Friday, August 22, 2014

Why didn't they stop the Nonsense at Moa.

I have a very strong familial and emotional link to the establishment and subsequent expansion of the "Iron Roads"  that along with coastal shipping were so essential to the growth of our country from European Settlement until the mid twentieth century.

There was no alternative.

To move livestock to Slaughter, meat to ships, coal to Industry, wool from woolshed to sale center then on to ports and in more limited ways the transport of people around the growing nation a rail network was the only viable land based infrastructure.

During the later decades of the 19th and the initial three decades of the 20th centuries, Most roads were but mud tracks with shingle/metal only applied to parts that were vulnerable to seepage , flowing water and in times of heavier use to overcome mud.
For what was then heavy transport often the season dictated passage.

As the rail network was being completed with the terrain challenged coastal part of the SI main Trunk from the Conway to the Ure rivers opening in 1945 many branch lines, had been, were being closed or facing such termination.

When the Governement sold NZR and got the hell out of Dodge it was possibly the most necessary and foresight enhanced decision of all the early asset sales and selling Coalcorp when Key came to office would have been equally beneficial to the NZ economy.
Cullen purchasing all the unprofitable arms  back from Toll was a moment of complete commercial ignorance.
Now another stupid statist socialist wants to add to the pile of stupidity by "investing in Hillside Workshops"  as a save the reds in Dunedin move.
There might be a vote or two in his brainfart but I sense too many have tumbled such inane stupidity and it will have minimal influence.

Ele at homepaddock posts an excellent piece on this and points out most if not all who wish to work have found places elsewhere and often in enterprises that occupy the site that will have to be vacated if Cunliffe adds his wet dream to Cullen's.

Just another little topup to be added to the 28 Billion and counting!!!

A Clear Illustration of Lack of Balance.

plus the massive dangers such biased incompetence will generate.

The saturation coverage of things political, since the warped witterings of Hagar hit the booksellers, by what is euphemistically called media, one month out from an election, is seriously undermining a basic foundation block of our democracy.

Cameron Slater is a political animal, his Dad was and still is at or very close to the party machine that handles the management spheres of National.
He grew up with leading National political figures dominating his formative years.
Now as a very unique, informed person, possessing significant political links to a wide variety of influential people, he has developed the number one political blog in this country with daylight to second, the more apparently acceptable effort of David Farrer.

The media have for nearly two weeks indulged in a campaign to make copy from the very selective data stolen from Slaters computers during or soon after the DDOS attack early this year and published by Green Party Prince of Charlatania going by what I and others consider to be an effeminate diminutive, Nicky.

During this feeding frenzy around a body that seriously refuses to bleed in the water, every single political journo totally refuses to ever investigate any possibility that "They do it too".
Helen Clark once said "I cannot by definition ever leak".

“In response to Parliamentary questions over the Doongate affair, Helen Clark today claimed that it is up to her to decide when she leaks material to the media.
“She is trying to give herself immunity from the conventions of Cabinet collective responsibility, and has signalled that she is prepared to leak confidential information whenever she likes.
“That should be a chilling admission to anyone who disagrees with Helen Clark.  It’s a dangerous precedent and an affront to democracy,”

Working out of the campaign Headquarters of the socialists are a bunch of bloggers who have been and may still be active in The Standard a political blog claiming to be the mouthpiece of the NZLP.
Greg Presland aka 'Micky Savage, lprent the self proclaimed sysop who is in reality Lyn Prentice, Clinton Smith of Hey Clint fame aka Steve Piersen, and Martyn "Bomber " Bradbury now at the other socialist hatespeech center, The Daily Blog, have all at various times published very supportive stuff of the cheerleaders of the red  piranhas,  that has to be based on information that came from the very inner sanctums of the guts of the Labour party. Ex General Secretary prior to Timmy Barnett is a co trustee of The Standard and writes there under his name Mike Smith.

Some of the content that eventuates on The Standard is very unpleasant reading and not for the faint hearted yet the media output in the wake of Hagar's saga would suggest National and Cam Slater not only discovered the dark arts, they are still the only purveyors.

That is bollocks and they know it, they just choose to ignore what might bring balance to their efforts.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

IT was Murder Not an execution FFS.

OK  I have breathed through my nose for days,  tonight, I am sorry, but that is enough of just getting angry.

No I have not watched the cold blooded killing of American Journalist James Foley and will assert it was absolutely nothing to do with execution in any form of accepted judicial comprehension.

I understand that to hold a job today in journalism there are parameters around how matters are reported on Islamic activity.
Being the religion of peace they get special consideration so whereas a religious nutter in say Northern Ireland might go on a murderous rampage in the aftermath of an Orange March and kill a Catholic who happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time it wont be described as Execution.
However if a warped minded pom should travel to Syria to fight with the Jihadists and under the watchful eye of a video camera hack the head off an American Journalist it could not possibly  be murder it suddenly transforms into an "Execution".

