Tuesday, July 16, 2019


the revelation that, according to the laws of the game, the umpires in the CWC final should have awarded England only five runs from the overthrows resulting from when the fielded ball hit Ben Stokes' bat because the batsman had not crossed for the second run when the ball was thrown in.

In that event NZL would have won the game.

Oh dear, how sad, never mind ... cricket wuz the winner ... wasn't it?


with the revelation by St Jacinda that Shane Jones' Provincial Growth Fund is now lending capital to business that the banks (including the gummit owned Kiwibank) won't lend to because of the risk.

So the taxpayer is now a lender of last resort and if the venture goes belly-up its the taxpayer that's left holding the can.   Sounds like a good deal for those with the ear of the Minister but not so much for the taxpayer.

Gummit has never been great at picking winners and picking winners where the banks and second tier lending institutions fear to tread is a recipe for disaster.   Meanwhile the pork-barrelling which characterises the PGF continues apace.

.... thought.   Perhaps Matai Industries (that was) might want to reapply (under a new name of course).     Whoops, no, that wuz a West Coast timber firm and timber on the West Coast is off limits per courtesy of the Greens. 

Monday, July 15, 2019


The link to to the BBC Panorama investigation is here    Of course the BBC, as the linchpin of the GRW anti-Labour meme, is to be distrusted and dismissed.

Make up your own minds.  

The Biggest Lie Ever Told

"The Science Is Settled"

Really?    Read on:-

The past few months bring two new and important papers into the mix. The first, from the January-February 2019 issue of a Russian science journal, is O.M. Povrovsky, “Cloud Changes in the Period of Global Warming: the Results of the International Satellite Project.” The second, with a date of June 29, 2019, is J. Kauppinen and P. Malmi, “No Experimental Evidence for the Significant Anthropogenic Global Warming.”

Povrovsky did something that somebody should have long since done by now, which is to collect month-by-month satellite cloud-cover data for the earth for the period 1983-2009, and plot it on a graph, and then compare that graph to the month-by-month temperature graphs. What is the correlation of the two? From Povlovsky:
[T]he correlation coefficient between the global cloud series on the one hand and the global air and ocean surface temperature series on the other hand reaches values (–0.84) — (–0.86). . . . Since the tropics are dominated by water areas, this fact suggests that the increasing influx of solar radiation primarily entails an increase in the temperature of the ocean surface (TPO). Not surprisingly, the cloud cover values themselves and their temporal trends are close to global characteristics. Thus, changes in cloud cover over three decades during global warming can explain not only the linear trend of global temperature, but also some interannual variability.
Kauppinen, et al., pick up where Povrovsky leaves off. They provide the following graph, comparing the satellite-based cloud data to temperature data for the 1983-2008 period:

The relationship between more clouds and lower temperatures, and between fewer clouds and higher temperatures, is obvious to the eye. Conclusions (from the abstract of the article):
The IPCC climate sensitivity is about one order of magnitude too high, because a strong negative feedback of the clouds is missing in climate models. If we pay attention to the fact that only a small part of the increased CO2 concentration is anthropogenic, we have to recognize that the anthropogenic climate change does not exist in practice. The major part of the extra CO2 is emitted from oceans [6], according to Henry‘s law. The low clouds practically control the global average temperature. During the last hundred years the temperature is increased about 0.1°C because of CO2. The human contribution was about 0.01°C. We have proven that the GCM-models used in IPCC report AR5 cannot compute correctly the natural component included in the observed global temperature.

Thank god for Cricket

Right, thats it..... might as well pack up the ODI game. If ODI’s are to be played for the next fifty years you will never experience a  roller coaster ride like this one. No winners no losers and I say this as  a regular at New Road and Edgbaston.

What is cricket all about . It’s not about “stuffing the Poms”as one crass  Herald headline said in order to sell copy. Here’s some of the English take on the day

                                                                                                                                                              “That’s it. Ben Stokes is in tears. New Zealand have taken the defeat - if we can even call it that - with astonishing dignity.
I am an absolute mess, so I’m going to hand over to Tim de Lisle and John Brewin for the reaction. That last hour was the most excruciating privilege of my career. Thanks for your company and emails. England have won the World Cup. I think.”

"Archer is on his knees, almost in tears. I cannot begin to imagine what New Zealand are going through. They deserve to win, unquestionably, but were beaten in circumstances that would have been beyond Hunter S Thompson on acid, never mind your average scriptwriter."

"New Zealand would have been worthy winners. They certainly don’t deserve to be nearly men yet again, beaten finalists for the second time in a row, following all those semis down the decades. What they lack in charisma, they more than make up by being cool, calm and civilised. They kept their heads, they bounced back from three successive defeats, they were brave enough to bat first and canny enough to defend a modest total, yet again. They were even sporting enough to signal six, themselves, when Trent Boult fell over the sponge trying to catch Ben Stokes’s first big hit."

