Friday, November 16, 2018

Friday's Fulminations

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Thursday, November 15, 2018

And We Used To Laugh.....

..... at the idea of investment advisers and life insurance salesmen prospecting for clients at funerals.

I vaguely remember reading of some American who turned it into such an art form people did not know they were being sounded out.  He's give them a follow up phone call a couple of weeks after the event.  Very smooth and he made a fortune but I doubt he would have got away with it for long in NZ.

Here's one fellow who did get away with in Australia, big time.  His reward was a few years in the slammer.

One of Lovell’s victims included a friend’s widow, who he approached at a funeral and solicited a $100,000 investment which he promised would yield substantial returns.

Now the Tax Office is after him for over $700k and he's crying poor.

Mind you, when you've been living high on the hog, on money taken under false pretenses, the dosh tends to run out after a while.  Four years' jail and three years' unemployment have taken their toll.

I hope the ATO has registered bills of sale over every asset he owns.


Adolf has been talked into joining the chorus of an opera company for a concert of Christmas music to be held in mid December.  The menu includes well know pieces by Bach, Mendelssohn, Rachmaninoff, Handel and others.

The audition was passed with flying colours and practice is on Mondays and Thursdays, two hours in each session.  There are over eighty voices, many of them way above Adolf's pay grade.  It is great fun.

Image result for mormon tabernacle choir

Readers will be interested to know that today, Adolf sang the base part from The Hallelujah Chorus with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.   If you look really carefully, you'll see me up there alongside Chris Faafoi.

Well, that's the way Ron Mark would have told it.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Pike River

So the putrid mess which passes for gummint in NZ has caved in to a tear jerking campaign and announced Pike River will be re-entered for the purpose of recovering bodies.

Image result for pike river mine explosion

Some questions:-

What bodies?  I understand temperatures during the fires were such that there will be no remains, just dust.

What is to be the cost of this atrocious act of grand standing?  According to Wiki, it's $23million.

How many hip replacement or cataract operations could have been performed with the money wasted on this exercise?

Will TV News cameras be there to film the empty handed recovery mission as it exits what should have been left as a tomb?


The first foray into government for the by then ex National Party Minister as a representative of Winston First ended in a chaotic dissembling collapse when four of  "The Tight Five";  Delamere (now apparently a go to talking head on matters immigration), Henare The Younger, now gone from public life  after a varied career,  Morgan of Underpants fame currently ensconced in the top trough of Tainui, Rana Waitai ex policeman now retired barrister (enough said), joined four others to abandon Winston in his hour of need when he became personna non grata to Prime Minister Shipley in 1998. His initial time at the cabinet table had ended in similar fashion whith his being sacked by Bolger seven years earlier.
Of course it was de ja vue all over again with Clark in 2008 as her coalition was crumbling and the Key era was upon NZ.

Now in 2018 enjoying all the baubles and adulation as the appointer of the Coalition of Losers and using all he has learnt about insurance he has loosed a maniacal verbose porn viewer not with a small change  credit card to enable purchase of $84 underpants, The Jones Boy has millions at hand for whatever he thinks will give him and his boss, job security, with seemingly no need to bother with pesky accountability issues. The arrogant perp thinks he doesn't even need to respond to written questions from his opposition watch dog, Paul  Goldsmith.

Its only money right? the difference being merely a bunch of zeros.


Just days before the Pike River Coal Mine in the Paparoa Mountains blew and 29 men perished in 2010,  the Union representative of many of those sadly now still dead workers, declared the mine safe.
His name Andrew Little, Now a List Labour MP having handed the New Plymouth electorate seat to Jonathon Young on two separate occasions, moving it from marginal Labour to safe National.
"Angry" Andy,  now reincarnated as the Pike River Mine Recovery Minister, who in the run up to the 2917 election was fulla shit how he and subsequently another grandstander, a diminutive master of the broken promise,  were gunna enter the mine to see what Pike Coal and their co accused National had done to kill those 29.

Well many millions expended later Mr Reincarnate sans his blood brother will give a 'greenlight' for someone else,  to enter the drift up to where the roof collapsed during the explosive end to the Mine, A mine in the minds of many who might just know, that was probably doomed right from the initial planning phase.

