Thursday, February 23, 2017


Six years of tourism growth from cruise ships and sadly last evening at 1700 hrs a bus returning passengers to a cruise ship in Akaroa Harbour left Highway 75. The very best news is that no one died.

It is reported that the driver of the smaller vehicle involved is most seriously injured and had to be cut out by  a roof removal  undertaken by the local volly emergency response services.
Another bit of good fortune had the bus over the side of the highway having its unintended descent cushioned then ended  by light bush in near proximity to where it left the road.

Highway 75 is totally unsuited to large vehicles with many tight turns and narrow carriageways. Add in nervous other drivers and tradies exceeding their talents as drivers and it is nothing short of miraculous that many more incidents do not occur.

I have never appreciated more, the skills gained from over a decade of emergency response driver training and delivery, than in this past year when in addition to increased medical needs swmbo has been involved in an extensive monitoring and therapy regime under a research medical project into Parkinsons Disease. Every trip involves an incident of near miss proportions and sometimes as it did on Tuesday two or more, where the prevention of a crash revolves around defensive ability of an innocent potential victim.
An example of good intentions failing occurred weeks ago when a local woman following a vehicle being driven erratically, ie crossing the center line on almost all right hand curves and even on straight sections of H75. The following ended at the Halswell Supermarket where the good samaritan gave the young lady driver exhibiting scant  regard for keeping as far left as possible a short resume' of the dangers she presented with her driving.
Apparently it fell on deaf ears when around two weeks later that young lady died on the same section of H75 in a head on near the Taitapu  rifle range.
Her death presents a slight conundrum in that she was Asian but working here in paradise, so classifying her in the statistics will be a little problematical.

Back to last evening's MCI it is strongly suggested the Bus driver had a medical event and the car was WPWT. One of my sources suggested  tour bus drivers, who are all approaching ninety, overweight and maybe should be subjected to a medical  regime that aligns with the quite onerous PPL requirements.

Yes it was hopefully a one off but my experience tells me exactly what the head line here suggests.


The Living Wage!!?

All the failures, The Soviet Union, Poland,  East Germany, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Greece, North Korea, and a latest socialist state to hit the wall, Venezuela, currently said to be in possession of untold wealth in oil reserves, tried to use state dictate to make it work.
It matters so little  to be measurable as to beneficial outcomes sought, yet socialists think it is a game changer.

An arbitrary hourly rate in excess of twenty dollars an hour is being promoted under Alice In Wonderland idiotic freekinomics, from Charlie Waldegrave, yet the cost in money, jobs, and social degradation has rarely been addressed in any analysis.

The exception that could have proved the truth came when Wellington City Council moved to embrace the crass stupidity with an old labour tusker voting for it while admitting he could not pay those same wage levels in his food outlet as it would destroy the viability of his business. Nobody noticed it seems.
Of course such negativity did not transfer to his support for the WCC with its fallback to ratepayer funding deficits, for councilors who were never going to have to confront such inconvenient economic reality, spending other peoples money.

So far I am unaware of any real functioning business that have embraced the lunacy totally unrelated to skills and abilities, and that is no surprise. However  the increasing acts of economic sabotage are increasing in numbers where those seeking to impress can pay for it with OPMs

Of course it is no secret that McDonald's fast food chain is looking to eliminate  its lower paid staff with increasing use of robots.  Some jobs are and never will be economically viable at an artificial rate of remuneration, it is not rocket science.
If such arbitrary setting of pay rates was such a great Idea why stop at $20.20, lets shoot for $50, after all if a Padre from The Hutt Valley is not to be challenged for his freekeconomics he must have it right, right, well maybe not.

Even at the minimum wage recently raised to nearly $16  not acknowledged as destroying the market that provides entry level jobs for those desiring to get work and prove employability, is  apparently not an issue when the centrist government is only looking at re-election, as were the various councillors  hellbent on a spiral to economic oblivion when electoral success is the only driver.
It will all work out, eh Mr McCawber.

Doesn't anybody in a position of economic responsibility not remember how Muldoon brought this well endowed country to the brink of insolvency with "wage price freezes'. Economoc lunacy that was only averted when the voters, with a spoiling run by Sir Robert Jones, handed the checkbook to Sir Roger Douglas, one of the more deserving of a knighthood, who averted disaster with fulsome support from many who later lost their bottle. Including the latest Economic Disaster who voters inexplicably handed the Greater Auckland Credit Cards to, who is now threatening his sheeple with a 16% rates increase.

