Friday, December 9, 2016

Friday's Fulminations

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Thursday, December 8, 2016


Assuming the reports are correct then I suspect most New Zealanders will wish David Shearer well in his new (UN) job.

I see Shearer as an inherently decent man who was not cut out for the rough and tumble of parliamentary politics and who struggled with a hopelessly divided Labour Party ... much of his time was spent looking over his shoulder at his disloyal colleagues who worked assiduously to undermine him.

Fascinated too at the report that earlier this year Helen Clark worked to veto Shearer for a similar job in order to prevent his appointment being used as an obstacle in her bid to become UN Secretary General.     H1 (and maybe H2) at their ruthless best (or worst).


I see the Federal Judge who ordered the recount in Michigan has reversed his decision and ordered the process stopped after a State Court found that Jill Stein, the Green Candidate, had no legal standing to request a recount.   

The Court found that Stein who finished fourth in the race could not possibly win even after the recount and therefore could not be seen as an 'aggrieved party'. 

Hurrah for common sense.   Stein was a loser who sought to profit from gullible losers who contributed $7.2m to a lost cause.

Meanwhile the recount continues in Wisconsin where, horror, shock, horror (to the Democrats) Trump has increased his margin of victory over Clinton.

The final scene in the election process will stage on Saturday when an election will be held in Louisiana to pick a replacement for retiring GOP Senator David Vitter. Louisiana is a 'Red' State'.

The latest opinion polls have the Republican candidate 'John Kennedy' (I kid you not) 14 points ahead of his Democrat rival.   If the Republicans win it will grow their Senate lead over the other mob to 52-46-2 (although the two 'Independents' so called caucus with the Democrats).    

Wednesday, December 7, 2016


The bar for having a Judge throwing out a case and declaring it as vexatious is a high one indeed.

Colin Craig has cleared that bar with ease with his latest lawsuit alleging copyright infringement by Jordan Williams (Taxpayer Union) and Cam Slater (Whaleoil) against him as a poet thrown out by Judge Mary Sharp in the Auckland District Court yesterday.    The Judge described the proceedings 'vexatious' and 'improper' and a 'deception perpetrated on the Court'.   In making those comments she granted Williams and Slater leave to apply for indemnity costs.

Craig, in describing himself as poet, insults all poets ... even bad ones.   His poem, repeated below, struggles to make bad ....

There is only one of me, it's true
But I wish this was not the case, because I wish I could have you
If instead of one man I was two 
That would be one for all the other and one of me for you

Times up for Craig as it is with Crimdotcon.     Both have no standing.   Both have no credibility.   Craig should remove himself from public life; Crimdotcon should remove himself from New Zealand before he is removed in an orange jump suit.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016


It took this to drag me out of self imposed exile.

National needs its very own ABC group.
My pick from my quiet corner of Northland is Dr Jonathon Coleman.
No murky, dodgy shit or Kauri stumps to be tripped up by.
New blood, personable, smart and a safe pair of hands.
Leave English as number 2. He has done a fantastic job in finance.
Next year should still be a resounding victory and a fourth term National government if they adopt the Labour parties ABC approach to selecting a new leader.
Key has been a fantastic PM for NZ, I cannot imagine we would have coped as well through multiple crisis if anybody else had been at the helm. Coleman has a similar air about him and the Lab/ Greens spin machine probably have no dirt on him.


My first Commanding Officer in Malaysia was Brian Poananga.   He was a charismatic leader, personality plus.   His Battalion 2ic was Lindsay (Lin) Smith.   He was the opposite of Po ... loyal, quiet, unassuming, extremely hard working, a very safe pair of hands.   Much of Po's success can be laid at Lin Smith's door.    Lin preferred to work in the shadows  ... ended up as Deputy Chief of Army and later as Director of the SIS.   Good as he undoubtedly was, he remained a 'grey' man.