I am so proud to be a New Zealander even in defeat....no hysterics , no accusations, no excuses, just a game well played. ....long live cricket.

I am alone utterly alone.......I have French,  English, American, and Dutch male friends  yet not one have the slightest idea of what cricket is about so I watched it solitaire.

Me:....... You just have to watch this 72 from 60 balls this is incredible.

Wife:....The grass under the bedroom window needs strimming.

Sunday, July 14, 2019


Have just finished reading Tim Bouverie's quite excellent tome 'Appeasing Hitler'. A few tit-bits ....

There were numerous meeting between Halifax, Chamberlain and Hitler leading up to the signing of the infamous Munich Agreement.     This from when Halifax met Hitler on 18 November 1937 "... having arrived at the Berghof  he (Halifax) failed to recognise Hitler.   Worse, in a scene which might have come from the pages of P G Wodehouse he assumed the man in black trousers, silk socks and patent leather shoes, waiting to lead him up the snow covered steps to the house was a footman.   Fortunately Neurath (German Foreign Minister) was on hand and and managed to hiss Der Fuhrer, der Fuhrer in the Lord President's ear before Halifax could hand Hitler his hat and coat."

The day after Chamberlain, Daladier, Mussolini and Hitler agreed to the dismembering of Czechoslovakia (with the Czechs excluded from the conversation) Chamberlain had a private meeting with Hitler.   He presented Hitler with a proposed joint declaration that he had drawn up in the small hours of the morning.   The crucial passage was the declaration that the two leaders regarded the Munich Agreement 'as symbolic of the desire of our two peoples never to go to war with one another again'.   The judgement of Schmidt (the German interpreter) was that Hitler appended his signature only to please Chamberlain.   This was borne out in a comment that Hitler made to Ribbentrop that afternoon 'Oh, don't take it too seriously ... that piece of paper is of no significance whatsoever'.    

Back in the UK 'they' saw it differently.      90,000 people collected Daily Sketch coupons for a photograph of the Prime Minister embossed on a plate.    20,000 congratulatory letters were delivered to No. 10 along with fishing rods, umbrellas, flowers, chocolate, salmon flies, slippers, pipes, kippers, cigars, champagne, cider, pictures, beautifully knitted prize winning socks, crates of apples, a saddle of Welsh lamb, grouse, a wedding cake, a grand piano, opera glasses, clocks, watches, a replica Jersey milk can, a four-leafed shamrock, bulbs, gingerbread, tweed, German hock, clotted cream, lucky horse shoes and a pair of Dutch clogs while the people of France contributed half a million francs to buy Chamberlain a house near a trout stream ... declined.

Fascinating stuff ... highly recommended read.

Ho Ho Ho

Saturday, July 13, 2019


Golriz Ghahraman (of c.v. embellishing fame) has made a meal of positioning herself on the extreme left wing radical wing of the Green Party caucus (although some less charitable than I would argue that all Green MPs are, by definition, extreme left wing radicals ... I digress).  

But now 'she' has excelled herself this time by claiming that Mary and Joseph weren't Jews but were instead Palestinian refugees.   Well, if they weren't Jews what were they?  Can't have been Christians or Muslims because they hadn't been invented.  Guess too that will come as a bit of a shock to Jesus (who used to worship in synagogues) and to Pilate who had the sign 'Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews' tacked above him on the Cross.

I know you can airbrush history but methinks Golly Gosh has, yet again. gone too far with her foot in mouth rhetoric.   No condemnation by the Greens leadership either ... just collegial support as she tries to walk back on her ignorance.  



Time is the great healer, it is also the great unraveller of mysteries. Very few mysteries will outwit time. Whether it be medical myths, disappearances or eventually the truth about the climate under going change but in this case it is the mystery of MH370 .

Many theories, very few facts and those few facts are either omitted or spun in order to fit someone’s story that may sell a book or a newspaper column. The one hard piece of evidence is rarely mentioned….the Flaperon.

When an airliner runs out of fuel and starts to descend into a dive it actually slows down and turns on it’s back due to both engines not cutting out together. If you are standing and chatting up the hostie at the back of a plane travelling at 500knts and the pilot slams the throttles shut you will wind up sitting on his lap such is the air resistance. The theory of the Flaperon shaking loose in a high speed dive is just not credible, remember terminal velocity is about 126mph.

So far so good, no speculation just fact.

Since MH370 disappeared there have been 5 airliners that have gone into the sea, desert, mountains at great speed between 45 degrees and the vertical and in all cases the Flaperons on all aircraft could have been packed into a suitcase….mangled beyond recognition. And yet we have the MH370 Flaperon that is in mint condition and whose leading edge is unmarked not even the paint scratched.