The Jobs that become uneconomic will just disappear, Ratepayers dont matter, what is needed to make living affordable in Auckland has very little connection to what is needed in say depressed rural areas as payment for work, the only result will be growth in job seeker beneficiary numbers with an accompanying decline in the social advantages that accompany 'going to work'.

Of course such destructive lunacy that might have appeal to the ignorant, must gain traction in the publicity surrounding deserved rewards coming to a state servant who has managed a super fund to very satisfactory performance levels and being paid remuneration including bonuses that are so widely described as unacceptable, even by another highly paid public servant, current occupant of the 9th floor office in the Beehive.

No bloody idea.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Headline alert on stuff
Maori Party Hopeless- Little.

Monday, February 20, 2017


Stuff reports from Dunedin an ex EPMU official standing outside the closure bound Cadbury factory with a skinhead prospect and a person masquerading as a 'bag lady', making a passionate speech in which the ex union functionary demonstrates his total lack of busines nous.

The shouty little guy claimed that the closure of the Cadbury factory with the loss of 362 jobs was Nationals fault and based entirely on "GREED".
Management at Mondelez,  offshore based owners of the now seriously tarnished, once iconic chocolate brand will be  glad to be removing themselves from such ignorance based ranting. That sort of rubbish is never going to influence anyone and certainly not hard headed business leaders.
The shouty little guy might have had another agenda, possibly something aligned to his future  in his other job but as somehow being of any value as advocacy for workers facing winter in a job  queue, it would have to be a fail.

I know an educated man might get shouty and make a mistake in the heat of the moment but a few facts were obviously being ignored, by this guy who is rumoured to have another better paying job, but reverted to full union retard mode as he made meaningless statements that will do zilch for the people now facing redundancy.

FYI Mr union bloke, simply stated, shareholders invest in companies to get a return on their money, management make decisions to protect shareholders funds and make profits to pay dividends and reinvest to grow the enterprise.
Carting sugar, cocoa beans and ingredients to a small town deep in southern waters then transport almost all the blended product  back over seas would only work out if the workers were paid very low wages and the costs of production were so low as to overcome the major transport costs.
Now Mr shouty Union Knob who supported the mine management right up until the whole thing blew up killing 29 men at Pike  River, your expertise was already in the toilet just waiting for someone to flush it, so get some education on busines studies before embarking on such a revealing ego trip to demonstrate ignorance.

John Oliver on Truth v Trump

You have to watch this - it's gold. 

The last minute or two is especially cute, but you won't get it unless you see the context of it during the rest of the video.

Sunday, February 19, 2017


My sources tell me there is little truth in Labour ditching its much revered if somewhat tarnished name after a century in the Parliament, four times with the checkbook covering a quarter share of the available years, to rebrand as the Bigly Little Union Party Embracing Republicanism,  Bluper for short. Some older life members were known to be struggling to recall what Labour represented with one contributing a theory it was all about hard work only to be shouted down over such arrant revisionist rubbish.
A Bluper gummint would look after everyone just as soon as the little people took over. Russel the Red had left his notes behind when he went whale watching or what ever it was, so the money was there.

It is very hard to ascertain the facts around a large order from Frazer House for medals and gold braid with the suggested change of leader's position  to Leader for life time under union rulers demands, given a temporary acronym of Liftuurd. Apparently temporary because one wag asked who could lift the new vehicle while there were still A little guy and Jacko inside it trying to make room between Shore, and Material   for Winston No and another couple of always scrapping tangata whenua in the trunk.

 Any talk of the rainbow,  out of work, transgender, teacher, immigration, neutral gender wing agreeing was apparently premature. A spokesperson for "Rotting wing" said over my dead body to which Wag barked, "that could be arranged" before going back to a job at The Abbatoir hearding actual sheep, leaving the virtual sheep to bleat on.

Meanwhile in other news, Material Girl emerged from her castle north of Dunedin to perform an outstanding routine at the Blueskin Bay Games scoring  tens from international judges on the balance beam with a controversial unrehearsed double somersault with spinning rhombus dismount dedicated to the Cadbury Workers and the proposed sugar tax.. One commenter called it lethal which is exactly how it turned out for the dacshound, unfortunately turned into a hot dog complete with fake tomato sauce when it ended up involved unintentionally in the flawless horozontal landing dismount, judged by obsevers as falling flat.