Post WW2 and there have been three standout periods of relatively stable government; the Holyoake years, the Clark years and the Key years.     Each of those administrations  had one thing in common .... an extremely capable Deputy Prime Minister (Marshal, Cullen & English) who were the driving force in the engine room of their respective parties.   Each of them can best be described a a technocrat rather than a leader.   Each of them were undoubtedly a safe pair of hands.

I want more than a safe pair of hands as my Prime Minister.   I want a Prime Minister backed by a safe pair of hands.    A personality that leads from the front; a person not afraid to make the hard calls; someone who has been there and done that; someone who has achieved through shear intellect and hard work; someone who knows business; someone who has seen life from the other side of the tracks; some who has learned from her mistakes.

I want Judith Collins.

There Was No Tsunami Warning - Updated

From a wide range of commentary it seems apparent Obamacare was the defining issue which cost Crooked Hillary her political career.

Looking back, it is amazing the Democrats did not see it coming.  Here was a piece of legislation, all 2,000 pages of it, rammed through congress under urgency even though nobody had read it because it was too long and complicated.   Americans were told again and again that they could keep their own doctors and that premiums would not go up.

Well, a week before the election the markets opened for hapless Americans to roll up and buy their new health care packages.  To their horror, they found that not only had premiums increased out of sight but they could no longer go to their own doctors.  It turns out, for a family with three dependent children, the yearly premium cost plus 'excess' for one claim exceeds the average annual wage in America for a blue collar worker. (read rust belt Democrat)  However, the true master stroke on the part of the Democrats was to allow the fellow who devised Obamacare onto national television to explain that they had to lie about it as otherwise they could not get the bill enacted. 

Such is the stuff of political disaster.

Obamacare was the major reason for the large scale defection of working class former Democrat voters who rushed to support the candidate who promised to repeal Obamacare.  They became Trump's Democrats.

Thus did the Obamacare volcano trigger a tsunami of voter defection which lifted Trump on high and carried him into the White House, drowning Crooked Hillary in the process and destroying the structures of the Democratic Party at all levels across the US.

Image result for tsunami

This destruction will be the only thing for which America's worst ever president will be remembered twenty years from now.


I forgot to add, Malcolm Turnbull will face a similar tsunami here in Australia if he continues to meddle with people's private super accounts.  He needs to sit down for an hour's counseling on the subject from Jim Bolger.

Monday, December 5, 2016


While leaders from across the political spectrum were generous in their praise of the Prime Minister following his surprise announcement of his decision to resign Winston Peters could not help himself with his churlish and stupid remark that the PM's going meant that he had stopped believing the polls that had that National Party at close to 50% support.

No class, no style, just the musings of an embittered old man that Key has run rings around.   The mouthing of someone who cannot understand why someone would walk away from Parliament on his owns terms rather than be carried out in a box.  

Today was a time for a certain generosity of spirit.   Peters exhibits none of qualities that define true leadership,   He prefers and thrives on confrontation to the point where he cannot recognise there are occasions where the put down leaves you looking isolated and sad.    This was such an occasion.

Peters defines himself by his actions.

In For A Penny..... for a pound.

Who will be chosen by the National Party caucus as leader and Prime Minister?

There are many (not 'multiple,' thank you) commentators much closer to the action and more knowledgeable than I on the subject of the various contenders but here, for what it's worth, are my suggestions.

First, however, what are the necessary attributes?

Above all else, the ability to lead the party to electoral victory in 2017.  Everything else palls into insignificance.  What does that ability entail?  The capacity to continue the party's thrust as a centre right party with the emphasis on 'centre,' leaving the Greens and Labour to fight over the dregs on the far left.  It also requires some ability to take the wind out of NZ First's sails by stealing a few of their choice policies, just in case Winston doesn't die before September.

