Saturday, June 23, 2018


The official results from the Northcote by-election are in and congratulations to National's Dan Bidois on his clear victory where he polled well in excess of 50% of the total vote.

Congratulations too to the Labour candidate who lifted their vote to a respectable 44% although that was achieved, in part, by canabalising the vote of their two support parties.

The Greens ended up with just 2.9% of the vote while Winston First's Kym Koloni (who ran as an independent) created some sort of history by failing to win any of the 1,119 special votes and polling less than half of 1%.

Turnout in the by-election was just 44%.

Friday, June 22, 2018


A stuff alert on my ipad "baby found in car after police pursuit"

Be still my beating heart it was another "baby"

Just another dropkick parent fleeing police.



A recent survey in the West Isle reveals that "millennials" in various degrees, favourably view socialism as a form of government, around 60% acceptance.

Sadly it also reveals almost all of those surveyed are in total ignorance of the slaughter and collateral deaths that socialism has delivered wherever it has been adopted.

It all fits with the oft quoted mantra variously attributed; If one does not believe in socialism at twenty, that person has no soul but if still a core belief at forty they have no brains.

As a third former, Utopia, with all equally  sharing the spoils created by a combined effort seemed eminently fair and reasonable. Then doubts came along that rulers and those in power seemed to enjoy a bigger slice of pie and it all gelled when in an elective subject for UE  I joined an Agriculture management class where Wally Stark included reading and study of "Animal Farm" by George Orwell. Looking back what an inspired bit of mind broadening that was.
My adoption of capitalism and rejection of socialism  became deeply embedded.

This was all before the welfare state had blossomed and born its tragic fruits. It was in an era of Widows benefits, Universal superannuation (at 70), Miners benefit for those whose health had been seriously impaired from inhaling coal dust, The family benefit (often the only money many mothers had for discretionary use) and various veterans pensions for those damaged in service of the nation in necessary welfare introduced by the first Labour Government of (St) Michael Joseph Savage beginning in 1935.
 Even in those early days astute Maori leaders including Sir Henry Ngata foresaw the destructive outcomes that would follow mass welfare, particularly for his Maori people.
A simple country boy was able to work out for himself that success followed work, savings, frugality and common sense with welfare a safety net for those with issues that prevented participation in the work force. As an alternative Life style it was never considered an option.

The most disturbing part about the revelations from the Australian research comes to me not from the unquestioning belief in  socialism but from the total dearth of knowledge that exists about the slaughter that accompanied the establishment of the USSR, the subjugation of the Warsaw pact countries, the Cuban revolution, the coming of Mao and the Chinese communists and more recently the total disaster of the Kampuchean regime of Pol Pot.
A Che Guevara tee shirt is cool but a swastika totally verboten and of course that includes a totally false construct, a concept that Her Schikelgruber was a right winger, what part of "National Socialist Workers Party must be ignored to enable that falsehood to germinate, emerge and grow.
Even the current great experiment that sees Venezuela sitting on vast oil reserves yet having its people queue for toilet paper with starvation a constant for all but the ruling elite seems to be entirely missing from the understanding of a millennial and worse still, university educated having even higher acceptance levels for socialism.

At least those involved in education must be satisfied  they have that part of human evolution working just fine for their dreams of Utopia.
Of course they are in total denial of the wisdom of Baroness Thatcher who predicted "Socialism will only last so long as access to other peoples money exists".
Also the light at the end of the tunnel for those who have successfully taken control of young minds at all levels of edu indoctrination is ignored by them, the shock and dismay when it is revealed as an oncoming train will be a sight to see but that is someway down the track. The tunnel is still under construction.


Nice one Milt and to the eternal shame of a totally useless MSM you are correct, not right mind you.

David William Parker a current Minister with portfolio of responsibilities so dominant that people are reaching back beyond Stephen Joyce, Helen Clark and Bill Birch for someone with such dominance over productive NZ to when the megalomaniac Muldoon felt the need to hold Finance,  and the Office of Prime Minister in order to maintain his belief he was the only man capable.

While Muldoon was a bully and a megalomaniac he was, afaik without stain as to his probity. A sergeant in the NZ Div ironically serving under John Marshall, Rob was like Kirk before him a self made man who came from humble beginnings.
Mr Parker is also a bully, threatening a group of farmers at a public gathering questioning  a proposed water tax that they should shut up or he would double the rate.