Of course Bernie Monk and Milton Osborne's Missus have been flown to Welly for the big reveal at breakfast time this morning.
Meanwhile no one seems bothered to give a rats arse about the wishes of the family members of the 29 who have accepted the untimely death of loved ones and are still trying to move on with their lives while a handful of self absorbed attention seekers keep bringing the tragedy back into the headlines  again and again.

So I ask again it it really safe this time Mr Little, if so to what degree  exactly, or will the expenditure of countless millions to discover what is almost certainly known without your politically motivated big show to examine the flawed design, uphill drift.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018


One thing that gets really up my nose are people who take delight in parading on ANZAC Day and the like wearing medals they are not entitled to.   They are leeching off the valour of those who wear those medals legitimately.   When it is an ex-serviceman who does that I get doubly annoyed.   They are shoving it to their onetime colleagues in arms.

There is a website dedicated to unmasking these charlatans.  Its web address is (ANZMI - Australian & New Zealand Military Imposters).    The website recently outed a certain Dennis Manson from Devonport who now joins their Hall of Shame.

Manson served 23 years in the NZDF reaching the rank of Warrant Officer Class 2 as a member of the Royal New Zealand Dental Corps.    He served a tour in Vietnam with the New Zealand Services Medical Team where, on 1 March 1970, he received minor wounds in a booby trap incident which took the life of Sergeant Gordon Watt, RNZAF.

Fast forward to September 2011 and Manson claims he received unsolicited from the US Department of Defense (DoD) in Washington a box with four medals in it along with a letter (since lost) which read words to the effect 'We notice you have not requested your medals.   Please find the medals enclosed.  Thank you for your service'.

Two of those medals were the US Silver Star (the US third highest medal for gallantry in action) and the Purple Heart Medal (awarded to US servicemen wounded in action).    Manson added these to his medals rack and strutted himself with tales of deering-do to all that would listen.

His past has caught up with him and he has been outed.   The NZDF has no record of him being awarded those medals.   Think on it.   High decorations don't just arrive in the post.   Were it legitimate you would have expected the US Government to pull out all the stops to have the medal properly presented to him.   And it just beggars belief that the US DoD holds details of the home addresses of New Zealand Vietnam veterans 50 years on ... sheesh, if they do they should let VANZ New Zealand into the secret because VANZ surely doesn't.

For the record only three New Zealand servicemen were awarded US decorations in the Vietnam war and all those decorations were of a lower grade than the Silver Star.    They were Captains Bruce  Meldrum (later Major-General) and Brian Chippendale who received the US Bronze Star (with V Device) and Flying Officer MR Callanan who was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross (US).

Mason has now removed those offending medals from his medals rack.   That is the very least he could do.   He has sullied his own service by his desire to impress.   It remains to be seen whether he will face prosecution under the Military Badges and Distinctive Badges Act.    If found guilty he could face a fine of up to $500.

Your Favorite Parable?

Also in the run up to Christmas here's a question for readers.

What is your favorite parable?

The Bible is full of them but there are many to be found in secular life.

Of the latter, my favorite is the story of the investment adviser who was paid on commission for sale and purchase of stocks.

He had a wealthy elderly lady client who for weeks had resisted his encouragement to drop some under-performing stocks.   One day he called on her to find her pruning her rose bushes in the front garden.

Image result for rose bushes

Hello, Mrs Goldstein.  What are you doing there?

I'm pruning my roses.

Oh!  Why do you do that?

Because you have to remove the dead wood and the frail shoots to make room for the strong shoots and encourage growth.

Mrs, Goldstein, that's exactly why I want you to sell those stocks in X, Y and Z company I've been talking to you about.

Really?  Why on earth didn't you tell me that before?

My favorite biblical parable is the story of the vineyard owner.