So far, there has been some comment on the unsuitability of Bill English as leader, mainly on the grounds that he was pretty hopeless, last time round.  The same criticism could have been leveled at John Howard and Winston Churchill.  Does Blenglish have it in him to be an election winner?  I'm not sure.  The choice of his deputy might make some difference. 

I don't think Steven Joyce or Paula Bennett are viable contenders.  Joyce is still smarting from handing Northland to Peters and Bennett appears to enjoy as much caucus support as did Cunliffe.

So, here's my pick. English as leader to keep the centre left voters happy and maybe Judith Collins as deputy to take the whip to Winston.

Sunday, December 4, 2016


President-Elect Trump has thumbed his nose at the conservative wing of the Republican Party with his announced the $8m subsidy bribe to Carrier to stop them moving 1,000 jobs from Indiana to Mexico ... plus a gentle leaning on reminding the company just how many defence industry contracts they currently hold ... wot God givith, God can taketh away.

A certain irony in that for years the Republicans have blasted the Democrats over subsidies given to promote wind-farming and solar energy production ... presumably those industries didn't create jobs. 

I am against subsidies simply because they promote inefficiency and stifle innovation ... short term gain for long term pain.  New Zealand is a far better place from having moved on from the 'glory' days where the State picked winners (and losers) using taxpayer money to keep players that should have long gone to wall afloat.     Having said that I accept there will always be exceptions to the rule in order to retain a strategic industry like Tiwai Point or the Marsden Fund established to facilitate fundamental research on a contestable basis.   

But there is a limit as to how far government (any government) can go in subsidising failure.    At some point the 'House of Cards' will come tumbling down as it did in New Zealand in 1984.    I see America under Trump as much more insular and inward looking ... sure, the US economy has huge resilience but, for it be able to compete with the world, it has to be efficient and if it isn't the world will go looking elsewhere ... that is the danger of institutionalised subsidies ... there is less an  imperative for innovation and efficiency and, at some point, the government funding will run out.

You couple that with the US National debt and their inability to balance the budget and Trump's short term gain may be very short indeed.


Mr Little won and I for one am happy about that but a word of caution Mr Eight Percent, Mr Woods scored less than 25% of the votes so that really only ties into your party's current polling and looks pretty dam successful until you recall the fact that your MOU mates stood aside so perhaps it was not the "landslide" your other mates in the media party are hailing.  

I understand that your on the ground effort was up there and the other mob made another effort commensurate with the oh so successful Northland disaster.

That said you have finally experienced an election victory, but if you think getting a towering political figure as represented by Mr Woods  finally making it in a "safe" seat on your diminishing by the day team red,  a rethink might be a go. Then again perhaps it is going so well for the country maybe don't change anything.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Daily Entertainment

It is great fun watching the futile rearguard action being fought by the left against President-elect Trump.  Actually, the term 'rearguard action' is a charitable misnomer.  More accurate to describe it as the desperate skirmishing of the defeated after the war has been lost.  I wonder if in forty years time some aging Clintonista will be found, still alive on a jungle clad island, brandishing his 'Strong Together' and 'I'm with Her' banners.

The latest episode in this ongoing comedy surrounds the proposed appointment of retired General Mattis as Secretary of Defense. 

Image result for mad dog mattis

AP comes out firing blanks.

His selection raises questions about increased military influence in a job designed to insure(sic) civilian control of the armed forces. The concerns revolve around whether a recently retired service member would rely more on military solutions to international problems, rather than take a broader, more diplomatic approach.

Notice the smarmy and unsubstantiated reference to 'questions about increased military influence.'

AP needs reminding that the Defense Secretary is expected to 'rely on military solutions.'

'As John Hinderaker of Powerline points out, AP seem to confuse the role of Defense Secretary with that of Secretary of State.  The Sec of State is a predominantly diplomatic role while the Sec of Defense job is to make sure the military can actually win a war when it is called upon to fight.

