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Guest Post - Book Review

A review of “Never Call me a Hero” by Jack Kleiss

Jack Kleiss was the pointy end of the spear at the Battle of Midway and this is his story, from growing up in Kansas in the 1920’s and 30’s, to joining the Navy, learning to fly or more accurately learning to fly and dive the Douglas SB-2 dive bomber from 20,000 feet, and dying at the age of 100.

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It is a fascinating story on many levels, excuse the pun, but diving a Dauntless dive bomber from 20,000 feet down to 1500 feet for the pull out in something like 25 seconds cannot be matched by any roller coaster ride ever built. In that time the plane must be kept dead straight, not allowed to drift or wobble, and the pilot must calculate the impact point of the bomb on the target allowing for deflection in the vertical plane. In other words the point on the sea which the target will occupy at bomb release, while all the time being harassed by intense anti aircraft fire from the Japanese Navy, and the attentions of Japanese Zero fighters.

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Not that easy when you realise how many pilots missed yet Jack hit two of the Japanese carriers at Midway, and a Cruiser, with a 500lb bomb and two 100lb incendiaries on each trip. In cost benefit terms, the American tax payer got a monumental return from Jack given the volume and value of Japanese military hardware he turned into scrap at the bottom of the ocean.

s many people may know, the battle of Midway was the turning point of the Pacific War, even though it was June 1942 and that war had another 3 years to run. The US Navy sunk  four of the Japanese aircraft carriers in 2 days using dive bombers effectively ending the Japanese ability to project their power across the Pacific. More importantly, but a less well known fact, it wiped out most of the elite Japanese pilots who went down with the carriers and, if airborne, had nowhere to land but the vastness of the Pacific Ocean.  These pilots had served in China and many of them fought over Papua New Guinea taking a huge toll of the green Australian and US pilots before being withdrawn for the assault on Midway.

The parallels to the Battle of Britain are uncanny. Churchill’s famous epithet, “Never was so much owed by so many to so few” applies here as well. The American aircrew causalities were appalling in the first half day of conflict. Jack was on the USS Enterprise consisting of three flights of 19 aircraft. The first flight of 19 torpedo bombers were virtually wiped out to a man on the first raid, Jacks dive bomber flight suffered 53% casualties on that raid and similarly in the other Dauntless bomber flight. Yet they carried on.

Like the Battle of Britain senior officers on the carriers tried to organise a mass attack but as Leigh Tafford-Mallory and Douglas Bader found in the UK, such a strategy failed. The Americans spent 90 minutes trying to assemble for the first raid and of course many never made it back to the carriers as they ran out of fuel.

He also touches on other American Navy failings including the  scandal surrounding US torpedo failures not rectified until late 1944 which cost countless aviators and submariners their lives.

On the last day of Midway, the dive bomber pilots stormed the bridge on the USS Enterprise and confronted Spruance  about the tactics that were costing them their lives. To Spruance's credit he listened and tactics changed. While in England Dowding and Keith Park were arseholed out by the elites and pilot causalities after the Battle of Britain were appalling. (see Vincent Orange biography of Dowding)

I enjoyed this book not only because it was a national best seller in America but because it was a story well written by a very humble man, awarded the US Nay’s highest award for valour. It is well written with well told stories about life in America, growing up in the 1930’s and life in the Navy.

Unbelievably Jack survived Midway with out a scratch on his plane or his body while all around him others perished or came back in planes looking like sieves. By way of a counter point, while seeking to fly in the Navy he trained on a cruiser and a destroyer, both lost off Guadalcanal with very heavy loss of life.

In later life he continued to serve the Navy developing the steam catapult for the nuclear powered USS Enterprise which, as he freely admits, was gifted to them by the UK in the early 1950’s along with a mirror based aircraft carrier landing system. This at a time the UK was billions in debt to the US. Unbelievable. It ranks up there with them gifting their jet engine technology and aircraft designs to the Russians.

Jack was an ordinary American who served his country like so many others did at an extraordinary point in history, lived to tell the tale, but once his wife died he suffered post traumatic stress disorder for which his writing served as a cathartic outlet..

Leaving the last word to Jack “Just a lucky fool.”



While I loathed much of what Helen Clark held as a political philosophy, I respected her as she came to the office by her own efforts and was a formidable administrator as leader of our Country.
I have neither respect or acceptance for the current appointed person masquerading as the political leader of this nation.
She is as genuine as an orange peel on an onion with the many skins apparent.
Ardern is being lauded internationally for her governance in further restricting Fire arms ownership and in general acting as if she is the ruler of New Zealand.
Sorry she has merely in a virtue signalling reaction to an atrocity perpetrated  on fifty worshippers in two Mosques in my home city by a Foreign National who somehow slipped through the quite demanding process to be a licensed Arms owner,  on basic rights then made up policy on the hoof.
Last time I looked Parliament was still the supreme governing entity for our diminishing democracy.