Execution in relation to ending the life of a fellow human refers to state sanctioned judicial killing with due process according to  law.
Slaughter, murder, manslaughter, even death by accident or negligence will be covered in laws and not be executions

This latest killing of a Journalist captured doing his job is never in any way an execution.
I have never heard the term execution used to refer to death in Gaza except in relation to "carrying out", otherwise we get murdered , slaughtered, killed in attacks, collateral deaths, massacre!!!

Is it too much to ask journalists even those who for whatever reason support Islam, Palestine, or any other bunch with a relevance to the followers of the strange dude with an odd attitude to little girls, could describe the killing of Mr Foley as Murder, for that was exactly what it was.
He was in the warzone armed with a camera, a pen and a laptop and was more valuable in the long view if the cause of the Islamists has any merit.

He was captured in November 2012, so he was  waiting for many months with all the accompanying stress and terrible mind torture of knowing nothing of his fate, then butchered like a dog just because he had the wrong passport.

So to the Media Numpties who  understand very little and know even less, James Foley was killed, slaughtered, butchered or murdered take your pick but Executed he was most certainly not.
The poor bastard is still dead and the blood thirsty fucking thugs can rest assured his suffering is mercifully at an end.
His family, friends and colleagues, not so lucky, they will suffer this abomination  for as long as they live.

RIP James Foley.

It has Plausible Writ Large.

As the drip drip of the very selective revelations from the smelly but uncomposted bin of illegally obtained emails that Hagar presented with such well orchestrated effect and now has the coalition from hell sensing a successful battle against #Team Key, more of us want to know who is the Puppet Master as unpublished raw data is released.

Number one suspect who fits motive, opportunity and ability functions, is the fat fuck from Coatsville with substantial assistance of sycophants and the stupid inept both owned and bought and the desperate useful idiots.
Not necessarily the mastermind but it could be within TFF's  sphere to "get the fix in", to totally subvert our fragile democracy.

Towards the end of his AM show Shaun Plunket explored some lines as to who could be behind what has been a quite well executed battle plan, with Chris O'Connell of  TUANZ and although they did not name a prime suspect, O'Connell put a bunch of very scary nerds in the frame.

About a decade ago many in and around the internet began to suspect a bunch of super hackers going under the name of "Anonymous" who have variously been called; 'internet terrorists', 'internet anarchists', 'internet freedom fighters' who with increasing notorious activities led "Time Magazine" to include the nefarious bunch in their list of "100 most influential in the world".
Some of the actions attributed to the "Anons" make for very scary reading as to their reach and the apparent failure of the Law and Authority to combat them

To be successful as a "hacker" one of the basics is to stay hidden as exposure leads to serious legals and total loss of face and prestige.
Such outcomes, in O'Connell's opinion removed TFF of Coatsville as a member of Anonymous but did concede he would be well placed to purchase the material Hagar and Whaledump have used.

The more one discovers about the exploits, proved and suspected to have been perpetrated by the very loose but very effective group going by the umbrella name of Anonymous, the firmer the belief that the term "Internet Al Queda" is not a big stretch as a descriptive.

Whoever is the source of the stream of criminal activity that is being used in the attempt to corrupt our democracy, so shamelessly being enjoyed and celebrated by the opponents of #Team Key, it will matter little if they are successful as it will have a devastating effect on any remnant  shreds of  the increasingly eroded myth of freedom of speech and expression.
The concerted efforts of H1 and her sycophants with the Electoral Finance Act and related attempts to diminish rights to promote political views at variance to those of the government, were but  a warning,  this latest manifestation is even scarier and much more  insidious.
Collins dropping a name to a blogger will be but very minor if all contact between those who hold the secrets and those who wish to disseminate such info by way of leak and hint will be a distant memory and those who would rule us will be emboldened and empowered while we  the peasants will be the losers.

First they came for the leakers and I did nothing as I dont leak.
Then they came for the bloggers and I did nothing as I did not blog.
Then they came for the Journalists and I did nothing as I was not a Journo.
Then they came for those polies who opposed them--------------??????????

Whether TFF is involved we may never know but he is with little doubt a potential beneficiary of the current potential cluster fornication.
The best defense is two ticks National and then we can return to where it began and debate the way we used to with salacious gossip between the Polies, the media and the political junkies while the masses or the few at the center of the pendulum decided who would sit on the Speakers Righthand.


Now that rumours are beginning to swirl about David Cunliffe's long standing trysts with an eminent person it is interesting to reflect upon the virtue of having political leaders who actually sleep with their own wives and nobody else. 

On the plus side, I'd expect previous leaders like Jim Bolger, Jenny Shipley, Jack Marshall and Rob Muldoon to have been on the straight and narrow.  What about the other side's heroes?  David Longe?  

It's no wonder Cunliffe has been making so many dreadful mistakes.  It must be a full time job remembering what lies he has told his wife.  If their wives can't trust them, I don't want serial philanderers running the country or a major city.  How ironic it will be if the email thief releases Cameron Slater's up to date information on Len Brown's alleged continuing use of prostitutes.

BTW, on another topic, has anyone seen any polling from Te Tai Tokerau?  Does Mana stand a chance in any of the other Maori seats?