Of course, the left try to tell you that Mattiss has no diplomatic experience but they conveniently ignore the fact that this fellow commanded American and Coalition forces in the Middle East and Afghanistan.  A significant part of his role involved negotiating daily with host country governments and the commanders of coalition partners' forces.  If that ain't diplomacy, I don't know what is.

 The dopey media don't realise Trump is playing them for the fools they are, every day.   In a tweet, he described his appointee as 'Mad Dog Matiss' and like mad dogs, the media took the bait, and the line and the sinker.   Great stuff.

So far so good.


There seems to be general agreement that the LaMia BEA146 charter aircraft that crashed near Medellin in Columbia ran out of fuel.   LaMia was set up in 2015 in Bolivia.   It has three aircraft two of which are currently under repair.   The aircraft in question was part owned by the pilot.

Clearly an airline trying to do it on the cheap and thumbing their nose at IATA which requires all aircraft to carry sufficient fuel to make it to their destination plus a diversion airfield plus 40 minutes.   

Reinforces the point that flying in a low cost charter airline has the potential to be good on the pocket but injurious to ones health,

I see that the Civil Aviation Authority in Bolivia has now pulled LaMia's operating licence.

Friday's Fulminations

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Thursday, December 1, 2016


Up until ten days ago we had a small Z and a large Caltex petrol station in little olde Paihia.    Then we received a note in the mail that Z was closing down ... nothing too suprising about that as Z now owns Caltex and it doesn't make a hell of a lot of sense competing against yourself.

But, as they say, wait, there's more.    Seven days after Z closed down the station reopened under the Waitomo Petroleum brand ... a family owned Kiwi Company.    They are marketing their petrol at 1.69.9 per litre regular which forced Caltex to match while just 20k away in Keri2 Caltex and BP are charging $1.85.9 for the same.  

I'm supporting Waitomo.

Rhino Hide

That's what holds together the arses of these Democrats.

Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee asked committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R., Va.) to hold hearings on the matter. “There is concern that foreign governments and government-owned corporations may steer business to [Mr. Trump], or offer him favorable business terms, in an effort to gain political influence with his administration,” the Democrats wrote in a letter to Mr. Goodlatte.
Can they seriously spout this tripe with straight faces when for years they had never a harsh word for their Queen of Corruption, their world champion conflicter of interests who sold US government policy to anyone who would donate big time to her personal election slush fund?


and so it should be with another 'rogue' poll showing Labour down 3.5% to just 23% which would give them just 28 seats in a House of 120 with the Little fella on the cusp of not making it back into Parliament.   This is unprecedented.  The reality is however there will be no BBQ driven Coup d'etat.     It's too late for Labour to contemplate changing leaders.  They're stuck with Little ... their bed, lie on it.

Paul Scott will be devastated too that his poster boy's Party has dropped 2% down to 8%.  It has a very big hill to climb to reach his predicted 15-17%.   Memo for Paul.   It doesn't help your cause to argue in the name of your Party that Obama & Clinton should be shot without trial and hung upside down in Washington Square.

The winner (apart from National up 1.5% to 49.5%) is the Greens up 3% to 14.5%.   Seems they're reaping the benefit of the MoU and harvesting off the soft Labour vote.  Long may that continue in spades.   Simply fascinating that Labour appears likely to throw sitting MP Rino Tirikatene to the wolves in Te Tai Tonga and stand aside in Nelson giving the Greens a clear run at both seats in return for stitch up deals in Ohariu and elsewhere.  

An interesting side bar to all of this is the rapprochement between the Maori Party and Mana where it appears they will not be standing candidates against each other.   Whether Hone can defeat Kelvin Davis is a moot but you certainly have to think the Maori Party will fancy their chances in both Hauraki-Waikato, where the sitting MP is retiring and where the Maori King has gone feral against Labour, and Te Tai Hauauru where the sitting MP is best described as a drone.     Whatever, should Hone win the seat he will side with Labour and the Greens while the Maori Party will hope to be in a position where they can do deals.

