Friday, October 31, 2014

Immigration departments employment category system

We encourage the following categories to come here.
Wife beating self employed high caste Brahmin Hindu priests

The top three categories are also happy to drive taxis.
The fourth, not so much.

....and here's what a high class Brahmin bullshitter looks like:-

...with apologies to Barnsley from Adolf.

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PS   Today is Halloween.  Happy birthday Adolf.

Thursday, October 30, 2014


Congratulations to Russell Norman for his swift action in putting down a rabid dog aka Green MP Steffan Browning for his contribution to medical research by suggesting that Ebola could be cured by homeopathy.

Fascinating to note that Browning is the Green's spokesthinggy on Bio-Security as well as Security and Intelligence matters.    Worrying actually .... especially the 'intelligence' bit.      

Possibly explained by their support for the legalisation of cannabis and more proof that it addles the brain .... and the Greens expect to be taken seriously as a political force!!!!! .... farce more like it.


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If you can fake sincerity, you've got it made

Vernon Small considers it "testament to the prime minister's political savvy" that he declared alleviating child poverty a top priority of his third term in government, but adds "Whether he and his ministers have the answers, though, is less certain..."

Oh, I think we can be certain about it.  Key's new-found interest in child poverty amounts to a breathtaking act of political cynicism - once the dust's settled on the election, it'll be back to not giving a shit.

Here's why:  to do something about child poverty, you need to reduce unemployment to the point where only the certifiably-unemployable are unemployed, make sure that the work that is available consists largely of full-time work, not casual zero-hour contracts for mcjobs, and make sure that full-time employment pays enough to live on (in terms of both wage levels and living costs like, duh, housing).  It's only once you've got those sorted that you can force wasters off benefits without just swapping beneficiaries for beggars, junkies and petty crims.

So, who among our readership envisages John Key embarking on an immediate and urgent programme of growth in full-time employment, stable working conditions, higher wages and lower housing costs?  All of these are the exact opposite of National's political interests.  As the party of employers, property owners and farmers, National's interest is in maintaining a significant level of unemployment, keeping wages and working conditions as low as possible, and ensuring that property values consistently increase.  Child poverty is an inevitable outcome of the successful pursuit of those interests, so there's no way for Key to do anything about child poverty while remaining true to National's constituency.

My money's on a continued determination to avoid any attempt to actually measure poverty, while mounting a vigorous campaign to force people off benefits.  Just watch - "reduced number on benefits" will be how the government chooses to measure progress on this issue.

All Roads Lead To Culverden.

Today, the last Thursday in October is "The Fete".

Originally started as a save our economic lifestyle over 20 years ago by four wives of farmers facing the new economic order following the Douglas reforms.

Now well into the next generation and at the current location of Wynyard east of Culverden this big day on the North Canterbury calendar will have thousands of chattering women in thousands of cars on the roads of the rural hinterland that can have anything the spring weather offers.

Culverden can and does top the daily temperature charts, it also is where the Nor West wind can wreak its destructive force as many idle pivot irrigators proved a couple of years ago.

Originally this event was held in the grounds of the historic homestead of one of the Amuri Wool Kings, Duncan Rutherford at Leslie Hills and much of the initial impetus came from family and friends of the four women by word of mouth.
Boy has that been overtaken by events.

You have been warned, North Canterbury is no place for uninterrupted travel today, the quiet rural roads with fleets of milk tankers as the main users will have gridlock in places.

Does He Really Know?

There is an update to the Key Biography and in it is a suggestion The PM possibly knows the ID of the hacker who supplied the private emails of Slater to Hagar.

So what is the gos John or is it just smoke and mirrors.

Probably quite content to have the Ginga winga daily making his ascent up the slippery slope continue as a diversion.

Random Question?

It is alleged The fat fuck didnt disclose a traffic offense on his application for residency.
Reasonably serious travelling at 106 kph in a 50 kph zone.

Should we cancel his residency on the grounds of "failure to disclose",  can Immigration then force his removal to the US as a jurisdiction willing to take him?

Delicious eh.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

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What About The Important Stuff?

Caught very little of the real world yesterday but did see snippets of Question 1 "To the Prime Minister" from the pretender.