Reports of Simon Says and Malcolm Muddles circling lake Wakatipu with wives in tow was fake news, they merely took the mountain air in downtown  Qtown and the wives were making their way unassisted although while going up hill Lucy asked if there was an electric bike handy as the planet was in danger according to Tim Flannery and the four of them were creating excess CO2.
Her suggestion to Mal fell on deaf ears, nothing new there.
Simon Says smugly smiled simply saying Trump sang happy towday is Sunday songs. (It was Monday here  but the Don was on a roll)

But wait there's more, before attending the Bluper launch, shadow finance spokesthingy Jimmy Shore promised at a one man seminar, to fleece rich pricks and close the gaps. It was later corrected to chase the gits. The one man attending was found to be confused, disoriented and overdue at the nearby rest home after a Sunday Mall trip to get his hearing aid battery replaced.

Breaking news; A little person discovered looking very dejected that 7 was his lucky number, lucky because it could have been worse, even viewed through blue tinted contact lenses. When asked why blue,  Seven angrily retorted how bloody stupid  would I look with red or pink and the inquirer thought better of any  reply, thoughts shall for ever remain secret,  here's fervently hoping five eyes were engaged elswhere and not lip reading

Simon suffered slight slippage in seats, sample suggested Simon succeeded in securing top slot, simply superb saviour still skipper.
Well ahead of the dreaded twenty one percent shadow.

Hewlett Packard demand diversity in law firms

From NZ Lawyer:
Law firms working with Hewlett Packard will be required to meet its diversity standards or risk losing up to 10 per cent of their invoiced fees.

Hewlett Packard's general counsel (fancy words for the boss lawyer who works in house) states that women make up 55% of HP's workforce.

I thought diversity included more than just hiring women.  Silly me.

How many Asians does HP employ?  How many Muslims?  How many homosexuals? 

I don't know the relationship between HP and its exterior legal advisors, and in particular don't know how much revenue is involved.  But lawyers spend their day working their way around rules and regulations in order to make them work for clients in the situation they face. 

I don't think a silly diversity edict will worry them too much.  Anyway, what is HP going to upon receiving a hefty legal fee?  Ask them how many women the employ before paying it? 


Last night during swmbo's fix of what she believes is news, a breathless luvvie stated (so it must be true) that Simon and Mal walked around Lake Wakatipu.

Gee, not certain just how far that would be but at 175 kms from Glenorchy to Kingston and a few corners that was quite a walk, not bad for two guys who wont see fifty again.


'Beggars in New Zealand', when did we redefine con artists with this new descriptive title.

My earliest memories have romantic tales of "Swaggers"  short for swagmen who having abandonded settled life by bundling up their worldly possessions into a package they could carry, travelling the highways and byways in search of food and shelter in exchange for itinerent work. They had equally romantic, almost "pirate" identities. Cactus Jack, Swagger Bill, Matagouri, Flax Jack.

Often down on their luck but still proud, living in a world without "welfare" they followed the seasons camping in shearers huts and eating at kitchen doors of farms,  if fortunate might get a longer term stay through the winter, poisoning rabbits, cutting scrub, picking up stones from paddocks.

Today Kiwiblog has a post on the modern beggar but of course they are double, even triple dipping bludgers who offer nothing in return for tax exempt money. They are very low grade confidence tricksters who would have been locked up on charges of "idle and disorderly without visible mans of support once apon a time..
Of course some, may like the "Blanket Man", be needing secure care in a Psyche ward, alas such treatment options are socially unacceptable so they and the crafty manipulators become Beggars.

In reciept of a sickness benefit as a step up from mere unemployment, now Job seeker benefit, and elegible for other payments from the State these often overweight specimens aparently now have instituted a roster system to rotate them around the prized sites for their tax exempt income creation. That said I have encountered some extremely poor specimins who make an unholy noise on a tin whistle or similar with a hat on the pavement who are very little better than the fatty sat on a suitable wall in a high pedestrian traffic area.

Sorry people it is beyond the pale and if locking them up while an investigation of their apparent need to beg for a living is examined and exposed as the fraud it actually is, then so be it.
If vagrancy is no longer a criminal act then  Minister, lets hve  a law change, as last I heard demanding money with menaces was still available but might be a bit harsh for the snowflakes.


After over ten thousand earthquakes, then many more to the northern regions, droughts, floods, socialism  and the week just passed delivering an Australian magnitude destructive wild fire, this morning the wireless is sans actual life, only spluttering through a fog of hissing, the sort of canned music I imagine might accompany the end of the world from a "putor" running on till its batteries fail.
Technology would do that when the chips fell off.

