Friday, July 20, 2018

A Bit of a Spat

There's a slanging match going on between NZ's Little loser and Australia's mouth of the moment, Peter Dutton.   The hapless Little is being buried.

Image result for peter duttonImage result for andrew little

If Andrew Little has half a brain he would advise Mr Dutton NZ will immediately set about applying the same social service restrictions to ex pat Australians residing in NZ as Australia applies to law abiding, hard working, tax paying New Zealanders living in Australia.

That might knock a few arses in.


Lindsay Mitchell is a respected fellow blogger.   She nails her colours to the wall with her sincerely held belief that the welfare state is unsustainable economically, socially and morally.    Two graphs she has just posted caught my eye.  

They tell a story.   No further commentary needed.


Some moron seeing a need to appear relevant brings in another rule that a dog on the tray of a ute must be restrained, failure to comply, a fine of three hundred dollars. Thanks a bunch  Andy Knapsack.

Some parents wanting to make their child safe, place a harness and leash on the wild child to effect a similar outcome and snowflakes emerge from everywhere screaming  charges of child abuse.

A friend at Field Days this year noted the previously popular  child restraint making a comeback to emulate what for our rural raised children made so much more sense than removing all possible dangers in an immediate environment that could attract attention from an inquisitive mind

Back to the canine nonsense, I fear the only enforcement will  arise from an already tragic outcome when things go bad, as did prosecutions from an equally moronic Law somewhere around the three quarter mark of last century that made it an offense for a child to ride on a "tractor" back in the day when such practice arose from necessity to have the child in relatively safety on the machine as opposed to under a bloody wheel.
Many hours of my formative years were spent on the footplate of a Caterpillar 'Fifteen', often asleep nestled in a secured wooden box that arrived on the farm with two containers of "Coopers Dip".

So much of the NZ rural livestock activity  occurs adjacent to a road and the well trained canine will not leave their commanding position on the deck until  a need for action arises and often when that happens, a quick response will need to be initiated. Valuable time taken to stop vehicle, release seatbelt, open door, emerge, and then unclip the bloody dog, the two mobs that could have been kept apart so  easily will have turned to custard requiring a serious time consuming rearrangement.
Equally there are many children running free in Malls and restraining them before they crash into some little old lady seems a  humane system.

Friday's Fulminations

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Thursday, July 19, 2018


Banks are Banks.   They are there to provide a return to their shareholders (except for Kiwibank which requires regular injections of capital from the taxpayer ... I digress).   I understand that imperative and don't expect too much from my Bank which probably has me red flagged on their computer as a 'freeloader' because I religiously pay off my credit-card debt in full every month.

Last week I had occasion to query an item on my credit-card statement.   After successfully navigating myself through the bank's 0800 query line I found myself speaking to a real person who very quickly resolved the problem.   She then said 'hold on, you may be eligible to receive a 50% reduction on the annual card fee' (of $125).    I said 'tell me more'.   She said that if my Veterans Pension (NZ Superannuation) was being paid directly into my account then I would qualify for the 50% waiver.   I said 'it is and look up my account on your screen for confirmation'.   She said 'You're right and you qualify and there, it's all done'.

Half happy but Grrrrrrrrrrr ... why didn't the Bank tell me that seven years ago when I first qualified for the VP?


and just when you thought you had seen and heard it all 'he' does it again.   Asked by a reporter at the Wednesday afternoon Cabinet meeting whether Russia 'is still targeting the United States' the President said 'No'.

Later the White House Press Secretary said that when the President said 'No' he didn't mean 'No' to the question but rather it was 'No' as in 'No more questions'.       The gymnastic contortions of language his aides are having to employ in order to paper over his continuing faux pas are worthy of an Olympic gold medal.

I've said enough about this idiot masquerading as POTUS.    Taking a break from Trumpland to blog about honest reality.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018


With the Red Army within a hundred kms of Berlin and the western allies about to cross the Rhine the political "Big Three" of Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt met in Crimea at the Lavidea Palace in February 1945 with the military defeat of Germany unable to end in anything other than total destruction of The Third Reich.