In a display of major hypocrisy Phil Goff seems to be pre-empting the SIS inquiry and is loudly calling for John Key to resign. This of course is the same Phil Goff who, as I understand it, leaked the Don Brash `Gone By Lunchtime' comment to the media some years ago. Goff has been almost completely anonymous since resigning the Labour leadership but now he appears to be making a resurgence. Is he planning to throw his hat in the ring to replace the unlikeable and unelectable David Cunliffe after the election? If he is he should pick his fights better because he is flogging a dead horse here and will also be if he takes on the Union dominated Labour leadership election process.

Way to lose the moral high ground, dumbasses

How things change in a week.  Last week, the left had the moral high ground.  Hager has an excellent "public interest" defence for the use of stolen documents in his book, because he ignored all the personal stuff and published only the details of black ops by the governing political party and its operatives.  The government was accordingly on the back foot.

This week, the creeps who stole the documents are drip-feeding the lot into the public domain, including all the personal conversations full of gossip and intimate detail that there is no public interest defence whatsoever for publishing.  This is, in fact, "the left" engaging in dirtier politics than the people they're criticising - if you thought it was bad for Cameron Slater to publish the gory details of Len Brown's sexual activities, at least he hadn't stolen the info he published.  And this is far worse than the Len Brown story because the content published by Whaledump has a lot of personal info in it about non-involved third parties.

Naturally, this being salacious gossip and all, the nation's alleged "journalists" are lapping it up.  Well, everyone's got to make a living, I guess, even bottom-dwellers.  And "the left" in general?  Well, take a look at this thread over at The Daily Blog: the obnoxious blowhard who wrote the post most likely knows who the thief is, and the braying imbeciles commenting are enough to make you vote ACT. Sick fucks.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Journo scum

In an episode of the sadly underrated "Filthy, Rich and Catflap," Richie is revealed as being suited to a career in tabloid journalism:

Ralph Filthy:   This is no time to mince with words, Eddie. We must be honest. Richie is a lying, cheating, vicious right-wing bastard with the sexual sophistication of a mentally retarded donkey. Which means, you are ideally suited to be...
Richard Rich: [disgusted]   A journalist?
Ralph Filthy:   Yeah.
Richard Rich:   You mean...
[puts on his hat]
Richard Rich:   join the scum?
Edward Catflap:   Become a journo?
Ralph Filthy:   Yes.
Edward Catflap:   What shall we do for an encore, Filthy, set fire to a hospital?

I was reminded of it by this story in this morning's New Zealand Herald, which, appropriately enough, is a tabloid:  Revealed: Slater's messages with a former prostitute.  The story names the woman and spills enough dirt on her to put her in significant danger.  Natch, it does nothing but tease a bit about the customers involved:  a "senior lawyer," a "top businessman" etc.  Which means damn near every senior lawyer or top businessman in the country just developed a strong interest in seeing to it that this woman gets a clear message.  Newsworthiness thereof 0, sleaze value 100.

You can tell the quality of a newspaper (more accurately, the distinct lack of it) in how quickly it can shift from "These leaks are a moral outrage!" to "Yo, watch me use the leaks to fuck up this hooker."  The Herald appears to be lightning fast in this respect.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Semi final

Dotcom to serve.

15/0 – a nice serve by Dotcom, he aced Slater all ends up and Slater never saw it coming.

15/15 – Slater returns the serve of Dotcom with vengeance, using Tempero as his playing partner.

15/30 – Slater on fire here.  He is obviously hacked off as he discovers more of it going on.

30/30 – Dotcom fends off the attack from Slater by using Hager in his defence who says Dotcom wasn’t the source. 

I think deuce is looking very likely in the first set.

Hagar, unbiased Investigative journalist and author, gimmee a break.

In vain attempts to give credibility and relevance to the witterings of hard left muck raker, Hagar, some present his fairytales called "Seeds of Distrust" and  "Secrets and Lies" as evidence of even handed and balance when viewed against "The Hollow Men" and his latest offering for paper in the woolshed long drop dunny.


"Corngate, as it became known was nothing to do with any form of attack on H1, that was an outcome when the Main Man at TV3 used it in a ratings assist ambush assault during an election campaign, not as a direct attack on the NZLP with Hagar's blessing.

The two books Seeds of Distrust and  Secrets and Lies were promotions of Green Party activities entirely fitting his leftard green sympathies.
The Hollow Men and Dirty Politics are total unbalanced, intentional denigration of the right of center contenders for electoral purposes.

Balance my arse, can anyone who has donated to the Hagar charity and promotion fund by buying his GIGO, point to a single passage that gives credence to such a rubbish proposal. Bradbury, Presland and all the other fellow travelers at The Standard and TDB, daily print garbage the equal of anything Slater ever publishes, using the same tactics and systems of leaks, hacking and innuendo from wherever, yet we are to accept when Slater does it it is wrong.  It was widely acknowledged by anyone in media circles that H1 was right up there in maters of salacious gossip that on occasions surfaced and one that comes to mind was the removal of Dover Samuels. Another was the rather unceremonious removal of The Police Commissioner Peter Doone who was not a beat copper candidate and his replacement with Howard Broad who was a little more vulnerable from baggage accumulated in his climb up the ranks.