Image result for vineyard

For the kingdom of heaven is like a landowner who went out early in the morning to hire workers for his vineyard.   He agreed to pay them a denariusa] for the day and sent them into his vineyard.
About nine in the morning he went out and saw others standing in the marketplace doing nothing.   He told them, ‘You also go and work in my vineyard, and I will pay you whatever is right.’   So they went.
He went out again about noon and about three in the afternoon and did the same thing.   About five in the afternoon he went out and found still others standing around. He asked them, ‘Why have you been standing here all day long doing nothing?’
'Because no one has hired us,’ 
He said to them, ‘You also go and work in my vineyard.’
When evening came, the owner of the vineyard said to his foreman, ‘Call the workers and pay them their wages, beginning with the last ones hired and going on to the first.’
“The workers who were hired about five in the afternoon came and each received a denarius.   So when those came who were hired first, they expected to receive more. But each one of them also received a denarius.   When they received it, they began to grumble against the landowner.   ‘These who were hired last worked only one hour,’ they said, ‘and you have made them equal to us who have borne the burden of the work and the heat of the day.’
But he answered one of them, ‘I am not being unfair to you, friend. Didn’t you agree to work for a denarius?  Take your pay and go. I want to give the one who was hired last the same as I gave you.  Don’t I have the right to do what I want with my own money? Or are you envious because I am generous?’

Here you can see market forces at work.   As the day wore on it became evident more labour was needed and the owner was prepared to pay a premium to get it.  You can also see the genesis of the greed and envy which pervades the modern day union movement and the political left.

Goodwill And Peace to All Men

In the run up to Christmas, Adolf feels the milk of human kindness flowing through his veins.  Accordingly, an amnesty for all the dick heads who have been banned is announced.

Before you post a comment, read the rules.

House Rules

1 Blog commenters who cast aspersions upon the character or intelligence of Adolf will find themselves ejected from No Minister

2 Godwins so-called law is not recognised here.

3 Repeated use of obscene language will not be tolerated.

Two Headlines

Same paper, same day, same subject.

Melbourne terror: radicalised ‘wife’ refuses to co-operate

Sheik Mohammed Omran tells ‘bloody PM’ Morrison: ‘blame police … not us’


Last week saw the passing in parliament of the Crown Minerals (Petroleum) Amendment Bill which ends new exploration grants offshore.   This gives effect to the fiat by the Prime Minister back in February.   A fiat bereft of any detailed analysis.

Now we find per courtesy of the Regulatory Impact Statement that accompanied the Bill (compiled by her own Government) the decision will cost the Crown between 1.8 and 26 billion dollars (with the mid point being 10 billion) in lost revenue.   

Remember, this is just lost revenue to the Crown.  The cost to businesses themselves and the wider economy would be multiples of that with the officials admitting they had not even tried to calculate the wider economic costs.

And all this to enable Ardern to engage in some virtue signalling ignoring the fact this decision will have little impact on the countries greenhouse emission signature.   Indeed MBIE warned that .... "The result of transfer to other countries that have higher emissions footprints may result in an increase in global greenhouse gas emissions although the timing and scale of the impact is uncertain".   

This policy fails on all fronts.   It fails locally; it fails internationally.    That 10 billion dollars (the equivalent of the countries entire defence budget for four years) is 10 billion pissed up against the wall of virtue signalling.   Thank you Labour, thank you Greens and a special thank you to a gutless NZ First for going along with the whole sad charade.


Monday, November 12, 2018


Shane Jones becomes todays lead squirrel and the recently converted  to 'Winston First Blog' is off line?

I understand it is springtime with grass growth and all,  but the Internet interest in lawnmowers seems to be spiking to a puzzling level??

And to make this Monday special it could be we have Kel in the chair???

In summary would NZ Inc be better served if coalition negotiations were a continuing saga????

Sunday, November 11, 2018


The media are in a lather, in particular, naturally,  12 000 miles away media people.

There are two graphic Pics in the ether with Courtney Laws and a line through the "last foot", LoL
In one he is clearly on Perenara's side of the line in the other he has a foot on each side of the red line.
So clearly on that evidence one has him "onside" but the kicker, he doesn't move the line does

Seriously people, Laws broke the laws and the two pics are revealing in one matter that puts that red line into file 13.
Take your pick,  both photos show Laws at least a meter in front of all his team mates who are lined up with military precision where the line should be drawn in both pics, behind the last foot albeit a player off his feet in the ruck but still the defining bit of the rules as I understand them.