One of the monumental outcomes of that meeting was the creation of a Soviet "sphere of political control" in complete absence of any hope of democracy  for the people of Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Greater Yugoslavia and Albania, all consigned to Soviet domination for the next almost half century.
Austria Italy, Greece, Finland, and even France faced serious threat of inclusion in that euphemistically termed  sphere of influence through agitation from strong communist ideological influence amongst the socialist trade union empowered left.
While devastated Germany was partitioned into four "Zones" each under the control of The US, France, The UK and The USSR with the poor wretches eventually locked into East Germany denied any semblance of democracy as western peoples might define it. The other three "Zones" merged into a free democratic state under a constitutional electoral arrangement similar to that now used In NZ for MMP, with a Capital city in Bonn.

Churchill had serious reservations at this locking in of Soviet Hegemony over eastern Europe but Roosevelt supported Stalin and the rest is History.
Now because Donald Trump didn't call out the nasty little scroat currently in charge of the Russian Federation at Helsinki, he  is being compared to Chamberlain in Munich c1938, the perpetrator of a "Pearl Harbour" disaster c 1941 and the greatest Traitor to ever hold the Office of POTUS.

Sheesh people so Trump fresh from reducing tension on the Korean DMZ sometimes erroneously referred to The 38 parallel didn't stick his neck in a noose at Helsinki to satisfy all the sufferers of Trump Derangement Syndrome, merely met with the current dictator of Russia and no war erupted,  why don't we just wait and see down the track

References to his throwing the US security services under a bus, give me strength. The conniptions of Obama, Brennan Comey, Rosenstein, Strzok, and Meuller along with the established traitors currently in the Democratic Party, they should all be tossed under the Amtrack express leaving Washington DC.
The almost total politicisation of the DoJ and The FBI leadership as arms of the Democratic Party make it a fairly reasonable desire for the present POTUS to have a strong urge to assist in the tossing.

Just think for a moment if the deliberations of the  Big Three had been exposed to political motivations and digital communications across the mass media, the widely revered Roosevelt who was elected to the office of POTUS four times leading to the 22nd  amendment to the US constitution might have had his reputation tarnished.


In writing my previous post on Trump being Trump I had seriously considered including a prediction that 'he' would label the reporting of his remarks from the Helsinki press conference 'Fake News'.    I wuz wrong.

It appears the President quickly realised the veritable shit storm his comments had created both at home and abroad and now sez 'he misspoke'.  

That when he said "My people came to me ... they said we think its Russia.  I have President Putin; he said its not Russia.  I will say this ... I don't see any reason why it would be" ... that he should have said "I don't see any reason why it wouldn't be Russia.  Sort of double negative".

He must take 'us' (meaning the world) for fools. 

I have been a consistent critic of Trump (and Clinton).   But I have tried to give him some respect as befitting his office.   No more.    The man is an ego driven narcissist idiot who embarrasses his office every day he occupies it.    Problem is the US Constitution does not provide for the impeachment of an idiot ... if it did Millard Fillmore, James Buchanan and Andrew Jackson would all be goneburger ... while the bar in the 25th Amendment providing for the removal of the President as being 'unfit to serve' is a high one indeed.

America is, for better or worse, stuck with Trump for the next 28 months and America and the western world will be all the poorer for it.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Watch Your Step

Adolf's Spanish lessons today include a section on idiom or sayings. 

Here's a real gem I've never heard in the English language:-

Love is blind but not the neighbours.

'El amor es ciego, pero los vecinos no'

Spanish has a comma before the word 'pero' (but)


This one was written for David

In the land of the blind, the one-eyed is king.

'En tierra de ciegos, el tuerto es rey'


The quite extraordinary (some might say bizarre) press conference  early this morning where Trump exonerated Putin from any wrongdoing in the US Presidential election has been universally condemned from across the US political spectrum.     Trump prostituted himself at Putin's feet with CNN's Anderson Cooper calling it as "one of the most disgraceful performances by an American President".