Seriously who is being a little selective here.

Maybe 'Crusher' should be renamed 'Ratfucker?'

Finally got round to downloading a copy of "Dirty Politics" and reading it.  This is interesting stuff - it's unlikely to get widespread traction among those not interested in politics but, as Danyl points out in this post, "some of the reporters listening to the PM have read the book. And when Key insists that the real dirty politics comes from the left, I think, or hope, that they’ll reflect..."

And it looks like they are.  Andrea Vance has come to the same 'implausible deniability' conclusion that I did.  And, astonishingly, even long-term Key sycophant John Armstrong isn't backing him on this.

So, it may not make a difference to National's percentage of the vote, but it certainly does make the prospect of National's dealings with the media if it gets a third term look decidedly unpleasant.

As to the book itself, those who haven't read it are writing it off.  They shouldn't.  Here's one example, the allegation that Judith Collins was the source of the leaked email about Bronwyn Pullar's ACC claim:

"Boag sent an email to Collins about the Pullar case in March 2012.  It was leaked to the Herald on Sunday about a week later, revealing for the first time Pullar's name as the claimant, Boag's role in her case and, embarrassing for them both, an alleged attempt to do a deal over Pullar's ACC payment before returning the client list."

Before the leak, an ex-prostitute friend of Slater's worries that her ACC file is now in the hands of some guy who might find details of her activities in it.

"Slater said, 'I'll tell you what I'll do, I will call Collins and get the real story.'  After talking to Collins, he rang his friend the next day to say, 'The file was an excel spreadsheet ... there is fuck all in it except names and numbers.'  He reassured her that 'your file wasn't leaked or anyone elses'.  And Collins had told him more. 'The person who got it was a woman,' he said, 'she then tried to blackmail ACC into giving her something or she would release the file ... she is now going to be prosecuted for extortion.'"

Claims that Slater is a fantasist fond of big-noting about imagined contacts with senior politicians don't really stack up in this instance. Collins is a personal friend of his, and after claiming to have talked to her he had information about the case that only Collins and a few other people knew.  That's strong evidence that, at the very least, Collins gave out confidential information about her department's business and its clients.

More circumstantial evidence:

"On the Friday evening, two days before the Sunday newspaper came out, he boasted to his friend that he had known it was only a spreadsheet and now 'I know who it is too': he had had another conversation, presumably with Collins again, and learnt of Pullar's identity.  More important, he had heard what was going to happen to Pullar: 'She is going to get ratfucked hard.'"

Which she then was, by someone who had passed on Boag's email to David Fisher of the Sunday Herald. Potential suspects for the leak were Boag, Collins or senior ACC officials.  Boag had no motive for wanting the alleged extortion attempt splashed all over the Herald; nothing suggests any ACC officials leaked the email; but we do know that Slater had a strong motive to embarrass his enemy Boag, and that Collins was his close friend and had almost certainly given him information about the case already, and that if Slater passed the email to Fisher, Collins could swear with complete honesty that she hadn't leaked the email to Fisher.

So, yes - "no proof" that Collins leaked the email, only circumstantial evidence.  But personal opinion isn't a court of law - it deals in what you personally find more likely or less likely.  Having read this chapter, my personal opinion is that Collins most likely did quite deliberately leak that email to Slater for the purpose of 'ratfucking' Pullar.

Robin Hood, Nah More Dick Turpin.

Take from the rich and give to the poor has a nice ring to it except for those deemed rich.

Robin Russel and Maid Meteria have even included themselves as Politicians in the "rich".

So lets have a gander at that for starters Paul Plumber works his but off, pays heaps of GST on his spend and has zero ability to get ahead as he pays for his kids, his tools, his vehicle, his house and might get a couple of weeks off at Xmas and loses income while someone else does his work.
Robin Russel and Maid Met have a plethora of assistance via Parliamentary services, get all research and administration funded by PS, enjoy unlimited taxpayer funded travel for themselves and their families, and have extended holidays and time off with nobody competing for their ability to earn.
Tell me again who are the fortunate and favored rich there.

"The Poor", well they are a mysterious bunch who supposedly earn, maybe that should be acquire, less than 60% of the statistically delivered mean income.  No assessment as to where they live,  what they spend their "income" on or any of the myriad of choices they make daily whether beneficial or degrading or even where and how the largess appears.

The "Rich" estimated at "only 3%" of us to be gouged for that extra "Billion".
Gee they will just stand there and hand their money over to 'Robin' and his 'Plump Chick'.
 I don't think so, they will employ lawyers, bean counters and every legal manipulation at their disposal to avoid such state sanctioned theft.
If that is not true why don't Gareth Morgan and many other of the seriously wealthy who at various times, spend time hand wringing about the rank injustice of it all, just hand stacks and stacks of their dosh to the Government, because it is the right thing to do?

