cats can cause damage and death for babies, forget that budgies can carry and spread poultry disease and it must be possible they could attack.
Then there are pet rabbits, goats, stoats,  weasels, rats, mice, guinea pigs, sheep, cattle, horses and even bloody magpies, almost all of which could cause damage and nuisance, no need for registration for them either  lifetime or annual.

To close  when did paying an annual fee stop dog attacks and how many dogs out there are not, never have been and never will be registered.
It is a given that those non fee paying mongrels will more than likely be the ones that attack to disfigure or kill, will be crapping anywhere they fancy, will bark when alone, and when loose cause a never ending stream of damage, mischief and nuisance.
 What triggered this, well after tomorrow the fees will double and then some as they become a late payment and last night as swmbo was running the state TV infotainment hour an item caught my notice on drones and they have a certain fascination for me.
Some are raising a problem of privacy, never heard of balloonists , helicopter pilots,  ramblers, mountain bikers, hang gliders, and meter readers, a drone capable of carrying a camera device and suddenly we have a problem.
The ANSWER, well REGISTRATION of course, funny that such bureaucratic nonsense has never been attempted for cyclists, and since I will never now be in that bunch, that is  an idea with merit.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

It's Huricanes Vs Highlanders.

After two really good games of modern rugby, class defeated arse and the very best bit for me was the whining and squealing from Kearns and Kafer as another of Cheika's thugs got their beans from Craig Joubert.

That swinging arm from ex Transvaal bovver boy was his only way to stop Osborne from scoring beside the posts and that it was revealed in the slowmo to check if the ball had reached the line was the icing.

It is clear to anyone with more than a passing understanding and passion for the modern game that the man who is moving to head coach of the Wallabies had as a central driver to ramp up "physicality" and it is also well understood that that is the new term to allude to "smash em bro",  "don't take a step back", " big hit", "push and shove' or any of the other euphemisms used to describe old fashioned thuggery.

After a rather serious effort by Cheika's monster Skelton and his 'tonto' Lotu, I posted on May 26th  on that example of the  Waratah  mindset,  what made that worse IMHO was it occurred well after the whistle, at least last night,  Potgieter's rather desperate effort  was in the heat of play.

I do not favour a red or yellow unless the offence is very serious, League "putting such incidents on report" so they must be reviewed by the judiciary is a better system, and when sports betting and last ditch results such as finals are involved, much fairer.
That said Joubert last night was very clear, deliberate and he involved lazyboy bound George Ayub throughout coming to his decision.

Go the Canes and the Skirts next week.

Oh and the Warriors had a good day out at Mt Smart as a curtain raiser.

With no Saffa teams in semis and now only the two NZ teams in the finals it is now a serious problem of complacency for Hansen to overcome, but for Jamie Joseph and Chris Boyd and their two teams it is just a marvellous opportunity to be enjoyed, and for the rest of the rugby public a wonderful   opportunity for a great game at The Cake Tin.


Ok, I'll readily admit that I enjoy being ever so slightly provocative in my posts designed to take the piss out of those inhabiting the dark side of the political divide and watching, with a degree of amusement, their reactions as a superb example of Pavlov's study of 'classical conditioning' ..... but this is a really serious question .....

Why the deafening silence from the Greens on the matter of Sonny Tau and his blatant disregard of the Wildlife Act 1953 in the taking of taking of five kereru from Stewart Island as kai for his mates up here in the North?

I mean this from a Party that actively encouraged challenges in the Environment Court to the proposal to open up the Denniston Plateau to mining on the basis of the need to protect the native carnivorous snail even though it's habitat was some distance from the proposed mining operation.

Can it possibly be that the Greens are trapped in the web of inverse racism so much so that their Maori co-leader (or any other Green MP) finds it impossible to criticize Maori when they seek to break the laws affording protection to endangered species.    Imagine if you can the howls of outrage from the Greens if it were a Pakeha (or any) National Party parliamentarian who did this.