Some Trumpist apologists will say 'CNN ... so what'.   But it's not just CNN.   When Fox News weighs in also you know Trump has overreached himself big-time.   Not just the networks ... ex CIA Director John Brennan called the performance as "nothing short of treasonous" while conservative commentator Ben Shapiro said Trump's performance was "self serving and grotesque" before declaring "Trump made a fool of himself".  

The final word to U.S. Sen. John McCain who slammed Trump sayingThe damage inflicted by President Trump’s naiveté, egotism, false equivalence, and sympathy for autocrats is difficult to calculate".   The Arizona Republican and Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee added that Trump is unwilling to stand up to Putin. “He and Putin seemed to be speaking from the same script as the President made a conscious choice to defend a tyrant against the fair questions of a free press, and to grant Putin an uncontested platform to spew propaganda and lies to the world".     Sage comment.

All this at the end of Trump's European 'tour de force'.    A visit where he sought to undermine the British PM; questioned the US commitment to NATO; called the EU 'the enemy' and managed to walk in front of the Queen.

Trump is not a Republican yet he may go down in history as having near destroyed the Republican Party with his cosying up to Putin.     From where I sit Trump has 'outchamberlained' Chamberlain.


Monday, July 16, 2018

How to Make a Prize Prick of Yourself

First, engage is an act of gratuitous publicity seeking by sending your useless underwater recovery vehicle to Thailand, where is was neither asked for nor wanted.   The Thai government, in its polite way, told him to fuck off.

Second, when called out by one of the real heroes of the rescue, accuse the fellow of being a paedophile.       (Hmmmm, Another lefty I know does that from time to time.  I wonder which of Alinsky's rules that comes from?)

Of course, I refer to that darling of the left, Elon Musk, who has moved from being a musk melon to being a musk ox.  Last time I looked 'musk' was an all pervading odour associated with rutting goats.

Image result for elon musk

Maybe car sales aren't going to well?  The man sure as hell needs to fire his PR manager.

Sunday, July 15, 2018


TV1 News ran a story on Shane Jones' Provincial Growth Fund.    Fascinating that 40% of all the money allocated so far has gone to Northland.     Wonder why ....

It's difficult to avoid the conclusion that Jones is trying to 'buy' the Northland seat with taxpayers money.    It is with with my tongue only slightly in cheek that I suggest to Matt King, National's incumbent Northland MP,  he should seek a ruling from the Electoral Commission to have all the dosh included in Jones' Election Expense Return when he takes on Matt 2020.

In the news-clip Jones came across as his normal arrogant and bombastic self, pontificating from on high, buttressed be a huge sense of self importance and entitlement.    His lazyness is legend up here and his persona is a massive turn-off to female voters.      

Still, Northland's gain is Northland's gain and we'll take in and run .... now how do I get 'him' to direct a roundabout be installed at Puketona (the junction of SH10 and SH11)?


Saturday, July 14, 2018

Ho Ho Ho

Image may contain: text

When NASA started sending up astronauts, they quickly discovered that ballpoint pens would not work at zero gravity.
To combat the problem, NASA scientists spent a decade and $12 billion developing a pen that wrote at zero gravity, upside down, underwater, on almost any surface including glass and at temperatures ranging from below freezing to 300C. The Russians used a pencil.

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Oh Dear, Oh Dear, Oh Dear

Legbut and David will be cancelling their subscriptions to The Times of London. 

In an opinion piece, self described Liberal Matthew Parris analyses the verbal meanderings of American president Donald Trump and, you know what?   He reckons Trump is a hell of a lot more smarter and more honest than his vocal detractors from the lunatic left and stuck up right.

The nub of the argument is that the detractors don't like the way the President does and says things  but so far, they are unable to identify anything that has gone badly wrong.   The fact is, they don't understand his way of getting things done or his feel for the things that need to be done.

The piece is behind a paywall, as it is at The Australian.

Some extracts to send a shiver down Legbut's leg:-

Kissing Theresa May better after roughing her up was neither contrition nor revision. Donald Trump plays soft cop to his own hard cop. It was that first stomach-punch that was indicative. The president was right first time about a US-UK trade deal and he knows it.......