Now we are as a nation considering our possible involvement in the belated international response to the radical islamist inspired action to create a Caliphate across northern Syria and Iraq.
We are addressing insufficiency of benefit availability to children of dropkick parents.
We are commencing a new term of our legislature that will in around twelve/eighteen  months time go into moth balls as the 2017 election becomes the biggest thing on the political Radar.
We have a government with a large bunch of newbies in the firing line.
We have a serious decline in the international price of our dominant export commodity.
We have a threat to our involvement in the TPP negotiations as the US and Japan try to make a deal in the lobby.
We have at long last a tinkering around some of the more inane rules in the national workplace.

What does the whiney XXXX Ginga think is worthy of the leadout for the only real opportunity for any opposition to make an impact, none of the above.
Nope the pretender to the leadership of Her Majesties "Loyal" opposition sets out on a fruitless path to regurgitate what the electorate overwhelmingly tossed into the garbage bin on Sept 20th.

Oi you useless troughing POS nobody is listening any more to the scurrilous innuendo Hagar tried to use to derail the Re-election of Key's Government.

Who anyone talks to in efforts to understand what is happening and what needs to be circulated to promote their agenda is of no consequence, that is why Cabinet and so much evidence in the courts is "privileged".
If we could access  the personal and private exchanges of anyone in government, local/national, right/left, labour/National or even the rabble fighting over the 25% left over from the two main parties it would be merely interesting, possible titillating and even, as with Slaters stolen data possibly damaging, when selectively released in isolation.

However as the subject of Question one of the most public and central option for the opposition to be trying to call the government to account it was just more excrement into the settling pond.

If that is what is important to you then could I suggest you hand in your seat to Mr Speaker and head back to the rock in Queensland you crawled out from under, as you have yet again proved what a useless impotent innocuous total waste of resources you actually are.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Over the weekend I was alerted by my Australian Vietnam veteran brother-in-law to the furore that has broken out following claims by a 2RAR/NZ (ANZAC) Battalion Platoon Commander that there was a deliberate cover-up following the shooting of unarmed civilians, including women and children, in an ambush where he was the commander.   You can read reports of the claim and counter-claim here and here.

I need to declare an interest.   The incident happened in October 1967.   Five months later I went to Vietnam two months ahead of my own Company (Victor 3) where I was attached to A Company (the sub-unit involved) to listen and learn.    I spent most of my time at Company Headquarters.   The dramatis personae and particularly Major White are known to me.   I endorse the comments of others that he (White) was an extremely competent and respected commander.   My memory of Lieutenant Morris is less vivid.   This post is in response to that association.   Let's examine what happened.

Fact:  On 23 October 1967 a patrol led by Morris ambushed a track close to the 1 Australian Task Force base at Nui Dat.   The ambush was sprung at dawn when a party of locals, later identified as bamboo cutters, moved into the killing zone.   Included in the party were women and children.   Five were killed and six were wounded.   The incident is recorded in the Battalion's War Diary lodged at the Australian National War Memorial in Canberra.   

Fact:    The ambush was located inside Line Alpha.    Line Alpha delineated an area adjacent to the 1 ATF base out to enemy mortar range that had been cleared of civilians.   Civilian entry to the zone was restricted and limited to daylight hours.   Anyone transiting the zone during night hours could expect to be engaged.   It was not however a 'free fire zone'.    During daylight the 'Rules of Engagement' applied.    Essentially they required you to identify people transiting the zone as enemy before engaging them made difficult by the fact that both civilians and the VC C41 Chau Duc local force Company wore the same black drab peasant garb.  

The Morris Allegation:   That the six bodies were evacuated by helicopter and possibly dumped at sea.    That White (back at Nui Dat) told him that he should have 'dressed' the bodies with captured weapons to make them appear as VC.    That he (Morris) included that detail in his 'After Action Report' (standard Report compiled after any contact) which was subsequently altered by White to exclude the allegation.

Comment:   The is absolutely no evidence advanced  to support the suggestion the bodies were dumped at sea (the South China Sea is about 30k from the ambush site).   Helicopter support for the Taskforce was provided by 9 Squadron RAAF which included RNZAF pilots.    Helicopters were a scarce resource.   It is virtually impossible for them to have been tasked for such a mission and, if it had occurred, that certainly would have been the talk of the Squadron .   Much more plausible would have been for the dead and wounded to have been evacuated to a civilian hospital at Baria (10k) or Vung Tau (30k distant) but again, there is no hard evidence to support this or even that helicopters were involved.