There is only one way that could have happened and that is a flat landing on the sea in order that the aircraft sink in one or two pieces. Whether the Flaperon was deployed or not is unknown but I should imagine it was as in a normal landing. The right engine dug in first and went from go to whoa in about half a second ripping the engine from its pylon or perhaps with the pylon and popping the Flaperon which is right behind it like a pea from a pod.

Any attempted sea landing would have to be under power and would involve a low and slow flypast to to look at the gaps between the swell and wind direction. Aircraft fuel gauges are not like like cars which are accurate to a few litres, the pilot would err on the conservative side which makes me think that there was sufficient fuel still aboard to to reduce the search area considerably.

Very few Malayan words have made it into the English language but Amok is one of them. Captain Cook and I have the one thing in common in that we both have witnessed an amok. An amok is almost a cultural event and is or was extremely prevalent in Malaya, Indonesia and parts of Thailand ….wiki explains it better than I could.
From about day six I believed it was a case of murder/suicide, too many things did not add up but without evidence it is merely speculation. The Flaperon is the elephant in the room and until someone can explain how a piece of vulnerable equipment survived a 300/400mph nose first crash in such pristine condition I will continue to believe it. Somebody in authority said it was in such good condition it could be run through the workshops and put back in service.

There are over riding reasons for the principals and their insurers  to wish for this scenario not to be true and over the years have been muddying the waters by supporting the theory that it was a tragic accident but when asked being unable to explain away the Flaperon other than saying it come off in a high speed dive.

Friday, July 12, 2019


Let me make it clear at the outset that I'm no advocate for firearms.   I've seen enough of them and the damage they can do to the point where they leave me cold. That however is not the point.   Firearms are here to stay and there are many New Zealanders who have a legitimate reason to own and operate them.

But what I can say is that legislation rushed through parliament in response to the March terrorist attack was not the way to go.   It was a process designed to make politicians feel good and a perfect example of 'never mind the quality, feel the width'.

And now with the buy-back scheme due to kick-start in less than 24 hours the fishhooks are starting to emerge with the Police themselves unsure if automatic and semi-automatic weapons modified to fire single shots are exempt under the legislation.  

They should have never been put in that position.   Legislation enacted in haste is more likely than not to give rise to these sort of issues.   Time was not of the essence.   Better to do it right and get it right.   Well done politicians not.

A New Language

Yesterday I was chatting with the lady (fortyish) at the deli section in the supermarket.   She said something or other and I replied in Spanish.   She remarked that foreigners found Australian a very difficult language to learn.

I smiled and said it was not quite as difficult as English.

She laughed.

How to write like a Snowflake

Since joining NoMinister early this year I've observed that several of our commentators have a very basic style of writing. Normally I would add "thought", but that's nowhere in sight with these comments.

So I decided to look back through many of them, including deleted ones that I copied before they vanished, to see what the common elements were. Obviously with our new high and strict standards in place we may see some of the following go away, but I reckon there will be a few that reappear sooner or later as their ids break free of self constraint.

Meantime, you can have some fun using this deconstructive analysis to look at future comments, and perhaps even put your own comment together (it's very easy). A chocolate fish to the first commentator who can prove that they've turned these rules into AIML algorithms.

Step 1, an expression of surprise:
  • Jesus Christ
  • My god
  • Goodness gracious
  • Fuck me.
  • Jesus
  • Christ
Step 2, abusive, childish name change of the blogger:
  • Gravetodger
  • Adolt
  • Chunter / Bunter 
  • Tom Tom / Tommy
Step 2a, add an adjective to imply the lowly state of the blogger:
  • poor
  • wee
  • little
  • old
  • aged
  • sad
  • lil’
Step 3: provide a straw man of what the blogger said, basically variations on the now famous, "So What Your Saying Is….." :
  • you love racists / xenophobes / white supremacists / misogynists / sexists / bigots / Far-Right / Alt-Right
  • X was a commie
  • Y is a liar
  • you defend racists / xenophobes / white supremacists / misogynists / sexists / bigots / Far-Right / Alt-Right
  • you miss / wish for / desire / want / hope for:
- the Southern Confederacy
- slavery
- Apartheid
- Fascism
- the past
- death squads
  • totalitarianism is on the rise.
  • the Commies are taking over
  • Coloured folk are taking over
  • Woman are taking over
Step 3a,  combine these with sophisticated sounding terms…
  • crypto
  • neo
  • pseudo
  • hyper
  • arch
  • faux
  • tautological
Step 3b, mix in some adverbs for excessive and unnecessary use:
  • strange /ly
  • utter /ly
  • total /ly
  • monstrous /ly
  • complete /ly
  • definite /ly
  • undoubted /ly
  • obvious /ly
  • clear /ly
  • definitive /ly
  • interesting /ly
  • facile /ly
Step 4, move to abuse of the intelligence of the blogger:
  • no / lacking / bereft of / without / missing ....
  • … evidence / logic / sense / facts
  • just lumps in
  • facts dressed up as... 
  • cognitive decline
  • senile
  • conspiracy / conspiratorial
  • clueless
  • simple minded
  • flailing
  • impotent
  • clowns
  • witless
Step 5, mix in some talk about the emotional state of the blogger:
  • confused
  • hysterical
  • shrieking
  • mad
  • rage
  • angry
  • hate-filled
  • gutless
  • feeble
  • desperate
  • raving
  • bad-hair day
  • aggressive
  • lathered up
  • victim
  • lies / liar / lying
Step 6, throw in a conclusion about the blogger, based on the sophisticated analysis already provided:
  • moron / cretin / idiot / imbecile / tool / fascist
.. and spice it up a bit  by adding the following…
  • fucking / utter / total / complete
Step 7, make sure you come across as relaxed and unconcerned in order to avoid revealing how angry and unhinged you really are (combine with step3b):
  • amusing
  • amused
  • bemused
  • funny
  • laugh / laughing / laughter
  • sad / sadly
  • disappointing / disappointed
  • regretfully
  • hilarious
Step 8, wrap the whole thing up with a little fake concern as to why this was written and express hope for future improvements:
  • If you had…
  • you would be on to something if…
  • if only…
  • so that's something
  • keep trying
  • Give it time…
  • Better luck…
  • Back to studying...
  • Come on, let’s go
  • Back to the asylum / pensioners home / street / gutter
  • Here’s your chance...
  • Come on. 
  • Teachable moment.