Another serious 'coffee' stain on his CV resulted in his resigning from Cabinet after an acrimonious breakup of a business relationship with Russel Hyslop back in Dunedin where Hyslop alleged he, Parker, had filed unlawfully at the companies office. Allegations serious enough for his then boss, one H Clark to stand him down from the executive. Hyslop's allegations were eventually downgraded to "mistakes" and "errors" and Parker escaped sanction
Then this week while Milt's smokescreen clouds public scrutiny, a barely concealed further "error" became public knowledge when "Minister Parker's office" attempted to add a clause to a bill before the parliament to exempt a multi million development near Mangawhai heads involving American Billionaire Ric Kayne from having the multimillion rateable valued  sites exempted from the Bill before the House to control foreign buyers activities in the NZ real estate market.
It required an intervention from Speaker Mallard to send the bill back to select committee to have the blatant deal for mates expunged.

After years and much effort expended to smear  John Key because he could not have become comfortably wealthy by age 45 without being involved in shady dealings, and relentlessly pursuing an overweight regular user of Harewood airport for using an exit door denied to the public but used often by those familiar with shortcuts at the terminal building, the NZ voters will probably be denied any reference to "Bonnie's" latest flirtation with what most regard as very dodgy activities while Jacindamania rules.

Mundanities of everyday life

I don't really have anything to post, I just wanted to have this photo on the blog. Also: good luck getting any traction in the media for the next little while, National!

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Thursday, June 21, 2018


Newly confirmed US Sec State, Mike Pompeo has acted after a one year notice to reform or we are gone, from the totally corrupt anti Semitic and utterly biased UN Human Rights Council.

A bunch of ideologues who have managed to lambaste the one single functioning democracy in the Middle East, Israel, 78 times, more than all other states investigated when  totaled since the sinecure was established in 2004

The Charade of 47 countries that include currently such pillars of freedom and universal rights for all their citizens; Saudi Arabia, Cuba, Venezuela, Somalia, China, South Africa amidst a plethora of states who are basically nonentities or have a serious deficit in their notions around the rights for humans of any status within their jurisdiction, were given the farewell salute from  US UN Ambassador Nikki Haley.

What a shame, nay eternal shame, no other nation member of the increasingly self destructing monument to inertia, has the cojones to even say about time.

There were warnings aplenty so it was not a moment of chagrin over the interference in US Domestic Immigration affairs, this was a well signalled statement that the affront to decency and fairness was ended as regards participation for The US.

I will say well past about time.
However the locusts feeding at the food stores of do goodism will not see why it occurred this way as they travel merrily on the path to ignorance paved with arrogance and smugness, fiddling while Rome burns.


F D Roosevelt took the US into WW2 after the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbour and by the end of that conflict the US had the worlds leading economy by any measure.

Presiding over a world almost totally destroyed economically, The Marshall Plan named after the Chief of  Defence staff under Roosevelt who went on to become the post war US  Secretary of State,  was instituted to restore the free economies of the wartorn nations as a bulwark against communism under the leadership of Stalin the USSR dictator as the "Iron Curtain" descended.

From then on the US was every country's Benevolent Grandad funding states of all colours and ending up on the wrong side of any balance of payments.
Trump for all his faults wants that fact of history redressed, while the Chicoms and a resurgent Putin of Russia are happy to see an ever more economically vulnerable US "White Anted".
The list of nations and political groupings who seem content to watch with considerable disinterest as the economic wars continue. Canada, Europe Japan the UK, and even India need to take a deep breath as waiting for the wolf to eat others hoping to be spared until last wont work, they will still be eaten eventually.
They need to show some solidarity with what Trump is attempting before it is too late.

It is bloody scary as history records many instances of trade wars ending badly, particularly for democracies where the people fail to grasp what is really happening while totalitarian or historical monarchies with unrestrained power continue to take advantage. Yes Trump is in a high stakes game but any delaying in taking a stand is only going to get harder.
China, under its still dominant one party state system wont bat an eyelid as its people's standards of living plunge,  as it will merely be regarded as collateral damage  while the democratic foundations of the US will come under serious political pressure in just over two years time.
The North Korean state is a glaring example of what a dictatorship can inflict on its people, the jury is still out as to whether Trump convinced Kim jong-un  there is a better way if he will only see.
 If Rocket man can be convinced, the people of the north might well regard him with genuine affection for making North Korea great, without the need for a massive Military to enforce such adulation.

You see for decades I never thought I would live to see Mr Gorbachev tear down that wall.
Trump's wall is a direct opposite to Honecker's effort that was built to keep his oppressed people from escaping, Trump's is to prevent the US being overwhelmed.

Haters will hate I guess.


From the NZ Herald web site:

"The Labour Leader is ... in Labour".

Must mean she has resigned from the Communist Party, eh.


If I were a generous cove I'd cut Kelvin Davis some slack on the basis that he's still finding his feet as a Minister of the Crown ... but I'm not so I won't.