As to the allegation that White told Morris that he should have dressed the bodies with captured enemy weapons.   That is simply laughable.    No patrol would ever go out carrying captured enemy weapons on the off chance that they might have to 'plant' them.    You were burdened enough with weapons, ammunition, claymore mines, HE and smoke grenades, M72 LAWs and M79 grenade launchers, radios and your personal kit to have to worry about having to carry extra weight.    During my time in Vietnam and working both with Australians and New Zealanders I never saw an enemy weapon carried by us on operations.

It does concern me that Morris waited 47 years to make the allegations and against a man who is dead and can't defend himself.

So what might have caused Morris to speak out.?     Perhaps the answer might lie in what he may have judged to be his own command failings and the need to justify/atone for them.   As the ambush commander the buck stopped with him.   Did he properly brief the patrol on the RoE which required them to identify the party as enemy before opening fire?   Did he make the allegation to take the heat off himself?     But I need to immediately qualify that proposition by referring to the 'fog of war'.   It's too easy to apportion blame in retrospect. It was dawn; we don't know the state of the light or weather; they were in a restricted zone; 'they' were wearing black; the enemy wore black.   The machine gunner who initiated the ambush had to make a split moment decision.   Clearly he got it wrong. Yes, it would have been a hugely traumatic event for all those involved especially perhaps Morris.

I have to note too that Morris retired from the ARA in 2005 in the rank of Major.   He hardly enjoyed stellar career.    Does that say something about him?    You can make your own judgement.

In closing I draw your attention to the title of this post.    There is nothing particularly 'noble' about war per sae.   Real shitty things do happen and civilians do get killed and that is to be regretted.   But don't blame the soldiers.   They are working under huge pressure that very few of you will have experienced.   They can only do their best and sometimes they will make mistakes.



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Monday, October 27, 2014


The rain stopping play in Hamilton presented an opportunity for a quick trip around the blogsphere.      While I normally avoid left wing blogs as too damn self righteous and sometimes just plain nasty I cannot help but commend to you the post by Curwen Rolinson on 'The Daily Blog' which raises questions about what Hone Harawiri did or didn't know about staff members in his employ.

You can read it here   Make your own judgement but, as Rolinson sez, Harawiri owes his followers (and the public at large) some answers.

Maybe It's Rooted

Stuff reports the ladies of the night are struggling.

In an industry I have never found the need to engage, the one that plays on lust and erotic and/or base desires of the flesh,  it  is suggested to be facing new challenges in the age of the app.

Tinder, Grindr, findsomeone, and other hook up sites have the advantage that there is a good chance the pimp and the drug dealer will be cut out, not to mention the IRD.

Of course having liberated, and now equal females, out looking to score in bars and clubs does not necessarily make it safer as the Lower Hutt lady Warriena Wright might have figured out  as she plunged 14 floors on the Gold Coast after a date initiated on Tinder with Gable Tostee.

In the face of demands for  higher wages for no other reason than the archaic reasons we have had advanced by unionists since for ever, leading to self drive trucks in mines, electronically controlled container hoists, computers taking and processing orders at Maccas, self drive cars as public transport it seems this bold new age is wreaking massive change in the oldest profession.

Is the possible demise of that oldest profession in the face of the digital age and a contemporaneous raising of dangers, progress or not, time will tell but for now rooting for dosh might be rooted in its previous guise.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

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20 Seconds Of Madness But It Is Yours to Own.

An open letter to the "prominent New Zealander and former sporting person", Queenstown

Dear Intractably Stupid,
Mr Boofhead, former sporting name who cannot now accept that even madness might have consequences.

The victim you forced yourself onto has now had her name suppression lifted and Ms Hemsley would  now like you, you arrogant thicko to face the consequences of your madness.

"My children are hardly talking to me, my marriage is under threat, I am struggling to find work and I might be forced to find "menial work",  she was complicit and any act was consensual."

Boo hoo wha wha poor poor me.