Friday's Fulminations

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Unfortunately our system does not allow your comments to show up in the blog post itself.  Just in the comments section.

Visitors might consider the wisdom of using moderate language.



Thursday, July 11, 2019


For breaking their 2017 election manifesto commitment to establish a stand-alone Ministry of Ethnic Communities.   We need more bureaucracy like we need mad cow disease (although clearly this would go some way to meeting the Green's meme of shooting every fourth cow as our contribution to saving the planet).

But it does yet again throw into sharp relief the absolute crock that is MMP.   Manifesto commitments mean nowt ... they can be dismissed as not surviving the horse-trading that is a feature of MMP governments.    

At least under FPP you could hold a Party to account for broken promises.   Under MMP 'they' have an out.


Not long after the NZ Cricketers semi final against India had begun and the doubters began their wailing.
Guptil out for one Nicholls struggling into double figures, all the 'Frazers' started "we are doomed, doomed I tell ya, and when the total had staggered past two hundred and rain stopped play it was only a brief hold up to the execution for most.

Mark Richardson from the AM show was one of a few who saw what I saw, it was not an easy pitch and under the tensions of a semi final knockout match NZ  were on track to post a total the bowlers would have a chance at defending.

In a rather rare second day "One Dayer",  India, top qualifiers and a bookies favourite were soon in trouble with Shama, Kohli and Rahui all out for one each and seventeen balls bowled, perhaps NZ did well after all. India three wickets down for five runs then before they had half the runs needed to win The favourites were six wickets down for 92.

It was  for the New Zealanders all about holding their nerve and doing their jobs, while Jadeja and Dhoni threatened to take it back,  Boult fooled Jadeja with a slower ball, skied to Williamson then Guptil who has had a rotten run opening, threw down the wickets to see Dhoni off and it was an eighteen run victory.

Even after the rain effected first innings they were still nil all and India had to bat while NZ had runs on the board.
Old Trafford had seen batting first to be a winning strategy.

So on to Lords and England or Australia  it will be nil all at the toss.

I for one still believe.

Johnsons baby powder.....

“Oi wuz fooled, taken in like a country bumpkin on his first visit to the smoke, ‘ere mate look after my pint and bag while I go for a slash”

I used to think Boris Johnson was a great bloke, a bumbly likeable bloke who you could have a pint with, listened to his speech and his self deprecating manner in Trafalgar Square on the Sir Keith Park 6th plinth day. Make a good PM I mistakenly thought.

In the words of his contemporaries he has thrown the UK ambassador to the US “under a bus”.

Sir Kim Darroch does what all ambassadors do, reports back without fear or favour to the Government of the day. He is a civil servant or as some say a public servant owing no allegiance to a political party only the Government not to be confused with the American system where ambassadors are appointed by the president…...a much abused system and worthy of an overhaul.

Sir Kims report to his Government on the current white house administration as dysfunctional, inept and few other choice words was not only correct but no different than any ambassador in any other country would do, wikileaks exposed that hypocrisy afew years ago.

Unfortunately someone leaked the memo and Trumplethinskin went ballistic. Started to slag off the ambassador and the British PM . This is not the behaviour of anybody remotely connected with power or international affairs, it is the act of spoiled narcissistic child.

Everybody in the UK stood their ground, the civil service, the Government and the house of commons united in condemnation of Trump, the leaker and the blamelessness of Sir Kim who by this time had been abused publicly by Trump and ”disinvited” from several White house engagements.

