Tuesday, May 23, 2017

A soothing photo

Here's one for my old mate Adolf which is hot off the press.

Palestinian leader Mahmood Abbas and Donald Trump holding hands

Is This The Beginning of The End.......

....of the Iranian theocracy?

President Trump has just armed the Saudis to the tune of $350 billion.

Could this be the preface to the crushing of Iran?  My guess is it is.

Look for a massive attack on Iran with American air power delivering an hour long dose of shock and awe, in which the Iranian military is severely degraded; Israeli nuclear strikes on Iranian nuclear and rocket facilities and an Arab Sunni coalition invasion putting ground troops in to clean up the remnants.

There will be no premature withdrawal of troops before the job is done because of some damned presidential election.

If I'm right, president Trump will go down in history as the man who fixed up Jimmy Carter's and Barack Obama's foreign policy fuck ups.


Self and Mrs Veteran do virtually all our banking through the internet.   A few minutes ago I went on-line to check the balance in our current account.    At 11.43 this morning an 'OT Doe' (unknown to me) made a substantial deposit into our account. 

Being an honest chap I rang the ANZ to query it.  All they could tell me was the OT Doe was a Westpac customer.   I asked them 'what happens now'.   Their response ... 'if you are not owed the money and if OT Doe has made an error in transferring the money to you he/she/it has fifteen working days in which to contact their bank (Westpac) to request us (ANZ) to reverse the credit.   Don't touch it until after fifteen days ... at that time the money (if it's still there) is yours to do with it what you want.

So OT Doe ... fifteen days.   The time clock is ticking.   Hope you're NOT reading this.


It is less than four hours since an explosion in the foyer area of the Manchester Arena killed at least nineteen people and injured a further fifty plus, many with life threatening injuries.

It is a developing story.   What we do know is that the Police suspect it to be a terrorist bombing possibly carried out by a suicide bomber.   There are reports of nuts and bolts littering the area which would suggest they constituted the shrapnel component of the bomb.   As we speak there are Police raids being conducted in the Greater Manchester area while the terrorist threat level in the UK has been raised to 'Severe' meaning further attacks are highly likely.   

On the plus side (if there is a plus side) the British Police and intelligence agencies are second to none in dealing with terrorist incidents.    There is extensive CCTV coverage of the scene and you can bet your bottom dollar that the authorities are trolling through the extensive footage in order to piece together what happened.

All that aside and it's just three weeks out from the UK election.    You would have to be naive in the extreme to think this won't impact on the result.   The Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, needs this like a hole in the head given the widely held perception that he is soft on terrorism given his record of support for HUMAS and the PLO and his failure to condemn the IRA for their terrorist campaign.    To be fair to Corbyn and he would argue that he deplores all acts of violence.   Unfortunately for him that won't wash in a charged political environment.  

Tears For Manchester

Why are the people at the BBC so stupid?

Juxtaposed headlines:-

You'd Never Guess Who

A student who learned nothing......

A law magazine editor who wrote nothing........

A senator who voted nothing.............

A president who achieved nothing.................

Born in Kenya                                         Born in Hawaii
(When he wanted to steal a                     (When he wanted to steal a presidency)
foreign student scholarship)

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25% Unemployment? Yes

The official unemployment figures published in Australia, NZ and the US essentially are a crock full of shit.

In Australia the official figure is 5.9% of the workforce.  I have doubted this figure for some time.

For five years now, Adolf has had a part time 20hr/week job as a street walker, the euphemistic title for which is 'market research interviewer.'  I go out door knocking on Thursday, Friday and Saturday for around 40 weeks of the year in the Northern suburbs of Adelaide.  (This region happens to include the soon to close Holden plant.)

Five years ago it was common on Thursday and Friday to struggle to gain the required number of interviews per day, due to the fact very few people were at home.  Accordingly one was restricted to interviewing the elderly, infirm, retarded or the rare stay at home mother.

Today, Thursday and Friday quotas are filled with ease, owing to the multitude of unemployed but able bodied people at home, wondering where their next jobs will come from.