Many would have it that he got appointed as the Deputy Leader of the Labour Party as a sop to Maori.   One thing for certain ... he certainly didn't get it on ability because his performance in the House characterised by his inability to answer questions and a tendancy to take refuge in pigeon Maori when under pressure has been sufficient for him to be ordered into the witless protection program while his failure as Minister of Corrections to get to grips with his portfolio has become an embarrassment to his colleagues.

Judith Collins introduced double bunking in prisons and week after week Labour, led by Davis, railed against that as inhuman.   One might reasonably be forgiven for assuming that double bunking was a no no for that Party.    Then last week came the grand announcement by Davis of a rebuild for Waikeria Prison as an alternative to the proposed new 'super-max' facility favoured by National.    But hold on, under questioning Davis was forced to reveal that double bunking was a feature of the rebuild ... now, some commentators, less kind than I, have suggested a certain hypocrisy by Davis given his track record of opposition to double bunking ... but far be it for me to comment on that.

It  got worse however ... under further questioning Davis was forced to admit there existed contingency plans for prisoners to sleep on the floor in prison gymnasia should the muster fail to drop after proposed changes to the bail and sentencing laws come into effect.

Mr Davis is presiding over a clusterf**k all of his own making.    He may have been a moderately successful principal of a small intermediate school in Kaitaia but as a Minister with significant portfolio responsibilities he is clearly out of his depth.    Chances are he won't be improving with age much like a cask of cheap wine ... take the analogy further ... how long before his colleagues go sour on him? 

Wednesday, June 20, 2018


Might be what Trump needs to employ!!

Gelignite linked with cordtex digs a drain faster than any alternative I have used.

The Democrats last gasp for the Mid terms later this year comes with their ignition of border control photo ops with a compliant media faking news around  a solution that has been lawful for years and using wailing children to create anti Trump  "News".
Through the years gone before it was the same but the media ignored it

Claiming twelve thousand children are in detention after being "ripped from the arms of their loving parents at the border, is a pile of porkies.

Children of criminals are taken into care when ever parents are  arrested as they have been for centuries and with illegal immigrants using their spawn and even borrowed ones on occasions since forever in illegal entry to the US, it is still the "Law".

Many of the children being held in temporary detention until immigrant status is discovered are turning up at the border  travelling alone with no parents to be seen.

We are so lucky we have a big moat.

Meanwhile congressional committees have made progress to unravel Deep States more egregious efforts to thwart the man the luvvies love to hate.
The Dept of Justice Inspector General has released the first installment of his inquiry into the DoJ and the FBI. Horowitz testimony to congress today was as much sad as revealing
The results are astounding and somewhat disquieting. Gone are the days when the incorruptible GMen were 'as solid as'.  There is no evidence so far that field offices and their legions of Agents are corrupt, it is  HQ where under the oversight of DoJ, the top people are being discovered to have feet of Clay.
Such irregularities as falsifying FISA warrant applications to spy on US citizens were achieved on dodgy evidence, bought and paid for by  Clinton Campaign funds, allowing subsequent spying on Trump Towers.  Then an out of the  ordinary subsequent investigation by HQ as opposed to the relevant "Field Office", that investigation foundered early on when Comey McCabe and Strzok conspired to clear the very dodgy Democrat POTUS candidate  of clearly indictable offending while Sec State, weeks before she was asked to give her evidence in July to the cosy friendly HQ operatives.
Then as with most such offending, further crimes were perpetrated in a clumsy cover up that entirely depended on the success of Crooked Hillary at the polls,  for the mess of pottage to be finally buried but sadly the silly cow spent too much campaign effort in safe states like  New York, New Jersey and California (already locked in) while the wily Don went to places like Wisconsin that Clinton took for granted and Trump won.
Then the lid came off and excrement flew, slowly at first as all attempts to discover were thwarted by delay, obfuscation and at times lying, events are now accelerating and todays revelations  are shaking Washington to its foundations with several deep state operatives experiencing lower colon contractions.

Former FBI director James Comey fired by Trump is in the  deepest do does, with investigator Peter Stzrok and his lover, bureau lawyer Lisa Page not far behind. Assistant FBI Director Rozenstein and disgraced  Temporary Director Andrew McCabe,  appointed to replace fired Comey also have serious questions to answer.
Then even former National security director James Clapper and former CIA director John O Brennan, and ex FBI director now head of the witch hunt Russian Hoax, Meuller  all have an odour about them.
The unprecedented fervour of so many people who had inherited an aura of probity but have been exposed as fallible if not seriously compromised, in the conniptions that the election of the swamp drainer  engendered,  is almost beyond belief.
I am left with a feeling similar to that when first Lawyer and so far the only one, who successfully ripped me off followed in short order by a series of god like senior medical professionals who successively obstructed the discovery of a benign spinal tumour causing swmbo to progressively become paralyzed below L1 for a period of nearly two years.
Hence I trust very few.