........Donald Trump doesn’t care to think too much before he speaks and has a habit of saying what he thinks. And the trouble with us, not him, is that what he thinks is what plenty of more genteel and considered folk do actually think, but don’t like to say.
He’s right, isn’t he, about the dangers of European reliance on Russian gas? It’s all very well to murmur that if Germany needs to buy, Russia needs to sell — but look at the way western reliance on Middle Eastern oil has skewed world politics for half a century. 
He’s right, isn’t he, that China is not offering the world a level playing field in terms of trade. Perhaps brinkmanship here is needed. Nor is he necessarily wrong about America’s trade terms with the EU. It does not suit Brexiteers to admit, but it’s true, that the EU conducts its trade negotiations with “third countries” in a pretty muscular way. So they should, in all our interests, but let’s hear less European whimpering about US threats to raise tariffs, when Europe levies tariffs too. What’s needed is for both blocs to negotiate tariffs down. 
He’s right, isn’t he, that British politics is in “turmoil"? And he’s right, isn’t he (fellow-Remainers, you wince, but you know it’s true) that Theresa May’s white paper Brexit proposals will turn the United Kingdom into an economic satellite of the European Union?


People believe what they want to believe and if a latter day 'John Frum' comes along offering the uneducated and the gullible something at a substantial discount over the standard cost that  everyone else has to pay then there are those who will leap at the chance to cook their snook at the Government especially when it is dressed up in the cloak of Maori sovereignty.

Up here in Northland we have a group calling itself the Tikanga Maori Law Society o Nutireni.    It takes it lead from the Exodus Movement lead by a fake Komatua resident in Oz.   You can read his nonsense here.  The organisation arrogates to itself the right to issue drivers licenses, vehicle number plates and warrants of fitness (all for a fee).    It is impossible to have any sort of dialogue with those who choose to believe the garbage pedaled.    I have never held much truck with ex-Labour Party Minister Dover Samuels but he had it right in describing this mob as "thriving on ignorance and intimidation".

You can fairly ask why the Police don't act to pull over and order off the road vehicles with pretend registrations.   Their response ... 'it's just not worth the hassle .... we issue an infringement notice and they don't pay.   We have more important things to do with our time'.

It take issue with that.   The Courts has the power to issue an Attachment Order against a persons wages or benefit payments in order to recover unpaid fines.    That can attract a fee ($102) which is added to the fine.     The Courts have the tools and should be far more proactive in the issuing of such orders.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Friday's Fulminations

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Thursday, July 12, 2018

The Unsung Hero

Throughout the intense media scrutiny given to the Thai cave rescue, one person's truly extraordinary effort went largely, in my view, under-reported and unrecognised.

Image result for ekkapol chantawong

I refer to the team coach, Ekkapol Chantawong, who kept those boys spirits up for nine long days until they were found.  I understand he did so largely by the use of Buddhist meditation.  The key ingredient was the prevention of panic.  Whatever techniques he used, the results were remarkable and are  credit to him.  I hope he is well rewarded for such true leadership.

On the other hand, I've heard it said that at the outset the coach led the boys past a barricade forbidding entrance to the cave.  However, I'm unable to find confirmation of that.


It's 1969.   A 23 year old hungover, homesick, US Sergeant mechanic, stole a C130 Hercules aircraft from its base at RAF Mildenhall in East Anglia in an attempt to get back home to his newly wed wife in Virginia.    He was not a pilot and while he talked about getting a private pilots license there are no records of him ever having done so.

It appears he may have been shot down over the English Channel.

Gueez, I have a CPL, multi-engine and instrument ratings and approaching 1,000 hours in my logbook but I would balk at getting into a C130 and going solo even if they paid me heaps.   While there is an element of truth in the old saying that 'if you can ride a bike you can probably fly a plane' and, while takeoffs can present challenges, it's the getting down that really matters remembering that every landing is a controlled crash.

 I note from the RAF radar tapes he was identified at FLs 80 and 90 and skirting cloud which would indicate he was flying VFR.   Hate to think what would have happened if he had flown into cloud and forced to go IFR.   He would have started to feel VERY lonely up there.  

You can read the whole story here   Clearly the incident was subject to a massive cover-up.