The original Hood was a legend, not in the modern sense but in the oral history fairytale style.
He was an "outlaw" intent on evading the authority of a Sheriff and his political master a Prince acting in the absence of the Monarch away giving the bash to the original Towel heads intent on slaughtering Richards religious leaders in the Middle East and occupying their territory.
Yep that is certainly nothing new.

That now widely acclaimed hero wearing a 'lime green hoodie', stole money from travelers, Tax collectors and the government and after taking care of the immediate needs of himself and his "Merry bunch" who incidentally had a "fat bastard" hovering on the margins,  then distributing any surplus remaining over to a few lucky people in the right place at the right time.

Dick Turpin on the other hand was also an outlaw who made his way just stealing from the wealthy for his own needs and it is common knowledge how that turned out, he passed with a sore throat related medical condition. Wasn't there a Black Bess involved there.

The Melons add another legend to the already many and varied around an outlaw who lived rough
largely as a lifestyle choice while contributing nothing to the advancement of the people.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Deep Perceptive and Reasoned - Yeah Right.

During the "News" on TVOne the results of a snap poll by Colmar Brunton on how people responded to Hagar's "book", term used advisedly.

Q1 Have you heard of Hagar's latest book; Yes 77% no 23%.

Q2 Do you believe his suggestions; Yes 28% No 43% don't know 29%

Q3 Have the allegations influenced you; 4% positively influenced, 82% made no difference, 9% negatively influenced, 4% don't know.

Q4 Will this change your likelihood to vote; 12% more likely, 87% no change, 1% less likely.

With around 20 something percent still polling as voting for the bus that Mr c is driving, what is notable about these results.
Can I suggest surprisingly non event territory and not the deep unease growing in the electorate the daft one is claiming.

Wide understanding of the content and with Labour seemingly anchored in the twenties I see nothing but worserer news Mr c.

No winners

Hagar's book

There's something much bigger than a pathetic little book going on here.

Our democracy is being toyed with. Our country is being worked over by people with highly suspect motives.

People from both sides of the political persuasion should be concerned.

If we are forced further down this route there will be no winners.

For those on the left that rejoice over the fact that private property can be stolen and abused.

Just stop and try and imagine the NZ you seem so desperate to live in.

You are throwing our freedom out with the bath water.

Those responsible need to be outed, because it sure as heck isn't the idiot puppet Hagar.

Unexploded Bomb

Adolf has great difficulty imagining the Hager/DotKrim book will have any impact outside the 'beltway.'  There appears to be nothing particularly sensational in it and what little there is is no more than conjecture completely lacking in substance..

I'm convinced that the Fat fraudster from Coatesville will turn out to be the hacker who stole the e-mails and no doubt this is the bombshell he was going to drop on John Key.  I hope he and Hagar are prosecuted and convicted.

Isn't it amazing?

Seventy years after World War II, a fat German Nazi drops a dud bomb on a New Zealander of Jewish ancestry.

Friday, August 15, 2014


With the election just over a month away I have a major voting concern - who to give my Party Vote to. Since the advent of MMP at the 1996 election ACT has always had my Party Vote. This election is different because neither Jamie Whyte or David Seymour appeal as potential parliamentarians. In addition Jamie Whyte is quoted in Hawkes Bay Today a few days ago saying that the party will not stand candidates in the Tukituki or Napier electorates. That suggests that ACT is now only an Auckland party and like Labour does not care about the provinces - that is not acceptable. So what to do with my Party Vote. Labour, the Greens, Winston First and Mana/DotComm are not options. United Future, being a Peter Dunne one man band is also not an option. Colin Craig is a strong disincentive to go with the Conservatives notwithstanding two quality candidates in Garth McVicar and Christine Rankin. It is possible that Garth McVicar could give Stuart Nash a real nudge in Napier as long as Craig keeps his nose out of the campaign. At least they have a candidate in Tukituki with my former dentist Stephen Jenkinson standing again but he has no chance against Craig Foss who despite being a disappointing performer at Cabinet level remains an excellent electorate MP who may well increase his already substantial majority against poor opponents.. That leaves National and the Maori Party and the departure of Sharples and Turia leaves a big hole at the Maori Party. Flavell has little appeal as a leader who will fill the big hole they leave. Therefore by a process of elimination we are down to the `Labour Lite' National party and despite their reluctance to take the hard decisions particularly with regard to Student Loans, WFF, extending the eligibility age for Super and reducing the bureaucracy it is vital that we do not have a change of Government. So for want of a better option and unless commenters can convince me otherwise my Party Vote will be with National for the first time since the advent of MMP. People suggesting that I give my Party Vote to Labour, The Greens, Winston First or Mana/DotComm need not bother.