The knobs who pretend to have the answers for when disaster strikes, preach from their cardboard pulpits to listen to the "radio"  but don't say what to do when that media is not going to deliver.
All the two frequencies that carry Canterbury's very own "Pravda"  can manage is  a  squelchy voice intervening through the appalling music suggesting Newstalk ZB will return "soon".

I am starting to wonder if  the aliens have finally done what the gods failed to do and Christchurch is no more, deceased, gorn.
Garry McCormack warned this week that the City was facing burn out, was the smoke last week evidence that confirms his prediction.

No "pearly gates" , no ugly bastard with a tail and a trident, no seventy odd virgins and a paradise with a pile of mince at the gate, so I wait.
Might give Mr McCawber a call and see if he has any idea what the hell is going on. Bugger he's still dead, hang on, was that fact or fiction.
Maybe it doesn't matter any more.

Friday, February 17, 2017


The current Aus Federal Greens leader Dr  Di Natale, a lot more telemarketable than the prune face he replaced, was trying in vain to make sense of the SA debacle where they have launched a drive to renewables for electric energy based on solar and more problematically, wind. on Sky News today

Having largely decommissioned the hydrocarbon based generation capacity, the State now has to get power from Victoria when the wind drops or becomes too strong and nightfall turns solar into a tourist attraction.

The ex lucky country is blessed with massive coal reserves and almost unmeasurable gas reserves, with much of the coal  ideal for clean hydrocarbon based energy generation, but Di Natale continues to beat the drum to hypocritically have Jay Weatheral  continue his doomed crusade that has dirty energy from nearby Victoria make it doable, until the network fails then it gets really messy. Something that has happened too often lately so now the talk is of storing energy. What could possibly go wrong.

Not long to go now and Perpetual motion will be proposed.
As a child with zero understanding of the fixed laws of physics I could not understand why someone had not harnessed gravity with a wheel and moving weights. Doggy Little, Form three physics,soon proved how it could never happen.

Poor old SA already has the dearest power in the nation but morons like Weatheral and Di Natale still think like Canute, they can stop the tides and enough voters still believe them.

Of course their cruise on the good ship "Stupid" could be made to work with a couple of little Nuclear plants but wind and solar are free,  right.  Nah wrong and eventually the people paying increasing sums to keep warm and cool alternatively will get it, wont they.

In breaking news, no not some rural Canterbury footy player getting pissed in Paris, this could be bigly.
Canberra reports have two of Saint Nick Xenophon's disciples flexing their muscles to build another pulpit, sounds like Mal might have more troubles as if he didn't have enough with the zoo that some call a Senate.


 Babwa Dweaver reported tonight,  Papua New Guinea was facing hardships because the impoverished nation had run out out of money don't be alarmed, no one saw that coming.

One;s news guru on Pacific Affairs with accompanying images of poor people sitting around destitute and the Idiot McCully spouting rubbish BUT!!!

And there is always a But only this one is a doozy.

Chief Michael Somare who has a Knighthood and a life style that is so far removed from the images Dweaver and the morons at state TV used in their infotainment  clip,  has a personal executive Jet aircraft so he does not have to come anywhere near the poor people should they ever manage to get any where near the airport.
Such aircraft don't come cheap starting in the millions and my estimate has Micky's at around the 20 million mark.

Of course Micky Somare has every right to divert aid as he has a job to do, Aid currently from New Zealand running at over 24 million a year. Add in Many other donors and "Micky One" is not such a bigly.

The Infotainment item began with NZ companies not being paid, one shown, a consulting out fit have been waiting over two years but the whole slant was all about "wont someone think of the poor people" and the salient fact that the parliament and government buildings having to use candles because the Power bill hadn't been paid. I guess it might be further up the queue than sundry creditors.

Don't worry about the corruption, the fat getting fatter, or wasteful spending when Mick could fly commercial, concentrate on the poor skinny bugger sitting on the hand woven coir mat with a few pathetic bits of Copra drying in the sun.
Aid appropriations up for review with the Budget approaching, so hence the item, it needed to be said.

Random thought;  why do the Aid posters feature emaciated prematurely aged people when the leaders are all facing the obesity epidemic head on when photographed doing leading stuff.
 Most are only running something around the economy of  a second division NZ City.
Corporate jet FFS.

HAVE A LOOK AT VIDEO FROM 2010/11 M's Mayor.

Leadership is often keeping your head while those about you are losing their's.

Another one;  (S)He who excuses them self, too often accuses them self.

For three in a row,  one of the decisions that a Mayor has to sometimes consider, is when to call a State of  Emergency, in the face of a looming disaster.