Received a very nice letter in the mail yesterday from the constabulary inviting me to make a donation to the consolidated fund per courtesy of a newly installed speed camera positioned two km outside the Whangarei City limits (92k in an 80k zone at 1.15 am in the morning driving home from Hamilton).

Fair cop (I guess).    Wots harder to take is the unrelenting barrage of  'I told you so' from Mrs Veteran.  

Wednesday, July 11, 2018


How is it that some small fundamentalist 'Christian' sects (no, I didn't say sex) like the Jehovah Witness and Exclusive Brethren fell a need to surround their places of worship with high fences and locked gates?

Is it to keep the infidels out or the adherents wanting to get out, in ... just askin.

Word to the wise.  Whenever a JW posse turns up at our door I make it clear that I'm a devout .... but any neighhbour of mine giving me jip and I point 'them' in their direction telling them they had once expressed an interest in their religion and they gallop orf merrily into the sunset perhaps to be be savaged by said neighbours dog (where they have one) and don't return until a new generation of Witnesses venture into deep darkest P*****. 

Kills two birds with one stone.


Phil Goff or as an Australian journo recently suggested more accurately Phil Cock, the Gauleiter of the City of Sails has a date with destiny.

The lifelong supporter of socialism even though never backward in enjoying all the benefits capitalism has bestowed on him whether earned or not,  has taken a "captains call" and banned a scheduled meeting at a north shore Council controlled venue that Herr Goff sees as his domain,  for two Canadians to hold a public meeting.

Now a man(advisedly) who saw fit to spit on and disrespect soldiers who had done their duty in a conflict that the youthful idiot saw as against his belief system, walks all over what many saw as a core reason those soldiers went to South Viet Nam to oppose militarily, a regime intent on denying such an act of expression that was in effect exercising "free speech".

Lauren Southern and Stephan Molyneux described in fake news sources as 'Far Right' a catch all phrase socialists employ to denigrate and hopefully silence anyone who dares to oppose all that the socialists hold dear, were scheduled to address a gathering at the small city owned and controlled venue.

In a city that hosts many venues where far mire disgusting views are promulgated on a regular basis, this is one terrible megalomaniac decision that might find favour with Nero, Pol Pot or Ceasceau,  but to many New Zealanders with a regard for the freedoms hard won and dearly held, it finally roused some disquiet.
Even Chris Trotter a widely read columnist from the political left was sufficiently moved to express his dismay.

Well the sudden appearance of a group  who decided to take action, launched an appeal for the fifty thousand dollars they were advised they would need to oppose The Cock in the courts.
Twenty four hours later they had the money and the bunch of legislation so admired by the luvvies will now be used to challenge that god awful act of high handed suppression of the basic right of free speech

The Cock suggests he has not banned them from speaking but when were things changed that a bunch of citizens who probably  fund much of  the wasted spend that the Council consumes on a daily basis, are to be denied by the Gauleiter  from hiring a venue for a lawful exercise.

I hope Mr Cock ends up with lots of egg on his face, after all there will be some Karma involved from his shameful efforts over half a century ago when he finds himself in the courts trying to defend what I and mmany others regaard as indefensible.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018


Heard the OAP from St Mary's Bay, currently our Acting PM, prattle on the TV1 News that the nurses about to go on strike for the first time in decades should accept the Government pay offer because there was no more money left in the kitty.

On that I can agree,  The CoL was bequeathed with magnificent surpluses by National and they fell into Steven Joyce's fiscal hole  by squandering the lot on low quality, feel good, spending items.

Not helped either by NZ First Minister Tracey Martin who invited her 15 Community Response Forum Chairs to meet with her in Wellington last Friday and then stood them up preferring to go to Auckland to hand out dosh to a School there.   The cost to the taxpayer for this meeting that wasn't has been accessed at $20,000 plus.   Still, wots $20,000 between friends?

You can access the story on Kiwiblog here.

WRP ... Physician heal thyself.

300 Drowned

While the mesmerized world watched a cave in Thailand, three hundred people drowned last week.