Implausible deniability

It's odd watching the PM back Jason Ede and try to deny his way out of having run black ops through the Whaleoil web site. I mean, no doubt it's great having a plausibly deniable channel through which to run dirty tricks campaigns, but the point is it has to be plausibly deniable.  If someone gets hold of a shitload of messages between your office and the black ops mouthpiece revealing exactly how your staff have been working with said mouthpiece, the "plausible" part of the deniability is shot.  Keep denying it under those circumstances and the public are left with only these options to believe:

1. You have no idea what your staff get up to and don't particularly care.
2. You're a blatant liar.

The correct choice is of course number 2.  We're into Rob Ford territory here, in which the politician just denies what's clearly shown by the evidence or declares that he doesn't care what it shows, and it turns out a significant proportion of voters find truculent refusal to admit the truth to be a manly virtue they can really admire in a politician.

Key does have consistent form for this kind of thing, of course, all the way back to when he was caught red-handed insider trading with Tranzrail shares and just flatly denied it.  There seems to be a significant group of NZ voters for whom, if John Key said "No I'm not pissing in your mouth," their response would be "If you say so, John (glug, choke)."

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

That's how journalism works

In his “book” (you know what book I'm referring to) Nicky Hager alleges senior Nats, and indeed Whale Oil, blackmailed Rodney Hide to get him to resign as leader of Act.
Why doesn’t someone ask Nicky Hager if he spoke with Rodney Hide to confirm that before going to print.
Here’s the challenge to any "journalist" worth a pinch of shit: Ask Hager if he checked that allegation with Hide before going to print. That should be easy to do, it’s just a phone call to Hager.
Then please let us all know the result, which will determine whether Hager is a “journalist” in the true sense or whether he is worse than the bloggers he criticises by just printing stuff, closing his eyes, and making the rest up.

How Predictable

Hagar has launched yet another book based on stolen e-mails.  This time it is an attack on award winning right wing blogger Cameron Slater.

Needless to say, Adolf won't be buying the book.  Early commentary would appear to indicate the main thrust of the book is the 'revelation'  that Mr Slater has a close relationship with National Part HQ and the PM.

It would have been newsworthy has it revealed he does NOT have such a relationship.  What is noteworthy is the fact Mr Slater has never denied such a relationship.  That is the difference between his blog and those of the left which falsely claim some sort of independence.

I'll be interested to see how events unfold and in particular how Hagar came to get hold of the 'thousands of e-mails' he claims to have.  He has chosen a formidable foe in Slater.

My pick is the book will be worth a further one percent increase in party vote National and a doubling of Whaleoil's already substantial readership.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

My sheltered experience says Bollocks


A crusty old socialist wrinkly over at Farrars has been banging on for days, claiming Key's suggestion that Harre now has a Sugar Daddy, implies Key is calling her a whore.

Having traveled ten decades with cognitive abilities,  that is just wrong IMHO.

Nearly all cases I have encountered of interface with "SugarDaddy" situations, the term was rare to be associated with anything sexual but more often referred to a woman and sometimes, rarely admittedly, a male, came upon extremely good fortune of financial benefit for reasons of estate protection, succession or just plain old philanthropy.
If the beneficiary of the windfall had accompanying  relationship complications then terms such as Whore and Rent Boy (companion being the gender neutral euphemism) were used in the interests of clarity and accuracy

Rooting didnt rate and given the age and/or physical condition  of many Sugar Daddys, such insinuations would have been extremely humorous to be fair.
The reality  often included a wife  in the benefactor department.

One constant across the application of the descriptive is the salient fact the Beneficiary of the largess does gain considerable financial security.
Liarla Harre is suggested to be already comfortable due to a blood link to a thong manufacturer and marketer but her political life has indeed benefited substantially from her purchase and sale agreement with a fugitive from justice and convicted Sgt Schultz character with mysterious ability to deliver financial rewards in odd places in spite of some significant legal hurdles.

Hence I see the use of Sugar Daddy to be entirely appropriate language.
Purchasing younger talent to perpetrate a legend, in the case of Hitcom Dotler, footsoldiers in the residency retention scheme.


I'm away in Singapore and Indonesia through until the end of the month.   Don't expect too many postings from me.   A great chance for my 'old mate' EtC (or is it Greg Presland per chance?) to recharge his batteries and load up on invective from his cohorts at 'The St(r)andard' or wherever or even indulge in a spot of billboard destruction/effigy burning KKK style (they don't like the Jews either).  

The systematic attacks on National Party billboards are clearly part of an orchestrated campaign by the dark side of politics.    Their politics are the politics of envy and hate and, if you don't believe me, then take time out to read and be sickened by much of the rantings on Blogroll left.

To the Good Guys out there, especially old colleagues The Realist and Stewart61, I'll raise a Tiger or a Bintang or two or three to your health whilst trying to keep cool.

p.s.   I find it sorta funny that the Labour candidate for Northland prefers to remain on the Maori roll.     Clearly she can't countenance the thought of voting for herself but it's somewhat strange that she wants to represent us while leaving it over to Hone to represent her .... sigh

Monday, August 11, 2014

A Media Revolution

Tonight saw a step change in media coverage of the election.

I refer to Whaleoil's coverage of the candidate meeting at Helensville.

Here was a blow by blow description of the event, outside and inside. 

I can't recall any such coverage having occurred before.  Excellent good quality pictures; first class factual commentary; noc politcally biased commentary, just a factual account of the event as t unfolded.