Craig Joubert did his duty to the Laws,  Laws and his mates were robbed as lawfully as I am when the IRD comes knocking, and they are always offside in my ever humble opinion.


Some random impertinent questions ...

How can Lees-Galloway continue to maintain he gave careful consideration to the matter when he now admits he didn't read the whole file?

Does the 'due diligence' exhibited by Lee-Galloway reflect the standard that Ardern expects of her Ministers?

What representations were received by Ardern or Lees-Galloway, either written or verbal, arguing that Sroubek should not be deported?

Who is Richard Hardcore?

What is the relationship between Richard Hardcore and Karel Sroubek?

Is this the same Richard Hardcore referenced to by Ardern in a campaign video?

Is this the same Richard Hardcore who replied to a tweet from Clark Gayford calling him 'Bro'?

Is Richard Hardcore a Labour Party donor?

Why were Ardern (and Peters) so quick of the mark to say they stood four-square behind Lees-Galloway in respect of his original decision?

Why did Ardern say on Friday that she would not accept Lees-Galloway resignation even if offered?  

What does Lees-Galloway know that Ardern doesn't want out?

Are there dots to be joined?

So many questions ... so few answers.    No doubt they will be raised in Parliament where Ardern is looking more uncomfortable and defensive by the minute.   One suspects the Beehive spin doctors are working overtime to come up with a 'creative' solution to the problem.   Expect the meme to change.

This is not just about the actions of an incompetent Minister.    There is a stench about this and it goes right to the top.

Ho Ho Ho




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Rush defense is a euphemism for flirting with the Offside Line.

Far too common for outside backs to begin a compressed defence with a curving off side line

How often at a restart  does a wing make amazing yards to challenge a receiver of a long kickoff.

The thirteen man code has a five yard offside 'line' to prevent spoiling of an attacking team's efforts from  cribbing.

For Laws to successfully charge down Perenara's kick, might half a yard  make it more likely?

For starters I consider that defense must have both feet behind the line of the last foot and also the Goal line.

Fwiw Crotty's introduction made for better tactics and more problems for England from ABs keeping ball in hand.
I for one was happy Bill was injured out, ALBy is better. In fact Faddes from Highlanders, Havilli Tasman, and then there is Jackpotter Laumape who needs exposure at the  highest level.

Must be better ways Bill can be employed,  World Cup 2019 I dont thinkso.

Saturday, November 10, 2018


That's all right then.
No eggshells were crushed in bringing this tragedy to air.
I switched to Credlin as is my habit and it was wall to wall with more videos than required,  all were tiptoeing around the Islam factor.
What a surprise the Melbourne killing of an innocent who just happened to be wrong place wrong time, occurred on Friday afternoon.
Remind me again what is a regular event in a mosque on Fridays?

RIP the innocent who was attacked in the first frenzied attack, who died at the scene

Big kudos to the two cops who took the deranged Somali immigrant down and the bystanders who stood by their law enforcement officers, who train for this and hope it never happens. Some extraordinary bravery on show.

What to make of the report suggesting ISIS were involved?

Will there be any political reaction? will it be another nutter as the official line?
Daniel Andrews Victoria Premier in the closing days of a state election has suspended campaigning.

ASIO and State police had the killer in their data base.


Last Monday I authored a post 'Jamie Lee Ross - A Prediction'.    I said that it was my understanding that JLR would give his proxy vote to NZ First and that this was a precursor to him joining that Party and standing for them in Botany come 2020.   Some of you rubbished my prediction.

It's been confirmed JLR has given his proxy vote to NZF.    Now it's only a matter of 'when' not 'if' for him to formally join Winston First.

A sleazebag MP joining a sleazebag Party.   Have to wonder if he taped his conversations with WRP too. 

Friday, November 9, 2018

That Didn't Take Long

US president Donald Trump has wasted no time.

The day after the mid term election he sacked the attorney general Geoff Sessions and replaced him with his chief of staff who immediately takes control of the Mueller circus, sidelining the egregious Rod Rosenstein.