Not a word of this did one see in the media of the western world.  You see, the dead were illegal immigrants from North Africa.  It is reported seven hundred thousand of them are camped in Libya, waiting to get across the Med.

Chris Hogben, NCA head of operations for organised immigration crime, said rescue boats manned by non-governmental organisations were inadvertently aiding people smugglers.
The NGOs are supposed to rescue people once they are more than 12 miles from the Libyan coast, but come in much closer, he said.
He said: “They make it easier for the crime groups who now send a boat with not enough fuel on purpose as they know they will be picked up.”
The details emerged at a briefing on Project Invigor, a joint NCA, Home Office, Coastguard, Border Force and Crown Prosecution Service operation, costing £14million a year to run.
Around 140 officers make up the squad which has 250 live investigations into organised gangs trying to sneak people into the UK and those forging documents to aid them and keep illegal immigrants here.
The main sources for migrants into Europe are Libya, Ethiopia, Sudan, Niger and Afghanistan. Mr Dowdall said that smugglers collectively make up to £6billion a year charging would-be migrants.

Australians should note well the policies of the Labor Party which would reopen the country's boundaries to thousand of people like these - same colour, same fanatical religious zeal, different part of the world.


That was the headline over at Kiwiblog yesterday following the resignation of Brexit Secretary David Davis.  

I guess the news this morning that Foreign Minister Boris Johnson has also resigned might be cause to recast the headline as 'UK Government F****D2'.

Prime Minister May's continued leadership of the Conservative Party is poised on a knife edge.   Those Tory MPs that thought she should have resigned following the disastrous 2017 snap election will have been given new heart.

I guess my old mate Lord Egbut NoBacon will be feeling quite chipper this morning.

Updated ... I'm gobsmacked.   The Acting PM went on TV this morning where he predicted May would face a leadership challenge.    That is a diplomatic gaffe of the first order and motormouth Peters should know better.   Prime Ministers can think that but they can't say that especially when the country involved is another Commonwealth country.   Methinks the British High Commissioner will not be a happy chappette (new word, my invention for a female chappy).

Monday, July 9, 2018


The Board of TOP has announced the Party will not contest the 2020 election and has requested the Electoral Commission to cancel its registration.

TOP was never anything more than an ego trip by a poor little rich boy with more money than cents.   Guess the countries feline population can now stop looking over their collective shoulders.

TOP polled 63,261 Party votes in the 2017 election.   These votes are now up for grabs.

On Abrasives

It's rumoured Cricket Australia is about to announce a major new sponsorship deal with 3M Australia, manufacturer of high quality abrasives.    Apparently 3M is to contribute all the costs associated with the appointment of a High Performance Swing Bowling Coach.

In similar vein, it turns out the Ocker cricket team's favorite movie is 'True Grit.'

Ironically, when Sri lanka was caught out repeating the Aussie ball treatment, their players received a slap on the wrist with a piece of damp sandpaper.

I thought at the time the Australian reaction to Smith and Warner was well and truly over the top.  Some punishment was justified but the forced press conferences were a disgrace. 

The nation has been turned into a mob of pansies and wusses.


I have a passion for history especially British and American history.

As an historian you very quickly learn to appreciate is that there are two sides to every story (as it is with most things in life).    Another truism is that too often in winning side in any conflict gets to write the history.   I have yet to come across an account of the Falklands War written from an Argentinean perspective nor anything on the 1st or 2nd Gulf Wars telling the Iraqi side of the story.

For those who have an interest in the forces that shaped India leading up to independence can I commend to you the book 'Inglorious Empire' by Dr Shashi Tharoor published by Scribe 2017.   Tharoor is an Indian career diplomat who currently serves as a Congress Party MP.   He is the author of 14 books and has won numerous literary awards including a Commonwealth Writers Prize.

A review of the book in the Irish Times (hardly unbiased but ... ) reads 'Inglorious Empire is a timely reminder of the need to start teaching unromanticised colonial history in British schools.   A welcome antidote to the nauseating righteousness and condescension pedaled by Nial Ferguson in his 2004 book Empire'.