Yes Ardern has used a speech writer and a teleprompter to make a show of presenting our country to the world as a response but really she has merely moved out from her basic philosophy to make advantage from the tragedy.

As one who has no knowledge of a difference between a GDP figure and a summary of current accounts, can not seperate the Jeopardy of an incident from her strange new word Jeprady,  claimes someone might be 'vunrable' whatever that might mean,  makes an insulting gesture  to  Muslims, Christians and non believers by wearing a bit of cloth on her head when not in a situation that it might be required (then to be worn correctly covering the hair and the neck as a minimum)  her step up to the mark is cringeworthy.

"Carry On Minister" seems to be what is being represented to the citizens of the Nation but that satire will be missed by anyone not yet collecting National Super, Carry on up The Khyber could be the sequel, when this current preoccupation with the shooting tragedy passes and running a government becomes the job at hand again,  then  mismanaging  the rabble begins again sans the fairy dust.


Thursday night on "The Bolt Report" Richard Di Natale basically invited himself onto Andrew Bolt's weekday show to give his point of view.

Bolt acquiesced and the result was an illuminating series of rants from the Federal Senator who leads the  Melons in Canberra.

A strident self opinionated shouty ijit told viewers absolutely nothing but how a self absorbed moron can use the one mouth at the expense of the two ears created for him in the miracle of  birth.

A very revealing ten minutes needs more exposure.
Right up there with the truly awful treatment meted out to Pauline Hansen by David Koch for Channel Seven "Sunrise" Breakfast Show earlier.
Koch or Cosh still bludgeoning, Cock more accurate.

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Is This True?

It is reported in the US that Whitcouls in NZ have banned the sale of a book by Jordan Peterson but continues to display on it's shelves and sell copies of Hitler's 'Mein Kampf.'

When will all this pathetic corporate virtue signalling end?


Last Friday at 1pm Jacinda Ardern would have been contemplating her government in decline and heading towards disarray. Flagship policy Kiwibuild had become a laughing stock and implementation of the much vaunted Capital Gains tax was looking like a step too far as resistance came from all sides of the political spectrum. In addition New Zealand First appointed Ministers Jones and Marks were blatantly breaching cabinet rules and she was not able to sanction them because they are Winston'ts appointments - not hers. Then along to two mosques in Christchurch came a terrorist with an automatic rifle or two. By mid afternoon last Friday Prime Minister Ardern was stepping up and since then she has not out a foot wrong. To say she has exceeded my expectations would be an understatement and she has been an excellent, even outstanding, front person for New Zealand. Well done Jacinda What have I learned from this - situations like this are her forte and she excels - but running a government on a daily basis is just too hard.

Friday's Fulminations.

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The Gun Ban

New Zealand's PM has just announced a ban on the ownership of assault rifles and semi automatic rifles with a calibre larger than .22.

On the face of it, the measures seem to be sensible.  However, I doubt there would be many genuine assault rifles in private ownership.  I doubt also whether Ms Adern actually knows what an assault rifle is.  For her information it is a medium calibre, medium charge semi and fully automatic rifle with a large capacity detachable magazine.

Those most well known are the 7.62mm Russian AK47 and the American 5.56mm M16.

AK-47 assault rifle with curved magazine and wooden stock facing leftM16 assault rifle with triangular stock facing left

The American media have misnamed semi automatic rifles as 'assault rifles' when they are no such thing.  But it makes the talking heads sound so knowledgeable when they are not.

So what really is happening in NZ has nothing to do with assault rifles.  It is a ban on heavy calibre semi-automatic rifles with detachable magazines, able to fire many rounds in a very short time with minimal reloading delay.

I fully approve of these measures.


A Punch in the face for Smug Hypocritical Conflicted Jimmie Shaw is a heinous crime and should result in repercussions within the Law as did The smack Trev "The Muss" delivered to Tau Henare.

The Egg on the 'back' of the head of the obnoxious Frazer Anning however seems a legitimate political response if the views of much of the Aus MSM is to be accepted. Anning's  attacker is being prepared for sainthood as we speak.

Mud, a dildo, an egg, a fist, all would be in one basket from my perspective but it seems a differing of seriousness is apparent when the politics of the assaulted are brought to bear. Possibly of no account but it would appear Shaws smack came from the front. hence the Eye. Brash, Joyce and Anning not so.

There must be a deficit in thinking for some purporting to be Journalists maybe?

Or is it that "some politicians" whether elected or appointed are so special different standards apply.

OTOH punching an old man holding a different view is  OK, I get that or at east one person thinks I will!