Everybody, that is except Johnson who refused to back him or his country on a live TV debate.

Johnson is a carefully crafted populist who is being propped up by those with strong Russian connections. Marie le Pen the French hard right winger has to face court charges concerning the “Loan” of 11 million Euros to her party from a Russian bank.

The hard right wing Deputy PM of Italy has long been accused of accepting Russian money to bankroll his party, something he has always denied….until now when recordings have surfaced of him doing an oil deal with Russia where he would be allowed to “skim” 2o% off the top. The Austrian hard right is in disarray after the Government was caught offering Russia contracts for cash.

One hundred and Sixty thousand out of sixty million people will vote for a new PM and Johnson will win...poor poor Great Britain, if only it had stood it’s ground against Trump in the early days and it did not because without the US Brexit cannot and will not succeed.

Hopefully Johnson will break Gordon Browns record as the shortest premiership and the country will regain some some standing in the world but it will take many decades I fear.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019


The first recorded game of cricket in New Zealand took place on the beach here in Paihia on 20 December 1832.    A plaque marks the spot.

Thought you would want to know that.

Billionaire Tree Huggers

I see some foreign reports about how planting a trillion trees or so around the world could do a great deal to plateau humanity's GHG emissions in the atmosphere.

It's an appealing idea for AGW fanatics who are running headlong into resistance on simply substituting fossil-fuels with power from windmills and solar panels, mainly because of unforeseen - at least by them - costs arising from the physics of energy production. The same physics constantly boasted about as being an unarguable basis for AGW catastrophe, other scientific variables barely getting a look in.

The resistance comes less from the small number of dreaded Climate Change Deniers - who can be easily demonised - than from ordinary voters who say that they care about GHG emissions, but still want the lifestyle and civilisation generated thereby. That group comprises two sets of people. First, those rich enough not to care about the increased costs of a Remuera Tractor, since they can take the hit in their stride and the vehicle itself is so useful getting up the mountains to the ski lodges, and being well protected from all those ants choking the streets.
My ride, Darlings!
The second group who are resisting this are people who aren't that rich: middle and low-income folk. Taking the hit is not a good look and although they're still quiescent in New Zealand in terms of votes, their resistance is that of passive-aggression, where they're simply not cooperating with the game to the degree needed.

In the US the same tug of war is occurring between the environmental wing of the Democrat Party, who point to polls saying how concerned Democrat voters are about AGW - and their dismay at how little the Democrat bigwigs are featuring it in the debates. We will see if that changes.

Given all this, the obvious thing for any Left party to do is stick the costs to people who likely won't vote for you anyway and are small in number.

In NZ that means traditional farmers and the provinces that depend on their wealth generation. The imposed, artificial costs will be many and varied, but one of the hidden costs has to do with this idea of beating AGW emissions by planting trees: a 2017 Green plan that nicely fit the AGW model, Winston Peter's desire for eternal political life, and the similar desire of his deputy, Shane Jones, by offering a carrot to provincial voters.

It's not propaganda that foreign companies already own about 70% of NZ forestry and that the new incentives to plant trees will make it even easier for them to buy farms to do so instead of running stock - or arable farming or horticulture. It will also mean that even more forestry will become foreign owned. In terms of the various international accords these foreign outfits - specifically the nations in which they're based - will be able to offset their carbon emissions with the trees they plant here.

The carbon price could in time go to $100 or even higher. Even if it only goes to $40 per tonne, or even less, then the forests may never be harvested. The EU price is already over $40. 
For big foreign entities, the notion of having within their portfolios some New Zealand forests for carbon farming looks very attractive. As part of a balanced portfolio, any risks can be managed. In relation to the low returns on equities that can be earned elsewhere in the global economy, the returns look truly stunning. 
An overseas entity can buy the land, plant it in trees, receive some Government subsidies, and then sit back and take the stream of income from carbon credits over the next 28 years. And then write off the original investment in the same way that a spent mine is written off.
Sweet! A great deal for foreign corporates and rich people. Class warfare at it's finest.

And this is already happening: recently farmland totalling more than 7000 hectares in Eketahuna was sold and another group of farms in Wairoa amounting to some 10,000 hectares - all to foreign interests and all for conversion to trees.

The starting point for carbon farming is to recognise that credits can only be claimed for one rotation of trees, typically around 28 years under New Zealand conditions for radiata pine, or longer for slower growing natives
At the end of the first rotation, the carbon credits that have been claimed throughout the growth cycle are a liability attached to the land title.  This means that the land can in all likelihood never be used for any other purpose than carbon forestry. This is because the carbon unit liabilities associated with the previous carbon credits would have to be repaid based on current value thereof.
In other words, we get an initial Meth hit from the incoming flow of funds to buy the land - and then spend the next 28 years in detox as we pay the foreign owners for the forestry carbon credits to balance off our own emissions elsewhere in the economy.