As for the rest ... nothing to say.   Pretty difficult to achieve traction when 65% (up 9%) think the country is headed in the right direction while only 24% (down 5%) say we're doomed.


Any residual sympathy is now too small to register.

First the survivors wanted Peter Whithall hung drawn and quartered, then it was John Key's well intentioned but clearly over stated  promise to bring the  boys home, now it is Solid Energy that is the target as they set about sealing the mine.

Sorry people it is over and continuing to lock yourselves in the middle stages of grief  in an act of blind stupidity has a potential to destroy you all.
Make it their final resting place, treasure the memories and move on with your lives, even maybe try your hands at helping others still living amidst other unrelated  challenges life throws up.
Locking yourselves somewhere between blame and anger is totally counterproductive and barely half way to acceptance and hope where you will not find happiness but a realistic chance to move on with your lives.

I am sincerely sorry for the families of the twenty nine dead and in particular to the parents of one who are personally known to me, however six years later times up.


Hot on the heels of a Colmar Brunton poll giving National around a simple parliamentary majority came more bad news for the little union snarler.
Always erratic but favoured by the left, Roy Morgan has delivered another shocker for the now even more temporary leader of the opposition hovering around in single figures as Prime Minister in waiting.
Yes it is a certain bet Little will survive a coup but whether he can hold onto a semblance of a center left rump at the current levels of polling must be problematical.
With the situation of Nick Leggatt, always held as a future prominent figure now in tatters after Little's assassination attempt over his challenge to Lester in the Wellington mayoralty that under the Labour Party Rules required a stand down as a member of the now one hundred year old party that seems another step towards oblivion to challenge an official party nomination but to take him out the way "my way or the Highway" did, might just have been a bit OTT.
As Farrar points out even the little snarler will be seriously at risk of making it back on a list next year should it go any further south from the high twenties, from his assured place of number one as leader.

So Mr Pretend Leader of the opposition show the country what your internal polling is saying, then again it might well be even worse news.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

And He Hasn't Been Sworn In Yet

Already two major US employers have cancelled plans to export American jobs offshore.

Obviously thy have more brains than the Democrats and know how to read an election result.

Ford and Carrier have announced that plans to shift production to Mexico have been shelved.  So already Trump has saved over 5,000 jobs for his constituents in the rust belt.  Trump has done more for working Americans in three weeks than the fool Obama did in eight years.

And they said this fellow was unpresidential?

How To Tell The Difference......

.........between the genuine and the fake.  The diamond and the paste.

Here's a little test for you.  Both of these fellows are MPs, one in NZ and one in Australia.

Both have served in their respective countries' armed forces.

Both have achieved the rank of army captain..

One claims to have belonged to the SAS.   One served with the SAS, with distinction.

One engages in childish and vulgar behaviour in the house.  One delivers excellent speeches.

One is seen by a number of experienced commentators as a future prime minister.  One is destined for the parliamentary scrap heap.

I give you The Honorable Captain Andrew Hastie (retired) Member for Canning in the Australian House of Representatives

Image result for andrew hastie sas

and the Dishonorable Captain Ron Mark, (retired) list member of the NZ House of Reprehensibles.

Image result for ron mark mp



My last ten days were pretty full-on on in Dunedin and Wellington so when I flew back home on Monday night I decided to transition myself into a couch potato yesterday and watch what I hoped would be an absorbing days cricket.

Half way through the second session with NZL failing to make any inroads at all on a fairly benign pitch and a draw looming I called it quits and headed outside ... returning at 5.25 and turned on the sports channel only to give myself a swift uppercut having missed most of the action.   10 wickets for 99 runs.    Great result ... well done the Black Caps.

Cricket, that great French gift to the world (along with 'conyuck' the Can-Can and garlic).

Tuesday, November 29, 2016


to label the challenges to his wins in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania being orchestrated by Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate, a scam designed to enrich the coffers of her Party.