In light of the above, readers will be interested in this confirmation of my suspicions from today's Australian newspaper.

Anyone working more than one hour a week is counted as employed, even if they are volunteers. To be included in the ranks of the jobless, you have to have applied for a position in the past month and be ready to start straight away. Almost seven million people are judged as not part of the labour force yet roughly a fifth are job seekers who do not meet the official description of unemployed. Add the ranks of the underemployed (1.1 million workers) to these hidden jobless and the real rate of unemployment climbs to more than 23 per cent. And this figure does not include unemployment disguised by make-work schemes, low-value training or the inadequately vetted Disability Support Payment.

I wonder what the story is in NZ?  No doubt up in Harawira country the real figure will be well over 50%.

When you have one of the most expensive and unreliable electricity supplies in the world, nobody will take the risk of setting up a new business.

Australians are in much deeper trouble than most of them realise.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Saturday, May 20, 2017


I am no longer active with St John, however fourteen years of service leaves me with undiminished admiration for the efforts of volunteers who will never be accepted or thanked for their service in far, too many cases.

The recent announcement of additional funding to St John drew a totally predictable response from people with zero appreciation of the stresses on and commitment of volunteers,  by paid staff and management.

Most paramedics and advanced paras are doing great service and their presence makes for a high likely hood of patient survival to an extent the "golden hour" is largely consigned to history.
However nearly all the comment from St John people whether authorised or not was negative. Now that could have been justifiable had volley leaders made such comment as many of them contribute to the organisation both in service and training that incurs costs never recoverable and without their unremunerated efforts, the service would grind to a standstill in short order.

Too much of the leadership is inadequate abilitywise and disfunctional.

Now to the tale of stupidity, lacking compassion and understanding, that has me exercised.
I am relying on the story as related to me by someone I have no reason to doubt and that person is  unlikely to have elaborated or sensationalised it but the distress was still palpable.

A person is rostered  on as first aid responder at a coop organisation selling liquor and food who heard a commotion erupting outside the main entrance and did what their brief included, going to see if help was required.
A male vs female incident had progressed to a situation where the male, in a rage, had punched through a glass window and on withdrawing their arm sustained serious lacerations with ongoing blood loss, the injury included large blood vessel cuts. The off duty ambo did the necessary, gloves,  towels, calmed the still quite active, now victim, and went to work to stem the bleeding, called on a random bystander to call 111 and asked the partner of the now in mortal danger patient, to leave, then asked others to get her out of the immediate scene which all happened, leaving things in a sort of manageable chaos, that was when it became surreal.
Patient calming further from blood loss and on being repeatedly told that keeping still and listening could save their life but showing signs of onset shock and bloodloss symptoms. It is quite difficult to estimate bloodloss of the available average 4.5 liters when spread around a scene.
An ambulance arrived and stopped clear of the scene with its crew remaining seated inside.
Treatment person asked the co-opted 111caller to go tell them the Pt was going south and needed  ED asap.
Nup, it had morphed into a Domestic Violence incident and they could not assist until police backup arrived leaving the scene in the hands of bystanders who had no uniform, training, or any other protection but are immune to any danger that some lowife has deemed too dangerous for. Things eventually happened in the fullness of time relieving the first responder by now covered in the victims blood and somewhat shaken while the Ambulance crew took over.
Then there was a further delay as DV protocol required more police presence as the victim now in the ambulance was to be accompanied to ED by plod.

That was the end of the drama for Mr and Ms DV for now but for the Joe and Josephine citizens,  not so. No one, police or ambulance, gave any consideration for what had been a very fraught and troubling, un-necessarily prolonged incident.
The off duty Ambo has, because they were aware of downstream repercussions, had discussions with peers over what was seen as serious shortcomings in the treatment of citizens simply doing their best as events unfolded.
There is a case before the courts in Christchurch involving such a Joe Citizen who became involved in the collapsed CTV building rescue, in the aftermath of the February 22nd 2011 quake,  who is being denied ACC coverage for alleged post traumatic stress.

What my informant and the never identified phone support person were not offered, and in my informants case still have not been offered, even a simple superficial assessment  if they have any outcomes that need addressing and that is not anywhere remotely adequate as I type this.