According to the NZ Forestry Bulletin, Jones’ billion trees mean 50,000 hectares a year will have to be taken out of production. But to achieve the Productivity Commission’s goals, 100,000 hectares need to be taken out of farm production each and every year for three decades.

That's three million hectares: almost one third of our total farmland and judging by current sales and conversion data it's not going to be crap land good for nothing else, but productive, food-producing soil.

This does not look like a good deal for New Zealand, but if you're already rich it probably doesn't matter, and if you're both rich and foreign it really doesn't matter.


Completely ignorant, thanks a bunch Ms Genter.

While I am saddened by the spectacle of thousands of parents carting their spawn to school or a bus in a Merivale Taxi, when the little buggers could be walking or biking and just being kids, this latest dictum from on high, where the sanctimonious Melons live in their virtue signalling world, is anything but supportive for rural dwelling and working New Zealand.

Sole trader Plumber Joe Pipe-fitter - who is doing well in spite of the meddling, interfering government intent on moving his hard earned money to a  useless couch dweller - decides to take on another tradie and an apprentice.

Sorry Joe, that ute we will need to buy for you to get your gear and the prentice boy/girl to and from work just got TAXED another three grand and that I am afraid will tip it from marginal to unaffordable. Sorry Additional Worker and prentice boy/girl, you are about to be cast back on the scrap heap to go and join your cuzzies on the couch.

Oh, and for Joes Mum and Dad, after years of few holidays and saving, those years on the road with the do-up caravan, it is the same for the tow vehicle they had their heart set on to discover their country and enjoy some golden years. NZ is a boat loving nation where no one lives more than an hour from water. But how far will Joe move his boat with his neat little battery powered joke?

The propaganda wing of the CoL are in full cry, supporting and demonising the "Gas Guzzling" emission creating SUVs in all the promotional infotainment being spewed forth.

Here are the facts Ms Genter - who can get around on her bike whenever the Crown Car is unavailable for making that photo-op-supporting-the-meme - while her squeeze has the Taxpayer funded family car, it is a wee bit different out in the bloody sticks.

There it is not a tarsealed two-lane separated by a cheese cutter, but a single lane, maybe with shingle/metal over the clay. Creeks might or might not be bridged. If not, then a ford with every chance of a two wheel drive getting bogged to the axels. When it floods the alternative access road may be open, but probably not without a four wheel drive. Prius, Nissan Leaf and all the other suddenly government approved cars capable of carrying three people and some gear just will not cut it.

A seven seater now deemed a "Gas Guzzler" will easily cart six children/teens to sports with all the necessary accoutrements, while a nice "eco-friendly" little car will need to make three trips. Many tradies need the carry space and load ability of a suv type vehicle to go to most jobs and often require a trailer to boot.

I recall that when Suzuki Jimmys entered the NZ market, many ended up in trouble on mountain roads because being 4WD they were deemed exempt from the chain restrictions in icy conditions, but were far too light to get traction and just slid off the track quicker than a poached egg off the fish slice.

Yes, many who find they can not do with an "eco-friendly" little car will be able to recoup the three thousand Tax, but many who do not enjoy the accountants delight will again end up further subsidising the sales of EVs and Hybrids.

When the fleet of little enclosed scooters further choke major city roads there will need to be a further wealth transfer from provincial NZ to pour down the big hole that is central and local government.

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

How about those trees Shane

Log prices have plummeted over 20% in recent days due to Chinese wharves being choked with NZ logs Chinese merchants dont want as Russia has become the supplier of choice at the lower price around $110 a tonne. Remind us again what a reasonable profit margin ( the bit around trade where profitable and insolvent vie for attention), actually is

Logs are the only way to export the trees that grow so well in NZ, talk of further processing are just plain stupid but the current government with their collective wide knowledge around commercial enterprise will have an answer, at least a conversation.  First step obviously a focus group convened at serious cost to see just how China can be brought to heel, some stern words from her Majesty "The First Lady" should do it.
Hell last time the Chinese got what was it about six hours and folded.


LGNZ has just concluded its annual conference in Wellington.   Reports have it that climate change and water featured high on their agenda ... well, knock me down with a feather.    I see too that there were the predictable calls from the 'top' for the devolution of more powers to local government (eg education) while an aspiring Mayoral contender from the Far North bemoaned the lack of Maori representation around the council table.

The reality is that local government rates below used car salesmen and Typhoid Mary in the public estimation.   There are myriad reasons for that.    One of the worst decisions made by central government was the grant of the power of general competence to local government.   Prior to that Councils were mandated by legislation to what they could do ... essentially water, sewage, rubbish, roading and footpaths, parks, libraries and building consents (then predicated on minimalist legislation).  The POGC changed all that.   They could do what they wanted unless there was legislation that expressly forbade it.    The floodgates were opened and many Councils tested the water with frolics of their own at great ratepayer expense for little result.  