Have to say the only person who comes out of this with his 'mana' intact is Mita Harris who resigned as a member of the Ngapuhi negotiating team with the Crown over their Treaty settlement claim in disgust of Tau's actions.   Mita is Chair of the Northland Conservation Board and has stood for National in previous elections.

Come on Metiria ... 'man' up or is it a case of selective hypocrisy rules Ok in the Greens?

Saturday, June 27, 2015

They Are Linked And The Media Should Say So.

Muslims are in the Holy Month Of Ramadan.

Yesterday Was Friday.

Friday is the best day for the Mad Mullahs to incite the more insane at "Friday Prayers"

There are rewards to those who die in the pursuit of the aims of Allah as cited by Crazy Clerics.

It was no bloody coincidence that yesterday was a rather sad day for the world.
It was the most likely day of the freakin week for it to happen with the month another clue.

Gunmen opened fire on sunbathing tourists on a beach in Tunisia 28 dead.

A nutter with explosives entered a mosque in Kuwait and minced himself taking another 25 praying members of the religion of peace to eternal life while modifying  another 200 to live on in this world with bodies damaged in various ways.

A disgruntled employee in France has removed the head of his boss where it had been for many years  and put it on the gates of his factory, decorated with Arabic scrawl in an act that could be described as taking that boss head on/off.

In other 'News' the savages in ISIL have publicised more gruesome media catching means to demonstrate their mastery of mindless violence.
Not content with just hacking heads off with knives, mass shootings and throwing blindfolded unfortunates off high buildings, putting people they don't like in a car then lining the vehicle up with a rocket grenade and launching the inmates on a final car journey,  things have reached new heights.
Two youths accused of snacking during daylight hours in a serious offense against Allah during Ramadan were tied to a beam by their hands/wrists and hoisted to expire in the hot sun.
Five others, accused of espionage were locked into a steel cage then lowered into a swimming pool and drowned, That whole event was filmed in high quality using sophisticated underwater cameras.
Then another inspired method of dispatch for another group kneeling in orange jump suits being linked with loops around their necks by a length of 'cordtex', an instantaneous explosive in the form of  cable used for co-ordinated linked explosive charges only in this case when the detonator did its work it would have been labour efficient and very quick. Not recommended for inside a building if a clean up was to be done but out in the desert,  well sunshine is a good cleaner.

So two die from dehydration, 5 from over hydration and another bunch had their ability to take on water removed in a sort of  flash of inspiration.

They were all Islamist inspired and enabled,  people,  so why wont the Media say so.
Why don't the millions of other members of Islam who it is suggested are peaceful and peace loving take to the streets and protest the senseless killings perpetrated by "a small minority" or Lone Wolves".

By their actions,  make that inactions,  they are judged and found complicit.


Go the Hurricans ... you deserve to win.

One Down One to Go

Police and or Border control have shot and killed Richard Matt, one of the two lifers who escaped from the Clinton  Correctional Facility in New York State three weeks ago, got his beans when an officer took him out not far from the Canadian Border.

Officials are confident the other murderer serving a life without parole sentence is within their reach.

Those thought to have assisted in the audacious exit are still being investigated.

Gilbert and Sullivan, where the bloody hell are you

Just as people thought the implosion of Colin Craig' s folly could not get more farcical it just did.

Colin Craig has been enabling his personality cult masquerading as a political  party to remain a plausible entity in MMP but the rot set in with a vengeance in the closing week of the 2014 campaign.e rot set in,  When Rachel McGregor resigned abruptly in the last days of the election campaign wheels started coming off and it has become a slow train wreck since.
Her explanation was along the lines of irreconcilable differences.