In spite of the pre-event hoohaa, there appeared to be no disruption and and the whole show show turned out to be pretty tame.

It seems the Herald's and other journos were a bet late getting there and didn't get a look in.

Well done Pete and the rest of the highly trained and skilled Whaleoil team.

One That Got Away!

Why the fuss, it is probably a total mystery to anyone younger than  55/60 but to one with more than a passing interest in politics and world events, the arrest and trial of William Ball Sutch,  at the time considered a preeminent New Zealander, it was a significant heads up.

This "Bearded Clam",  I am being very polite here, had occupied center stage of Governments from Gordon Coats, through the first Labour governments led by Savage and Frazer, National under Holland, Labour under Nash then the Years of National again under Holyoake and then Marshall.
Throughout a public service career around Trade, industry and finance he was  a serious person of note, very influential is appropriate.

"Arrested for Spying for The USSR".
After the many "Cold War" treacheries of McLean, Burgess, Philby, and then names such as Kroger, Lonsdale, Blake, The inexplicable disappearance of Lionel "Buster" Crabb from the vicinity of a Soviet Cruise Liner at Portsmouth as accommodation for soviet leaders holding talks with HMG in London, this elevated Little old New Zealand to the majors, our very own soviet spy.

His acquittal after a five day trial was the stuff of legend and his death within a year left many questions. Socialist leader Rowling lauded his passing as one of the true New Zealand patriots and public servants.

Papers released by Cambridge University though not naming Sutch, his birth and achievements  educational and service leave little if any doubt he worked for the Soviets after all.
The douchebag traitor went by the code name "Maori", gee little imagination there eh.

Really reassuring how so many bastards after ingratiating themselves into positions of power and influence then betrayed all those who gave them their exalted place in our hierarchy by shitting on them from a great height.

Naive, a great cover,
Highly intelligent, certainly,
Value to the Soviets well I can't think why they persevered with him for 25 years,
A patriot, again why the devoted regard for Stalin and communism long after nearly everyone else moved to accept the paranoia driven butchery trumped anything by way of progress for Russia.

If the contact with Rozgoverov was innocent why not a dinner somewhere more overt and salubrious than the stinking toilets in Te Aro Valley. After all he was supposed to be one of the bright ones!!!
Blunt did better, he kept a job as comptroller of her Majesty's Pictures for a lot longer.

Still bloody traitors though, all of them.

Actions Speak Louder

It is profoundly disturbing to see the level to which political discourse has been brought by DotKrim and the Greens.

When the fat fraudster from Coatesville finally is dragged off in chains to the U S, I hope Prime Minister Key makes little no comment and, instead, sends him a large soft pillow.


The farce or absurdity (your call) of that bastard electoral system called MMP is no better demonstrated than by the poll conducted by TV1 on voter intentions in the Epsom electorate.   

If we take where the respondents intend placing their Party vote as indicating their true political allegiance and compare that with the results for the electorate vote we find that 37% of Labour supporters and 38% of Green supporters intend voting for National's Paul Goldsmith.

Yes, the reverse is true with National supporters voting tactically for David Seymour but at least he is on the same side of the political fence.   But that still doesn't make it right.   MMP is fundamentally flawed .... end of story. 

Problem is that there is no great appetite for change with people wedded to the mantra that it's perfectly reasonable for the tail to be wagging the dog/mutt in order that the disaffected minority can exercise power well beyond their station.   You need to look no further than Hone and krimdotcon to know I'm right..


Billy T or Fred Dagg maybe

From the gob of one with baggage and previous form, at a Campaign Launch not quite so Funny.

The scurrilous, obnoxious, odious old hasbeen from 1975 (the three quarter mark last century) just doesnt get the fact it is 2014 and he is too old to breed and too slow to run. Sort of back paddock if nobody wants to ring the Hunt or put him down and call in a digger.

With the potential around Jamie Whyte as a direct competitor for the votes at the margins .
"Two Wongs do not make a white",  and I saw his lips moving it was not right it was white.
His body language pointedly illustrated even he, with all the callouses and scar tissue, knew full well he was in trouble as he spoke.

Come on Squash Devoid you gave Whyte a shellacking for much less, borrow a pair from Mr c he is sorry he had any, and do your freakin job, a nice little drop shot into the far corner should win the point.

That is a measure of the man for all seasons, a drop kick in the furtherest corner is still too close to the action for an irrelevancy such as an old dwarf with a fondness for Scotch.

Gee Whiz, and thats for openers.

Many voters with a modicum of intelligence can see how welfare has a destructive correlation.

However that intelligence fails to preclude significant numbers from buying into a blatant bribe.

Many voters abhor welfare being paid to those with means to pay for things themselves, an exception being  superannuation being universal and the richer being portrayed as paying the pension and then some back to the state coffers in tax.