As I allowed yesterday, the first term Mayor of The Selwyn District Council would have been under considerable pressure and some of his "staff" somewhat struggling to cope as normally the big decisions in the "Riverstone Clad Wolfs Lair" in Rolly would equate to how many ginger nuts to put out for morning tea. Much of their experience of rural fires comes from stubble and hedge fires as the big country is so often under DoC control while lesser fires are primarily attacked  by local  fire   stations manned entirely by volunteers.
M's 'full of excuses and obfuscation' Dalzeil, with her very expensive, if shown to be possibly lacking  in real talent, general staff, did not have that excuse available, Five years ago the CHCH City rural fire outfit under Mitchell had an unplanned two day exercise  when a wild fire from lightning, ignited  the SW corner of a two thousand acre patch of gorse named Hinewai. A block controlled by a botanist,  Hugh Wilson, who believes gorse, one of the more formidable rural fire fuel sources, can form cover for regenerating the native forests that once covered Banks Peninsula. A remarkable chap Hugh as the now seventy year old, eschews motor vehicles, preferring to ride his bike to Akaroa and even the City, but his somewhat unique view has his two thousand acres almost totally devoid of any thing resembling an internal  fire break,  not even a bulldozed fence line that can give firefighters a small hope of a defence line. So two thirds of Hugh's dream world went up in smoke with only the lower slopes and the valley floor escaping as the fire died in overnight dew on greener less combustible live growth. All the area burned was only slowed by a fleet of choppers that would have totaled a  large debt payable, while in spite of untold thousands of dollars spent on two days of aerial assault, a cost I have so far been unable to ascertain.  One certain fact, the unproductive, if appealing to many, dream of Mr Wilson would have very little cash to contribute and possibly no insurance available.
In another minor change to the rules of war, somehow Hiniwai seems exempt from the bullying and badgering other land holders have to face from ECan  over maintaining clear strips inside boundaries as a minimum in noxious weed control.

Of course there was never any suggestion of The Hinewai Fire reaching the status of requiring a State of Emergency as almost entirely covering the valley between Stony Baÿ Rd and Long Baÿ Rd, natural fire breaks were available east and West with  well managed farm pastures on the boundary at sea level and to a lesser extent on the Harbour side of the crater rim. Tactically and management wise the fire abounded with learning opportunities, so why five years later The City seemed reluctant to become involved as an adjunct to Selwyn DC in this fire is a reasonable line of inquiry.

So M's Mayor of The City, pee or get off the pot and cease with the defence of as yet un-laid charges, all the minister was saying was his office had concerns about information flow and the tactical response from those prosecuting the front line. Not the 'soldiers' or even the company and battalion commanders  but the gold braid adorned shiny suits who sit around sipping lattes in air conditioned offices while many of the troops under fire have another real job that they only want to get back to quick smart. No body wants to be fighting fast moving unpredictable wild fires.

So I respectfully suggest Ms Mayor a few minutes reviewing some of the footage of your predecessor, now Sir Bob Parker, as he dealt with fronting as the leader in the aftermath of  the earthquakes and you might pick up on a few pointers to real leadership skills. Your screechy ott response to what are genuine calls for an understanding of what went wrong and it is conceivable that there were some of those  that exist prima facie, to be answered at a later date.
For now just be a leader and not the chief defendant. If there is a hole stop digging.

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Thursday, February 16, 2017

He Shoulda Said He Was A Maori, Eh?

An idiot was pulled over in Hobart at 0215 and blew 0.137, considerably over the limit.  While being questioned by the coppers he dropped his dacks and bared his arse at them.

Sam John Miller blew 0.137 when stopped by police in Morrison Street on Hobart's waterfront at 2:15am in October last year. 

In court Miller pleaded guilty to driving a motor vehicle while exceeding the prescribed alcohol limit, prohibited behaviour and using abusive language to police.  The court heard Miller got out of his van when his dog began barking and becoming aggressive towards one of the officers who had intercepted him.  The prosecutor said as Miller was out of his van and approaching police he was asked if he had anything in his pockets. Miller responded by removing his pants, turning his back to police, and exposing his buttocks.
The court heard Miller also invited officers to "check up there".

His lawyer, not short on ingenuity, tried a defense which might have worked better in NZ - indigenous culture and all that. 

Steven Chopping told the court when officers had asked Miller if he had anything in his pockets, he'd "put two and two together and got 111" and thought he was about to be strip-searched.
(He should have told the court he was a Maori and a 'brown arse' is a culturally historic sign of esteem and respect.  She may well have believed him.)
Unimpressed, the judge threw the book at him.