Pretty Pairs

Speaking of spine and leadership, I've not been surprised to see the likes of Gravedodger - a blogger for a smallish blog - under severe attack from commentators here about the whole Islam thing, as well as David Farrar's Kiwiblog. It's a full-on witch-hunt for comments like this:
"This two-faced approach is how radical Islam works – present the acceptable face to one audience and the militant face to another. 
"In New Zealand the Muslim community have been quick to show us their more moderate face, but as some media reports have shown, there is a militant underbelly here as well. 
"Underneath it all the agenda is to promote fundamentalist Islam. 
"Indeed these groups are like the mythical Hydra – a serpent underbelly with multiple heads capable of striking at any time and in any direction."
That was of course said in 2005 by this man:

The man who is currently the Deputy PM. The man who is the reason why Green-Labour are in power.

Now the MSM for once deserves some credit because they have raised this point.

But I've heard and seen little of the same from all the passionately angry and self-righteous Lefty blog commentators, both here at No Minister and on Kiwiblog, though I confess I'm loath to search much of The Standard and its ilk.

Politics, power and principles, eh?

Here's my suggestion - assuming the Left are genuine in their outrage and not just pulling the usual situational ethics and double-standards crap for political gain.

Jacinda could suggest that National offer her voting pairs to offset NZ First's members, so that the PM can then break the coalition agreement apart and tell Winston First to take a hike to the back benches until the next election, when he and his personality cult will, hopefully, vanish forever. A Green-Labour government would then run to the next election.

Would National go for it? They'd cut Winston down to a public version of his physical size, render him impotent, and get their revenge on him.

The Greens would probably be over the moon.

Would Labour go for it? They can't be happy about the current situation, where Winston is proving to be an even bigger millstone than he was for Helen Clarke, constantly cutting across Labour proposals.

Just for starters it'd pull at least a billion dollars from the Shane Jones slush-fund for better use elsewhere - like increased wages and salaries for nurses, doctors and teachers.

Win. Win. Win?


Yes the cretin that allegedly grew up in our near neighbour's little country town of Grafton is of the lowest order of humanity but their Prime Minister yesterday showed real spine and leadership.

The very ordinary utterings of the Turk  Ottoman revisionist were totally at odds with what almost all are trying to garner political points from in a hypocritical fervour of virtue signalling. Yes Erdogan may be in the last stages of an election process but to threaten to send ANZACs home in coffins might just have been seen by some as inflammatory.
His musings that threaten the remarkable accommodation that has emerged from the tragedy of Gallipoli over a century ago in the main from the statesmanship of Kemaal Attaturk that sees folk from both sides able to visit the battleground on the Mediterranean coast adjacent to the Bosphorus in remarkable peace, respect and true brotherhood. That the very worrying leader of a nation pivotal in the cultural divide of Europe and Asia  being politicised to a degree that should see a response akin to that of the Australian Federal Government.
While accepting that there were distractions aplenty here the CoL seems to be awol.
Scott Morrison's response was far more appropriate and spontaneous and I hope I am being realistic in hoping his words and actions might just be reflective of how many citizens of this country still reeling might have wished for.

With a virtual cacophony of calling for peace, and understanding of the tragedy that befell the NZ Muslim community six days ago Erdogan's intemperate remarks seem like a rather large meteor striking a planet.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Keep Karma and Karry On

Is this another case of 'serves you bloody right?

Anti-vax leader given a taste of his own medicine

An Italian populist politician who campaigned against compulsory vaccinations for children is in hospital suffering from chickenpox.
Massimiliano Fedriga, Governor of the northern Italian region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia and a ­senior official in the anti-migrant Northern League party, was mocked on social media after he admitted catching the disease.
Adolf caught chickenpox when he was nineteen.  It's bad enough for children but for adults, it is agony.

I hope he enjoys his sacrifice in the cause of his cause.

Ho Ho Ho


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stilton’s place, stilton, political, humor, conservative, cartoons, jokes, hope n’ change, mueller, report, trump, impeachment, pelosi, schiff, omar, anti-semitism

You are being trolled

The term "trolling" or "to troll" arose fairly early in Internet history, with the rise of blogs in the late 1990's and early 2000's.
The deliberate act, (by a Troll – noun or adjective), of making random unsolicited and/or controversial comments on various internet forums with the intent to provoke an emotional knee jerk reaction from unsuspecting readers to engage in a fight or argument.
So far, so well known. But as the Internet has advanced, trolling has taken many new forms, particularly on non-Blog sites, which is why this statement from one of our regular commentators about the upcoming trial of the Chch shooter, worried me somewhat:
Let him speak, let him troll at his trial.

Let the world see him for what he his.