Now months after that trigger that turned a rising poll figure from threatening the 5%  MMP threshold to the margin of error and thankfully converted a disaster into just normal difficulties that MMP creates in forming an administration, the side show continues

What has become reality is that Craig has singlehandedly become the joke in  public eyes that closer observers of politics merely wondered how it made it as far as it did in the mists of the jungle

Conservative Board member John Stringer had had enough and went on a TV  show last weekend to  explain as best he could, what of the then wreck might be salvaged.  For his troubles was informed he would be required to account to the board for his public display of breaching board confidentiality.
Throughout the week just passed, that board has been pruned, by a torrent  of resignations, to leave  just one member as the rats leapt off the still sinking boat and today one week later it is John Stringer, the only one remaining to hear the complaint against him and decide what sanction he will suffer.

Of course the "membership" will elect another board and it is certain  that Craig will decide who that cabal will include but if anyone thinks it will result in another Conservative Party entity they should be under Psychiatric care.

That does not preclude a TV drama and or a stage musical from being created from the inspiring megalomaniac  events of recent times

In the meantime the other 99% of the voters will just carry on and the debacle will only enter their thinking when another chapter of the farce becomes an item on a slow news day

Coming shows, "The Primate OF Pissants", "The Gonedrownliers",  "HMS Bintherebefore"

Friday, June 26, 2015


comes this little gem here     Not much more to add.    Clearly both are at peace.

Indigenous? (Updated)

I see Maori TV is helping fund an expedition to break the Israeli blockade of Gaza.

The excuse is, the reporting is focused on the indigenous people of the area, allegedly the residents of Gazza.  As far as I know there ain't much indigenous about that lot.  Read the Old Testament and you might get an idea of who is and who isn't indigenous.  Indolent and indigent they may be but indigenous, I doubt.

Embedded image permalink

TVNZ have the nerve to call this tub a 'ship.'   By the look of it, I reckon it would struggle tomake it from Java to Christmas Island on a calm day.

Friday's Fulminations

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Thursday, June 25, 2015


the news here that President Obama has aligned himself with the Republicans in order to facilitate the fast tracking of the proposed Trans Pacific Partnership Free Trade Bill over the objections of many in his own Party (including Hillary Clinton who continues to flip flop over the issue) is fascinating indeed.  

And it was only a couple of weeks ago that one of our resident apologists for the dark side of politics was gloating that the deal was dead in the water and accusing the Republicans of being the spanner in the works.

Students of history find it strange that the notion of free trade, once the icon of the Liberal side of politics in the UK and elsewhere, and opposed to hilt by Tory grandees, now find the the situation reversed.

As in every agreement you have to give a little to get a lot ... the 80/20 rule is in play.   There is no doubt in my mind that NZL will be a net beneficiary from the deal.   There is equally no doubt that the Greens and others with closed minds on the issue will portray it as he beginning of the end of civilisation as we know it ... and the sun will still come up tomorrow (well here in Paihia anyway).

They Complained Colonialists Robbed Them

Sonny Tau proved they were very adept at such things themselves.

Nga Puhi Elder,  Sonny Tau was discovered to be carrying Kereru under his coat on a flight out of Invercargill.

Not sure if the secret was outed by cooing, pooping or odour but it make for  a rather good segment for "Border Patrol" hope someone had their Galaxy or Apple handy.

Didn't Piddling Dover Sam get busted for an offence associated with Kereru that he claimed were for Dame Whina Cooper who was ailing at the time.

I am guessing this will be as serious as a hanger on from the Iwi being caught with little undersized  Paua or Crayfish, a rather tatty bit of paper with a barely discernable name and signature  will be produced and all will be well.

I only wish he had called here for the bloody poultry as those birds are so destructive in a colonialist descendant's garden, there are upwards of a dozen causing untold damage here.
They eat blossom and green buds, fruit and when they land they just crash down until gravity is defeated by heavier branches.

Will Sanity Prevail? Corporate Manslaughter?

or will we have a charade of Bennett seeking out sanity while other Nats are building bigger piles of nonsense.