Last week it was cool and lawns needed a trim so before firing up the 'yellow peril' I snatched a jacket in 'my shed' only to have a large rat run down my arm. So traps set and success next day with a similar size rat, very  dead.
Later that next day SWMBO glimpsed a Magpie eating another bird on the driveway. My observation indicated the takeaway  was possibly a Tui, so unlock gun safe, put magizine into .22 slowly open front door and one dead Magpie.
Further investigation revealed a young very dead Tui sans it's head.

Tui were extinguished in this Harbour area in the big snows of 1992 and were re-established by some enthusiasts this century and I was saddened that one had died at the hand or was that beak of the Australian overstayer. Good news it was not one of the banded birds

So were the interred remains of the rodent,  one victim  and the killer a "magpie rattatui".


This morning  the shiny suits, socialists and moronic armchair spurts are kicking Gerry Brownlie for  questioning  the response to what is now a disastrous fire event south west of Christchurch.

There is some room for  understanding that 1st term Selwyn District Mayor  Mayor Sam Broughton might be a little under prepared for such an event and sure it started in the very corner of his very large district just outside the City boundary in Early Valley, However that leaves the question as to where were City Mayor Dalziel and her well remunerated personal staff along with the extensive staff of the city that have jurisdiction in matters such as the unfolding disaster that began on Monday night.

Finally today there is a state of emergency in place and a total fire ban  from Timaru to the Conway River to reduce the risks as Fire crews are gathered to the Port Hills leaving a much reduced response capability across the provinces.

I am guessing that experience had Local Government head honcho and Hastings district mayor, Lawrence Yuile declaring a SoE very early as Hawkes Bay became endangered by at least three fires at  the end of last weekend. All now virtually extinguished.

Some background as to one simple step that the SoE empowers.
A HB Rural Fire Chief around 40 kms from Hastings who lost  considerable available capacity when the shiny suits ordered that his crew who had years of experience had to have more regulated training.
This in total disregard for their clear competence proven time and again in extinguishing fires before the Big Trucks loaded with awesome  resources arrived from Hastings Central with fully suited booted and hatted paid personnel. A bunch of people who regarded the local heroes as rather inferior beings before remounting their seriously equipped machines to return to station, having saved the nation again.

One thing the shiny suits fail to grasp in their garnering of their  salaries, Volunteers are massively in the majority in their response capability and quick amateur reaction is often decisive in extinguishing a fire.
So when the SoE was declared on Tuesday, a local volunteer fire chief immediately called my source to inquire if his tanker capacity was available as his considerable commercial ground spraying resources could be  commandeered in the altered  rules of engagement under  the SoE. Those resources include "Flick" a reconstituted orchard sprayer stripped off its original equipment to leave a 2000 litre tank with a pump and stolen fire hoses and fittings that stands ready in a shed able to be attached to any 4WD or farm ute and dragged to a fire by anyone with two brain cells and a current licence as if anyone ever checks. Anyone with minimal knowledge understands small volumes of water applied quickly can stop most fires especially in rural areas.

My HB source also  explained the stupid acts that led to one of the rural fires that threatened the parched HB hills earlier in the week. A brainless small block owner with money far in excess of common sense who is happy when grass stands to fence tops sent a minion to fix a water pipe. No prizes for guessing what the minion used to warm the alkathene pipe to facilitate placing onto the fitting,  a bloody gas canister mounted burner. My source also suggested that in HB this year  alkathene needs no warming unless it has cold water running through it.

All that said the massive elephant in the room field is the extensive fuel reserves that abound from idiotic planning rules that locally have a minimum of 50 Ha for a right to build a house.  Now many who choose a rural setting for any reason often only require around half a hectare to build a home sheds and dispose of effluent that with modern septic systems is a doddle on around 100 sq ms of sealed evaporation soil troughs. But no the educated and superior knowledge equipped "planners" know better, resulting in acres and acres of ground,  creating fuel for fires year on year and every decade or so it results in a disaster such as being endured on the western end of The Port Hills at present.
 If possible take a gander at the landscape after the smoke clears, grazed land made it possible to stop the fires while pine trees, eucalypts and wattle along with gorse and long ungrazed grass were wild fires just waiting for  ignition. a trigger that could come from a broken bottle, a cigarette butt, a spark from mower or similar, an electrical fault, just count the ways.