There was a reason why the Nuremberg trials were filmed.
The problem is that in the late 1940's the MSM and the war criminals were not trolling, they were serious. That's not the case now, sadly only a few places get it, and none of them seem to be in NZ: The Atlantic: The Shooter’s Manifesto Was Designed to Troll.
Significant portions of the manifesto appear to be an elaborate troll, written to prey on the mainstream media’s worst tendencies. As the journalist Robert Evans noted, “This manifesto is a trap … laid for journalists searching for the meaning behind this horrific crime. There is truth in there, and valuable clues to the shooter’s radicalization, but it is buried beneath a great deal of, for lack of a better word, ‘shitposting.
But here in New Zealand we get the following, and not from an old MSM site but a hip, cool, new ones like The Spinoff, led by its hip and cool Managing Editor, Duncan Greive:
Similarly an image of Newstalk ZB’s Mike Hosking holding up an image of a t-shirt with a white supremacist symbol on it has now been taken down, largely due to customer pressure on his show’s sponsor at BNZ. Hosking’s employer, NZME, had “assured us that neither Mike Hosking or his team were aware the symbol used held an alternative meaning”, said a BNZ spokesperson in a tweet.
Time for another classic Internet symbol/meme:

No surprise to find that Hosking and the BNZ are just as dumb!

And the shooter is still at it. I see the MSM breathlessly pronounced that he had "flashed a White Supremacy symbol in Court, smiling as he did so". Well of course he was smiling, he knew exactly what sort of language subversion he was pulling, a 21st century version of the appropriation of the word "gay" by the homosexual community decades ago.

Here's the explantion on the OK symbol, via Emojipedia, No, the OK Hand 👌 is not a symbol of white power:
The myth of the OK gesture as a secret symbol of white supremacy begins in 2017 as a deliberate effort on 4chan to spread the sign as such. It was chosen in part due to its use by the controversial speaker Milo Yiannopoulos and some white nationalists in support of Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential election. Its creators also claimed that the fingers of the OK gesture represent a W for white and the ring a P for power, as illustrated below. 
Online and at gatherings, some members of the alt-right adopted the OK gesture to signal their identity. Many employed it, though, simply to troll liberals who had come to believe the OK hand was a genuine hate symbol—including using 👌 OK Hand to this end on social media.
At this rate we'll probably see Apple and others pulling the old emoji off their apps, although I'd like to think they're at least a little more clued-in than the MSM.

Talking to a friend in Wellington yesterday he laughingly informed me that in one government department a young woman was told that she should not use this hand symbol. Fortunately - and tellingly in terms of generational knowledge - the youngster womansplained to the older person about what exactly was going on.

Funny though the incident was, when such woeful ignorance of the modern world is entering the halls of power it does not give me much confidence as they re-write our laws and regulations.

Back to The Atlantic:
Shitposting is a slang term used to describe the act of posting trollish and usually ironic content designed to derail a conversation or elicit a strong reaction from people who aren’t in on the joke. Certain aspects of the shooter’s manifesto fall into this category. He includes Navy Seal Copypasta, a meme that originated on 4chan. He claims that Spyro: Year of the Dragon, a video game, taught him ethno-nationalism and that Fortnite taught him to “floss on the corpses,” referring to a viral dance move from the game. These absurd references are meant to troll readers.
But before reading dense and difficult-to-understand material like this, perhaps Duncan Greive could just start by reading Emojipedia. Mike Hosking and anybody involved in corporate PR might wish to do the same.

Idiots all.

Based on comments for this article I'm going to add the following from my own comments in response.

The term trolling has been used by many people looking at what this guy said, and that implies an element of the jokester, even in those common cases where there are trolls who so hate a blog or website that they troll for the deliberate purpose of trying to destroy it by starting huge fire-fights in the comments section. See also more modern social media sites like Tumblr, Twitter, Reddit, and so forth.

But in this case the system is no mere blog but our multi-ethinic, multi-racial New Zealand society and others like it, which he hates, and he wants us to start fighting a civil war, even a low-level one starting at the cyber level with fights around what is "free speech", so that the whole thing burns down. It's a sort of Year Zero strategy that presumably ends up with his sort in power.

This guy is entirely serious and rational about that and it's no mere trolling effort.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019


A truly "Black" Friday

Already reeling from an unprecedented act of murderous mayhem perpetrated by a clearly seriously mentally deranged foreign national, I made a self imposed decision that anything  I might have considered  a response would most likely be inappropriate so I chose to become an observer.

I then watched as much entirely predictable largely inappropriate messaging invaded almost every source I employ to garner a possible consensus as to what happened, and how it became such an appalling assault on almost everything I believe, yes my faith in New Zealand is undiminished, all we stand for as a Nation was placed on the line in that terrible action.
The Nations response has been heart warming and so reassuring from the Prime Minister down the line to those barely able to understand such appalling events.