Dear Hillary whose election was the insurance policy to provide cover and safety for  the rats nest of miscreants under the direct control of Obama holdover DoJ supremo Secretary Loretta Lynch who herself possibly first aroused suspicion of serious offending in an unannounced Tarmac meeting with Ex Potus William Jefferson Clinton at New Orleans airport at the time Benghazi, an out of office computor server, the activities of porn publisher Weiner partner of  Huma Abedin were titivating fringe media, months before the ultimate success of Trump finally lit the fuse.

The NZ news consumers relying on  Red Radio, Pravda TV and the pale failing  print media, all  sourcing their copy from CNN, CNBC, Wapo and the NY Times will never deliver any of this, so ignorance will continue. I have long lost count of questions; "where did you hear that".
Hannity, Ingle, Bier, Carlson and Co at the leading Cable news channel in the US, Fox News, have been all over this for months while almost all those I mix with socially have no idea, yet  they are really negative when Donald Trump comes up  in conversation due in large part to the constant stream of the banal from the "haters" in total denial of any contrary opinion or facts that don't fit their narrative.

US currency has "in god we trust" on it but I am now thinking of Whitlams rejoinder to Sir John Kerr after the latter gave the former a DCM,   you may well sing God save the Queen, Kerr will need more than that

The awesome place that Gmen enjoyed in the psyche of US citizens since the creation of the FBI nearly a century ago has suffered a serious blow, it is now badly tarnished. It will take an extraordinary effort by current director Christopher Wray to restore faith and trust.

On Oz Pols

While politically, NZ goes even nuttier each week, Australia looks to have some interesting times ahead.

The Prime Ditherer, Malcolm Turnbull has just lost his thirty- fourth Newspoll on the trot.  Remember, this is the dil who knifed a successful PM in the back because he lost just thirty consecutive Newspolls.   Turnbull's personal popularity has inched upward just a tad but the measure that matters, the two party preferred vote, remains disastrous.   If an election were held today and the latest poll results ensued, the Liberals would be massacred.

On the other side of the fence, Turnbull's greatest political asset, Labor leader Bill Shorten, is about as popular as Yasir Arafat ever was in Jerusalem.  The moment the polls show the two party preferred gap closing (and it will) I aspect to see Shorten dumped to be replaced as leader by Anthony Albanese,  a straight taking man's man who resonates with dinkum Aussie middle Australia.  Should I be right, Trunbull's pathetic bunch of yes men (and women - not forgetting the stick insect) will be doomed.

Just like ACT and others in NZ, the minor parties which once showed promise have faded into obscurity.  Remember names like Palmer, Hanson and Xenofon?   None of them had what it really took.  All sizzle and no sausage.  The Australian Conservative Party, led by Senator Cory Bernadi seems to have more class and gravitas than the others and I hope he does well.

So there you have it.  Australia's next prime Minister will be Anthony Albanese.

Image result for anthony albanese


In a recent post I report how Justin Tredeau's Liberals had suffered a humiliating defeat in the Ontario Provincial election, losing power and reduced to a rump of just seven seats.

Actually for the Liberals the result was worse than that.   In Canada a Party that fails to win a designated number of seats in their Parliament or a Provincial Legislature is not afforded official  status.   This matters.

It means they're not resourced from the public purse nor can they ask questions of the ruling Party in 'the House'.   The latter provision seems quite strange indeed in a parliament based on the Westminster tradition.

In the Canadian Parliament the seat bar is ten seats.   In the Ontario Provincial Legislature it's eight.



For my many sins I get to travel a fair bit.   Queenstown last week, Wellington tomorrow, Dunedin next week.   I get to stay in a lot of hotels ... nothing great about hotels ... more like a chore.

What I absolutely refuse to do in a hotel is to play their silly game which has it that by refusing to change towels each day and I'm helping to save the planet.    Absolute phooey ... it's 0.01% about saving the planet and 99.99% about increasing profit.

Nothing better than a nice clean fresh towel to make up for crappy hotel TV and their limited selection of channels ... and don't even get me started on room mini-bars.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Dreary !



Today weak spasmodic sunshine Heavy cloud cover after heavy overnight drizzle

With Apologies to Sylvia Burlesque Only (corrected)

"Absolutely Un****able meets Completely Unmovable"


A mantra used to  give an alternative summation to the ever growing examples of the failure of Socialism refers to the oft preached notion  that equality is an aspirational goal for the success of the 'revolution', lines up as "The easiest way to achieve "Equality" is to get everyone in want", ie everyone equally miserable.