On the second day after the mid term election the president caused the aged and frail Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg to take a fall in her office and break three ribs.  How on earth did the president do that, you may well ask?  I don't know but that's the way the media will spin the story.

Breaking three ribs is pretty serious stuff when you are a decrepit eight-five year old so don't be surprised if she retires and another originalist supreme court judge is appointed - this time a woman.

Those poor dumbarsed Democrats!    I'm laughing so much my ribs hurt more than Ginsburg's do.


The NSW Labor Party Leader has resigned following allegations of sexual misconduct made against him by ABC journalist Asley Raper.

All being equal I should be cheering that from the rooftops ... but I'm not.   Why the 23 month delay in the alledged victim coming forward and only four months out from the NSW State election?

The parallels between this and the witch hunt conducted against Judge Kavanaugh at his confirmation hearings are disturbing.     In respect of that and I don't see too much comment in the MSM on the fact that Judy Munro-Leighton has been referred to the FBI for investigation.  M-L, who had accused Kavanaugh of raping her, has now racanted her story saying it was just a ploy and she had never met Kavanaugh.   

Raper may have a case but there are real issues around 'Me Too' 


Yesterday Westland copped a flogging from heavy rainfall, today the Alpine Rivers are in high flood. so it is entirely likely that the Waitaki and Clutha storages have been given a boost, while here out East it has rained overnight so a recently predicted two months of dry, promulgated by a weather spurt, has obviously been delayed.
Uncontrolled Waimakariri and Rakaia rivers are in high flood flows

Ms Woods can breathe again (yesterdays video of Qtime reveals some disturbing symptoms around that for her), as can those who have tied their power supply to the spot market.
Sure the problems with the gas line still need fixing but the looming deficit from sudden phasing out of hydrocarbon generation when rain stays away and wind either fails to emerge or comes on too strong remain as major impacts that could come back again any time to threaten power supply before we get some "big batteries, and/or melt some salt whatever that entails"


Day eleven since it became public, a Czech  citizen,  Hells Angel associate, convicted and discharged immigration fraudster, convicted drug importer currently detained at her Majesty's government pleasure and as recently as October 28 denied parole by a three man panel, has been given residency under his alleged real name Karel Sroubek.

On Oct 30th following it becoming a media breaking story Immigration Minister Iain Lees Galloway defended his discretionary decision to grant a remarkably notorious man, residency and apparently amnesty from deportation.

Prime Minister Ardern was immediately in full support of that on the bare facts as revealed an astounding decision, unable to be probed or challenged, essentially secret, stating The minister had given full consideration to this,  in a "very difficult decision".
Then enter the Deputy PM again in total support, with an added serve that threatens public servants from the Immigration Department as being somehow responsible,  stating

"There is an enormous amount of precedent for a minister to make a decision like this, and one of the things that is bound with the decision is the privacy issue, because it goes to the very safety of the people involved,” said Mr Peters. 
– news hub.

As a political tragic this is all very queer on the facts so far publicly known, in fact quite smelly and decidedly worrying.  It is about now I would take on board the old meme  'Those that would excuse themselves merely accuse themselves".
Is it unreasonable to begin speculation that there is some pertinent and vital information that someone with input to ILG in the lead up to his astonishing disregard  of process for a thug who we are to believe is right in the frame of some of the worst behaviour most would accept, ie drug dealing.

This morning on Hosking Breakfast, the General Manager of Immigration NZ was interviewed and in part stated  "The Minister had "all" the relevant information provided to him before he made the final decision"  as inexplicable as it appears to most. Also in this interview with reference to the mind boggling advice from the PM days ago to read between the lines,  Stephan Dunstan admitted that in  the file provided to ILG and read "In less than an hour" were submissions in support of the appellant. Now if that is not a possible can of worms then I am giving up fishing!!!
On the other hand If one wished to say, prevent Sroubek dropping a grenade as to who he might know to be a client in his drug dealing division, they might not write anything down but a quiet word behind a Pillar might do it??