There are some good people in local government but they are the exception not the rule.    My mentor in the industry was a self made millionaire.   I remember well his advice ... most Councillors understand $100, that's what they might have in their wallet.    They can even grasp $100,000 because that's the size of a mortgage.   Ask them to contemplate a $1,000,000 plus spend and their eyes glaze over and they defer to the advice of Council staff and consultants.   Still true (adjusted for inflation).

NZL is a small country in population terms.   It does not need three tiers of government ... central, regional and local.   Less is the answer rather than more which is a recipe for a burgeoning bureaucracy busy doing nothing working the whole day through.   Harsh but just ask anyone who has ever applied to Council for permission to do something.

And don't even get me started on separate Maori representation as of right in local government ... totally patronising and totally demeaning to Maoridom.  

Local body elections this year.    Empty promises by the great and not so great and included in those elected will be the 'worthies' who will take their meeting papers out of the sealed envelope sent to them ten days earlier and read them at the council table ... you get what you deserve ... it's a truism in all levels of government.

Sometimes the answer is staring us in the face

Disclaimer: this post is predicated on scientists being right about anthropogenic global warming and its effects. Please spare me any comments about why the scientists are wrong, that's not what the post is about.  

I've seen a few other people blog about this article in the Guardian, but I'm going to as well because there are a couple of things about it that are worth mentioning in the context of NZ politics.

First, what the article says:

Planting billions of trees across the world is by far the biggest and cheapest way to tackle the climate crisis, according to scientists, who have made the first calculation of how many more trees could be planted without encroaching on crop land or urban areas. 
As trees grow, they absorb and store the carbon dioxide emissions that are driving global heating. New research estimates that a worldwide planting programme could remove two-thirds of all the emissions that have been pumped into the atmosphere by human activities, a figure the scientists describe as “mind-blowing”.

As with most things science-y, it's not completely cut-and-dried: some are saying this over-estimates the amount of atmospheric carbon trees will absorb, and it would take a century for them to absorb the amount of carbon being discussed.  Nevertheless, this is something relatively cheap that can be done right now and would have a big effect without needing fancy technology or being hugely disruptive.  It should be a no-brainer.

Next, the NZ context.  There are two things to note:

  1. This is where the Green Party's billion trees policy comes from (nb: it's their policy, not Shane Jones' - he's just the minister implementing it, may God have mercy on our souls). It's also why I get annoyed by the braying mockery of the right re this policy - it's the jeering of people with nothing worthwhile of their own to offer, but plenty of contempt for people who actually get on with doing something about the problem.  The "billion trees counter" on David Farrar's Kiwiblog is an everyday reminder of this AGW-denier stupidity. Anyone who actually gives a shit about the environment would be giving this policy their full support - which I guess tells us why National doesn't support it.

  2. That in turn is where the push for declaring a climate emergency comes in. It isn't about getting local councils to call out the emergency services and civil defence, it's about getting people to recognise that they need to shift their mindset from thinking that BAU is fine. There's no way any useful climate change mitigation is going to happen while government, councils and ordinary people are all thinking that environmental protection is fine as long as it doesn't affect their BAU. That head-in-the-sand approach has a limited available timespan - you can either choose to recognise your BAU is going to be affected and start contributing to mitigating climate change (or allowing your elected representatives to contribute to it), or you can pretend everything's fine and eventually have the planet fuck with your BAU whether you like it or not.  The Greens' billion trees policy is the best place to start, with the least impact on BAU, so stop sneering at it and get behind it.  

Out damned spot.....

A bit of a cut and paste I'm afraid but this is how easy it is. The bastards are banned, out, gone arriverdercie, Auf wiedersehen, Au revoir don't let he door hit you in the arse on the way out.

"Dutch judges have banned the biker club Hells Angels and ordered all its chapters to close in the Netherlands as authorities pursue a clampdown on outlaw motorcycle gangs.
The country-wide ban is a first for the club, which operates 470 chapters in 56 countries.
“The Hells Angels is a danger to the public order,” a court in Utrecht ruled. The court said one of the reasons it was banning the Hells Angels was because it was “a one-percenter club, a club of outlaws”, citing a slogan used by biker gangs rejecting the authority of national laws."

If we can ban the wrong sort of firearms why the hell can't we ban the wrong sort of people?.....given New Zealands gang problems and how much each individual taxpayet has to pay in social damages, and trying to convict them then keeping them in jail and then trying to keep them out of jail.....begone your time is up.


Monday, July 8, 2019


the report from NewstalkZB here that Customs handed back $302k seized from a diplomat who had failed to declare it.   I would have thought the seizure itself was illegal under the Vienna Convention governing the treatment of diplomatic personnel..