Lets ignore the fact that Stein only managed to rack up 1% of the vote.   Lets ignore the fact that the Greens didn't make the ballot in all fifty States.   She's acting as a surrogate for the effete liberal left who are refusing to concede their girl lost while ignoring the fact that Clinton conceded the election on the night.    The fact that the Clinton campaign has now moved to back the challenges (despite having conceded there is very little chance of success) reinforces the old adage of  'show me a poor loser and I'll show you a loser'.

Contrast that with the way Nixon conducted himself following his defeat by Kennedy in the 1960 campaign.   Kennedy won Illinois by less than 9,000 votes out of 4.75m cast with the Democratic Party political machine holding back release of the vote in Cook County until the result in the rest of the State became clear (Nixon won 92 out of that State's 101 counties) and with Mayor Daley urging his people 'to vote early and vote often'. 

Same in Texas where Nixon lost by 46,000 votes despite numerous cases of voter fraud being uncovered ... an example of that was Fannin County which had only 4,895 registered voters yet 6,138 votes were cast with three quarters of those going for Kennedy.

If Nixon has won Illinois and Texas he would have won the Presidency yet he refused to challenge the result stating that were he to do so he would risk initiating a constitutional crisis ... say what you like about Nixon but he got this one right. 

Clearly Clinton's no Nixon and Stein something less.

Updated ... Stein missed the deadline for filing in Pennsylvania; in Wisconsin her request for officials to do a hand recount was denied ... she has now filed suit against this while Michigan has now been officially declared for Trump who won the State by over 10,000 votes.

This whole exercise by losers losers is going nowhere.


Emotional Wallaby coach Michael Chieka fresh from seeing his 2016 Wallaby  Grand Slam evaporate in Dublin when a very good Ireland team gave a repeat dose to Southern Hemisphere rugby, has now lashed out at the abrasive England Coach Eddie Jones.

Eddie just loves stirring and Mad Mike is too thick to see what really matters in the lead up to the final game of the international window and too thin skinned it seems.

Meanwhile the Saffas are in disarray, having slipped to fifth behind Wales and now find the once number one team in the world struggling for identity amongst possibly the most ardent and feral fans in world rugby.
With politicians demanding damaging quotas in selection and administration, the once most feared opposition for the ABs are sliding into an abyss. With a meagre four wins in twelve matches, even the most fervent fans are said to be struggling to identify  some of the current Springboks.


Mrs Soper, itinerant firearms Law breaker, prime TV hostess, Radio weekender, man missing last night on TV3 flagship seven PM slot

Was it Bazza making demands on his child bride, apparently not, she disclosed to the Horrid she was exhausted from her 'punishing schedule'.

Now Heather will have time for some R&R.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Great One Liners

Adolf has always been a fan of one liners.

Here's a Churchillian gem from Bette Midler:-

"If Kim Kardashian wants to show off parts of her body we've not yet seen, she'll have to swallow the camera."

Let's hear from you folks.  What have you got to beat that?


A visiting academic, Guy McPherson is here in New Zealand with the news that humans will not exist in a decade.

The world will be ruled by microbes and fungus.

Now we all know the Greens and Labour will be in powere in a decade, only thing he didn't say was if Little Andrew will be Prime Minister

Sunday, November 27, 2016


While 30 Dairy farmers milk their cows twice everyday under very trying and stressful conditions and pour the thousands of dollars into their effluent ponds the people in charge of the only very slim possibility of getting that milk to a processing facility, highway seventy, decree the people at present working on opening that link "NEEDED A BLOODY DAY OFF" after less than a total of two weeks spasmodic involvement in work that could be taken over by other CBTH-VCMs at any time.

If loads of fuel classed as Dangerous Goods, can travel the road why not Tankers of milk, dairy lives matter, just not fashionable, eh.

That readers is why this country is a bloody economic miracle in spite of the beaurocracy not because of them.