So if this person with a history of violence resulting in charges being laid in at least two very separate Nations, facing a reported extradition request From The Czech Republic plus involvement in a NZ Court family protection order, is deserving of being taken in by this country, forget about Privacy people we need to understand why this apparently wrongheaded decision was made.
Security issues for NZ Inc, might just make it.
If as I speculate he has information that could be rather embarrassing for someone, singular or plural with links to the current administration, then that is where an inquiry needs following by "the most transparent and honest government in our history". Not unreasonable speculation I would have thought with his very strong links to drug dealing around conviction and published  links to Hells Angels.

I am.

Government by stuffed shirts

The Drug Foundation has released an economic report making the case for legalising all recreation drugs and treating them as a health issue requiring regulations, as per alcohol and tobacco, rather than criminal sanctions.  Apart from the compelling logical case, it estimates this would result in hundreds of millions of dollars of benefit to society.

Newshub asked National's Mark Mitchell what he thought of the report (see from 1:28 in this news item).  Mitchell says that if he took a recommendation to decriminalise drugs to the National caucus the response would be "No way."  Not "Well, perhaps we'd better have a look at the report and compare its evidence against evidence provided by others" - just "No way."  This pack of stuffed shirts was running the country only a year or so back, and boy was it obvious.

Friday's Fulminations

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Thursday, November 8, 2018

On The Lighter Side of Mid Terms

Every now and again truth puts fiction to shame.    Have a look at this.

Featured image

"Dennis Hof defeated Democratic educator Lesia Romanov on Tuesday in the race for Nevada’s 36th Assembly District, which includes rural communities and large stretches of desert in the southern part of the state.

Ms. Romanov will forever enjoy the distinction of having lost to the deceased owner of a brothel.
Hof was found dead on Oct. 16 after a weekend of parties celebrating his 72nd birthday."
Apparently he died (in the saddle) when it was too late to take his name off the ballot.
One lives in hope that Winston Peters might follow his example.


To reduce the heat on an increasingly failing Twyford and the unravelling of ILG has Two Pies been told to create a diversion?  If so she is nailing it big time.

New Plymouth MP Jonathon Young who came to notice as the Dark Destroyer of the electorate aspirations of one Andrew Little,  union hack first  class, who in his CV must have a reference to his spectacular foresight and wide understanding when he told the world that Pike River Mine was safe just weeks before she blew,  Young is now carving out a niche as a very good opposition MP with his demolition of the next hapless from the long bench of the CoL.

For two days now and in spite of some very effective blocking tactics from The Speaker, Young has forced some astounding revelations of total ineptitude and ignorance of matters Energy from the Minister responsible for that essential sector of the economy.
Woods cant even get the buzwords and claptrap lines right.

We as a nation, after a decade of flat lining energy needs, due to efficiencies from building design, business practice and other commercial driven restraints,  now face the always going to arise, energy deficit that would occur from the total stop on Hydro plant build, and the phasing out of Hydrocarbon fueled electricity generation from coal, LPG and oil.
Yes increasingly efficient and cost effective solar and wind generation is attractive environmentally if one disregards the devastating visual pollution of wind farms, the danger to bird life from solar concentrations and wind turbine blades and ignores totally the cost and resource depletion that wind and solar create. Oh and the minor problem that sunshine is not 24/7 and sometimes it just bloody mindedly refuses to blow or as in a couple of incidents for South Australia it blows too hard, feathering turbines and knocking down transmission lines

Yesterday in Questions for oral answer and again this morning with Hosking she sailed blithely on demonstrating an almost total dearth of  comprehension as to where we are as a country if it doesn't RAIN. Even sprinkling fairydust wont counter that
Prattling on about alternative solutions to solve the eye watering deficits we are at risk from is not enough SBG. Incidentally how big is a 6 TWH standby do you have any idea.
One solution suggested has Summer surplus (Ha Ha Ha)  water pumped uphill into a storage dam to provide winter power (more Ha Ha Ha ). Such a facility would be one helleva big pond as if the Melons would ever sign off on that.

It will freekin rain you SBG, every drought in history has ended with a rain event, the biggly imponderable is when.
 The SI Alpine areas that recharge the Hydro systems of the Clutha and the Waitaki have weather people predicting some relief in the next few days but as regards snowmelt you SBG it was a low range winter snow fall and that is almost all gone.