During my service and training we were constantly lectured on the need for awareness of additional patients around such a traumatic incident that included here a trained off duty volly  using their skills to save a life, another who stepped up to create and maintain communications, others who assisted by removing the non injured but involved partner of the Pt who all should have as a minimum been given a brief assessment, some advice on next moves and an offer particularly to the off duty Ambo who would have been exposed to after effects that only those who have been there can understand.

Such things are cumulative and can become a crisis, triggered by an almost innocuous incident. I had an occasion in decades past where I was required to be transported by plod to a court hearing in another place as a material witness to a charge of dangerous driving.  My chauffeur was a late Middle aged senior constable on his first day back from a breakdown who was clearly still a little fragile. My previous life as a volley telephone councillor recognised the guy had a desire to talk about his time out and eventually he revealed he was a little mystified how what had "set him off" was rather inconsequential.  Having years of duty where some horrific scenes had been confronted, up to and including decapitations in road smashes, all apparently absorbed and dealt with, not quite however.
What triggered this man to a breakdown was a mug of coffee upset from the home kitchen table by his son.

Instead of tossing money at a still transitioning organisation that was previously focussed on first aid,  basic life support from ABC, limb immobilisation, compression bleeding control, to paramedics with access to drugs and advanced medical interventions who can commence what waited until ED for implementation back in the day.
How about a top to bottom re-evaluation of the whole organisation by a commission of inquiry type assessment, possibly  by a senior trauma expert, a finance controller and even  includee an intelligent outsider who approach the current governance and delivery performance in its entirety as fit for purpose.
Leaving the monkeys to settle what they will do with a larger bag of candy seems a little retarded as they scrabble for a share and above all else patch protection.


Just finishing up on  our holiday here in Samoa.   Stayed at the 'Return to Paradise' Resort which was brilliant.    Isolated and not too much to do and that suited us just fine.   Hot, 30-33 degrees, but with four swimming pools and the sea just twenty feet away life was bearable.   Not crowded and ankle biters were conspicuous by their absence.

Unlike Fiji, Samoa has yet to be 'found'.   It's not 'touristy' and that suits us just fine.   Island time rules ok.    What does amaze us is their genuine friendliness ... when the reality is that really they have much to be angry about given New Zealand's appalling record of 'colonial' stewardship starting from when, in 1918, an incompetent administration allowed the SS Talune, inbound from Auckland and with influenza rife among both passengers and crew, to land.   The result ... over 7,500 deaths (22% of the population).   Contrast that with American Samoa where they quarantined ships for five days before allowing them entry.   The result there  ... no outbreak, no deaths.

Equally bad was the New Zealand response to the Mau (independence) movement which culminated in 'Black Saturday' (28 December 1929) when New Zealand military police opened fire with rifles and a machine gun on a parade of members and supporters of the Mau movement through Apia.   Eleven Samoans were killed including the Mau leader and High Chief Tupua Tamasese Leafoli.   One policeman was clubbed to death.   Shortly afterwards the New Zealand ordered the HMS Dunedin along with it's compliment of Marines to Samoa in order to help suppress the rebellion.   In the ensuing two months until a truce was declared two Samoan children were killed by the marines.   The Government also deployed an aircraft from the fledgling RNZAF in support of operations.   In a previous visit I met an elderly Samoan who claimed that as a boy he had witnessed the aircraft making straffing runs over the interior where members of the Mau were in hiding.   I have however been unable to verify this from official documents.   The plane was later wrecked while attempting to land. 

Clearly the Samoan people are forgiving.   Not sure I would be so magnanimous.    They make you feel welcome ... at the Return to Paradise Resort (scene of the movie of the same name ... staring Gary Cooper) you are treated, not as tourists but as one of their family.   That's why, for us, Samoa is so special.

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Friday's Fulmnations

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Justin Lester the socialist and therefore adept at finding new ways to increase the funds he can spend, Mayor of Wellywood is going to create a "Levy" on plastic bags at supermarkets to create an 80%reduction in plastic bags going to landfill.