Strong words indeed perhaps inspired by this descriptive of the Indian Civil Service as "neither Indian, nor civil, nor a service".    A perhaps better descriptive was that 'the British ruled nineteenth-century India with an unshakeable self-confidence buttressed by protocol, alcohol and a lot of gall'.

Well worth reading.  


Sunday, July 8, 2018


The NZEI has said that the Government's pay offer of an increase of between 2.2-2.6% for 86% of teachers is unacceptable.    They want a 16% increase spread over two years to address recruitment and retention problems.  

The Acting Prime Minister said in response the cupboard was bare and that they were not going to blow the budget in meeting the Union demands. You're darn tootin right Mr Peters.   There is no money.  Your Government has fallen into Stephen Joyce's much derided fiscal hole having blown the budget on low quality spending items.

In return the NZEI has threatened strike action.

It's time we ditched the 'monkey on our back' and walked away from the shibboleth that has 'universality' as the over-arching principle governing government support payments.    If you are going to 'assist' then you should be targeting your assistance to meet real need.   Shoot where the ducks are.

Why should the children of millionaires get a free year of tertiary education?   That decision was trumpeted as leading to more students in full-time study.  The reality is that numbers have remained static.  If you're going to offer 'free' education so called it should be means tested.

Why should someone like Mr Peters with an income well in excess of $400,000 receive the winter power subsidy payment?    Far better the payment goes to those in possession of a Community Services Card.

If baby Neve had been born two weeks later why should her parents receive the $60 per week baby bonus?    Jacinda Ardren doesn't need it and neither does anyone else earning a substantial income.    What might constitute a substantial income?   Perhaps $185,552 being the point at which Working For Families Tax Credits phase out.   You can debate that.

One could also make the case NZ superannuation payments to be means tested.   THat proposition has merit although it would be electoral suicide for any government to run with it.   The notion of non-means tested NZ superannuation is too far engrained into our national psyche.    With KiwiSaver in place and people working later, pushing back the age of entitlement remains the better option. 

The chickens are coming home to roost with these examples of low quality decision making and teachers are wearing it.   They will not be the first in the public sector to feel hard done by.

Ho Ho Ho

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Saturday, July 7, 2018


The Maori Electoral Option 2018 has less than a month to run. The Electoral Commission publishes monthly updates detailing  movements between the General and Maori Rolls along with new enrolments.  Their latest statistical update covering the period 3 April (the start date) through to 2 July makes fascinating reading.

Switches from the Maori Roll to the General Roll ... 9,274
Switches from the General Roll to the Maori Roll ... 6,728
New enrolments by Maori on the General Roll ... 1,402
New enrolments by Maori on the Maori Roll - 2,114

The impact of these moves on both the General and Maori Rolls is as follows:

Net impact on the General Roll ... plus 3,948
Net impact on the Maori Roll ... minus 432

The 2001 Maori Electoral Option saw a net increase in the Maori Roll of 24,144.
The 2006 Maori Electoral Option saw a net increase in the Maori Roll of 14,914.
The 2013 Maori Electoral Option saw a net increase in the Maori Roll of 7,052

One thing you can be certain of ... there won't be any additional Maori seats this time round.   There is a (small) possibility that the overall increase in the General Roll (Non-Maori and Maori) could lead to a reduction in the Maori seats from seven to six.

It's against this background that Labour MP Rino Tirikatene has introduced a Private Members Bill seeking to 'entrench' the Maori seats.   Faced with these sort of numbers you can understand his rationale for doing so.   Maori are voting with their feet against the Maori seats.   The Bill will not be passed.   National, ACT and NZ First are opposed to it.

And what has silly old Winston Peters to say about this.   He has called on Labour to introduce a SOP to Tirikatene's Bill to provide for a nationwide referendum on whether the Maori seats should be done away with.   Hubris and cant.   He knows Labour can't do that.   Note that he called on Labour to introduce the SOP.   There is nothing to prevent NZ First from introducing their own SOP if they are serious ... problem is Winston took this off the table in signing up to the coalition agreement.   He knows that were NZ First to act unilaterally to do this it would bust the CoL wide apart.   His baubles would be gone with the wind.

WRP doing what he does best ... all bullshit and bluster.