I know instinctively that that announcement will be well received by Harry, Doug, James and all the other farmers pouring their hard earned income down a drain while Nero fiddles and today took the day off.


When Baroness Thatcher died many lefty scum celebrated by dancing in an orgy of celebration that was embarrassing in its inappropriateness.

Now as the world takes stock of another world leader on the occasion of his passing, Fidel Castro is being lauded as a great leader of the Island Nation of Cuba.

For an unbiased commentary one needs to go to the Wall Street Journal such is the depraved uttering of most of the Media.

Margaret Thatcher, daughter of a grocer rose in the ranks of the British Conservative Party to become its leader replacing a man who was in the wrong party,Ted Heath.
Thatcher then defeated Jim Callaghan the then UK Labour Supremo decisively in a General Election widely regarded as a world leader in terms of democracy, in 1979, nobody died. " The Iron Lady", first woman Prime Minister, and longest serving modern British Political leader, ended her reign in 1990 defeated by John Major and again no one died.

The poster boy of the mindless left came to power in a bloody overthrow of another dictator Batista, then launched, with his little Brother Raol and an even more murderous political operative now pictured on TShirts of people with zero knowledge of the truth, Che Geuvara.
These three set about murdering thousands of actual and imagined opponents and forcing over half a million Cubans to flee to Florida and freedom one hundred and fifty miles across dangerous seas. Not content with that danger causing multiple deaths, the now communist leaders chose to kill many of those fleeing even to running their flimsy boats down and leaving the shipwrecked to drown and or be eaten by sharks.

Maybe Cubans have free education and medical service otherwise paid for by someone else, but as with so many ultra socialist states a mayhem of killing has produced little real advance in the quality of life for all.

The biggy failure with Castro with his somewhat junior role as a killer of threats actual and perceived when compared to Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot and all the other murderous dictators was his refusal to test his acclaimed popularity by giving his people  a free vote on his position of power, he just did not trust them, I wonder why.


Over 150 delegates and observers attended the National Party Northland Electorate Candidate Selection Meeting yesterday where 47 YO Matt King, ex police detective, farmer and businessman from Okaihau  won the nomination on the first ballot defeating Dr Chris Reid and Ken Rintoul.

This selection meeting was a tad different given the number of new and young faces among the voting delegates.   It was a pleasure to meet up with some of them at the after-match function.   They included farmers, policemen, a prison officer, health professionals and educators.   The face of the National Party in Northland is changing led by their dynamic (and young) Electorate Chair, Rose Ellis. 

Matt is Northland through and through.   Family man; rugby representative player and current referee; volunteer fireman, Board member of NZ Polocrosse.    Yesterday he committed himself to an eleven month, full-time campaign, stating now ... small problem ... NZ First ... the whispers round the traps is that the current MP is wimping out.   At the time of the by-election he campaigned on the basis of 'give me a go' ... 'judge me on results' ... and, if I fail to achieve what I promised ... 'throw me out'.  

What are those results ... apart from establishing five electorate offices (nearly always closed and raiding his 'leaders' budget in order to do that) it's really a big fat zero.   His promises ... free ferry trips for the 65> ... fail; sort out the Mangawhai Sewage Scheme debacle ... fail.  Then there's his no show at events scheduled to attend and his continued thumbing of his nose at Northland by continuing to live in Auckland.

My prediction is that the carpetbagger par excellence will cut and run citing the need for him to campaign nationally.    Willow Jean Prime, the well regarded Labour candidate, hungry to be in Parliament, will be looking to pick up the 'grumpy' vote and, unlike last time, my prediction is that run an effective campaign given that her chances of making it on the List ain't great.   Add to that it's difficult to see the Greens not standing a candidate with one of their MPs resident in the electorate and the electoral dynamic changes.   Gonna be an interesting few months and, for Matt, the seat is for taking with nothing taken for-granted.