You were once at the very top and the bitch should have been flattered, I do not think so in light of what has unfolded
Well boofhead it would seem you got that wrong and continuing denial via a rather circuitous and somewhat baffling decision by a judge many miles from where your rather disgusting act occurred, perhaps now would be a great time to accept publically what you call a 20 second moment of madness and almost every other person with the knowledge of the published facts calls appalling , invasive, unforgivable, opportunistic and arrogant, it would now be time to take responsibility and man up as  your refusal to do so might have an exaggerated bearing on what you are now complaining so bitterly about.

Had you just let justice take its course and pled guilty to the reduced charge, many of those you claim are causing you so much grief  might have carried on pretty much unmoved if your claim to a one off 20 seconds of madness was true.
I suspect however what you seek to deny and avoid responsibility for, might not be such an accurate revelation.

Whatever, I truly believe your former life has not equipped you for such submission and you truly believe you are still special.
Sorry, all those you complain about as being "unfair to you", are really in the significant body of people who now know  all about you, your past, and have decided what occurred between you and Ms Hemsley left you in an indefensible position.
My advice is to just man up and face the consequences of your 20 seconds of madness, it may be cathartic, and in all probability it might be your best option.
You never know there might be another arrogant bastard out there who will support your inflated view of yourself and give you the time off day.  .

Best wishes Mr 'You Were Once an Inspiration' to all young men.


Saturday, October 25, 2014

Open House

A reader has asked us to put up a daily thread for commenters to have their say.

Here it is.

There will be mild moderation.  Normal rules of blogger etiquette and courtesy to blog hosts will apply.with serious transgressors being thrown out.

Unfortunately our system does not allow your comments to show up in the blog post itself.  Just in the comments section.

We'll give it a go for a month and see how it goes.

Welcome to the show.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Tumultuous Was An Understatement.

Cripes it was  40 years ago!

Gough Whitlam was shown  the door by the Monarch's representative,  Governor General Sir John Kerr when the Liberal Country Coalition by their control of the Federal Senate repeatedly  refused to pass supply.
In effect the Federal Bureaucracy was without the money to pay the wages leaving the Labor Government scrambling to find a way forward.
A series of rather extraordinary funding schemes were promoted then abandoned  including one funded by Saddam Hussein of Iraq and Whitlam refused to call a double dissolution as a remedy, where  the Senate and The Lower House would face an election that could see the government gain enough support in the Senate while maintaining their majority in the Lower House.
Whitlam wanted to keep his 1974 house result stand and  only have half the senate face the electorate to buy time and perhaps get some wavering members of Malcolm Frazer's Senate support to fold.

The actual mechanics of "The Dismissal" were a legend in their own right.
Whitlam attempted to call The Queen who Kerr wanted kept out of the shambles, of course by withdrawing Whitlam's warrant he lost that right.
When the Senate reconvened at 2 pm the supply bills were rapidly passed and Senators thought only that the Libs had folded.
When The House reconvened Whitlams supporters now knowing what had transpired voted to restore their Champion and dispatched the Speaker to inform the GG Frazer could not get a vote of confidence in the house and Whitlam had the numbers but the proclamation ending the parliament had already been read ending with the traditional words "God save the Queen" to which a nearby Gough Whitlam in an impromptu speech on the steps of the Parliament opened with: "that may well save Her majesty, nothing will save The Governor general"

Coming along after decades of right of center Liberal governments Whitlam came to power and embarked on some serious socialist impacts on how Australia did things but as with Abbott,  currently, the fact that only  half the senators face the electorate as they serve a term of six years, the vote that elected Abbott's coalition did not win a majority in the senate where the balance of power lies with the Green Party and a bunch of even more minors controlled by Palmer, Katter, Xenophon a motorist party and a pseudo from NSW who managed to confuse enough voters by incorporating the word Liberal in his party name.

1974 saw Whitlam win the lower house again having wrested it from the Liberals in 1972, after 23 years in the wilderness but failed again to get over Frazer's Senate numbers and Frazer refused supply through most of 1975.
With the money running out before the christmas period Kerr who had a belief  that the office of  GG had the power to dismiss a Prime minister, confirmed by the then Chief Justice,  ended Whitlam's commission and offered the prime ministership to Frazer on condition he pass the supply bills through the Senate,  agree to pass no new legislation and call a Double Dissolution as soon as possible.
At that December 1975 election Whitlam's Labor party suffered a devastating defeat and it was 1983 before Hawke restored the ALP to the Treasury Benches.