In the wake of Pike River a lynch mob have been clamouring for a hanging  with poor old Peter Withall as the nigger.

Withall who had only been at the helm of the mine as manager for weeks was just the most convenient scapegoat.
Far more complicit were;
The mung bean eating tree huggers who with their crazy antics around  "its a nasty corporate so everything they plan is bad" tactical nonsense led directly to a very flawed mine design.
Successive government MPs and public servants who castrated aged mine safety oversight  developed in earlier situations without finding replacement rules to oversee modern mine safety.
DoC management and staff who in the same mindset as the tree huggers modified best practice in creating the opportunity to recover the very valuable coal resource.
The workers first stop on the scene, "mine safetymanager" who sadly lost a son in the what turned out to be an inevitable explosion.
Many of the miners and contractors who died but who it was hinted ignored or modified rules and best practice  in daily operations.
And of course Withall's predecessors

If there are deficiencies around 'negligence' and 'gross negligence' in the current law then review those, there is no need to create another monster that will only become a make work opportunity for underemployed lawyers at great cost to taxpayers,  as a populist response.

Take the often crazy H and S laws around quad bikes where all ability for an experienced operator  to make rational choices around risk and appropriate actions, are swamped with a one size fits all stupid rule that is targetted to protect a complete idiot. That the penalty for a possible error that may or may not reslt in an incident is well illustrated with the penalty for a Mongrel Mob member riding sans helmet at 1%  of the H&S fine recently levied on two share milkers who refused to comply with idiotic rules. That said I guess the relative values  to society is well regarded in that.
Will a "corporate" employer of a disobedient worker who by their own stupidity manages to fully comply with the Darwin laws be liable to a charge of Corporate Manslaughter and we all know the financial and personal damage inflicted in even a failed prosecution can be extremely harsh, struggling to make a defence.

Take the tragedy that occurred at Gebbies Valley two days ago when a Toyota Surf slid into a school bus as a result of black ice, should the Shareholders, the Board, the Management and the driver of that bus have had the vehicle on the road in conditions as bad as any in recent times, were they all guilty of possible corporate manslaughter of the Toyota driver.

If those in power need any hints as to the inanity around the current nonsense they should only view who are the most vociferous amongst those clamouring.
Bernie Monk, Matira Turei, Helen Kelly, Andrew Little, a handful of assorted legals who would have no conflict at all.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015


and equally clearly, it seems to be working.  

Step 1 ... trot your wife out to have her pledge forgiveness for whatever 'we' (as in Rachel and I) have done while invoking Bill Clinton's  shermanesque statement "I did not have sex with that woman".

Step 2 ... 'encourage' those loyal to you on the Board to resign thereby depriving the Board of a quorum and the ability to move against you.    Get your mate, Brian Dobbs, Conservative Party Chairman, to dissolve the Board pending fresh 'elections'.

Step 3 ... reach out into the la la land of Colin Craig true believers to cherry-pick a new Board that, seduced by the promise of unlimited funding from your family fortune, will welcome you back as the Prodigal Son and Messiah reborn.

Keep watching to see this scenario develop.

Just one problem with this.   Colin  Craig ain't going anywhere with National.   He is forbidden fruit(cake).   He's never going to have a cup of tea with John Key.   They won't be gifted a seat.  Nor do the Conservatives stand a bolters chance of reaching the 5% threshold after the events of the last few days.

And the really sad thing is that there are good and true people in the Conservative Party who deserve much better than this.   I have a passing acquaintance with John Stringer who blew the gaffe on all of this.   John was the Press Secretary to my Minister in Parliament.   I found him to be passionate, honest, hard working and a Christian gentleman.    He must feel terribly let down.

Comment of the Week

From this morning's Herald:-

Colin Craig reminds me of Frank Spencer in that old television show Some Mothers do Have Them. Well meaning, but bumbling and accident prone.

Gandalf - St Heliers - 01:25 PM Wednesday, 24 Jun 2015

My Sincere Apologies To The Family Of The Late Arun Kumar.