It is a freakin tax moron, and it will not fall on the able to pay a few cents here and there, it will be born by those who don't have a Merevale (Remuera, Oriental Bay) taxi,it will fall on the OAP who uses the bus to get to the shop.

I heard Einstein explain that too much plastic ends up in the sea  from their transfer stations and even the tip, no shite Sherlock that might be the fault of your idiot employees not doing their jobs, and that buck stops at your desk. 
It is not necessarily the fault of those least able to afford what on your inflated earnings seems a small price to pay for those who endlessly find second, third, or however many one might imagine uses for those ubiquitous little gems that for us personally are constantly in use as pet dropping gatherers, kitchen and bathroom rubbish tin liners,  the list is long.

Just grow  a pair Mr Lester and after you have basked in the glory emanating from yet another socialist manipulation of the proletariat, just call it the TAX it actually is.


Yesterday we had a bunch of people who choose to live in a remote area that few New Zealanders ever visit, successfully embarking on a proposal to export fresh water by the shipload from a beach near the mouth of the Arawhata River.
Of course a sage comment from a greenie in protest at an off shore party gaining benefit from our "precious" fresh water that is so threatened and becoming scarce.
ABSOLUTLY ILL INFORMED GARBAGE, totally at odds with even a brief superficial assessment.
Water is anything but precious in South Westland where smarter people know instinctively it causes great costs, imposed on every facet of life.
Every single square meter of land and water inland from mean high tide has to deal with five cubic meters of rainwater every year. You do the maths as to what that equates to per square kilometre.

Yes there is a potential for a tanker coming to anchor at the end of the proposed three Km off shore pipe to load, could drop a nasty when discharging the ballast but assuming it will want to deliver the Westland water in a potable condition (why else would  the ship travel all that distance) that is just scaremongering.
As for the total red herring that the carrier could beach and cause "pollution to the pristine shoreline with a diesel spill, that is also as likely as a bit of driftwood being struck by lightning sparking a wild fire.
Give me strength, it is all so bloody unlikely as to be of no  moment, what is certain however it will be whipped into a storm in a sandfly cursed South Westland ba├┐ by as many pol-lies as the media can find to get their ill informed comment from.

Yes Kermie it is indeed hard being green and black, red, purple and puce.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Price of Political Cowardice

Malcolm Turnbull's PC government has paid a heavy price for deserting its centre-right base by delivering a 'more Labor than Labor' federal budget.  Instead of receiving a bounce in the polls Turnbull was delivered a sound smack in the chops.

From The Australian:-

"The Turnbull government has ­failed to generate a swift reward from its dramatic move to “reset the budget” by using tax hikes to replace divisive spending cuts, with the government losing ground against Labor to trail by 47 per cent to 53 per cent in two-party terms."

Some commentators are saying the newly formed Australian Conservative Party was the biggest winner but the polls contain no evidence to back up this claim.

What there is evidence for however, is the notion that Turnbull is close to being rolled.

But who will replace him as leader and PM?  Treasurer Scott Morrison is widely tipped as a likely successor.  But wait a minute!  It was his budget that just bombed.  If he had leadership qualities he would have prepared a fiscally austere budget and demanded Turnbull approve it.  When Turnbull refused as he would, Morrison should have resigned.

That in itself would have brought on a spill and Morrison would have waltzed into the top slot with his honour intact.

Instead he is dog tucker.  He just went with the flow like all the other wet sheep in this pseudo Liberal Party which has lost its way.

Like it or not, there is only one person who has what it takes to knock over Shorten and that is Tony Abbott.  Abbott knows how to fight and how to win.   The first thing he will do is bring down a mini-budget to reverse the Turnbull/Morrison disaster.

Just as importantly, who will be Treasurer?  My pick is that Abbott will be elected leader and will offer a preference deal to Bernadi's Conservatives in which Bernadi will be offered the Treasurer's job.

My God, I'd pay good money to see this happen because Abbott hater columnist Nikki Savva would be struck down with a six month long bout of chronic non-stop diarrhoea.