Kerr never recovered, he was vilified for ratting on Labor and died a broken man with the demon drink implicated in his demise.

Gough Whitlam's recent passing, has reawakened the "affair" but full discovery will not occur as the papers relating to Kerr consulting with her Majesty are sealed until 2037 when King Charles the third will be 89 or a late middle aged King William will reign.


So, Norman's response to the Canadian killings is to caution against any involvement in the international campaign against Islamic terrioroism least we.become a target.   Well news for Norman, we are, like it or not, we and his ostrich like approach matters nowt to the crazies out there.

Norman being Norman and I suspect if he had been around on 3.September 1939 he would have argued that all we needed to put Hitler back in his box was to show him some respect.

As for the Gucci Sheila.  To paraphrase one of her more 'enlightened' remarks ..... friggin useless.

A Leaderless Rabble!

Watched some of Question Time, holding the government to account was nowhere to be seen.

The Pinstriped adorned little man, Red Russel, Back from extended holiday Ronnie Carterton, a well padded Moron wearing a rugby jersey, a little tubby whose eyes seemed to be in danger of disappearing, all conspired to make Chippie look the likely lad I the space like vacuum of leader of HM Opposition.
Damien O'Connor wearing the reddist tie, was that a hint to Parker  or what.

Leadership was totally absent.
I accept the NZLP have every right to make a pigs arse out of how they select their next candidate for death by  a thousand cuts but why are they not required to do it in their own time.
Joe and Josephine Taxpayer are  paying the four Whoresmen of the Apocalypse to take a circus around the country while being paid well above their true worth when they should be in the house representing their "people".

"Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition",  that should be subject to a complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority.

Then at the end of it all Logie asked a couple of  patsys around the melons adopting Hadfields welfare extensions to allow parents easier ways to divert their entitled gummint money to their own selfish ends and let schools  feed their spawn.
Material Girl has been  frock shopping again, total mass of dash but sadly still little effort to actually help the disadvantaged in any  meaningful way.

Ninety minutes of my life I cant get back.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Exeedingly Stupid

Some people give sacks full ofhammers a bad name.  Such a person is the Electoral Office official who has been done for influencing a vote by a rest home resident.

The Electoral Commission is investigating the case of a 93-year-old rest-home resident who says a voting official cast a vote for National in her name, but against her wishes. 

Isn't it funny how there is no reporting of any misdemeanors by the officials of the leftist parties?

But when you read on down you find the newspaper is lieing.  The official dd NOT cast a vote against the lady's wishes.

Once challenged, the JP followed correct procedure by spoiling the paper, ticking every box and issuing her mother a new one, which was then marked according to her wishes.

Someone please tell Faifax the election is over and they lost.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Whats With The Fish n Chips?

Why not I milked a cow or I shoveled premix or even I had a paper round?

The second recent Labour Orphan  claiming "working in a fish n chip shop" as a mark of relevance to actually having had a 'real job' as a booster in a leadership contest.

Mr c evidently included in his CV working in a fast food outlet in Pleasant Point and now Miss Cover Girl for Orthodontic Correction Monthly is making similar claims elsewhere.

Had either of those two dreamers actually fronted up to a lending institution, borrowed fifty stacks  and taken a rundown fast food opportunity from bankruptcy to a turnover that provided a living, paid the tax, given a sale price to repay the borrowings and leave a deposit on a house after a couple of years hard graft, such inanity might be relevant.
A couple of shifts flipping burger patties or smiling while collecting orders and money for the minimum wage does not an entry on a CV make.

Sheesh I spent hours as a wool handler in woolsheds in my teenage years, I dont claim to be a wool broker. On our first farm where borrowings were eye watering and milking a few cows provided our living expenses, that did not make me a "Dairy farmer"!

Maybe the Paper round is a little discounted these days but for gawds sake, working in fast food, had it been in Maccas or KFC and risen to shift manager then it might actually mean something, but Pleasant Point flipping burgers to provide a feed for rich pricks heading to or from Fox's peak or Mt Dobson?

Monday, October 20, 2014

It Is Not A Freakin Valuation.