Society owed you so much more than it dished out yesterday in the Courts.

All that claptrap about what might have been contributing factors in the actions of two little tow rags was nothing to do with guilt or innocence.

Entering the premises carrying a knife was evidence that death was at least a distinct possibility.

Maybe the appalling family (did what those two little bastards grow up in qualify as family), backgrounds that delivered us the killers of Arun Kumar really decide guilt or innocence or should it perhaps have been presented at sentence.

The whole Intent factor is of a much lessor moment in deciding guilt or innocence but its increasing use is starting to erode the small part of my residual  belief in what passes for justice c2015.

As I was alluding to yesterday in the case of the now twice convicted killer McLaughlin the basic premise of whether someone caused a death is now such an abstract matter, it is sickening.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

“First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win.”

That quote from Mahatma Ghandi needs a rewrite to edit out the bit about fighting as it was self immolation and the ending to be, "and then you lose"

Colin Craig and his foray into the NZ Political Landscape as leader of a one man band under the Conservative  Brand with a confused and convoluted use of that nomenclature,  had a Quixote thread about it except no one,  not even its flaky leader and funder in chief had any idea what the windmills actually were.
His opposition to sale of state assets, even part sale of a minority shareholding, a non negotiable view on binding referenda,  the high moral positioning, abolishing of Maori seats, opposition to sales of land to non citizens, ending the emissions trading scheme all contributed to a mishmash of policies clearly targeted to attract those who might cast their vote on single issue policies.

In that, the Crazy Colin image succeeded when judged on where apparent support emerged from in the political spectrum to an inflated 4%  that threatened the 5% speed bump before the McGregor fiasco applied a handbrake.

That said the gathering up of McVicar of SST and the ageless until she appeared on the telly Christine Rankin were promising moves but with the sudden departure of Rachel McGregor in the last days of the campaign it all ended in electoral disaster.

"I cannot forecast to you the action of Russia. It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma; but perhaps there is a key. That key is Russian national interest." a quote from Churchill from 1939 that when it has the word Russia changed to Craig possibly was a very good summary of the now  imploding latest manifestation in NZ politics to carry the title 'Conservative'.

Laurence and Karen Day must be more than a little chagrined to watch their considerable investment in the  very strange man at present still excavating an enormous hole, much bigger than necessary, to enable the burial of  the still disintegrating dreams of a man being separated from his money and still a work in progress, being burnt before their eyes.

The socialists were in rapture as Craig mopped up an eventually unrepresented 4% of the voting public that should have made the task of the Key Government much harder if not impossible.

So who  is happy to see the wreck that is Craig's very personal and flawed foray into NZ Politics, well Mr Key must be very content that he did not succumb to the misguided pressure to hand Craig a seat ala ACT's Epsom, with East Coast Bays seat at present held by Maurice Williamson,
Add in  the other very puzzling as to its influence from the Fat Krauts equally strange and equally dysfunctional manifestation.  Surely if a valid lesson is ever required to end the ability for great wealth to be wielded as an electoral weapon it is at least very tarnished if not entirely discredited.
Peters and his personality cult,  given a boost with its success in the Northland bi-election must have his eyes on the detritus, also assorted lawyers who seem to be very close to Craig's litigious  mind-set at  all times.
So who will be dismayed, well all those who thought for whatever reason that Craig could deliver, who will for the most part just sink back into the swamp on the edges of the Nats fortress,  the hangers on who have made hay from Don Quixote Craig or was he merely Sancho Panza  on "Dapples" and Don was a figment of a fevered albeit moneyed persons mind

The latest apparition to circumvent the CR rump in the form of David Clark's Members Bill to end the Coat Tail provisions of MMP indicates a certain desperation from the socialists in their manipulations around the rather open opportunities of MMP that the left have failed to utilise apart from the rather tawdry as it turned out, efforts by the Troughmaster General in Wigram.
Is it at all likely the NZLP will see an opportunity to mop up some of the GP vote that it could regather   from disillusioned harder left supporters with a split of the NZL party into social democrats and old labour, not that that will change much it will just cut the pie into different servings.