You were right this time Gerry there seemed a lack of urgency in planning and creating the response to what was a very dangerous event and my sympathy goes to the family who will now deal with the untimely death of Mr Askin who perished when his helicopter crashed near Sugarloaf, a true hero.
Of course had he not died he would have just been one of unsung true heroes who have been, and are still manning the fleet of aircraft who are doing incredible things in very trying and challenging conditions.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

On Sacks Full of Hammers

If you thought some of NZ's Labour and Greens MPs are dumbarses (and they are,) wait til you see what the Democrats dredged up in California.

Warning.   This rooster is the pro tem President of the State Senate.

He has complained publicly that under President Trump's so-called immigration order, half his family would be deported.

De León, the current Senate president pro tempore, told the state Senate Public Safety Committee that half of his family could be rounded up by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents and deported because they are living in the U.S. illegally, and criminally.
“I can tell you, half of my family would be eligible for deportation under the executive order, because they got a false Social Security card, they got a false identification, they got a false driver’s license prior to us passing AB 60, they got a false green card,” De León said.

Yes you'd better read that again.

They got a hell of a lot of falsies.

Not only has this fool given the authorities a warm invite to his home to arrest and boot out half his family, he has also confirmed Trump's claims of massive electoral fraud.

After all, does anyone doubt for a moment that all the people concerned have voted Democrat, many times?


Stuff reports a Dutch police helicopter diverts to roll a "cast"  sheep back onto its feet.

Sheep get cast when they are on their back and cannot regain their feet and it is often made worse when stomach gas accumulates bringing death quite fast.
Often long wool sheep near shearing are more prone but the accompanying pics dispel that as a  contributing factor.
 Just off  the coast of The Netherlands is the Island of Texel and a breed of sheep bearing that name were imported here  in the late 1980s.

We farmed some as they had beautiful juicy fine grained meat, very succulent, a trait that transferred with crossing to create a great lamb carcass.

However, as a breed they were thick,  often cast because they were to bloody lazy to get up.It often only took a cast by a heading dog to give the necessary impetuous for sufficient additional effort but alas, too often they just expired in situ.


No not Michael Woodhouse although he is demonstrating almost on a daily basis a very strong bias to something similar. No I am referring to the discovery that an alleged Mugabe dispatcher has turned up here apparently after gaining entry using a false Republic of South Africa passport.

No need to delay sending him back to the Republic, and it is almost certain there will be excess capacity as Saffas come to N Z to support their cricket team, just do it as Nike would say.
That said I don't see Mr Woodhouse as having the balls, for Gods sake there is an obese European still costing us dear as he fights extradition and that has been a study in procrastination lasting years.
Now Billy boy has no leg to stand on, if the corrupt Saffas decline this charming young man then I will bet a dollar to a knob of goat poo that a connecting flight to Rhodesia could be acquired at considerably less money than we will spend so long as he remains here.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Give That Man A DB

It was only a matter of  time before the deranged American mainstream media turned on one of the few decent newspapers, The Wall Street Journal.

Apparently the FNK (Fake News Media) think the WSJ is giving Pres Trump an easy ride.  (Can anyone remember when CNN, NYT, CBS, WAPO, ABC, MSNBC et al during the last eight years gave Obama and Clinton anything other than an armchair ride?  Hell, CNN even slipped presidential debate questions to Clinton so she could rehearse.)

The editor of the WSJ has hit back and has suggested that any of his reporters who don't like the paper's approach should be working somewhere else.


Wall Street Journal Editor in Chief Gerard Baker on Monday aggressively defended the newspaper against criticism that its reporting on President Donald Trump has been soft, saying the coverage has aimed to hold the new administration accountable without becoming “oppositional.”.......

..........Monday’s event came after multiple media reports, citing unnamed news employees, described internal rancor at the Journal over its approach to covering the Trump administration under Mr. Baker’s leadership. 

Mr. Baker said he has found it “irritating” to read critiques of the Journal’s coverage of Mr. Trump. He rattled off a string of Journal exclusives and in-depth articles as evidence of the paper’s aggressive coverage, including reporting on the president’s business conflicts and foreign dealings and the recent controversy surrounding Michael Flynn, his national security adviser.
“Don’t let anyone tell you our reporting on Donald Trump has been soft,” he said. “It’s been extremely tough.” Referring to the notion that the Journal has been timid, he said, “you might even call it fake news.”

Give that man a DB

Valentine's Day

Adolf went up to Coles this morning and, lo and behold, Tim Tams were on special, at half price

Accordingly, Adolf bought some for The Cook for Valentines day.