It used to be Government Valuation and was arrived at with an inspection at revaluation by registered valuers working for the provider that was called "The Valuation Department" headed by The Valuer General and had a Minister of the Crown in Charge.

Then it Became The Rating value and was set by bureaucrats working for one of many contractors hired by a local body to set the RV made up of Land value, Value of improvements which totaled to become the rateable value.

By now it was as far removed from any semblance of a value of a property as was imaginable with the arbitrary figure arrived at on historical grounds that only merged with reality when a sale occurred and the sale note was lodged as part of the system.
Such info took little note of how motivated seller and buyer were, the degree of ability of the sales person involved and any manipulations of chattel values arranged for tax purposes , estate purposes, or other sometimes nefarious factors.

As a valuation system it has always relied on a property sale, and or appeals to alter  the arbitrary valuation that could be motivated by any of many desires.

As a true value of a property it was as intelligible as melted ice in desert sands.

GV has become a "Rating index" only, used to apportion rates over wide variations of service, cost and access to facilities that may or probably wont have much relevance to what a willing seller and a willing buyer might agree to as a value for transfer of property ownership via the title.

Current 'Rateable Value' has very little relativity to the 'Market Value' of any title although the two figures might get close at times often by chance.

Only in Todays World.

Around 2004 a man raised in the Seventh Day Adventist faith but having departed the church takes a job in antenna work with a contract to work Saturday.

Rolling on to 20011 and dear old 'Mark' returns to the faith of his youth that regards Saturday as the 'Sabbath'.
Now antenna installations have Saturday as the biggest day of the seven workwise for many reasons and Mark's employer made efforts to accommodate the renewed obligations Mark felt to his faith and gave him as much time as he thought reasonable as regards Saturday work.
Eventually the whole  scene became a little strained and the boss gave Mark the sack.

Now an enlightened legal environment around "Human Rights" has resulted in poor old oppressed 'Mark' awarded 40 000 dollars in compensation for the totally unreasonable actions of his employer.

Should that "antenna Installation"  company fold and it is not unreasonable assumption, will that same half arsed law make the poor bugger trying to make it work be forced to pay other workers compensation.

Is there a Small business protection Commission that has laws to protect citizens cut down by such daft rubbish.
Nope it is all about the workers rights.

Two Has To Be Better Than One, Right?

One shallow political science graduate with zero exposure to or knowledge of  how the real world works might make it with good support structures.

Doubling the number of non achievers wont make that exposure deficit better no matter how it is spun.

It is difficult to understand how adding a marginally photogenic extra tit to an udder already carrying serious deficits around electability in the eyes of the wider electorate,

Grant Robertson failed totally when the subject of his rather unique domestic arrangements were exposed on national TV by Sopers squeeze in a cuddly, friendly, staged for publicity, promo,  at a rugby club rooms during the last leadership circus.
In reply to an innocent question that acknowledged Grants partner Alf, in a benign as possible environment, completely blew it out of the water as Alf photo bombed the scene by walking across the camera shot carrying a jug of beer.
The reply to du Plessis Allen's question, "where's Alf tonight?" Robertson calmly lied to camera " oh he couldn't be with us tonight".
Now call me old fashioned but for the person wishing to lead the still second largest party, that for nearly nine years has based almost its entire attack plan around "can John Key be trusted", that gaffe of clear dishonesty is a crevasse in a glacier.

Bringing a modestly photogenic tyro who also has never worked outside the glasshouse to bolster a campaign that is already overloaded with doubt as to suitability on so many fronts, only adds to the  charade as Candidate Robbo attempts to sell his significantly improved physical presence to the converted of the Caucus, Party and the Union Rump in a rather expensive exercise using significant taxpayer cost subsidy.

Sorry two is no better than one, it only adds to the whole.
Of course that whole glossy promo ignores the salient fact that as a candidate for Deputy leader, 'Robbo' only has a single vote in the caucus that will decide if his equally shallow "Running Mate" gets elected.
Looked good on state TV though.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

That Makes One Feel Dam Good.

Barry Cohen was a minister in the Government led by Bob Hawke.

79 years old he has dementia and has moved into a nursing home when he received a phone call,

       " When word got out that I had joined the list of dementia sufferers one of the first calls I had was from an old “friend”.

“A Mr Howard calling,” was the message from the nurse.