My personal numbing sensation remained as images of bravery and devotion to duty mostly taken by ordinary mortals just responding to an almost unimaginable tragedy unfolding in a major city of this nation found ways to the sum of published information available.
Sadly such revelation was always going to be  confused and still remains so,  four days after the truly terrible episode that began early Friday afternoon.

That feeling  in response to such events  in my younger day, I might have actually been of some measurable contribution, alas such was not to eventuate, then to discover it was My fault. Things became somewhat  convoluted as during my reading of events here at No Minister amongst many other sources I became aware that in the fevered mental processes of a couple of cretinous enemies of freedom of speech I was in fact seen as a part of what the cowardly little confused man from Australia had perpetrated.

To the clearly self loathing socialist driven small minded person with delusions of grandeur as to who he actually might represent up to an astounding personal desire to masquerade as one of the Nobility, a  cretin who actually took it upon himself to create another chapter in his Ad Hominem stance  in a time of abnormal, for all others ,  unmeasurable grief, to denigrate my personal stance in opposition to the leadership of Islam in the 21st century.
A so called 'religion' that is in reality nothing more than a global reach for political power by a movement born out of much of what the Old Testament portrayed converted by a blood thirsty pederast now elevated to such state sponsored fervour as the One following of the one God who shall never be portrayed or questioned under pain of an awful death.
Strangling Homosexual men by lifting them by the neck with cranes,
Stoning rape victims buried up to their necks as a "Punishment for adultery and lascivious activity while their rapist is merely given the lash and set free to go about his next satisfaction of a  personal sexual emergency.
Beheading citizens who through personal discovery come to a conclusion that possibly a cult born in the desert in the seventh century might just be a egregious  error.
Mutilating minor criminals with amputations and young girls suffering Female Genital Mutilation sans any anaesthetic.
Murderous enmity between different sects within the cult of Islam that kill millions in armed insurrection.
A belief system that conveniently makes the slaughter or at  very least enslavement of all
"unbelievers" a significant part of the unassailable text used to prop  up the mindless abomination.

All that barely describable activity perpetrated by a hierarchal leadership that never displays any smidgeon of intent at moderation or modernisation.
That Mr Arsehole  is from where my opposition to the world of Islam is driven.
I do not ever hate a law abiding Muslim as those who have come into my orbit will testify, hell only around six months ago, walking in Columbo Street I was hailed as Gravedodger by an ex colleague from the Akaroa VFB. A devout Muslim  Achmed  who had been a chef at a good mates pub kitchen  where I occasionally washed dished to assist the aforementioned  good mate.
Achmed had his Prayer mat in an adjacent store room where he fulfilled his duties of obeisance, my fervent hope is he was not among those slaughtered on Friday.

Yes Little Fauntleroy unless you are more disabled than I, it is a given that you may be able to flatten me but that is a problem you should probably acknowledge and seek help for . Should I catch fire in your vicinity it would be more than probable you would have been the primary cause of the immolation due to your clearly proven deviant mindset as revealed from your witterings. The good news is that as I am normally in the company of far more decent and compassionate persons,  some even socialists with the manners and personal responsibility to debate without rancour or threats.
So it is more than likely your weak urine flow, probably matching your intellect, would not be required.

I was totally bereft of emotion  as the horrible events of Friday the 15th unravelled so helpless now that age and declining physical  health take their toll.

David my reasons for maintaining a semblance of anonymity by my use of the Gravedodger blog ID is entirely due to a desire to protect those who happen through no fault of their own to be  my immediate family and I would wish that your desire to be a prat in attempting to hint at my real Identity be discontinued forthwith.
An ID that occasionally when deemed necessary by myself, I might deliberately reveal.
My identity is not that difficult to discover but I would truly appreciate for the health and well being of those close to me, in particular my dear wife and life partner of some five and a half decades.
I choose to resist banning those who share this site but you are being at least insensitive if not downright obnoxious so I merely ask for some respect even should you along with others decide it is not deserved for me, my long time lover certainly deserves it she has more than enough on her plate.

I entirely understand the motivations of those whose impotence in defending the all too often indefensible, and it sadly seems a growing trend internationally to resort to silencing opposing views as a defence tactic but if contrary views and opinions are so threatening then the platform of those who cant abide any contrary  opinion  is clearly not that secure.
Hell some re-evaluation of their beliefs might be a step forward.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

An open letter to the NZ government

My take-home messages for the NZ government from a certain recent mass murder:

1. White supremacists are extremists easily as capable of mass murder as their Muslim counterparts. Start fucking monitoring these shitweasels, for fuck's sake.  You can find them every day on Kiwiblog or Whaleoil, and the fact they're using pseudonyms shouldn't present any great difficulty for a nation state's intelligence services. Take this shit seriously and monitor what these racist fucks are up to. At the very least, try to persuade the SIS to put as much effort into it as they do into monitoring environmentalists who might (gasp) chain themselves to an oil rig.