I am a regular listener to Mike Hosking Breakfast for an insight to local news and do not subscribe to the socialist drivel that he is a spokesman for any particular political view that they raise as a problem for him in his position.

I do not agree with all his views and have enough functioning brain cells to process what his morning effort delivers.

Yesterday morning on newstalk ZB, Hosking gave free reign to a Mike Joy who was introduced as an expert on "water quality" with the qualifier he was employed  at Massey University.
Mike Joy is a puppet in the genre of Punch and Judy who is running attack  lines for the Melons using his protected and largely unchallenged aura of knowing the subject around water quality, as a 'drip under pressure'.
I have no doubt Mr Joy has accumulated a mass of knowledge on water quality but his open political links to the increasingly dishonest Green Party. An outfit with a much changed political philosophy, now a mystery to many of the original supporters unaware of the morphing from environmental protection party that attracted a caring segment from across the spectrum, to a bunch of hard left socialists who saw an opportunity to progress their marxist ambitions.

This post takes issue with Mr Joy being introduced using his sinecure at Massey and no mention of his clear bias against private property rights of those who choose to grow green grass rather than own dusty dry unpalatable areas that require field mice to carry a cut lunch.
A recent example of Mr Joy's shameless use of imagery to promote his crusade was shown on a popular segment on a local TV, with him standing in the dry riverbed of the Selwyn River decrying the ecological damage that dirty dairy was inflicting on the nation.
As a child probably six at most I was taken by my grandad from my little world in Waiau to visit Mum's sister who lived at Pendarves, South of Rakaia, requiring a traverse of a seemingly never ending bridge that  Grandad Ken told me was the longest in the Southern Hemisphere, as if that concept meant anything to a child. but it was  a very long bridge.
Not far previously on the journey of discovery,  the little Morris Eight, with its single electric windscreen wiper giving a quaint little arc of clear vision to the driver, had crossed a much smaller bridge that had no  river, stream or even ponds. Being inquisitive, I asked grandad why a bridge when the road could have gone through the hollow, as many roads did in those days only to be told it was still flowing under the shingle, OK, he knew everything.
Now, c1950 there would have been almost zero extraction of water from anywhere that would impact on the flow of the Selwyn that I now know at White Cliffs in the foothills flows over a cumec even today as a low summer flow.
An entirely natural example of a braided river having a subterranean flow yet Mr Joy wanted viewers to believe that it was unrestricted extraction by greedy dairy farmers who had perpetrated this abomination on the devastated landscape. Utter baloney.
He could have equally used the Hawkins  that has an even drier bed parallel and to the north of the Selwyn that I have never seen with water flowing in over half a century.
While discussing dry riverbeds, there is a very small creek between Hurunui bridge on Hwy 70 and Culverden ironically named Dry Stream that also never had a trickle in my childhood but with the advent of the Amuri Plains scheme drawing water from the Waiau at The Leslie Hills bridges, the border dyke system had Dry Stream running a goodly volume all summer long although now diminishing again as the Dikes are replaced with the significantly more efficient Spraylines

So IMHO, Mr Hosking and others going to such seriously biased and motivated "experts" for comment need to be aware and certainly give additional information as to why their views and opinions might be so readily available. Not based on verifiable  facts as Joy wanted his congregation to believe but being dishonestly presented from entirely false premises
Sadly also unchallenged was the totally false manipulation of the central point that gave  Joy his platform, in that it arose from a claim from a dairy spokesperson that 95% of dairy cattle were fenced from waterways. An opinion that was corrupted to 95% of all cattle, some that can have free access to tributary and often dry waterways. Cattle, not all dairy but including beef,  range at very low stocking rates and if required to be fenced from access to such land, a result  only achieved by total de-stocking of millions of acres of land,  much held under a freehold title that as the name implies has certain rights of occupation.
Yes I accept that an image of a herd of cattle being published, standing in Lake Sumner during high summer in the third year of a drought embracing North Canterbury, could be viewed as terrible to the ignorant whereas it was an incident inspired by extreme dry conditions and an act of  humane stock management. The alternative has animal welfare implications that could earn a person deemed responsible at risk of gaol time.