“I don’t know a Mr Howard, unless it’s the former prime minister.”

“That’s the one,” said the nurse.

I was deeply moved that a lifelong opponent had taken the trouble to ring to find out how I was and whether he could do anything to help. After a lengthy conversation, I told him, “This is what makes Australia a great country.”"

From Andrew Bolt Blog Herald Sun.

Saturday, October 18, 2014


Back home from doing 'Gods work' for a short window of 36 hours.    Spent 100 of those minutes watching a superb game of Rugby.     The Taranaki/Auckland ITM Cup semi-final match was one for the books.   It had everything ... flair, talent, excitement, skill ... the crowd were treated to spectacle and spectacular Rugby.  With the scores equal after 80 minutes the contest went to extra time when the Naki scored 19 unanswered points. As an 'Hawera' boy I am stoked.

Jim Hickey, weatherman, is going to be insufferable for all you non-Naki types over the next few days.

Question for self ... can I clear the diary and make it to New Plymouth for next weekend's final.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Labour launch new proven Leadership Program - Lablite

Nanaia Mahuta - Her One Big Advantage

The way I see it Nanaia Mahuta has one big advantage not available to the other three contestants in the Labour Leadership race. But this advantage only applies if Tainui get in behind her and support her financially. Tainui has resources (unless Tuku has been buying new undies) that not even David Cunliffe's secret trusts could compete with and way beyond anything that Robertson, Parker or even Little with his Union connections could have access to. There is of course the saying that you cannot buy elections but that may not hold true in this instance.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

When Will The Fog Lift?

As the election heated up Mr c having finally reached his pinnacle, or did he overextend, told the Caucus they could meet in a dunny down the corridor or was it a broom cupboard, as the Taxpayer funded Caucus Room was to become the "war room".

Then following the decamping of CoS Wendy Brandon in February "for health reasons" a few days later Mr c installs Peter Pan aka Matt McCarten as his Chief of Staff, there by placing his choice of Campaign Manager on the Parliamentary payroll.

I erroneously thought that Political Parties were to fund their "election costs" from Party funds and as this country does not have a system of taxpayer funding for campaigns the demarcation was relatively clear, apart from the total rort that TV advertising funding entails.
Apparently not for a cash strapped NZLP who with a tits for hands president and a boofhead rainbow faction  general secretary with minimal abilities for fundraising,  Mr c's moves were Manna, not to be confused with what Hadfield was converting to his now well funded by the Kraut overstayer TTT campaign.
The  costs to be covered by Parliamentary services to enable communications and services  for elected MPs to assist constituents and perform their constitutional duties,  were placed at the disposal of the election campaign high command center in the new guise of "The War Room".
As Baldrick to Mr c's Blackadder, Matty the supremo election strategist comparable only to buffoon Martyn Martin Bradbury in ability, Matt McC  set out on what could only be fairly described as the road to disaster.
Gaffe on gaffe mixed with flipflops that would have made a jandal factory celebrate, what unfolded was possibly the most expensive for Joe and Josephine Taxpayer, electoral disaster since for ever.

Add in the now largely sidelined and only dealing with the legal minutiae, Frazer House bunch who became increasingly irrelevant and in the harsh reality of serious cashflow problems an entirely understandable seat on a dunces stool.

So how much taxpayer dosh was converted to election costs,
Will an incompetent MSM even bother to try and discover,
Is McCarten and his election staff still being funded and for what,
When will "tits for hands" Coatsworth get her DCM.
Will choirboy Barnett ever accept he is as useful as a four gallon tin of benzine for a fire extinguisher,
I did note somewhere the little league Caucus have been 'allowed' back into their dugout but not a dickybird about what was spent, by whom and how much.

Now the Candidates for "Clown School" are not going to be doing what the demented segment of the electorate supported them to do and perform any of the duties of "Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition",
nah they will be crisscrossing the nation on our tab trying to convince the deluded they are the one saviour of the once great NZLP.
Meanwhile the one true Messiah sits to the sidelines plotting his triumphant ride to his rightful place on the  throne when whoever is chosen next, runs out of gas.
Oh for some Hacked emails  or even a few inspired "leaks" to cast light on what is really going on, Sunlight just doesn't seem to cut it.
The long suffering coerced funder can rest in the luxury that it is all clean and above board.