2. Our gun laws are hopelessly loose compared to Australia. Just fix it already.  One reason this ambulatory excrement carried out his attack here rather than Australia would have been that it's a doddle assembling the required arsenal here - unlike in Australia, where he came from. Why the fuck are we allowing that to continue one day longer than it has to?  How we can we possibly have allowed ourselves to lag behind Australia on gun control?  Shove the legislation through under urgency, and if National feel the urge to side with the terrorists on this issue,  by all means encourage them to do so.

3. Islamophobia is a bullshit propaganda term. I hate Islam nearly as much as I hate racists in general and white supremacists in particular.  Yes, Muslim NZers are our fellow citizens and deserve the same respect we give our other fellow citizens, but at the same time, yes Islam is a repugnant totalitarian ideology masquerading as a religion, that atheists and liberals should fundamentally oppose.  Please don't conflate those two things when you're passing legislation, even if white supremacists do when contemplating their revenge fantasies.

4. Should Southern and Molyneux want to come back here peddling their "Great Replacement" propaganda, please ban them - if not on the basis of bad character, for their own safety.

Saturday, March 16, 2019

And Now For Something VERY Different.

Remember how the Democrats went all in to denigrate SCOTUS nominee Kavanaugh?

Well, have a look at the linguistic skill and poetic touch of Democrat pseudo Latino presidential aspirant, Beto O'Rourke.

I kid you not!

I need a butt-shine,
Right now
You are holy,
Oh, sacred Cow
I thirst for you,
Provide Milk.
Buff my balls,
Love the Cow,
Good fortune for those that do.
Love me, breathe my feet,
The Cow has risen.
Wax my ass,
Scrub my balls.
The Cow has risen,
Provide Milk.

If he is successful he should get on quite well with Silvio Berlusconi.

Friday, March 15, 2019


Just as the assault against James Shaw (and any politician) is an attack against democracy so the Christchurch Mosque shooting is an attack against all of us.

Regretfully there will be some low life pond dwellers who will argue differently.

That's the penalty we pay for living in a free society.


Fox News Tucker Carleson and Judge Janine Perot are claiming economic sabotage to silence then by  opponents getting advertises who are promoted on their highly rating shows to withdraw support.

Andrew Bolt Sky News Australia has alluded to similar activities  against him for a time now.

I guess that would now be seen as legitimate amongst the socialists such as Tugger Jones and Medals Mark who have both resorted to  blatant bullying activity in recent days.
Tugger threatening Hamish Rutherford from Fairfax  for revealing some of the conflict of interest allegations and even more petulant Medals bitterly complaining that if the entire defence force gave their party support to Winston First their Poll numbers would not be in earnest competition with the margin of error  and indicating oblivion even if the melons convince the fairy PriNZess to arbitrarily reduce the threshold from its current 5% to 3%.

That those in the shadows appear to admit that Fox News in US and Skynews Australia are so formidable as to attract such economic warfare indicates all is not lost, yet.

Not apparently a problem here in godzone yet though as a ploy it must have some attraction to those who see Hosking and Larry W to be failing to remain within the fairydust orbit.


Biggest pile of bollocks since last calf marking.

Angst ridden children instructed that the capitalists are destroying the planet will today "STRIKE"   no make that show the gready bastards who created the wonderful world they inhabit how in error they really were and to show their disapproval of human induced warming of the planet.

In doing this ultimate demonstration of virtue signalling, after riding to their place of learn  indoctrination in a carbon powered vehicle, wearing synthetic clothes largely made from carbon based product,  carrying their lunch in a plastic container (shssh dont tell them), while understanding their Prime Minister will be flying to The Naki in a green powered jet plane ( shsh no oil power there) to tell the oil and gas province they will have to make rubber bands stop abusing drugs and get real jobs
Explained that Free stuff is actually paid for by some other person often against their better judgement.
Explain how only one hundred years ago it took an army of labourers using "Horse Power" to create all their food after planting an equal amount of land in fodder for those equines and setting aside another proportion of the food produced  to feed the human army noted above. 
Maybe if time permits explain how only half a century ago there was one phone in a street tied to the wall, the street may or may not have been sealed with Tar (oh not another useful product of  the dreaded oil)
Today these poor bloody children will demonstrate how the future will feed eight billion people with zero carbon activity!!