The left of politics must be very upset that the implosion has totally undermined any traction they might have been generating on housing, alleged poverty and other tired old memes that were still bubbling along with dedicated efforts of the chatterati.
Crazy Colin's latest drama still apparently unfolding as I write, is doing an already struggling Little Party no favours at all.

The Euphemistic Mr Craig

Yesterday was a weird day for NZ minor party politics.

Looking behind the obvious one has to wonder how such an idiot as Mr Craig ever made a fortune, let alone entered politics.

The subliminal message from yesterday's antics is very simple.

If this guy is so stupid as to use 'inappropriate behaviour' which is journalism's euphemistic code word for 'I was fucking her' when in fact he was not, then how the hell could you ever consider putting him in charge of the country's administration? 

If he was merely attempting to engage in Clintonesque inappropriate behaviour but never made it over the line, then he's a failure.  He couldn't even get his leg over his press secretary.

How the hell could you ever consider putting such a dope in charge of the country's administration?  


I note with some amusement that the 'nice' Mr Little is seized with the fact that there appears to be a certain inconsistency over the declaration of a Civil Defence Emergency in the Taranaki/Wanganui/Rangitikei regions this weekend while Dunedin residents were left to fend for themselves in the flooding that effected more than 1,000 properties earlier this month.

Really Mr Little ... if you are touting yourself as a leader in waiting  then I would expect you would have at least a modicum of knowledge regarding responsibilities under the Civil Defence Act.    Clearly you need to bring yourself up to speed.   Once you do you will find that the primary responsibility for making a declaration (of a Civil Defence Emergency) rests with the local authority concerned with the Minister able to intervene if he/she thinks necessary.

So, what have we here?   Dunedin, with both its electorates held by Labour MPs; a Labour aligned Mayor and a 'left' leaning Council and none of them thought it necessary to make a declaration.   So just what is Mr Little on about?   Is it a 'backdoor' criticism of brand Labour in Dunedin or is it the mumbling of an essentially irrelevant person looking for a headline ... Colin Craig might give him some pointers on how to achieve that.

The Court System Assaulted Yet Again

The man who murdered Jade Bayliss (Source: ONE News)
The face Of Mr Jeremy McLaughlin.

Jeremy McLaughlin Is back in court appealing his conviction and sentence for murdering 13 year old Jade Bayliss in 2011.

This lovely man went to West Australia as so many did and during his time there in 1995 he killed a teenage boy.
He was deported back to New Zealand when he was deemed to have served his sentence and ended up in a relationship with Jade's Mother, Tina.

Four days before the child died in a house she shared with her Mother, Tina Bayliss went to Christchurch police with concerns about her now ex partner but left with only a trespass notice to hand Jeremy should he attempt to enter her house.
Four days later the killer went to the Barrington street house to commit burglary and when discovered by the 13 year old,  strangled her and stuffed sox into her mouth, continued with the burglary,  then went to Westfield to dispose of stolen items leaving Jade's empty wallet in the carpark there.
He then returned to the Barrington St house with petrol and torched it, returning to Westfield for fish and Chips before going on to his home where the police acting on information from those who were prevented from telling Tina four days earlier who her now ex was and what he had proved he was capable of, took McLaughlin in for questioning

Now today this piece of canine excrement is back contesting the validity and reliance on the DNA evidence that supported his conviction, apparently claiming too much emphasis was placed on that evidence.

When Jade's Body was found in her torched home in Christchurch a local cop flagged the scroat as a suspect.
Later after much obstruction around Jeremy's rights to privacy his case went to court and evidence around his movements and those of his car built a case of selling articles from Jade's home that were removed before he returned to spread accelerant and then torch the home.