The human development has taken mankind from caves eating raw meat and shivering to keep warm to what a modern successful  state delivers to all, in various degrees largely defined by personal effort.
One of the Darwinism principles has the more successful enjoying ever greater standards of comfort and health by rewarding those who 'make a difference'.
Of course socialists apart from the leaders who it is clear, require a much more lavish lifestyle than those who one way or another put them in their exalted position. An anomaly that in the worst cases sees  gazillions pilfered from those they rule over, stashed away safely in a Swiss Bank account as an insurance against, God forbid, the plebs figuring out the injustices and revolting.
Then basic human instincts can deliver rough justice awfully swift and accurate, unless an escape is made to a safe haven.

Poor old Ceausescu and his hapless missus found themselves shivering in front of a prison wall on a Christmas day, sans Santa Claus, waiting for the guard commander to order "Fire".

The current rabble masquerading as a sovereign government in the insignificant south pacific archipelago named after a small enclave of the homeland of the first recorded European to discover what can still be the greatest little country imaginable, seem intent on perpetrating their collective notion of fairness by destroying decades of prosperity, closing the industrious parts of the whole to enable confiscated wealth to be directed to  the feckless and indolent who will consume but not create to the  increase of the wealth pie of the nation.

Whatever direction the economy heads, from here on, one certainty will endure,  a need for plentiful,  affordable, environmentally safe,  secure energy supplies.
Every imaginable alternative productive enterprise entrepreneurial driven men and women can come up with to make for a better life will need that basic economic fuel-- energy, whether it comes from  hydro, solar, wind or carbon. Alas the most "green" economic energy source - nuclear is verbotten !
That people is why the virtue signalling moronic decision to shut down  oil and gas exploration and development, taken without any advice,  discussion and an almost dearth of consultation with those directly and immediately effected was so bad and widely panned. All done apparently as a bit of window dressing enhancement on the eve of a first European charm offensive in search of acceptance from  those on the list to be visited by the newly minted home grown Princess Royal appointed by Mr seven percent (now diminishing). A destructive ploy labeled by the self styled peoples princess as her "Nuclear moment"

NZ will still need exactly  the same energy requirements just to survive unless a next step is Kampuchea style rebirth of the nation, coming unannounced, like so many of the moronic ideas being promulgated from the ninth floor with out any basis from party policy announced pre-election, merely driven by ideological considerations from the almost comical gob of one silly girl, apparently merely a marionette with a multitude of past long ago dismissed by the electorate, puppeteers manipulating the strings.

If that was the hidden agenda of those who think mixed member proportional representation is the way,  it has been a rousing success, it must be said.
Sadly though it will only last  until the supply of other peoples money holds up, that will then usher in true "Utopia" with everyone (apart from Dear leader and her coterie) equally miserable.
The equality box can then be ticked.

Monday, June 18, 2018


Calvin Coolidge was the 30th President of the US.    He served as Warren Harding's Vice-President and assumed the presidency in 1923 when Harding died in office.   He was elected in his own right in 1924 in a landslide victory and retired in 1928 after declining nomination for a second term which he would have surely won.

There was nothing pretentious about Coolidge.   His exhibited the traditional New England Puritan virtues of honesty, industry, thrift, taciturnity and piety and presided over a strong and burgeoning economy.   He is perhaps best remembered for his saying "The business of America is business".

But I particularly like this story ... his son, Calvin Jnr learned of his fathers ascent to power working as a field hand on a New England tobacco farm.   Honest work in the fresh air was considered a needful thing by the family, which was still very much connected to its middle-class roots. There would be no fake resume-padding jobs or summers spent lolling on sailboats or golf links.

The story goes that when young Cal opted to stay cutting tobacco, one of his co-workers was incredulous that he was staying despite his elevated status. “If my father was President, I wouldn't work in a tobacco field” the other boy said.

 Calvin responded, “If my father were your father, you would.”

Sunday, June 17, 2018


Love my golf although my game can best be described as 'glorious in its mediocrity'.    Phil (the thrill) Mickelson has long been one of my golfing icons.    His short game is amazing.

Ok, the Shinnecock Hills course was tough, brutal even, but what Mickelson did on the 13th ... putting the ball then, when it missed the hole (and moving further away by the second), chasing after it and hitting it back towards the hole while it was still moving (away) was totally reprehensible and a huge breech of golfing etiquette.