No protest that Tugger Jones three billion might improve their educat  indoctrination if he stopped wasting it on a forlorn attempt to save his party of thugs at the next encounter with the voters and used it to;
Stop men killing "socks".
Actually got lazy bastards of their sofas, stop abusing their bodies with drugs and went out and got real jobs.
Perhaps even tell the millennials who start life knowing all how less than a century ago just feeding the then much fewer peoples of the globe many  of whom lived in constant hunger and deprivation it took an army of manual labourors to plant, reap then store the basic foods using actual horse power.
After of course planting reaping and storing the fodder on an equal area of land to that which fed the people for those very big horses
Long summer holidays were so child labour could be harnessed for that harvest, no thought of a family holiday at the Batch, Bali, Fiji or whatever the more fortunate of the virtue signallers spent the days of January doing

Oh I almost forgot no need to try to inform them about history they already know everything they need, it is on "Google".


Those in need of some light amusement can go here

Devotees of political correctness in all its forms need not apply.

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Thursday, March 14, 2019


If the attack on James Shaw today is found to be politically motivated then it is an attack on democracy.     Presumably the alleged perpetrator will be arraigned under s192 or 193 of the Crimes Act.   Those sections provide for a maximum term of imprisonment not exceeding three years.   Were he (and it's confirmed it was a he)  to be found guilty I would hope the Judge would look to impose something close to the maximum sentence.  

I repeat, any attack on a parliamentarian is an attack on democracy.

Just a pity that the assault on John Key by one of the Popata brothers; the throwing mud at Don Brash and throwing of a dildo at Steven Joyce was excused by some on the left as justifiable protest ... indeed, the 'nurse' who threw the dildo became some sort of folk hero to the deranged.    The meme that when the 'left' do it is is somehow ok is not ok.

It matters not whether the perpetrator is from the right or the left of the political spectrum or just politically confused.   That person must face the full force of the law.

I wish Mr Shaw a speedy and full recovery.


A dirty old man seven years ago forced himself onto a 9 year old girl to kiss her, when she escaped she noticed his cock was out of his trousers, and he was her  freakin teacher!!!!

After what seems far goo long he was today convicted and sentenced to six bloody months community service, given name suppression and set free to find another victim.

I know Justice minister Andrew Little has a policy of catch and release but how was that conveyed to the Judiciary in what has all the hallmarks of "their little secret".

It is believed by many, such criminal activity is rarely a one off so with delaying the court process, failing to expose the perpetrator by naming and shaming,  a wet bus ticket sentence that in all likelihood will be served at  minimal inconvenience it seems a total travesty with an overlay of darkness.
Would be nice to know more relevant facts around what seems a depraved old prick being a dirty old man. His Political beliefs,  his relationship status, his religion, his views on paedophilia,  sheesh  his target was only nine years old????

Of course New Zealand is still waiting  for the depraved soul widely suspected of close connections to someone near the very heart of  power in the current NZLP,  who indecently assaulted the younger attendees at the Labour Youth Camp over a year ago as a tyro  foray into the very indecent activity so leniently dealt with today by Judge Raoul Neave.

Say Mister dirty old man maybe meets up with Karma one dark night and Karma gives him the slipper will that perp get such leniency, I doubt it.

Sixty eight so sixty two when he assaulted a pupil in an adjacent room to their classroom and lo and behold his cock popped out due to arousal, no naming on the sexual conviction register,(requested)  no jail time (wtf), name suppression,  been deregistered as a teacher,( he is nearly seventy though not as old as Cardinal Pell) a psyche report suggests little danger of reoffending, no order to prevent associating with children ( also almost mandatory),  and  Neave considers that was Justice "seen to be done"

It just popped out, that is where once upon a time ended you daft prick, even with "Y" fronts and a dodgy zipper,  pull the other one Mister Neave it plays the theme from "Peyton Place",  or does yours just pop out when you want to take a wizz.

Maybe he could come round and help the nice judge fella babysit his grandaughters now he is deemed to be so safe from any chance of reoffending????  Mr Pervert will now be a new best friend  that is for certain.

There is a growing concern in the possible cosy relationship between the CoL and Police HQ that this does nothing to dispel.

Funny that!

I'm old enough to remember when lines of Hollywood so-called celebrities berated the American President for being a Nazi, a crook, a sleasebag and any other derogatory name you can recall.

"Do not vote for this man," they shouted in unison.   "We, your virtuous heroes beseech you to walk away from this evil fellow."  Or something like that.

Well, yesterday a goodly number of those plastic heroes were laughing on the other sides of their faces as they were arrested for massive fraud and corruption associated with the entrance of their children to some of America's top colleges and universities.   Why, even DNA tested Pocahontas had the gall to point her dirty finger at them.

But now see this interesting little chart of the political donation of those charged with these crimes.

"Quick search of presidential donors among people indicted today for allegedly bribing their kids into college:

Hillary Clinton: 6
Mitt Romney: 6 
Barack Obama: 5 
Marco Rubio: 1 
Donald Trump: 0"
Kinda says it all, doncha think?