Dr Joy may be a lecturer in water science at Massey but his other life as a padre in the "church" of saints using every opportunity to rail against the wealth creating major segment  of our currently admired economic status needs to be admitted when he is being portrayed as an "expert witness".

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Warning - Harmful To Young Children


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 Hocapontas                                   Cherokee Chief

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Born in Kenya                                         Born in Hawaii

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What's In A Word?

Have you ever gone on for a number of years thinking a word meant one thing, only to discover it means something totally different?

I have.

The word 'erstwhile' is the most memorable.  I had thought it meant 'worthy and useful' and I was brought up short when I referred from the pulpit to our erstwhile minister who was standing right beside me.

I was reminded of another by a comment on an earlier post today.  Until a few years ago , I had thought the word 'apocryphal' meant something which was 'old and full of wisdom.' 

Fortunately, I'm neither a Labour man nor a Democrat so I do know the difference between winning and losing.

Monday, May 15, 2017

A Superb Retort

While reading the biography of US president Harry Truman I came upon the most superb retort from a man of considerable wit.  It was during the run up to the UN discussions on the establishment of a Jewish state. Truman was being harassed by voluminous and hyperbolic representations from America's Jewish community.

In a fit of frustration he remarked:-

"Jesus Christ couldn't please them when he was here on earth so how does anyone expect that I would have any luck?"

Now that's straight talkin'!


Including the nausea inducing attempt to humanise the robotic union thug into a cuddly teddy bear, am I the only one who sees the inanity around last weekends rather tawdry moves to gain traction by Labour as nothing more than a rewritten script from a pantomime production of a dysfunctional family trying to play "Monopoly".

Little's clear confusion as to which of the 75 000 per year immigrants, he will stop at the border.
It becomes ever more farcical as he tries to allocate who the stop notices will go to.
Even some very kind interpreters giving him endless opportunity to answer with sufficient factual truth to be understood even by the said kindly interpreter. (Lisa Owen, Paddy Gower, Katie Bradford)
Hosking was not so kind this morning but got nowhere. The Media loved to portray Key as Teflon Coated, Mr Little in so many ways is like punching a soft toy, cant be damaged and it looks bad.

Then there was the heart rending declaration from Adearn on how youth suicide, personally  observed in the sad case of a friend's brother, had made a lasting impression on her, in her attempt to politicise the wildly inaccurate claims of a lack of care and understanding from the current mob.
Yes there are instances of apparent lack of action in the face of calls for help in matters mentaal health but in an atmosphere of patients rights, privacy and prioritising it is an unfortunate fact of modern life. Adearn's suggested placing of a Mental Health Nurse in every school will be as effective as reducing the speed limit tolerance by 4Kms at holiday times. (might even build a need for immigrants to fill those roles)
Her very emotional effort had  an air of the surreal about it and judging from other observers take I was not alone in wondering if it was in fact Rufus Painter's brother.

Back to the leaders cutting the immigration 'cluster whatever',
NZ has a growing economy and the jobs being created are significant,
We have serious skill shortages in many areas of commercial activity.
We as a nation, have a bunch of work shy people who through a lack of awareness or a love of a sofa will not even go next door and ask Painter's mum if she wants her garden dug over.
NZ has both an enviable opportunity to assist students learn english and a well understood option to, after gaining citizenship here, move across the Tasman.
We are relatively safe and secure as a destination that allied to low cost accommodation options brings in many.
It is alleged that the NZLP has gained support from the UK Labour and The recently damaged US Democrats to assist with making ''their turn come to pass", if it is true, do they qualify as essential services unable to be filled by unemployed locals.
Then there is another elephant, the socialists have a yearning to admit more totally lacking in marketable skill "refugees" in the hope they will swell the support base.
Add in familial rights of entry from all of the above and a track record as established  over time by the once great NZLP, it is difficult to see how the "tens of thousands" to be turned away will be found.
Of course the Pinstriped one is much clearer on this and that only adds to highlighting Little's obfuscation.

Methinks they will be as elusive as "the missing millions"