For that he incurred a two shot penalty in accordance with rule 1-2.    I stand with those commentators who have it that Mickelson should have been disqualified under Rule 33-7.   His subsequent actions confirm that ... downplaying his action and telling critics to 'toughen up' shows huge disrespect for the game.

Sorry Phil ... you lost it and I will never view you in the same light again.

Ho Ho Ho

On his way from NK to Singapore



Yep, I'm tribal National but not ever in my wildest dreams did I think that just eight months into the CoL taking the treasury benches elements of the media here would be speculating that this could very well be a one term government.

"Its taken them three minutes to look as shabby, arrogant and as broken down as a third term government suffering rampant hubris and pleading to be put out of its misery."

Ouch and double ouch and I thought 'he' was one of  'theirs'. 

Saturday, June 16, 2018



Very different in fact.

A few weeks ago while shopping at Halswell New World,  a tray of mushrooms for a planned pizza were included and as per usual the Club Card was scanned during the checkout action.
That was all it took for a very revealing and somewhat surprising subsequent event that we were privileged to enjoy yesterday.

The  surprise followed when that routine retail process resulted in a phone call from a manager at Meadow Mushrooms owned by the Burdon  Family of Philip Burdon ex MP for Ilam,  inviting self and swmbo to visit the enterprise and enjoy a luncheon prepared and served by a local Christchurch Chef.

What a totally gob smacking day eventuated, beginning at 0900 hrs we first travelled to Greendale where in the middle of a dairy farm is situated the composting part of the operation.
Almost totally mechanised, wheat straw is turned into compost in three stages, one includes the addition of chicken manure and if necessary urea,  to then be trucked to the growing operations at Prebbleton and Wigram. Prebbleton is due to be decommissioned very soon with expansion of the Wigram plant. The last stage at Greendale includes addition of the mushroom spore and an additional food source for the resulting mushrooms to extend the harvest period.

Then returning to HQ at Wigram via a coffee break in Rolleston, we followed a large semi trailer of compost to the next stage at Wigram.

The compost arrives by semi trailer at the growing /harvesting sheds where the almost odourless compost including the mycelium already invading the mass is placed on metal trays with a covering of peat under the operation of three people again all automated,  placed in tunnel sheds at computer controlled temperatures where pickers, far and away the most labour intensive process will pick through three cycles lasting a couple of weeks. Then the mass of spent matter is sterilised before departing to a compost producer for sale to the public.

The old saying; fed on BS and kept in the dark still applies except the BS is Chicken Sh*t, The fruits either white or brown, double in size every few hours and the operation runs 364 days a year  producing several grades and product type.
Meadow is the largest producer by any measure in NZ with the entire hundreds of tonnes all  for domestic consumption.

The process is now based on a  Dutch process using turn key plant imported from that European country replacing wooden trays with greater labour and costs incurred being phased out.

Company CEO John,  joined us for a delicious lunch that demonstrated several ways to incorporate the product that we by then had a total awareness of how it gets to Market from the mycelium that totally invades the compost layer.

Thankyou Mark and Meadow for a wonderful informative and entertaining day,  the lunch was an unforgettable end to nearly five hours. The production figures, the almost odourless process under ongoing growth and renewal, providing jobs for so many and a product I will now regard with much more appreciation was all quite mind boggling.


My very very good friend, Lord Egbut Nobacon ... soldier, old Africa hand, entrepreneur, UK-NZ solo yachtsman, Inn Keeper, generous host, gentleman, researcher, dog lover and now ex-patriot Francophile ... took me to task a few days ago for alleging that St Jacinda had 'feet of clay'.   I responded.

If the events of the last few days and 'her' refusal to discipline motormouth Shane Jones for comments made attacking the chairman of the countries largest private company and later, her own leadership,  ain't proof positive of feet of clay then I don't know what is.

Ms Ardern said Jones wasn't speaking as a Minister.  FFS, he first made the comments at a function where he was introduced as the Minister for Regional Development.   He then repeated them inside the House.   If he wasn't speaking as a Minister what was he speaking as?

... a failed electorate candidate in the 2005 election.
... a failed electorate candidate in the 2008 election.
... someone who used his ministerial credit-card to access pornographic movies.
... an ex Labour Cabinet Minister.
... a failed electorate candidate in the 2011 election.
... a failed electorate candidate in the 2017 election.
... a shareholder in Fonterra (nah, he ain't)
... a wannabee electorate MP in the 2020 election
... as Shane Jones, motormouth extraordinaire

The cabinet manual makes it clear (2.57) that holding a ministerial warrant is regarded as a full time occupation as is remunerated accordingly.   It follows therefore that you are a minister 24/7 and Ardern is simply wrong to brush aside Jones' comments as having been made in a private capacity.   Members of the Executive don't enjoy that luxury. 