Two years after the killing and arson Graeme Pankhurst convicted the scumbag whose record of killing in WA could not be divulged to Jade's mum by police in possession of such a serious potential threat because of completely stupid and obstructive law around McLaughlin's right to Privacy.
Pankhurst in sentencing McLaughlin commented that he had come perilously close to being sent to the poky for the rest of his natural life and handed down a sentence of  life with23 years without parole.

I accept that the bastards who can kill with such nonchalance are entitled to a defence at trial but it seems rather a corruption that the law can be involved in such a waste of resources with apparently no way anybody in the system can just  say F*^k off noddy,  here is the sentence you so nearly got after your  trial, just resign your miserable self to never seeing the sunrise again ever unless you have a cell with a view.

I understand The Hon Judith Collins and the Sensible Sentencing Trust have made moves to overcome the stupid prohibition on permitting McLaughlin's horrendous record to be given to Tina Bayliss to allow her to at a minimum assess the risk that unfortunately did exist and resulted in the death of Jade, her daughter.
I hope such very necessary change has occurred.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Super City Failing, Why

Well in the main because of the quality of those who get voted in.

With it appearing a fait acompli that Pants Down Brown will manage to have his 60 billion ten year plan passed by the 19 member elected council on Thursday it is suggested that outcome will eventuate with a minority of 7 councillors in favour Vs 6 opposed with the rest either absent, John Walker  and Browns deputy Hulse or choosing to abstain. The cowards are Casey, Clow, ex Regional council supremo Lee, Wayne Walker and  Watson.

Auckland voters facing a 10% rise in council graft charges need to remember those Quislings names as by abstaining the cowards are perpetrating, enabling, permitting the massive rates rort. Having been elected to represent the voters in their ward and accepting the money, abdicating their responsibility deserves termination and as no recall facility is available then rejection at the next election is the only recourse.

Dont blame Hide, the problem is down to the dumbarses who through ineptitude, failure of due diligence or plain lack of intellectual ability elected nonentities to sit on council with a massive deficit of ability or honesty who will inevitably at the next election claim with no moral backing, it wasn't me, I abstained.

Evidently the cowards are using a very suspect and erroneous advisory from CEO  Town and CFO Tindall that failure to pass the brown turd would have dire repercussions. Total bollocks it would create some need to vote in either a more palatable alternative or some interim measure.

The whole charade stinks worse than the rare flower in the Auckland Botanical Gardens.

Sunday, June 21, 2015


It is fascinating sitting on the sidelines here in a wet cold Canberra watching the ALP disembowel themselves over Tony Abbot's success in stopping the boats while their erstwhile leader is facing attacks from both inside and outside Labor as he prepares to be hauled before the Royal Commission into Trade Union Governance and Corruption to explain his roll in certain 'creative' fund raising initiatives that took place during his time at the helm of the Australian Workers Union.

Cut to the 'boats' and on Monday and, against the backdrop of Tony Abbott saying that the Government would do whatever necessary to stop the people smugglers in their tracks, the ALP was preparing to move a vote of censure in the House over a reported payment by Australian 'officials' of US $30k to the crew of a boat supposedly carrying illegal migrants on its way to New Zealand in order to 'encourage' them to turn the boat back to Indonesia.     Twelve hours later Labor dived for cover, why? ... well it transpired that under the Rudd/Gillard/Rudd administration there was a AUD $30m slash fund established to do just that.    So, what have we got?    Answer ... under Labor $30 million paid out in bribes to stop the boats and they still kept coming while under Abbott a supposed $30,000 payment and the boat, its crew and its passengers are back in Indonesia.  

BTW ... don't know if pictures of the boat in question appeared in the NZL media but from my limited nautical knowledge it looked as though it would have been hard put to make it on the Paihia to Russell ferry run.