Take some time out from fretting over the Labour Yoof camp mess and do some study on matters your energy portfolio demands of your PhD trained and skilled mind. Your hope for rain may save your sorry arse this year but some day it will not be enough  just hoping and relying on such good fortune in future proofing our increasing dependence on electric. Our brand new home has so far only heat pumps and they will need full voltages and current.

Btw you could begin with some detailed study on how big a battery might be, how long it will last, the resources needed to build and then replace,(they do have a life muppet).
Oh and if you have any desire to find a genuine solution then a we bit of time on modern nuclear developments could be useful as that is the most reliable, cheap and renewable on the horizon of your increasingly virtue signalling world.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018


The results are pretty much all in and I will leave it to Adolf and David and others to play their we won, you lost game.   Some observations from where I sit ...

Six months ago the MSM meme was that the elections would be a disaster for the Republican Party with the Democrats likely to win back both the House and the Senate per courtesy of President Trump.

That didn't happen.   Most commentators picked the Democrats to regain control of the House where all 435 seats were up for grabs.   As at the time of writing the Democrats had 213 seats (with 218  needed for victory) and the Republicans 191 with 31 seats still to be called.   The Democrats will take the House.

The reverse happened in the Senate.   There the Republicans picked up a net 3 seats with the likely final result being the Republicans with 54 seats and the Democrats/Independents 46.

So, what does this mean.   In very simple terms the Democrats in the House will be able to use their majority to investigate the actions of the Administration.   They might go so far as to launch impeachment proceeding against the President although they might want to take a leaf out of the Republican book when they tried that against President Clinton.   All that aside ... it's clear the White House will have its work cut out dealing with the House.

The Republicans will rejoice in the Senate result given that it is the Senate's role to confirm the President's nomination of judges to the Supreme Court, the Courts of Appeal and to the District Courts.    The country can expect the judicial system to shift to the right.

For what it is worth I think the spoils of victory are about equally divided as is America.   The next two years in the lead up to the 2020 Presidential election will be interesting.    As it stands Trump has to be in with a chance for a second term.   There is no obvious Democrat challenger at this point although I wouln't count Joe Biden out completely.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018


The latest issue of the North & South magazine features a special investigation by Nicky Hager focusing on allegations of sexual assaults, war crimes and cover-ups inside our armed forces.   

It is clear from the article that Hager is relying on sources involving both serving and ex-members of the New Zealand Defence Force.    It is also clear that Hager has it 'in' for the recently retired Chief of Defence, Lieutenant General Tim Keating (although North & South couldn't even get his rank right).
The investigation runs for ten pages with the allegations ranging from the serious to the banal.    Many of the allegations involve the  SAS built around the meme articulated by a claimed ex-member of that unit that "the SAS are at the extreme end of thinking they're above the law ... we can say we never committed war crimes but we have".    

However I don't think Hager does himself any favour by his quite stupid claim that officers eat better than the lower ranks with some meals encompassing three courses with silver service.     The reality is the ration scale is the same for all ranks.    As for the silver service bit and yes, on dining-in nights in both officer's and sergeant's messes you may see silver on the table ... paid for out of their own pockets by generations of officers and sergeants.    What's Hager's point?

That some members and ex-members of the NZDF are speaking out is of concern.   It would be too easy to dismiss the allegations as the work of malcontents ... although they may be.     The allegations are out there ... they won't go away ... they have to be answered. 

Greenies. More Dangerous Than Dieldrin

Who possibly could have guessed mixing dirty nappies, broken glass and bits of plastic with good productive soil would produce bad toxic soil?

A government scheme that for two decades has been spreading treated waste from red-lid household bins, ­including nappies and food scraps, across regional NSW has potentially exposed ­humans and livestock to ­cancer-linked toxins.
The Daily Telegraph can today reveal the Environment Protection Agency for six months sat on a ­scathing report that warned of the dangers, before the government quietly suspended the practice of using treated household waste as farm fertiliser just over a week ago.

Strangely, the full report is not available on the net.

They were from the Government and they were there to help.