Her failure to act is even more surprising given that on the same day Jones attacked Fonterra he also endorsed the claim by Simon Bridges that the Government (of which he is a part) had set up too many working parties, inquiries, reviews and investigations as a substitute for governing.   That can only be seen as a public shot at the Prime Minister.   

It's clear that Ardern is spooked by Jones (and Winston) and can't/won't act even when her leadership is directly challenged.   Her feet of clay are growing larger. 

Meanwhile the Jones boy will continue to be consumed by his own importance buttressed by arrogance and a sense of entitlement that allows him to go off the reservation at will.

... right now the winner is Jones.



On my sojourn down south and every morning delivered to my room was a copy of the OTD.

It was pleasure to read the last of the countries truly great daily newspapers.    World and Dunedin news and sport plus a section devoted to the regions.   Reminiscences of times past ... the last tram to Mosgeil and Norm Kirk's burial at Waimate.  

Quality journalism and a cut above the trashy tabloids.    ODT ... take a bow,

Friday, June 15, 2018

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Thursday, June 14, 2018


A Melon promoted above her pay grade makes a the only decision she is told she can make to give a green (LoL) light to a Chinese company wishing to invest millions, create employment, while bottling an infinitesimal quantity of spring water for export to China.

And her party that is still firmly entrenched in the mindset of opposition is in turmoil.

Just another example of the dearth of understanding of business and the law that exists within a party that never truly considered they might someday be in an executive position trying to run NZ Inc.

As a commenter said on Farrar's blog yesterday, millions of liters of water were causing serious costs, disruptions and downstream economic losses in her home district of Gisborne  on its way to the Pacific Ocean that only needed a bit of filtering before bottling.

No understanding, no perspective,  no concept, no idea but the newly minted co-leader of the Melons wont let such trivialities get in the way of her simple little idealistic world.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Singapore Summit

Now that the dust has settled this comment by me at The Australian sums it up.

The late unlamented Joh Bejelke Petersen summed it up.

"If I walked on water the media from Mexico (NSW and Vic) would say I can't swim."

Which ever way you cut the cake, this has been a very significant win for the president.  Three months ago, not one of the so called pundits dreamed such a meeting was possible.  They didn't even mention it.

I just give thanks to God it was not Obama and Kerry meeting Kim.  They would have given him guidance systems for his nukes already preprogrammed for Los Angeles.


The MSM is in turmoil trying to spin what occurred yesterday in Singapore within their belief systems  and political bias

Whatever happens from here on in, present indications are somewhat more comfortable around the Korean peninsula imho after Trump's unorthodox ways.

As Potus said during the hour long presser before flying home, "I may be standing before you in a few weeks to review what has been delivered, but then if it is failure well I may have to find  an excuse not to front up." Aint that the truth but if Trump has given Un a glimpse of how he can make for a much better NORK and moderate the murderous little rocket man's actions from here on in so much for the better.
At least the reveal of what Singapore and  SOUK with its capital only a few kilometers south of the border as seen by his sister during the Olympics, must have an impact in glaring contrast to the true images he probably is able to ignore at home.

Thankyou Mr President for at least making a change to the "game"  however fragile it appears to so many.
The success or failure could be decades away but not trying to buy a solution with billions that are never accounted for, counts for much in my book.

Jaw jaw is surely better than war  war however long it lasts and if the biggest concession made  in the immediate future is cancellation of the next war games, the price is cheap, and the four minute video on an ipad  even cheaper.

If NZ media think they got value for money after the jaunt by Barely  Sober, Commie Dann and co then tell them they are dreamin.
Never in the field of NZ news was so little achieved by so many for so much spent, in fact pathetic seems almost lauditory.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018


Why almost certainly oil based synthetic clothes of course.

There are a multitude of pseudo Melons protesting much of what modern society has developed and embraced as making for a safer higher standard of living while creating  greater time to enjoy what life offers.
Gone are the days when only the most wealthy could travel, indulge in leisure activities however pointless in the belief of others, enjoy good nutrition even when some of those sources involve claimed health threatening content and live in relative freedom from state sponsored interference.

Of course there are still thousands of people apparently so bored they need a stream of causes requiring protest, against things that others employ in a pursuit of happiness everyday.
Capitalism, largely imagined poverty arising from a perceived unfairness in wealth distribution while ignoring just who might have created that wealth, convenience from plastic packaging, cheap  or affordable apparel while totally ignoring the fact that almost all the fabrics are oil based in their creation, and now we are being fed a daily chorus of opposition against misnomered "One trip retail plastic  bags" to conveniently carry  purchases and convey them to a place of consumption.
Of course a high number of those so called one trip bags fulfill many second and even more uses before they are consigned to landfill.