Good old Santa Clausliffe resplendent in a hue of background red giving a subtle hint of an Ice cave somewhere in the North opened his swag and dished out a promise of "Free" Drs visits for all aged 65 and over.
Gee thanks Dave, I am not rich by any measure other than the Melon scale and with a few chronic age related conditions my health spend is in a word onerous to the point of awareness, particularly with the pruning of health benefits available from Southern Cross never accessed when we had them and now given up when of possible benefit.

We reach the "rather not be there", fully subsidised  prescription status in the first half of the year and it is appreciated but we would meet that cost by going without somewhere else if it was not available.

This latest bribe and I am being kind by not calling it a corrupt inducement, ie buying my vote with my money and expecting me to be grateful, is in one word "nuts". The one syllable single word famously employed by US General McAuliffe in answer to the Wermacht demand for his surrender at Bastonge that was clarified by the US officer delivering the reply, as "Go to Hell".

You Daft Bugger, it will initially sound great as a sound bite until many of the recipients of such balmy largesse realise they will be paying  and many times over. Along with other Taxpayers realising it WAS THEIR MONEY.
The second glaring negative to such fiscal irresponsibility and innate stupidity is measuring need against uptake. What better way to give a day of mind boring inactivity, impetus, than to pop down to the medical center and while away some time with the already over worked staff with some malady existing only in the declining mind of the patient. A problem already existing and consuming resources in responding in often vain attempts to be controlled by health professionals across all centers from first response to specialist.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Let's cut the crap

There is so much rubbish being said and written about the "nod nod, wink wink" deals National has done in Epsom that the truth gets left behind.  So here it is.

In 2005, when Act first won the seat, National campaigned against Rodney Hide.  They wrote letters to their supporters and members saying they should vote for Richard Worth.  They even asked Don Brash to sign a letter to the electorate on the same issue.  But he refused.  Act had to bring in volunteers from every part of Auckland; anyone who was a friend of a friend etc, just to knock on doors, and deliver letters and pamphlets to ensure the party survived.  Act worked extraordinarily hard to win the seat.  There were no gifts from National, in fact to the contrary.  Much of this support was ingrained anyway.  Rodney Hide had run good campaigns in the seat since 1999, and the seat holds the record in Act circles for party votes won - 22% I think - when John Boscawen stood there.  In short, Act won the seat fair and square and with National campaigning against it.

In 2008, Rodney Hide's super work in the electorate ensured an increase in majority to nearly 13,000.  He won every polling booth, including those in Green territory.  Indeed, in one booth National (Richard Worth) came third to Hide and then Keith Locke.  So, Hide won votes across the broad spectrum.  And that's because he was a bloody good MP.  Act won the seat fair and square.

In 2011, there was an accommodation, and Act and National probably needed it.  But Banks still won reasonably comfortably.

Today's Colmar Brunton poll is incredibly overwhelming.  Epsom is practically won now for Act.  David Seymour has 32% on a straight head-to-head race.  In other words, without any endorsement or accommodation, he is only 10 points (or so) behind.  He can win this seat on his merits.  When the tactical message arrives, he is so far ahead that daylight is second.  He has done this through good old fashioned door knocking; letter delivering and effective communication.

What he hasn't done is enter the race 5 weeks out with a slingshot in a gunfight claiming the race is over so everybody else should pack up and go home.  One party has done that, and they are at 4%.

Nuff said.

Thanks Colin , that is very timely.

Nah not the dodgy user of the label "Conservative", I am thanking veteran scribbler and darling of the left for his warning on the potentially close election outcome on September 20th.

Colin James has done some poll of polls analysis and calls a possible Hydra win if National slips 4% in the polls.

I am a believer in the 'Bugger the Polls'  school of politics and therefore a strong advocate for the only poll that matters.
However I see lots of potential for the chatterati and what passes for a journalist today being so absorbed in reading the entrails of chickens and am intelligent enough to see the truth behind James' claims.
Just recall what a f&*ked up photo op around a smoko break did to revive Lazarus or was that Luigi, three years ago.

Anyway thanks Colin J for the wakeup call to Nat supporters who might be inclined to do something stupid with their Ballot Papers, indulgent and pathetic wont do it.

Disclaimer! I am an advocate for banning publication of polls in the last two weeks of an election campaign, and that from one who in almost all situations opposes bans.

Is "Morons" Being Too Kind?

As reports of significant election hoarding vandalism seen to indicate an increasingly destructive element involved, the question arises, are the perpetrators nomadic gangs of the disaffected or troops going rogue.

I tend to the latter view, and even the most demented of party managers must see the inherent danger of allowing rogue workers to use that volume of anti semetic and Nazi imagry.
Why, well the hydra would have more than enough potential trouble with the already widely disseminated  association with such garbage around the 'Party party'  campaign of Hitcom and Dotler on their 'roadshow'.

One does not have to be anywhere near my vintage to be rather disgusted with such tarnished association even hinted at.
I see some ability of those under thirty to be able to disregard such imagry as ancient history but for the majority of voters the pictures conjured are just too raw.

I note veteran labour political dinosaur Goff has entered the fray with a rather stupid  cop out stating sign vandalism is the bane of all parties but some perps show more flair than others, FFS.