Wednesday, March 13, 2019


Over the past week I've had three e-mails from acquaintances advising that they have discontinued with their landline telephones and to contact them on their cellphones instead.

Our daughter and son, both of whom are Generation X, haven't had a landline telephone connection for the past decade.

Got me thinking ... are landline telephone connections going the same way as cheque books (for private residences at least)?     Would be interested in your views.

Very limited blogging from Thursday through to the 25th.   Self and Mrs Veteran are in Samoa.   Anyone dropping by the Amaneki Hotel in Apia and I would be delighted to share with them a cold Vailima (or two).


Theresa May has fired her last shot ... and it missed.     The matter is now out of her hands with the EU holding all the cards.   

The British Parliament can, and probably will, vote for a delay beyond the end of the month when their withdrawal is due to take effect ... but for what purpose?   My understanding is that the EU is not bound to grant an extension and why would they ... to have this drag on and on in the knowledge that the British Parliament is hopelessly divided over the issue to the point where any thought of a consensus agreement is pie in the sky wishful thinking.

The two alternatives are a No Deal Brexit or outright grovelling capitulation which would see the UK apply to rejoin the EU on whatever terms it could get.     Brexit meant Brexit and that's the course the May government should have pursued if they really wanted it to happen ... but they didn't and instead tried to have a bob both ways not realising the deck was stacked against them.    Grovelling capitulation beckons.

The Conservatives are now hopelessly divided and they will lose the next election and May will be goneburger ... but they will be handing the nice Mr Corbyn a poisoned chalice indeed. 

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

May Day In March

British PM Theresa May has had a win.  It looks as though the Juncker blinked.

With the U.K. due to leave the bloc on March 29, pressure was rising on Mrs. May to modify the deal roundly rejected by lawmakers in January. She flew on Monday evening to Strasbourg, France, to work out changes in the deal with EU officials. These aimed to reassure British lawmakers that the U.K. will have the power to break away from EU’s economic orbit if a trade deal isn’t quickly agreed after Brexit. 

Poor old Legbut will be beside himself.


You are really pushing s**t up hill in calling for the resignation  of Shane Jones.    He enjoys protected species status.   Never mind that if he were one of James' mob Jacinda would have given him the DCM on Sunday in the full a certain knowledge that the Greens would have said thank you, well done, we applaud your determination to enforce the cabinet manual ... but can we please keep our other cabinet positions please please.

Likewise if Shane Jones were still one of 'them' ... gone in the footsteps of Clare C and Meka the Muz ... although there will always be an exception to the rule evidenced by Iain Lees-Galloway.

Winston First has Jacinda stretched over the barrel backwards and it's not a pretty sight but the reality is she can do nowt because if she did her government would be goneski.   Never mind what Andrew Geddis, Professor of Public Law, has to say on Jones' conflict of interest.    'He' is bulletproof and untouchable ... unless he were to steal the emperors false teeth.

And all this per courtesy of a bastard electoral system called MMP.

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Great Expectations

In an earlier article I wrote about the similarities between Jacindamania and the hoopla that has gathered around other Centre-Left leaders of the last few decades - This Never Gets Old.

One of the more recent ones is Justin Trudeau of Canada, and his case the similarities with Jacinda are greater than with any other on that list, and have been noted so for some time by political observers.

So you do have to wonder at the short-term future of Jacinda and her government when you observe Justin's likely downfall in a few months time at the hands of voters, if not prosecuters.

This article in the US edition of the Spectator lays it all out and what it amounts to is actually not very much compared to most such "corruption", and especially compared to the shitstorm happening South of the border.
‘Is it all just because Justin forgot to say “please” when asking his attorney-general for a deferred prosecution agreement?’ 
No and yes — and that is also what makes this scandal so uniquely Canadian...
... Trudeau’s alleged ethical breaches really do seem ludicrously ‘meh’
But it was the following two comments that struck me. First up, Trudeau as politician:
Before Trudeau went into politics at 35, he spent much of his working life floundering. He tried and quit acting, engineering, teaching and being a ski bum before coming to public attention delivering the eulogy at the funeral for his father, the former prime minister Pierre Trudeau.
Perhaps such leaders and their backgrounds are just a phase we're going through. Which brings me to the second quote, about Trudeau as Prime Minister and leader:
Trudeau’s ethical conundrum highlights the vulnerability of leaders who win on platforms of inspiration, positivity and change. The high road is a smooth path to the top, but once you arrive there’s an inherent problem: how to get stuff done? 
Whether it's the USA, Britain, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand - basically the West in general - this seems to be a common problem. I'd hate to think it's the way of the future, but given our lightweight, Reality TV approach to many things combined with the dead weight of so many Centre-Left institutions that can be barely changed, let alone added to, perhaps it is!

Ho Ho Ho


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