Cut to Bill Shorten.   For years he was a protected species through his association with the daughter of Australian Governor-GeneraL Quenton Bryce.   Shorten was an acknowledged 'hard man' union leader in a country where the union movement wields considerable political power and industrial muscle and where might equals the right to indulge in questionable practices and, in the process, enrich both yourself and those around you.    And now it's unraveling with ALP insiders starting to spill the beans and portray him as a man not to be trusted while the SMH, hardly a bastion of conservatism, is calling for his resignation.

For what it is worth I think Shorten will survive.    He knows where too many of the bodies are for the ALP to roll him least he goes feral.

One final observation.   NZ politics are small kids birthday party stuff c/w politics OZ style .... Colin Craig and Crimdotcon notwithstanding.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Maybe The Ngati Whatua Room would have been more secure?

Heather du Plessis-Allan has been tipped as a front-runner to co-host the replacement show for Campbell Live on TV3. Photo / Hagen Hopkins
 Photo / Hagen Hopkins

Using a Hotel that is a well known destination for TVNZ people in Tranzit in the Capital and a room booked under TVNZ was a bit lax.

Is Barrie's squeeze to be a  front person for TV3's long term replacement for Campbell Live, now deceased?

When HdP A's boss walked in on a meeting of Mark Jennings and her it could have been interesting as a minimum for Phil O'Sullivan.

Gee I Feel Better Already, Thanks Popeye.

The Pope, who it was finally decided by Pius the IX in the 19th century is "infallible" after centuries of that dogma merely being a central plank in  theory on such matters, has come out as a committed supporter of the concept  that it is profligate man who is cooking the planet!

As the head honcho of a bunch of misogynists who see no problem with having far too many sprogs  as  a duty, even though in the ghetto they only create exponentially greater problems, who harbour and protect sex-offending paedophile clergy, who ignore the potential of half their flock as leaders and preachers because they don't have a penis, suddenly, on the basis of his Marxist early life becomes an expert on a science that is in deep doo doo as the last two decades refuse to conform to the AGW, now climate change meme by refusing to actually get warmer.

Now I accept that the church of Rome does some good works around the world but any such kudos are of extreme doubt as to real value when measured against the way their dogma contributes to so much misery, not  vastly  different from another bunch of mind owning clerics with very similar irresponsible attitudes to negative outcomes from a totalitarian control concept and profligate breeding.

As a modern leader of an organisation that too often seems stuck in an age long gone, the current occupant of the Vatican top table place of authority has made some laudable moves to pay a subscription to the 21st century.
However it is essential that this latest dumb throwing his weight behind a scientific theory, still under some considerable doubt and one which if it had all the potential for financial advantage removed would only lie in basements of most teaching institutions gathering dust and mould, comes from an equally benighted forerunner group of religious authoritarians who cast Galileo as a heretic and confined him to house arrest for the rest of his life because he dared to publish his findings that Copernicus was correct,  the earth was not the centre of the universe but was in orbit around the sun.

That is a great reason to ignore this latest attempt by a preacherman, albeit  a fairly heavy hitter, to make  another  declaration as a main point in an encyclical that as Pope(ye,) carries weight well beyond its real worth.

Hoi Mr Holy Dad,  here is a better way for you as a crusading Pope to leave the planet a better place from a much more effective suggestion for improvement,  particularly in some of the more challenged places looking for,  a better quality of life.
Stop the failed discredited opposition to rooting for fun, using contraception as an aid in sex for pleasure and start encouraging your flock to limiting offspring to numbers that the parents and lovers can actually deliver for,  rather than making them screwed up cotcases from just following their desires fired from centuries of genetic drivers to copulate.
Now there is a theory that is totally supported by science.

Over population particularly in areas of the globe in serious danger from a declining ability to feed clothe and shelter people is a massively more serious matter than a very minor rise in average temperature that may or may not be influenced by human activity but which it is well established will enable vast areas of the world to grow more food, and give a more clement place to live for many  souls.