Not being a cheapskate, Adolf bought two packets.


I have enormous sympathy and empathy for the lady, who having lost a family member to a road crash with the killer car allegedly under the control of a non New Zealand driver, who is today petitioning Parliament suggesting a driving test for visitors wishing to drive and  live  here longer than three months.

During an interview with Mike Hosking, the petitioner revealed that recent stats suggest around three percent of road crash deaths 'involve'  a "foreign" driver.  Now that means that almost all the other deaths have an involvement of a New Zealand resident driver. Common sense suggests to me that that appalling stat might be where a difference could perhaps be made.  Off course that bare fact takes no account of any involvement of a resident driver and many of us instinctively know there may well be causation that is not to be laid at the feet of "Johnnie or Jane" foreigner.

Thee other major problem comes with the three month cut off, would it be illogical to assume that after 90 or so days the foreigner might have picked up on the basics of New Zealand driving and its little foibles. That said I see plenty of clearly identifiable activities by resident drivers that only escape the nationality categorising by good fortune and/or defensive driving by others.

How about some stats on how New Zealand drivers fare in foreign climes as any diminishing of their reciprocal rights could be the only result on a crack down by N Z law.

Monday, February 13, 2017

He learns Quickly

Donald Trump showed himself to be an expert at milking the media for tens of millions of dollars worth of free publicity.

Bill English has not been slow to follow.  This priceless picture tells a hundred thousand dollars worth of words.   The immediate subliminal message is 'This guy can actually so something useful.'

Image result for bill english sheep

I wonder what Andrew Little can do?

I know what he can't do - and that's win an electorate.

Anybody have any idea?

Caption Competition

Please keep it above the navel.

Image result for willie jackson   andrew little

I'll kick off with:-

Thunder and Blunder


Little Cuts Off His Willie

Sunday, February 12, 2017


Very limited blogging from hereon-in until late March.   I'm hither and yon doing Gods work culminating in my Victor 3 Company reunion in Blenheim where we will remembering Mike Wickman and Don Bensemann, KIA on 22 June and 16 November 1968 respectively.

Mike's death featured in the acclaimed TV documentary 'Baptism of Fire'.   He is buried at Papatoetoe.   Don is buried at Omaka (near Blenheim) and we will be holding the memorial service at his graveside.   We will remember them.

Back to regular blogging on 27 March.


Saturday, February 11, 2017


I have just finished reading the book 'Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis' - JD Vance - 28 June 2016.

A New York Times bestseller named by them as one of 6 books that will help you understand the background to Trump's win.

And from the Economist ... "You will not read a more important book about America this year".


Friday, February 10, 2017

"eight ulcer man on four ulcer pay."

Here, just for The Vet, is HST reacting to media criticism of his daughter.

After music critic Paul Hume wrote a disparaging notice of First Daughter Margaret Truman's vocal abilities in the Washington Post, the president of the United States sat down and wrote the following letter:
Mr Hume:
I've just read your lousy review of Margaret's concert. I've come to the conclusion that you are an "eight ulcer man on four ulcer pay."
It seems to me that you are a frustrated old man who wishes he could have been successful. When you write such poppy-cock as was in the back section of the paper you work for it shows conclusively that you're off the beam and at least four of your ulcers are at work.
Some day I hope to meet you. When that happens you'll need a new nose, a lot of beefsteak for black eyes, and perhaps a supporter below!
Pegler, a gutter snipe, is a gentleman alongside you. I hope you'll accept that statement as a worse insult than a reflection on your ancestry.

Wonderful stuff!   To which party did this fellow belong?  Was it the Democrats?

If Trump farted in the privacy of his own loo, modern day American media would make pejorative headlines of the event.


It is reported that Wang Yi, Chinese Foreign Minister sought from Julie Bishop, his Australian counterpart, her reaction to the statement from the White House that the Trump administration intented to renegotiate US trade agreements with eleven countries including Oz. 

Her reaction ... "I don't believe it" and "I don't take it credibly".

Why?   For the simple reason that under the AUSTA (The Australian United States Trade Agreement) the US trade surplus with Australia has, over the last decade, grown from $14b to $25b.    It would be madness for the United States to kill off the goose that has kept on laying golden eggs for them but then, under President Trump, I guess anything is possible.

I note too the report the China, Australia and New Zealand have all agreed that statements coming out of the White House were so confused it was pointless trying to assess American foreign policy at the moment.   With that in mind I think the decision of MFAT to establish a 24/7 unit to monitor White House statements was a prudent move to be applauded.