In the time I had as the possessor of a 'Red' diplomatic passport I traveled South East Asia and beyond and never the once had my bags searched ... indeed, I was whisked through customs and immigration with only minimal attention.    And all the time I was carrying a large amount of US currency ($50,000) to cover off the expenses of our delegation ... this was in the days before credit cards and when 'in God we trust, all others pay cash' was the norm.  

Sheesh ... in the Philippines I even had to shell out for the police assigned to protect us even though we had been afforded 'guest of government' status. 

Clearly what was is not now any more. 

Having Two Bob Each Way

From today's Sky News headlines:-

Economy in ‘appalling state’ after seven years of Liberal govt

Top economist optimistic about economy

Jacobs Battery

Several days ago I accidentally found myself on an internet site that dealt with the battle of Long Tan. It was quite comprehensive in that it had Q+ A and input for others to make suggestions on how things could have been done better.

It was accurate to the point of naming the FO officer (MS) and 161 Battery but what was missing were the words New Zealand…….anywhere. Any young Australian reading this could have been forgiven for thinking it was an all Australian affair. In order to perpetuate the myth that 120 men defeated a well armed and trained enemy unit of 1800 New Zealand is gradually being airbrushed out of the picture. If it wasn’t for the NZ control of all batteries in Nui Dat and the sheer professionalism of the New Zealand FO party no one would have survived.

Not the first time I hasten to add. Many years ago I used to receive a British Magazine called The Gallipolian which came out every six months or so and remember reading about another group of gunners whom no Australian has ever heard of….the 7th Indian Mountain Artillery.

They were attached to the ANZAC corps and landed in the cove on the 25th. If the ANZAC infantry were daunted by the cliffs facing them how must the Indians have felt with their 400Kg guns and stocks of ammo.

They performed magnificently and through superhuman effort moved their guns around the Battle field to where they were needed and in doing so incurred many casualties from rifle fire which is unusual to say the least.

It is safe to say that there are many Aussies and Kiwis on this planet today who unknowingly owe their existence to the bravery and steadfastness of those men.

Using the internet requires a bit of consideration for others as what is tapped out can be read in Helsinki to Tokyo almost at once so it makes me cringe when some use expressions like “curry munchers” and Paki’s even when talking about cricket...hey it’s only free speech and we are only joking is the usual response…...no, its derogatory, unnecessary and hurtful.

The Kohat battery and Jacobs Battery of 10pdr screw guns who did so much under conditions that would frighten the life out of me were Muslims….I thought you might want to know that….somebody tell Pauline Hanson

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Ho Ho Ho

Climate Desperados at work:-

Saturday, July 6, 2019


Hmmmm .... just 109 days after the Ardern gummit announced a $9.9m loan to Westland Milk under conditions that remain confidential to this day the company was sold to to China's Yili Group in a deal that was near unanimously ratified by the shareholders when they voted to accept it last Thursday.

Now if you believe that negotiations weren't underway with the Yili Group at the time the loan was announced then I have a bridge you can buy going cheep.

Meanwhile the silence is deafening from all three parties that comprise the CoL over the deal.   Just how many ways can you spell hypocrisy ... or was I imagining things when, over the nine years they languished on the opposition benches, any and all sales of anything to o'seas interests (and particularly the Chinese) was labelled as tantamount to economic treason?     


President Trump's Independence Day speech to the military included the following quite startling revelation ....
"In June of 1775, the Continental Congress created a unified Army out of the Revolutionary Forces encamped around Boston and New York, and named after the great George Washington, commander in chief. The Continental Army suffered a bitter winter of Valley Forge, found glory across the waters of the Delaware and seized victory from Cornwallis of Yorktown.

Our Army manned the air, it rammed the ramparts, it took over the airports, it did everything it had to do, and at Fort McHenry, under the rocket's red glare it had nothing but victory. And when dawn came, their star-spangled banner waved defiant."

And silly old me thought the Wright Bros made the first powered flight on 17 December 1903.  

You live and learn.

Friday, July 5, 2019


has to be the oped piece on Stuff today by a Grant Shimmin, a flake extraordinaire who gives our Snowflake, the man from the Beehive Press office, a run for his (or her) money with his wish that the Jaguares dish it to the Crusaders tomorrow night in the Super Rugby final ... their crime, their name, what crap.

Perhaps Shimmin might care to acquaint himself with the quite excellent piece by Pablo in Kiwipolitico here detailing the torture and murder practiced by the country the Jaquares represent.   Are they to be condemned for that?     Give me a feeking break.

The Jaguares don't deserve that kind of shit and neither do the Crusaders ... a team that gave heart to Canterbury following the devastating earthquakes.   Are we so precious as to not recognise the name is the name is the name and nothing more.   Are the Hurricanes to be derided because of the death and destruction hurricanes cause?       I said and I mean ... Grant Shimmin, flake extraordinaire.