Now there cant be many who on arriving home with  grocery items crammed into plastic lightweight bags don't find chicken and packaged red meats have leaked and sometimes even beyond the secondary one trip bags, so that is a reminder  of the serious probability of contracting  illness from bacterial  contamination from using the  reusable bags that might well serve repeated use sans any hygiene process.

That leads me to ask just where will the crusade against Plastic packaging  find its red line.
Will frozen vegetables be packaged in compostable bags?
Will meal portions of meat with the high potential for bacterial contamination be wrapped,  how?
What will the shelf life be for cereals and how long will such product be able to remain usable in a pantry, swmbo and self have problems now with biscuits and such consumable process food being used before they become soggy and flavour altered?
Many cleaning and other bathroom products are toxic to a greater or lesser degree, how will they be contained sans plastic?
Just consider how much weight will be increased when all are in glass? same for milk and cream?
Think for a moment about the cardboard packaging for the yogurt, I recall when ice cream was marketed in cardboard pottles back in the day, the taste when the ultimate scraping gathered some of the lining designed to create a moisture barrier  for the cardboard, it was not  nice.

So to prevent a turtle, a whale or any creature being washed up sick or deceased on a beach and be found on post mortem examination to have ingested plastic detritus, responsible New Zealand shoppers must conform to virtue signalling moronic bans and find alternatives.
Has anyone had a look lately at the state of waterways throughout much of Asia, could that be where the anti plastic protest could be aimed not some poor old shopper here in gods own needing to prevent possible fatal illness from cross contamination of the weekly grocery buy.

The world has endured decades of protest against fur, and sometimes even leather while an explosion of synthetic polymer based clothing is embraced for cost advantage.
Meanwhile NZ struggles to find economic markets for wool and until it was blended with Merino wool as "merino mink,  Possum fur was included in the fashionable protest and international bans of all fur products using emotive images of caged minks and clubbed baby seal pups at the forefront of that protest. Meanwhile NZ was struggling to control possums that create great depredation of native flora and fauna, unable to harness the great driver harvesting the fur might create.
Now we find a new threat of microfibers in the oceans from synthetic materials used for cleaning, clothing and multiple other uses. Also "micro beads that are in many "beauty" products.

A couple of recent incidents can be considered triggers for this post:
I recently gave in to swmbos many requests to upgrade my denims and went as far as indulging self in a well cut pair of levis, the look of abject horror on the face of the retail assistant when I declined the boldly branded establishment bag and just carried the now destined as work jeans back to the motor rolled up  in my hand!!!
Then late last week the trusty dishwasher declined us further assistance and Harvey Norman provided a replacement. Instead of a compostable cardboard  box, the packaging included polystyrene, plastic shrink wrap and a large plastic bag!!!

So I ask again where will the line be drawn in the sand over the virtue signalling driven ban on plastic packaging be drawn?
For me the solution might be better aimed at education over uses and disposal for the garbage created rather than a ban that   is destined to become a maze of confusion.

Monday, June 11, 2018


The left rejoice in portraying Justin Trudeau as the new face of social-democratic politics,   Certainly St Jacinda is all over him as a bosom buddy.

Seems though Canadians have woken up to the fact that, like many socialists, Trudeau is all piss and wind.    Just two years out from his stunning victory the gloss has well and truly disappeared.

The latest poll conducted by Forum Research (the Forum Poll) has the Conservatives on 46% ... 16% ahead of the Liberals on 30% with the New Democratic Party (which embodies elements of Social-Credit) third on 18%.  The Greens are sitting at 4% while the Bloc Quebecois is on 2%.

Translated into seats and this would see the Conservatives governing in their own right with 234 seats with the Liberals reduced to a rump of just 72 seats.   The NDP would end up with 30 seats, 13 down from the 43 they currently hold and the Greens and BQ one seat each.

Trudeau's approval rating as PM reflects those numbers.   It's in free-fall with only 35% approval compared with 56% disapproval ... giving a net favourable score of -21.

A straw to the wind was the Ontario Provincial election held last Friday.   There the Progressive Conservatives ousted the ruling Liberal Party winning 76 seats (with 63 seats needed for a majority). The Liberals were reduced to just seven seats and so lost official party status in recording the worst result in that party's 161 year history.   The NDP became the opposition with 40 seats.  

Clearly what 'God' giveth God can taketh away (and quickly).   Ms Fairy Stardust with her feet increasingly revealed as being made of clay should take note and worry.